Tuesday, September 30, 2014

What I Bought At The Market.....

  I bought these burlap leaves at the Horton's Artisan Market.  I wish I had bought more.
 This is the rest of the things I brought home.  Hinged shutters, a yearbook, plant, pumpkins, gourds and fake acorns. A chicken cutout.
 These acorns are as big as a lime...but fake and can be used over and over..if I remember where I put them away after the fall season.:):)
This old yearbook had pictures of my big brothers. We never bought yearbooks growing up, never enough money for those things.  Also found my daughter's in-laws' senior pictures.
 Tomorrow, I will post how I used all these things on the porch.Well not the book LOL. Hope your day is a great one. It's cloudy here  , hopefully no rain till around Thursday.   The farmers are harvesting corn and soybeans here.  XO

Monday, September 29, 2014

More Artisan Market Photos....

   Here is a table and it came with four chairs....all redone. Soup mixes and spices in the cupboard.
 I adore this old farm kitchen sink. It is loaded with fake veggies and some melmac dishes. Do you see the old lamp shade remade into a chandy? That is so cute..Also some graters made into hanging lights.
  I laughed when I saw the pumpkin pie recipe on the big pumpkin. I call this the kitchen corner at Horton's.
  This was a lush table setting. An old garden bench with pillows. The chairs had boxwood wreaths on their backs. I think there was every kind of garland in every corner.
  This booth was just starting to set up their displays. But I loved the jack-o-lanterns and had to get a shot . They looked as if they were made of paper mache and covered in pages from an old book. Cute little red folding chair. Hope you haven't grown tired of all the pictures.
   Today is to be another wonderfully pleasant autumn day. I have a few running chores, then I am going to do a bit of decorating.  Hope your day is filled with sunshine. XO

Sunday, September 28, 2014

An Autumn Artisan Market.......

   This is the side entrance to Horton's hardware/greenhouse/emporium.  Loving that tall ladder loaded with white pumpkins.  The old wash tubs have a display of plaid thermoses and picnic items.
  There's plenty of pumpkins and gourds. Many large mum plants, and every kind of container you could ever need.
    At this corner , it is always a seasonal decoration.  Almost too much to see. There's sits that old brown truck. I love that it is used in displays.
  Soaps, candles, leaf and floral arrangements. Crates, tables, drawers, and garlands.
 I really like all this black and white. The towels had ruffles , so sweet. I did check the price on the old typewriter., more than I wanted to pay , but I'll stalk it. LOL
  This was a one day affair and it was busy. The weather was perfect. There were inside and outside venders. I am sure they loved the weather being as pleasant as it was.
   I'll post more tomorrow. Then I will show what I bought later. Hope all of you had a great Saturday . XO

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Foggy Morning.....

  I took these photos this morning. Took an eon to load , find and post. YIKES !!
 If you took picture upwards you did not have the fog in the way. You can see it above the corn , behind these oak trees. It was beautiful this morning.
 This is a ground level shot. I took this through the fog filter.:):)  I wanted you to see all the leaves that fell over night,from the neighbor's apricot tree.  We have some color back in the woods. It is just starting to change.
  Going into Horton's later today, so I better get ready. Hope your Saturday is a fun day. XO

Friday, September 26, 2014

It Is Autumn....

  My mums have gone crazy. They are pretty but so tall they fall over when watered.
 This is last years mantle display.  I'll show this years some time soon. I have been working on some d├ęcor around here. Inside and out.  I like for our porch to be decorated and need to get a couple nice plants to complete it. Maybe a pumpkin or two. I never make Jack-o-lanterns, that way the pumpkins can be for Halloween and Thanksgiving.
  There are many festivals going on at this time of year.  We have the Earth Day Festival in the little town south of  here. Also you know Horton's is having their Autumn Market this weekend. That is where I am going today. Got to look around. Might get my plants there today.
  Hope all of you have a wonderful, enjoyable weekend. XO

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Fun Day With Gal Pals...

 Today I went to brunch with 10 other ladies. This photo is from last month.  I am the 3rd from the left, back row. I look almost tall compared to a couple short ones in front. :):)  Today the tallest girl in our class came to town. I think Holly is 5'11" . So we all looked short beside her. :):)
   I have to say today was a much better day than I have had in a few days. ...less stress.  I was happy to see my friends and share some stories. You know those stories from the good old days. Plus the horror stories of  our ailments. Yikes, all of a sudden I did not even want to think of any pains or problems. You know how that goes. We think we have troubles till we hear others' woes.
  I think I need to go back to counting my blessings. I know that I am blessed, with loving family and friends. Then there's my blog family too.  XO

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Still Pecking Away....

 These are a few of the sky pictures I have taken in the past 3 weeks. I got them loaded on the computer...Oh boy, you would not believe how I got them to post though. One day I will show you a new picture of me . Don't laugh when you see how bald I am getting.
  I call it hair pulling frustration.  The older I get the less patience I seem to have.
I think it's because I feel my time is running out, in the big scheme of things. Oh to be as strong as I was in my 30's and 40's. I was much healthier, weighed less, still had some hormones. LOL. I felt I could tackle any thing.  Now I do not want to listen to double talk, promises, or what that person is gonna do for me. Keep it simple. LOL That's my new desire. I used to say if you want anything done right, you better learn to do it yourself. This is where the strength comes in. I tucker out quicker and need a fire under my butt to get going at times.
    I am sorry I have whined on and on.Thank you dear friends, for your understanding and support.  I truly appreciate you. All of you.
So I am hoping for us to have a great day.  XO