Friday, November 28, 2014

Time To Think , Christmas.....

   Did not get to do crafts yesterday.  Everyone either watched a movie that was on tv or played Ping-Pong.  We all had a beautiful day together. Ate plenty, talked and laughed.  One game of cards.  Then my daughters walked to town, about a mile .   I did not walk with them , I felt it was too cold. I laughed when they called home and Sierra went to pick them up , they were freezing. Silly girls. They weren't dressed for warmth.
 It is time to be thinking of decorating the house for the Christmas season. I have an idea for our's not this one , but I do like this. I love the stars and the candles.  As I was picking up some evergreen branches and twigs from the yard, I thought I need to keep these for the porch.
  I hope all of you had something to be thankful for yesterday.  Enjoy your weekend and be safe. XO

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Oh To Be A Rockette.....

  Watching those long legged beauties this morning.  Would have loved being one. LOL  But who has legs that long really? My girls and I always loved to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade.
We are getting   snow this morning . I was hoping it would skirt south of us... no walking after our meal now. Unless it melts.  I have my things ready for later.  Wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving Day to all. XO

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

I Am Thankful......

 I am thankful for my big family. Although while growing up, I wondered ,"why couldn't I have been an only child?"  Used to imagine my real parents would come get me one day .LOL I am also thankful for friends. Some of my classmates and I meet once a month for a gabfest brunch.
  I am thankful for having faith. That God will see me through.  I know that he has been with me all my life.
 I am thankful for this great country. Even when we can't seem to get those we vote into office to do the right thing. Well that's  another reason to have faith. Keep on praying for all the leaders of this world.
 Did I tell you I am thankful for food ? LOL. This is a shot of last years' Christmas desserts. You might need your faith to get past this too.
 I want to tell all of you that I am thankful for my God, country, family and friends. I am so very thankful for my blog family too.  XO

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Let's Talk Turkey.....

   This big boy was at the Amish Acres, in northern Indiana. There's a lot of Amish in that part of our state. I can see where a couple tail feathers are missing. I wonder if turkeys  fight like roosters. That maybe he has had a fight with another turkey. Or possibly got to close to the goats. :):)
I think he looks wonderful in this picture. Nice profile Tom. Their face are kind of creepy, but with pretty colors. He is so round looking too.
  Got some running done and more to do today. Oh my gosh the stores were packed yesterday. Makes me think, "I am so glad , I am not going out there on Friday. "  If any of you do , please use caution. Even the parking lots can be risky, with cars pulling in and out of spots.  You'll have to turn your head like an owl.
 The wind here finally died down . Today is 20 degrees colder , so brrr. LOL.  Stay warm. Boston Boy, snow heading for you....get your hat and gloves.  Good wishes for all of you. XO

Monday, November 24, 2014

Hold On To Your Hat....

  This is one of those super windy  days that proves what I say. Tie it down, nail it down, or weigh it down, or it is going to Albuquerque. I used to tell my kids things like that. LOL The wind is fierce today.
 Gray skies, but oh for a minute and a half  I saw the sun . :)  We actually had a thunder storm this morning around five o'clock.. It's be cloudy , windy and getting cooler.  What is up with this crazy weather.??? At least the snow melted .
   Getting things ready for this week. I have to throw together a couple crafts for my granddaughters , Emma and Savannah.  I wanted them to help make the pine cone tree ornaments.  I may pre-paint them and just let them glue on some sparkles and ribbons.
    I am hoping my G.SIL comes  to thanksgiving day dinner...I am going to beg that man to help me with my computer, to get it to load my pictures. He's a computer tech. The problem is they live so far that it's not convenient  for me to drive there and back when he has time off work. I do not impose on the kids , because I know they are busy and have  many things they have to do on their days off.
  Well I better get busy here myself. Wishing you a great day.  XO


Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Week Ahead....

  This is an old photo of my porch d├ęcor a couple years ago.   I have been thinking of the week ahead. I only have to make two things to take to our Thanksgiving day dinner. I suppose you could call ours more of a lunch....We always dine  around 1:00 , so the children can play and have time together. Plus we clear things up in the kitchen so we ladies can play cards, or trivia, and have coffee and dessert. The men will talk or watch games. Some times they join our card games  Always plenty of talking and laughing. That truly is the best part.
  Then later it is still early enough that some can go to other relatives for a bit of supper/dinner. It makes a long day really. I have always been tired at the end of the day. But as soon as it's all over,  I am a bit sad . I start looking forward to the next holiday get together. Which for us is Christmas.
   I used to have chili supper, tree decorating, it's Angie birthday the first week of December. As time as gone on, everyone changes the traditions a little. Our children start doing their own things, starting their own traditions.  We can't take offence , we just let them grow, as we were allowed , by our own parents.
   Wishing everyone a nice Sunday. XO

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Wintery Sunrise....

 Even though the air is cold and it is feeling more winter than fall, sunrise is still pretty.  I love getting pictures of the sun coming up at the break of day.
 The colors are as pretty as the summertime mornings. Today we are going to have rain. I have to tell you how very thankful I am. I got up this morning and there was no ice as predicted yesterday evening.
   The rain today will melt the snow drift in the front yard. I keep telling Ted we need a snow fence. The wind whips around the house and drifts the snow at the steps. It is getting to be a big pain to me.  I can still shovel it....but hey who wants too. LOL.
   Yesterday's shopping trip was a  fun time.  My granddaughter could not make it to go with her mother and I.  Angie and I shopped  for Christmas gifts. Got a couple really nice bargains.  Well yes, I bought some things for myself.  Cards, truffles, and 2 tops.....with long sleeves.
   Hope all of you have a good day and get to have time with loved ones. XO