Tuesday, February 20, 2018

It's Warm Here.....

  Sunday evening's sunset. I just hurry to get out front for  photos when I see the brightness of the sunset.
 Earlier in the afternoon, I could hear these geese coming for a long ways off.  They were almost out of view by the time I got outside.
  So noisy, heading north...isn't that a good sign?
  Here's Luke trying to call me on his antiquated baby phone. LOL He wanted to tell me something is afoot at his house.  He sits so straight, makes me smile.
  Luke wanted me to know that mommy (Lynzie ) was taking him for a big boy hair cut.  I think it made him look older right away.
  In the evening with big brother Max...they both are growing  Max is a sweet brother. Keeps his eye on Luke. Of course they almost wrestle for cheerio snacks.
  Luke is getting many teeth now. Seems to have a space in the front ones. LOL.
 Luke is hugging on Madison, the family pet. That is the best dog ever with those boys. Some times I feel sorry for the dog...she looks a bit sad. Or is so used to be snuggled.
  My tooth pain is easing up...but still not gone...so I think I will go ahead with the appointment at the Endodonist next week.  Sinuses are much better.
  It  is in the sixties here today...could reach 70. To bad it's gloomy and wet. So much rain in our area and we are not near being done with it. Crazy unreal temperatures for February !! Can spring be far?  Makes me happy to think of spring.
  Take care everyone, stay healthy . XO

Friday, February 16, 2018

This Past Week....

  Started my week off in the Tax office.  Cost more for preparing and I had to pay the state another hundred dollars.  Not such a good start...but wait it got worse.
   Not feeling well on Tuesday, called the doctor. Got an appointment for Wednesday morning. I did not know if it was flu or pneumonia...too scary to take a chance.  It was an upper respiratory infection.  Dr. calls in a script. I go straight to CVS.
   Everyone behind the counter is coughing ..yikes, where are your masks??? The lady that calls my name to wait on me is clutching her chest and gasping for breathe. I think she may be having a heart attack. I say ," Ma'am are you okay?" She says she is fine. I get my script and tell her she may need a break.  Honestly  I have never seen anything like it
 Thursday, I wake up and my teeth are hurting where I always tell Dr. Mike they hurt.  I just had them cleaned on the 6th.  Three x-rays and Mike finds nothing.   Tells me it is probably the sinus infection I have.  Could be, but honestly, I feel there's something going on with my teeth and I think I'll get one of those 3-D x-rays soon.  Or say to heck with it and wait till I am a screaming loonie in the E.R. one night.  It was  a rough week.  Half scared to go anywhere. Got to get over this infection. Sure would like to know what happened to the pharmacist at CVS.
 Here was a sweet shiny spot for all of us this week.  Savannah won some awards at the honors banquet in her school . That made me happy. She is wonderful young lady.  You go girl.
  Hope all of you have a great weekend. Stay healthy. XO

Friday, February 9, 2018


  Max and  Luke have lost one of their great grandfathers.   This is their daddy's grandfather.  I can not recall his name , as I only met him at the kids' wedding. He passed away a few days ago from heart complications. He had a heart attack last month. Max may remember him , I am not sure.
  Max holding Luke and it looks like Luke is wanting to make a get away. They are so fun together.  I pray they will always be close.
  I have no idea what this game is about....Savannah sent this to me . She and her parents and a friend , Charity...are going to the Animi convention in southern Indiana on Savannah birthday next month. Savannah says this is her favorite game. She will dress as Angus, who is a bear, and Charity will be Greg. I think  Greg looks like a fox..cat, hairy kid ???  who knows.
 This is Savannah's outfit. So funny. She loves art and I suppose this is part of her art.  It's a whole different world out there. I am just thankful that Karen and Jeff are taking the girls and will be watching over them.  They all went last year and SIL Jeff, said they made him crazy. LOL. What a brave man.
   Oh by the way...windows 10 tried their download....It doesn't seemed to have taken and they are coming back for more. OH help me !!!!  They have the power to just get into our computer, let them figure it out.  Wishing all a great weekend.  XO

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Hope For Tomorrow....

  This is on Monday morning. A skiff of snow.

  In the back yard, with the sun shining on the shed.
  Woke up this Tuesday morning with 2 inches of fluffy snow.  This is Ted's attempt at shoveling. LOL.  Just enough to pull up to the front of the house , for me to get in the car and go to the dentist. Oh yes, it was my first cleaning and exam for this year. A bit of good news...nothing was wrong and no dental appointments anyways soon. :):)
 This is the backyard with the new snow. Thankful for the sunshine today.  I did finish shoveling the front drive and the pull up spot for the mail carrier.  My arms are already sore.
 After my dental appointment, we had a little lunch at D.Q.  Across the street is the Casey's gas station. Three or four of the county plow trucks were filling up their tanks.  The sun helped melt some of the snow . Oh happy day.
  Tomorrow , Windows Ten is wanting to load something they like to call an "up date."..I call it a big pain, you know where.  Last time they didn't get it done. So if it all works, I'll be able to post....if not, it may be awhile before you hear from me. I am surely hoping it works well. So please wish me luck.
  Stay warm and safe . XO

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Slow Down Babies....

  I can not help myself, I love my great grands. They grow in the wink of an eye. Look who is nine months old already. Luke is the sweetest baby boy.
  This is Luke's mommy (Lynzie) and his big brother Max.  Lynzie and her husband Mark read to Max so much  that he is now reading to Luke....and he's only two years and two months old.  Now mind you, it's his own language at times, but so cute to see and hear.
 Max with his older by 10 months cousin Layla. Sweetie pie Layla will be 3 this month. She came into my life as my brother Mark Allen  left us, two days apart.
  My daughter sent this picture last night. I call it monkeys in a tub. Max, Luke and Layla, getting bathed together , mostly playing. LOL
 Now Luke is all slicked up for bedtime. :):) I have to laugh whenever I see the kids'  living room floor....toys, books, and sippy cups.  Pillows and blankets too.  It always play time when they are ready. I am so grateful  that my great grandchildren have such loving parents. I wish that for all children.
   We are just going to be lazy this weekend. Maybe do some simple chores. Watch movies, write ,read,and enjoy life.  Be safe everyone. XO

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Loving Nature.....

  This is the best moon shot I could get. It is rising above the woods.
  The blue at the top is clouds....so once the moon got there, no more moon for me to see.
  Sunsets have been beautiful.
  Fiery at times. I guess this is a sailor's delight sky.
 Some sunsets just peeped thru at the horizon.
  Some were very cloudy but still pretty. I have been so disappointed , not being able to see the super blue blood moon. One day I am hoping to see some fabulous moons to get pictures. I texted my grandson in Seattle and told him to take his wife to look at this super moon. It won't be super blue blood for another 150 years.  Worth seeing. :):)
  I have a chunky little visitor on the porch this week. Not sure what he was eating.
 Oh he must be bashful. He took off after I got a couple photos. LOL He appears very healthy.  Since the cat, Stormy , has been around, the squirrels have not approached the porch much. During the unbearable cold spell of 14 days, Stormy has been a shop cat. That darn cat has mesmerized Ted. I told him she hypnotized him to do her will. Now she does not want to come walk around the yard . Once the weather breaks , she will be back outside, as she interrupts Ted with his work, to be petted.  :):)
   Wishing all a great day, stay healthy, please.XO

Monday, January 29, 2018

Fun Time....

  Ted and I met up with the twins and their daughters. I did not get enough pictures. . This is Savannah (Karen's daughter), Liz, me and Ted. We had lunch at the Pizza Shack(by the tracks) . Not my favorite place, but my daughters all like it. I think that stems from the "good old days" when  they were in H.S. and I would give them a blank check to go eat dinner there and they could take a few friends along too. That's when I worked and it was much cheaper to eat there. LOL.
  Lynzie and her little sister Emma. Emma is the tall one., really, but not wanting her picture taken.  I keep telling these young people  they look wonderful and better get their photo taken, because when they are older, they will think, "well I looked pretty good in this picture. " LOL
  Driving thru town to the H.S. for the play "Steel Magnolias" . It was a truly beautiful day. Blue skies and sunshine. Nippy from the wind.
  After the play we took some pictures. Me , Angie (in her Truvy  make-up and wig), and Angie's husband , Mark.
  Savannah, Angie , and Karen. This is in the hallway entrance to the auditorium.
 Sweet baby Leo. He and his parents came for the weekend too. He is now almost 4 months old...where does time go?  His wonderful head of hair is thinning now.
  It truly was a great weekend. Sierra flew home for her mother's play. Kathy (daughter #2) came to town for the second night of the play. So all of my daughters were together. We sat with my two youngest sisters in the audience yesterday.
  Hope all of you had a good weekend. Stay healthy if you can.   Enjoy this day.