Saturday, November 18, 2017

Things I Am Missing.....

  These cute things, always. My daughters Liz, Kathy, Angie and Karen.   I have been thinking of the fun get away we had this summer to Michigan.  Hope to do that again.
  Miss the clump of oak trees in the distance.  A farmer cleared them to plant some crops. Miss this beautiful  blue sky today.....we had rain and fierce winds all day. Ted had to take our flag down .
  Miss this rose bush growing a rose every now and then and surprising me.
  Miss my beautiful container flowers I had this year. They  did last a good long time.  The tiny purple flower died out first., but a sweet potato vine took it's place.
 I miss the pretty white billowy clouds of summer.  The green fields too.  Just a few more days till Thanksgiving . I am excited to be with family then. Going to get hugs from everyone. :)  I am wishing all of you a cozy day tomorrow.  Of course , I am wishing all a happy thanksgiving day filled with lots of love and good food.  XO

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Cataracts, Good Report, & A Birthday.....

  Sitting in my optometrist's office. I have seen these photos of his two beautiful daughters grow through the years.  One is married and one is in college. :)
  This is where Dr. wants to send me for cataract surgery.  I am thinking about it all.  The office girls gave me a nice booklet to look over. They even furnish rides to and from the clinic.
   These pictures are suppose to let you know how you see with and without cataracts. I certainly prefer without.  LOL  Although, I am not as bad as the before surgery photo. :) I will have this surgery done in the spring.
   Here's great grandson Luke. Look at that pompadour hair-do.  So sweet. He had his check up and pulmonary function tests done.  . His CF team and drs. say his lung are normal, functioning well. He weighs 20 pounds now at almost 7 months of doing well there. His report was good and he will not have to return till Feb.
  Here he is with his Gigi (my daughter Liz)  Luke has some teeth now and he likes biting on them. :)
 I want all of you to wish Louis Dean Chapman a happy birthday. He is the loving  husband of Linda @ Linda's Life Journal. They are the sweetest couple.  :)
 Wishing all of you a good day .  Some sun today. :) XO

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Saturday's Visit.....

Saturday morning, Ted and I go visit my daughter Kathy's new apartment. It's near her new job.
 She is still unpacking.  There's room for her to have her sewing machines and crafts.
 Ted hooked  her headboard to her bed. She made this headboard herself.  It was recycled wood. I told her she may want to attach some scones to matching boards, to hang along side , to make it a fuller headboard. It was a bit small for this bed.  Kathy started talking about all the pillows she was making for her new  bedding. She is a wonderful seamstress.
  We were treated to lunch at MCL in Carmel.  Ted and I used to go here about once every two weeks. I think we stopped going because of all the roadwork we ran into going here.
 I snapped this picture of Kathy, as I laughed about she and Ted sharing cherry cheesecake. Kathy also took us to a Goodwill near her new place.  Ted looked for candles and I bought a cute scarf for a dollar.:)
 As the day went on , the clouds cleared out, I got this photo of a pretty tree . We did see planes do a fly over while at the Goodwill store.  It was in honor of Veteran's Day.
  Friday Ted made this pile of leaves in the driveway. He used the lawn rake behind the golf cart again.  We loaded these leaves into the trailer and hauled them to the neighbor's woods down the road. It was five trailer loads.  That in itself was tiring.
  This is after bending over and picking up all the leaves . Ted gets home from dumping the last load, and says he lost his glasses in all those leaves. What!!! Yes, he had his glasses in his jacket pocket and they fell out as he bent over picking the leaves up. So on Sunday, he went to the woods and rake thru all those leaves again. It took him three hours, but he did find his glasses. Hooray.  He has an eye dr. appointment coming up soon., and he had a pair of readers  thankfully. But to find his glasses in all those leaves, I was amazed.
   Today is going to be a pretty day. Right now there a hard frost on the ground. Goodbye bugs. :) Hope you all have a good day. XO

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Fifth Graders Honor Vets.....

    Here's an article about my daughter's fifth grade class honoring the veterans.  She started this years ago, so young people would know just what a veteran meant.
 There's a wall of stars in the hallways with the name of a veteran written by a family member  or friend in her class.
 This was an exhibit in her class.
This is my brother Tommy. He served in Viet-Nam. In the Army.
 This is my brother George , he served in the army , as a drill instructor . He was in Korea  and  Germany during his time in service. He was in for life. Retired from the army. My father served in the army, my step -father also. Four of my brothers and some of my nephews.  I am proud of the vets in my own family. I know all of you love your vets too.  Thank you to all.
   Friday evening's sunset. beautiful. Today was sunny and pretty also. It was cold both days. Next week we are to get some 50 degree days. Loving that.  Good evening to all, enjoy your Sunday. XO

Friday, November 10, 2017

Horton's Christmas Preview......

 Little tin houses sitting in a wreath of felt leaves and berries.
 Poinsettias of red felt and green leaves, so bright. A pair of cute sparkly birds too. I like the weathered boards behind the brightness of the poinsettias.
 The plaid ribbons were of a wool like material. So sweet.
 A nook of cuteness. Colorful stockings to hang.
 Ball caps with Tipton, small town, and Santa on the front.
 Windmill blades of all sizes. Kitchen towels in seasonal colors.
 Tobacco baskets and crates.  I think you could sand the word farm off and put whatever you would like on the crate.
  In the children's corner, a nativity scene, a santa rabbit,reindeer bibs and plaid hats, for little ones.
 Stockings hanging at the fireplace , with snowflake garland.
Some large Christmas ornament balls with Glory to God printed on them.  I will post more pictures later.  There seemed to be more women's clothing this year. Lots of pretty things. I did not even get into the outside rooms.
  Wishing all of you a great weekend. Be safe. XO

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Ted's Big Project.....

  Here's the nightmare of a project that Ted's sister talked him into. It's a big streamliner camper...that is totally empty inside.  The outside is in good shape.  This is pulled up alongside our garage/shop. I hope it's done by January.
  I have helped him scrap the insulation from places that he needs to work in. His brother Mic did the insulation.  He's here with Ted today to help layout some of the inside coverings.
  See how this looks inside. YIKES.  So much work. Ted is a good working man, but I have heard grousing coming out of this big tin can. LOL.
  So many windows, outlets, pipes and the wheel cut around , to get the ceiling and walls, cabinets put in. Plus you know streamliners are curved at the top...that makes for some real work.
 This is Ted's sister Dorothy , owner of the camper. His brother Mic is the tall fellow. I hope they can get this done nice enough for Dorothy's family to go on camping trips.
   I am better today. Have a bruise on my jaw, from the tooth extractions. But I am doing very well. No pain, the gum already seems to be healing.
  I went to town, to the grocery,this morning. Dropped in Horton's for a look  around. Took some photos, will post them soon.  They had their Christmas Open House last Saturday. I missed it due to a family get together. But that was a good day for all of us.
  Sunshine today. Love it. Hope your day is good. XO

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

I Am Happy.....

   The local Cargills has been busy these past three weeks.  Many trucks and farm wagons unloading grains...corn and soybeans.  Makes it easier to drive in the country with the crops down. You can see at the corners.

  We had storms and high winds on Sunday. I lost internet for a day. We just kept rebooting and doing the cables till it finally worked. We had had some power glitches we often do ...that's a big complaint of mine.
   Yesterday morning was my dentist appointment. It was for the extraction of a fractured tooth.
 Some times you can not save your teeth , no matter what you do. I get two cleanings and x-rays a year. I never let my teeth go if there's pain, I have it checked out.   Because I am a  whiney chicken when it comes to tooth pain.  I brush, I floss, I even use a special fluoride tooth paste.  I have baby brushes to brush my gums even.  Every kind of  dental product , to care for my teeth.
   Yesterday the young dental surgeon had to take my fractured tooth out. He gave me plenty of numbing shots.  He was going to write a script for pain meds and I said NO.  I will just use over the counter Tylenols. It works for me. I have done very well so far. My jaw is swollen and I look as if I am chewing some tobacco.  Today I am so much better.  Thanks to all of you, for your kind words of understanding. I appreciate my blog family so much.  My own family all checked on me too and Ted took good care of me. :)
   The sun is coming out and if it stays out after lunch, I am going out to walk a bit.  Happy day to all. XO