Saturday, February 25, 2017

The Weekend....

  This is what Friday afternoon looked like...a thunder shower had just passed and the sun was trying to break thru the clouds.
  Here's what it looks like this morning. :):) It is snowing sideways this Saturday morning.  But if the temps get up to 45, as predicted, this won't last.
  Here's the lilies coming up. The irises are also.
  I told you Ted had a project. That is why we were in Hobby Lobby earlier this week. This is a small light box he was interested in making.
  Brazilian cherry and purple heart woods.
   This is the light fixture, a small bulb ,on a spring tension clip.
This front is burl wood infused with resin (made by Heath) . Ted did not want to waste any of the resin burl Heath made for him. here's the little light box I think it looks like the sun setting  over a cliff. I should have shown the table this is on, as it's an old sewing machine made into a side table. Ted made that also.
   We will be possibly watch some movies today. LOL. I might sweep snow later.  There's a fire in the fireplace going already this morning. Enjoy the weekend and please be safe.  XO

Thursday, February 23, 2017

G.M. & Hobby-Lobby.......

  Only this sign is GM...the building in the back ground is Chrysler across highway 31 in Kokomo, Indiana. This sign once was Delco Electronics, now it is G.M.Components Holdings, LLC.. This is where Ted and I used to work.
  Ted has worked in this building. It held many engineering groups. He was in the maintenance department there. See no cars in the parking lots. Sad.
  I worked in some areas in this part of the buildings along highway 31.  The light poles had letters attached to some, so you could find your car. I used to park at  the "N" or "M " poles when I would get to work. That's how busy the place used to be.
  Here's one of the cooling towers for the AC in the plants. No one parked here either. Once this company hired over 10,000 people they are down to a few hundred. The buildings still stand. Wish they could get some business to take over . Ted and I drove by the old work place while in town on Monday.
  We went to the hobby-lobby. I just laughed when I saw the Elvis gnome. My son in law , Matt, loves gnomes. But I don't know about this one. LOL.
  Now the shelves of all this crazy metal garden objects...why? just looks goofy to me. Maybe in a kids small garden patch or might be fine.
  The hobby-lobby has a sign for everyone.  So much stuff !!!
 I did kind of like the art that made me think of Paris. Oh that is another item that the store has for everyone...any kind of art , wall hangings and table top d├ęcor. I did not buy a thing.
   Today is going to be our last nice day for a while. Storms coming in tomorrow. I have enjoyed the warm weather. Gotten some yard work done around here too. Not every thing but lots.  Hope you are all safe and looking forward to your weekend. XO

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Utah Hiking....

   This is our grandson Korey. He lives in Utah.  He and his beautiful wife Ashley took a couple days to just enjoy some hiking in the mountains.
  Korey and Ashley truly do love doing many of the same things. This is good for them to stay strong and active. Anyone living in Utah ,  may recognize the area  .   ( Jann??)
 I do not see any thing green in all these rock formations. So it must be kind of high altitude.
  Isn't this an amazing sight.  I am sure there's names for all this...I just do not know them.
  Here's Korey when he was about 4 and crazy for the ninja turtles.  I love that sweet smile.
 Here's that smile on his mother's face when she was about the same age. :)
   We are into our 4th or 5th day of 50-60 degree weather. Green things are popping thru the soil.. I did some raking and trimming today in  two  flower beds.
   Ted and I went to a couple stores looking for  a night light kit...he's  working on something. :):) I'll show that later.  We went to hobby-lobby. I love looking at things in that store.  Then on to Lowe's, for some led light bulbs. I was thankful no one was coughing in the stores today. LOL.  You gotta  sanitize your hands in the car and  wash them real good with soap , once you get back home.
   Hope all of you are doing well. XO

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Early Day....

 This is actually late the geese are flying north. You can hear them from a good distance.
 They are reshaping in this shot.
  This is a bit blurry...a morning picture of our courthouse.

Heading east and seeing the shape of Cargill's grain elevator on the left.
 Things are calm at the elevator now.  Being that harvest is many months past.
 The sun rising up just past a small woods. Lots of pretty sky colors.  Ted and I just had a day away from the house. Shopping for a few needed things. We had coffee and sausage biscuits on the road. Even that was fun for something different in our day.  Much later we had a wonderful lunch, at the cafeteria.  Ted had fish and I had chicken. :):)
   Later in the day we filled  the bird feeders and got some chores done.  Relaxing now. Ted is watching a movie and I am catching up with blogs. Hope all of you enjoyed your Saturday. XO

Friday, February 17, 2017


  This is some of my daughter's chickens. They were in the leaves scratching like mad. I told Liz if she tied them to a handle they could be like automatic rakes. LOL
  Here the "boss". His name is Samson and he can be  mean. Brave as can be too,  he will walk right up to you. The sun is shining on his head and tail feathers. I love the color of his tail feathers, a blackish teal color.
  This hen is pretty, I like her.
 Now this is the cutest chicken of all.  Liz's daughter in law(Emily)  painted Layla's foot and had her stamp a piece of paper...then added the face. Liz framed it for her kitchen.  I want one !  Layla has been saying Nana....that really makes me smile.
  Today may be 60 degrees. The week ahead is to be 60 about everyday. The weatherman said this morning that come Sunday, it could get to 70 degrees...this is a winter month. Please keep all our people in the bad weather areas in your thoughts and prayers.  Enjoy this day. XO

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Good Weather....

 My daughter Kathy had a get away day to Lake Michigan  for her Valentine's treat. I told her , No swimming, as you can see there's no lifeguard on duty. :):)
I tried to get a photo of the neighbor man's ran on ahead here's the neighbor. :):) He walks his big tan dog everyday.  I gave the dog a peanut butter sandwich once and it always looks toward our house. LOL
Valentine's day sunset thru the back woods.
We went to the grocery and it was over flowing with gifts of stuffed animals and flowers, in their floral dept. Pretty balloons too.
This was yesterday's skies. Very pretty. It was cold at 38 degrees. But who cares when it looks like this.
 This was yesterday's sunset.  Love all the colors. Today is cloudy but warmer, to be near 50. This is still February..just amazing temperatures .  Today Ted is splitting wood for next  winter season's fires. This  week went by quickly.
   I have  to tell this...I feel as if I am holding my breath. There were two 13 year old girls murdered on a hiking trail in a small town....near where my twins live with their families.  The girls were let out to hike the family friendly trail together and were to be picked up later ..they were not at the arranged pick up spot. Found the next day, along the trail near a creek.  I do not know if any place is truly safe for our children. I told my daughters to warn their children and friends. Praying for the girls families.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day....

  I would love to give all of you a beautiful bouquet of flowers....but these photos will have to do.
  I got flowers for my birthday and I had them a good long time.  Taking out the dying ones and making smaller bouquets. LOL
  These are from the backyard here...there are no flowers blooming at this time.
  One of my favorite yard flowers, black eyed Susans.
  This was a very nice bunch , complimenting colors.
I am ready to look at plants and flowers. It won't be much longer before the garden centers will have many to choose from....I still like to look at seed catalogs. :):)
   Wishing all of you a very happy valentine's day.  I have sunshine here and you know I am loving that.  XO

Monday, February 13, 2017

Another Boy....

  This is a picture that my granddaughter Lynzie and her husband Mark sent us this weekend.  The little sign says It's a boy. :):) Due in May.  They are also Max's parents.
 This little guy is going to have a baby brother. They will be one year and five months apart. I don't know how Lynzie will do this. She did get a wonderful new nursing job that will allow for weekends off. That will be a huge plus. Max is walking, climbing it goes.

  Yes, once Lynzie was a little girl herself.  A sweet adorable girl....she is still sweet and adorable, I am thankful for that.
   It was a great weekend. Hope all of you had some fun too. Thinking of everyone who needs prayers this morning. XO

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Moon Rise/ Sunset...

  The full Snow Moon on Friday evening. Just starting to come up over the woods down the road.
  The sun was setting at the same time. I wanted to see the eclipse, just saw the start. I wanted to see the comet go flying by, couldn't make myself get up later to go out to try to see it.  Our snow was almost totally melted by evening.

  The sunset got very yellow.
  The moon was sitting on the  tree tops. The dusk to dawn light came on.
 This sunset is beautiful.....wish we did not have to deal with  poles and  power lines.
 The last color is fiery , time to go indoors.
 This is this Sunday morning. The snow has melted. It rained in the night and the sun is out and it's to be a warm day.  Looking forward to being  in the yard. I saw a robin this morning on the porch rail. I have heard them chirping the past two days.
   I hope to have some pictures to post...other than this area. LOL.  It's nice enough to be out and about. Trying to stay away from crowds. I am upset at the grown people , who will not cover when coughing. Good grief.  I wear a scarf when out and I will cover my face when someone is coughing.  Washing hands is number one when returning home...we have sanitizers in the cars too. I keep wipes in my pockets.  Some scary flu going around.  Have to stay healthy.
   Wishing everyone a good day, stay safe. XO