Saturday, April 21, 2018

So Long ......

   Ted 's sister Dorothy bought this Airstream camper. This is after Mic  (Ted's brother)  put the blown in insulation throughout.
  There's wiring, insulation and power boxes, and  nothing else in this camper , when Ted and Mic brought it to our property.
  Ted did this little kitchen area. Two burner stove, cabinets and sink. Made the counter top custom.
  This is opposite the kitchen and bathroom, tall cabinets shelves and a cubby spot for the camper fridge, that is at Dorothy's house.  There's a shelf on top that Ted custom made  Ted made all the walls ,counters, and shelves  Dorothy had the old white kitchen cabinets and Ted had to fit them into the curved sides of an airstream camper.  Nothing is square or plumb in one of these.  Making double  and triple measuring a must. The black thingy on the side is for mounting a TV.
  Ted got the flooring in this week. Took many more boxes than his sister first was told by the big store helper.  She had the right measurements.
  Here's Ted finishing the corners with trim boards.  He is perched on the edge of the bed frame.
 Looking toward the back of the trailer.  The staining of the wood isn't done yet, that's Dorothy's job.
 This is the bedframe. The grid will hold a mattress . There's  hydraulic  lifts on the sides , so the bed will tilt and things can be stored under it.
  Looking toward the front , which will be the sitting area. Dorothy says she will have two recliners , one on each side of the blue console cabinet.
  I actually love this little piece. Ted cut a hole in the back , so it slips over the battery box. He made the legs to fit into holders, so it can be moved when need be...not on it's own as you are going down the road. LOL
  Another favorite piece is this little bamboo sink on the vanity, that Dorothy found on line.  I think I said it was teak in one of my post (Sorry).
 Here is Ted's brother Mic hauling the camper away yesterday.  He took it to his wielding shop two towns to the west from us. He will be making a bracket for the LP tanks. Then He will take it to Dorothy's house and she will be doing painting and staining...then the decorating.  I picture it as her she-shed...when she needs to escape.  This has been a long there were many winter days when nothing could be done.  Ted said he did not mind helping his sister ....but never again !!!  :):) Now to get the grass to grow where the trailer sat for so long.
  Hope you are all having a nice weekend. It's seems to be spring here for now. XO

Monday, April 16, 2018

Fun Day ......

  On Saturday morning, my daughter Kathy called to see if I would like to spend the day with her. Then she picked me up and we went to lunch at Red Robin In Carmel, In.   After lunch of burgers and fries. we went to a shoe store. Lots of people and lots of shoes. We did not buy any. LOL
  We went to Kathy's and look at bird watching pictures on face book.  Then the sun came out again. So Kathy suggested we go this adorable Japanese garden.  It's  called Kawachinagano Japanese Garden. That is a sister city to Carmel.
 The weeping willow was leafing out.
  There were daffodils and hyacinths. It was a calm beautiful place.  Always plenty of people out and about in this city. Most walking dogs...and some actually cleaning up after their dogs. :)
  This was called Sukiya-Mon, the garden gate. Very nice. I really enjoyed our time in this little garden.  So pretty and peaceful. You could smell the scent of the flowers too.
 Big koi fish swimming along with bluegills.
 This was the biggest koi. We did not have anything to feed them.  Maybe next time.

  This is Carmel city hall. It is next to the Japanese garden. This is a busy city. Lots to offer.
  I think this is the entertainment center.  I can not tell you how many urns and containers they had on this spot. They were all full of pansies. The grounds keepers are doing a fine job.
 There are statues all over this city and here is a brass trio. So nice.  The day went from 76 degrees to 46 by the time I returned home. I was certainly glad I wore a light weight jacket at least.
  Today is snowing and thankfully not sticking to anything...but it is cold.  It will only be about 38-40 today. Winter is hanging on...but I see glimpses of spring here and it can't stay cold.  Wishing all of you a great new week. XO

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Spring & Birthdays.....

 This morning, it is pretty out with a promise of 75 degrees.  Finally !!  Well for a while. It's suppose to be warm the next few days with rain this weekend, then back to the 40's .
  Karen, my daughter,  sent me photos of some of her flowers growing now.
  I think she is excited for Spring. Her son and daughter are both going to Prom. She is suppose to get plenty of photos .
  I did rake the front yard, where it really needed it. Got this wheelbarrow of pine needles  The needles make it hard for the grass to stay nice under the pines.
  Yesterday evening it became cloudy so no pretty sunset. But I could see the grass is so green in our area now. I love it , but Ted is thinking about mowing. LOL
 I just wanted to show some flowers I have had in previous Aprils.
  This was a bright assortment. I really like the pink and orange together.  I want some yellow on the porch, but may go with aqua color on the little tables and bench.  I have to keep layering on the paint. I bet the bench and table will weigh more by the time I am done painting them.

  Today we will be seeing Emma for her birthday. This is from last year. Today she will be 14 . She is our youngest grandchild. You can see she's taller than me now. My sweet girl doesn't come to spend the night any more. All caught up in her friends and school activities.
 Later this month, we will be celebrating Luke's first birthday.  Here I am holding him right after he was born.  So hard to believe how fast time flies.  Never get enough of loving on all these wonderful youngsters in our lives. 
    We have 8 birthdays this month. One would have been my dad's. I take that day and think of how good he was to all of my siblings and me.  He had been my father since I was 10.  I miss him. He used to tell us, "You birds better settle down"  Funny the things we recall.
   Wishing all of you some warm Spring days. XO

Monday, April 9, 2018

What ????

  More snow this morning. Just a bit, it started melting as soon as the snow stopped around 10 this morning.
  On the road to my dermatologist office. It was a check up from when I had a small growth removed by the doctor.
  These little examining rooms all look about the same.  I wasn't there half and hour. Good report.
  I took a picture of the snow outside the exam room window.  It was not on the pavement places just the grass and roofs.

 Sunday was Easter brunch at Angie's house.  Here's Luke getting some food. What a sweetheart he is...almost always smiling.
  Now it was Max's turn to sit still in the little seat and eat. Layla was eating some chopped up fruit. It looks as if Luke is interested in what she is  eating. LOL.
 Later I played in the den with the little ones and they wore me out. They brought toys but were more interested in playing with Angie's measuring spoons. I told her we need some toys they have never seen keep at her house just for all the little ones. :):) So I will be making a list of things to pick up next shopping trip.
  Hope all of you had a good weekend.  Seems we are all in for some more crazy weather this week. Possible  75  degrees come Friday, with storms.  Now that may be spring.  Yippee.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Lots Of Changes....

  Oh please allow me to show this same photo of Monday morning's snow.
 By Monday afternoon, the very same day, the snow had melted. I have never seen anything like this Do you see that spot of white , it's snow. April the 2nd.
  On April the 3rd, Tuesday, It rained the entire day and later there were tornado warnings issued. Plus many flood warnings. Our sump pumps came on for a few hours.
  Wednesday, April the 4th. A skiff of snow. It blew in and lined the drives, tree bases, but did not stay.  It was plenty cold, the wind was fierce.
  This Thursday morning, April the 5th. The sun was out and you can see the grass is becoming very green. It was a nice morning.
  I heard a chopper going over and took this shot. I love , love, love  machines of flight. I did enjoy the clear sunny morning. The clouds are moving in this afternoon. Some snow may come in but it can not last...because it truly is spring, even tough it sure does not feel like it.

  This photo is from this past autumn. Ted brought this trailer to our yard so he could work on it for his sister.
  This is what it looked like when it arrived. A big tin can with blown in insulation, and wiring..Nothing else.
 Ted started lining the walls and building walls also.
 Put in cabinets to store things  These are built  in over the wheel well.
  Here's part of the bathroom. Dorothy(Ted's sister) found this wee sink made of Teak, so Ted installed it for her in the bath. There's a shower and soon a stool will be in place. You would not believe all the measuring and the steps in and out of this trailer that Ted has made . So many patterns to be made to accomplice all this. You know that old adage , Measure twice, cut once. Well somethings needed measured many times.
   Like this counter top. This is the kitchen area. A two burner stove and a small sink. The faucets are not  on yet. But it's work-work-work. The drawer under the stove will work as that stove is that shallow. But the sink will have a false drawer front.  Ted's sister will be staining all the wood colored items , once that trailer is back at her house.  Once it's all finished here, I will get more pictures. Ted did tell his sister, never again. LOL.
 You all know that  cat that was dropped off here. We named her Stormy, she came here on a rainy day.  She goes in the trailer and hangs out with Ted. She is so funny, I call her Ted's shop cat. :)
 Wishing all of you a great evening. XO