Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Tuesday Morning......

   You all know that seconds seem  to really count, when the skies are changing at sunrise.   It was so pretty with the tall pines of the neighbors down the road.
  The little woods in back is losing it's colors quickly. This bright orange tree stands out.
  Here's our tulip poplar and sycamore. That lattice fenced part is our LP tank.:)
  Sun is up now and coming thru the trees.  I really like the long shadows of mornings and evenings.
 More leaves have fallen here. 
  When the sun is full over the morning horizon it reflects off the neighbor's windows  , a half mile away. It's so bright it seems like flood lights.
 Back inside, I took a couple shots of the mantle. I decided to turn the books old page edges  facing ,rather than cover the books.
 This is the picture of my great granddaughter's head as she looked out a window....since it's such a cute little punkin head it fits right in with fall d├ęcor.
  I changed up the table decorations.
 Almost too dark to get a good picture. :):)  I will take from and add to this for Thanksgiving .
   We did not get frost last night....hooray.  It was a cold morning for Ted to go golfing . He golfs in Kokomo and it was 36 degrees  there this morning. Brrr. I have a dental appointment and you all know how much I am looking forward to that...NOT. It's constant follow ups on the same teeth and the sensitivity. I do use the special toothpaste for that. 
  Wishing all of you well. XO

Monday, October 24, 2016

Beautiful Weekend....

   Yesterday's sunset.  It was a windy but gorgeous day , Sunday.   The entire weekend was nice. Chilly mornings and pretty days with sunshine.
 Evening shadows on the shop. I always love to see these.
  Shadows of my garden decorations on the building's wall.
  I hope this ornament never falls apart, because I have loved from day one.
  Here's some dragonfly garden picks' shadows. This is by the pond, along side the shop.
   Yesterday was one of those dream days....where you wish you could be watching a college football game , outside, none of those enclosed places. But since I could not do that I started raking leaves. Then Ted came out and helped me. We raked the front yard and part of the back. Now Ted will have to take the leaves to the neighbor's fields. :):)
  This is one of our tulip poplar trees. We have two and the neighbor has one also. Plus a catalpa, sycamore, maples, birch,flowering redbud, and  crabapple. Then there's the pines with their cones and needles.
 There's leaves in every little spot out here.  This mum looks good now, but with frost being forecasted this week....well who knows if I'll even cover them.  I would like to have some hang on till after this month , so I will probably cover the containers.
   Ted and I took 3 big bags of things to goodwill , on one of our outings this weekend. That was good to rid ourselves of some excess.  We went to tractor supply and bought a tub of mouse poison for the shop, lean-to , and shed.  Since we have no cats around here...we have mice in those areas.  I tried to borrow Emma's cat Izzy. LOL. She was not about to loan that cat.
  I sure hope all of you enjoyed your weekend. Wishing you a good week. XO

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Lunch With The Girls.....

  Some of our girls....that is. Emma stayed the night Thursday evening. By the time we arrived back home, with her on Thursday, she was ready to play on her phone and watch the Disney channel. She slept till almost 9:00 the next day, then lounged around. Liz called and said she was coming early to pick Emma up....so we all met up at the Dairy Queen in town, for lunch. Liz, her granddaughter Layla  (my g.grand) and Emma (Liz's daughter and my grand)
  Emma was happy with a caramel sundae. Layla is kissing on a dolly we gave her. It was part of Emma's old bath toys. I found a bag of them that she had played with thru the years .
   Layla starts feeding herself some ice cream. She really liked it, even though she had to people watch the whole time. It was fun to watch her . I love that we had a small town lunch with our girls.
   It seemed sad to come home without our Emma....the time went too fast. We did not do any crafts, or really visit much.   She was tired from being up late the night before (fall break) and playing with her phone...I never let her stay on it in the evenings while here.  She charges it up for the next day though. LOL.
   The leaves are falling fast with the rain we have had. Frost was predicted for last night. I did not try to cover much.
 It even looked cold  when the sun was going down, Friday evening.   It's 40 degrees this Saturday morning, as I write this at 8:00.   I do not see any frost on things. The sun is rising and it looks like a red sky to begin our day.
   Wishing everyone a wonderful autumn Saturday. XO

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Still Here...

The white wave petunias are still hanging on here.
 This geranium looks so bright and fresh, here in October.
  My little porch mum has bloomed out and looks  sweet. I have been gathering pinecones, that the winds have blown from the trees.  I like using things from our yard in decorating, when I can.
Look what a pretty ending to the day...this is from Saturday.
 Our crabapple tree has plenty of tiny fruits for the birds.  I saw a robin yesterday in the hickory tree. I thought it seemed late in the year for him to be chirping. But I have seen them in the snows of March eating the tiny crabapples....so if he stays the winter I hope he eats this fruit.:):)
   It's been a slow start to our week here. Ted is having the truck winterized, changing the oil, rotating tires, and topping of fluids. Then it'll be a trip to goodwill later. Taking in more bags of clothes and shoes. I had a sick spell and went thru many tests, the past month.....so my sorting and tossing stopped for awhile. Now I can get back to it.
   Wishing everyone a great Wednesday. XO

Monday, October 17, 2016

Getting Ready.....

   This is how Ted makes fire starters.  He uses them to get the wood started burning in the fireplace.  If you burn wood, you can do this also. There a tote full of wood shaving and sawdust from other jobs done in the shop. You could probably use hamster bedding, since it's similar.
  Put shavings into  small sized Dixie cups, like you would use in the bathroom when brushing your teeth.
   Ted bought a one burner hot plate and an old pan from goodwill. He melts his old candles and wax in this pan.. Ladles wax into the  cups of shavings.
  Let cool and store by layers in a box. Ted has made many boxes of these and given them to people who burn wood thru winter. Plus we keep some on hand for our use.
  You will need lots of piles of this too. Seasoned wood. Meaning dry, no sap...usually 6 months cut, or more.  Ted just cut a standing dead ash tree last week, here. This is a pile of wood that Ted and Matt cut a few months back.
 Because you know this is coming in a few months. Nasty cold old winter. You can tell I am not a fan. Not that I ever really was. Snow can make a pretty picture, but it is work for people who have to live in it.
   Today will be 84 degrees here in central Indiana , October the 17th. Summer temperatures.  But rain is in our forecast and then a cool down again. So I better enjoy this pretty day.  Wishing all of you a great day.  Smile. XO

Friday, October 14, 2016

A Bit Of The Week......

  Wednesday it started to rain. It did not rain much after this first 3 minute quick downpour. It rain fast and left a dry spot by the post...amazing. It did rain more in the wee hours of Thursday.
 But by ten o'clock the skies were clearing.
 Once the clouds were gone, the sky was clear and the day was pretty. I did wash my windows this week.  Saw some streaking later when the sun hit spots . :(   I'll go over them again.
  The geraniums are still doing well. No frost yet. It was a high of 62 on Thursday. Which is the kind of temperatures  I like.
 This Friday morning's  sunrise.  Today will be a good day also. There's only a couple of fields of corn and soybeans left to harvest along our road. So harvest around our area has been going strong.
  Ted is already out the door this morning , getting blood work for his yearly heart check up. That check up will be in two weeks.  Really always good to have that done for the year.
   Fall is going quickly , it seems, yet our trees around here have not turned much.  It  is almost peak season for the leaf viewing in the state parks.
    Thanking all of you again for your kind words and prayers, for my daughter. Wishing all of you a beautiful weekend. XO

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Thank You, Thank You......

   My daughter Karen called me today and read the medical report she was receiving on line. The node in her lung had not changed. It was the same size , no difference is shape . So this is good news.
 She will get another scan in 6 months.  Oh by the  way these are her grade school photos.
  Karen is mommy to Savannah and Skylar. Two teens.....you know her hands are full. :):)
 Thank you dear friends for the prayers and good thoughts.  I knew you would understand my anxiety . We mommies love our "babies". They will be our babies no matter how old they get to be.  This is my second post...but I wanted to get the news out there as soon as possible.  Now I can breathe.  God is good. XO