Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Extra Photos....

 Just a few shots form the French Market at Horton's, earlier this month. This month is almost gone !!
This was a seashell and stars display. I like the fake boxwood wreath.
 How about this wreath of lace and burlap, with a little banner of Parisian tags .
I had to show these green canning jars. They say Ball on them...now I am telling you, I am older than dirt, and this is the first time I have ever seen jars that color. I also loved the green on the dish towels.
 Yesterday was very quiet once Savannah's mother and her aunts came and went.  Savannah was happy to be going home to her birds. dogs, and rabbits. Her rabbits had 8 bunnies while she was gone. LOL. She a quiet girl. I told her to relax and enjoy her life, it was okay to talk. :):) Her father once said , the most he has ever heard her talk was with me...well that was when she was small. I know she has a blast with  her friends and talks up a blue streak.
 It is cool here today, just in the 50's at this time. Not to get over mid 70's. We turned our AC off. Oh happy day on that. I want to enjoy no heat running and no AC. :):) Wishing you a great day. XO

Monday, July 28, 2014

Petunias Plant Themselves....

There's some petunias growing in this flower bed and I didn't plant them.  I had some in this bed last year and they have returned on their own.  I planted the impatiens and about three petunia plants are blooming.....they look very nice. :):)
  This Sunday Emma was to come over and decided to stay home since her daddy was off work. She's a daddy's girl. So it was just Savannah and I.  We had some good conversations and laughs.  Her mother will be picking her today. I have keep her laundry up while she's been here. I never send dirty clothes home with the grandkids. Their moms have enough to do. I will miss having any children here.
 Hope everyone has a great Monday. Especially anyone still working. I remember all those Mondays at work, they could be rough.  XO

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Blacktops & Black Eyed Susans....

 On Thursday, last week, the men came to seal the driveways. They did a fine job. It was a grandfather and his grandson. Hard workers.  Some times the grandson let his grandfather sit a spell.:):)
Here's a look at some of our black eyed susans.  Some of my flowerbeds seem to have a  fungus on them. Not this group here. But two other beds. I should look it up and take care of that problems.  I brought a couple of these plants from our house in town for starts out here.  They have done well.
 Our storms yesterday were minor. Lots of wind. Today is to be pop ups showers/storms. Still not too scary.  Wishing all of you a happy Sunday full of fun. xo

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Busy Day....

 Here's Savannah crafting a wreath . We do this on the cheap, a pizza box and paper back novel.

 This is the finished product. A few sprigs of fake flowers and some ribbons. Savannah says she is taking this home for her room. :):)
With our craft newspapers still on the table, I get busy hemming her pants. Four pairs.  Savannah's aunt Angie, came to take her swimming. Which is the most fun thing for Savannah, that girl loves to swim.  So I got  a wee break to make a post.
 Hope all will be safe this weekend. Many storms headed our way.  I don't mind if we have a mild storm but I hate the wild ones with winds, too much rain and the treat of tornadoes. Be safe. XO

Friday, July 25, 2014

Sweet Savannah.....

  This is Emma and Savannah. Tonight Savannah is coming to stay a few days. Then Emma , will be back here on Sunday morning. Their moms are my twin daughters. They look like their moms too. 
  I will be hemming some of Savannah's school pants. She's is not as tall as her clothes. LOL.  They have one month till school starts. I have a few crafts for Savannah, she loves doing them.
 Today I will be getting some things they will eat. My gosh they are picky eaters. My daughters were never that picky. Only Liz, never liked beans of any kind.
   Hope all of you have a beautiful day.  Looks as if it is going to be a pretty day here.  XO

Thursday, July 24, 2014

French Market Buys....

 These are the things I bought at the market at Horton's earlier this month. Time is getting away from me. I liked these very colorful napkins, they are paper, so were not  costly.
 I picked up these cards depicting scenes around our town. This one being our courthouse clock tower.
 Two cards with the Eiffel tower and a book of the rail system in France, from the 50's.
 Two old hankies and some jello molds. I may just hang the molds on a wall or make wind chimes with them.
I loved this 30"x30" dish towel. I am using it as a table cloth topper for now. I bought a few more things I will show later.
 Today is the 24th of July. YIKES, summer is hurrying by. I feel as if I have not been doing enough  outdoor things.  Need to clean out some of my flower beds. The lawn man comes tomorrow. I will have to point out the crabgrass to him. I am not a lawn expert, but really...I know crabgrass when I see it. I just may not offer him a bottled water ...yes, I will. Whenever any one works around here, I offer them a water or soda.
  Hope you are enjoying a wonderful summer day . XO

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Brunch With Classmates....

 We are having an extra classmate brunch this month. One of our gal pals is coming in from out of state. She told the lady that gets the brunches ready at the restaurant, that she would love to see everyone. You can see Jim in this picture. He usually take pictures for our reunions.  This is an old picture. I'll try to get a new one this morning.
We had some storms in the wee hours this morning. Thank goodness. We did need the rain. It may rain on and off this morning. Oh yes, plenty of lightening. It helps clean the air, but scary. Hope all of you have a great day . XO