Monday, December 3, 2018

Ted Is Fighting....

    Yesterday's picture of Ted, In what is called a "step down room" He is having a tough time but keeps giving us a smile.  They shaved his mustache off...I had never seen Ted without it.
 It seemed a beautiful day outside. Oh how I wish our winter could stay this nice.
  This is in ICU . On Friday, of course it was the day I had left to go to the chiropractor. (my back's been out since Ted's first appointments) My daughter goes to the hospital to check on Ted. She gets to his oncology room just as the doctors and nurses are rushing to get him to ICU. He had a fever spike. It was 105 degrees. They packed him in ice and  started antibiotics.  He had an infection. Finding it ...I am not sure they have yet. Weekend doctors are just not the same. Lots of young ones training. They did change out the pic line to his heart. Because the chemo goes directly into the heart .I think this was an extremely close call for my Teddy. His oncology dr is in LA and will be back tomorrow.
   I know it's the prayers that are going up for Ted that are helping us . I thank all of you who offer prayers and well wishes, they mean the world to us. I have been writing prayers down for Ted to read if he has a quiet moment. He has had units of blood, platelets, antibiotics, and meds. Yesterday he did keep a bit of food down. The first in 3 days.  I guess it was a good thing he ate those big breakfasts when he could. This is a scary time .
  Granddaughter Sierra with her nephew Leo (our great grand) sporting their teddy bear faces to cheer papaw.
   I will try to see the chiropractor again today. Can not sit still with my back hurting.  Grandson Skylar,lifted a limb out of the front yard for me . Thankful for my family standing by to help any way they can.  Hope all of you are well, thank you always for sweet thoughts and comments.XO