Monday, June 1, 2020

Pleasant Weekend.....

  The weather in Indiana was the best this weekend . My daughter said it was chilly for her and her husband, so they did not play golf as they wanted.  I know this , because we drove by and sat in the car while Angie and Mark stood in their driveway and talked with us. I enjoyed that visit so much, but long to hug my children.  Distancing isn't easy for families.
 You all will be happy to know I did get the walkway grass cleaned off the edges. Gain about 6 inches more of walkway. My gosh, I can not let that go so long.

 I dug up some of this Red Nancy (it should be called lavender) and plant in a spot by the front steps.
 This was one of the wonderful sunsets. .Everyone mowed their lawns this weekend. It was a good time to do yard work. Ted mowed again yesterday and I weed whacked. Even did a bit at the neighbor's :)
A wee nest  here and there. About a million of those tiny wrens around here.  Seems all they do is fight. , we hear them from sun up till sundown.  Ted said, "don't they ever shut up?" LOL
   I hope all of you were safe this weekend. So much going on and this virus distancing. Praying for all of us.  XO

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Where's My Flowers????

 Last year my clematis looked like this. This year I have only seen a half dozen buds.
They have not bloomed yet. Keeping an eye on them.  I need to get some plant food for it I suppose. This year I am once again sticking fake flowers in the containers on and around the porch. I do have some Pachysandra growing in them, which give the pretty green color.
  Ted was to have chemo this week. He had his blood work yesterday and they said one count was too low and they put the chemo off till next week.  I have a dentist appointment next week also. When it rains it pours. No breaks.It's disheartening.
  I have been edging the brick walkway here. Too hot for me to do it all at once, So I am 2/3's of the way done. Slow but sure I guess. Ted did get home in time to mow yesterday before the rains came. He can mow if he wears a mask. I do not want him mowing if it's too hot though.  He enjoys it , because it's about the only work he can do. Good thing it's zero turn mower. 
   Hope all of you are well. Please try to stay that way. Staying healthy is our full  time job these days.  Keeping you all in my prayers. XO

Friday, May 22, 2020

I Am Back....

 I am hoping we are back on line. I just made  a post and had to delete it. The neighbor man called and ask who I was. I said my name and he said I think the phone boys mixed our lines together. Oh great. I am not having those men back here. They can do their work outside.
   In the mean time,. I am praying for all of you. Ted and I are well so far. He will be getting more maintenance chemo next week.  Stay strong and safe. Always be smart. XO

Saturday, March 7, 2020

Heading Into Spring ......

 We have had some blue skies and bearable temperatures. The snow has melted. We never get to go visit or have visitors. We go to the stores at times, Ted waits in the car.
 We go to doctor visits. Nothing like visiting friends and family. I miss those days. From what we see on television, it's going to be that way a long time.
 We saw doctor Birhiray , Yesterday. The labs were taken first. Ted's counts are low. His white cell and red cell counts. His platelets are low also. Strange to me as his hemaglobin is good.
  We see the doctor again in two weeks about more maintenance chemo. Dr. B. said he would lower the amount of days to 3.  Ted has been saying he feels much better. The dosage of chemo was lower the last time.
  Ted is 54 days away from his year marker of the bone marrow transplant. The doctor told Ted he could not go on the fishing trip he had planned for the second week of May. Ted and  his family go fishing in May to Reelfoot Lake in Tenn.
  I could see the disappointment on Ted's face. I actually cried later. But doctor Birhiray said , "Better to cancel this year and be able to go the next twenty years." Told Ted his counts were too low and he would be getting those lower chemo treatments. Which does make Ted weak.
  I don't mind saying, I am tired. I had planned to have my cataracts taken care of soon. Not sure they will do it as I have a retina detaching. My family eye doctor wants me to go to the eye specialist In Indianapolis (of course). He says they will have better ways to check my eyes and they will say if I am ready for surgery.
  Well that's what we have been doing , going to doctor office visits. I have learned the decor is a snooze and the chairs are so awful. LOL. Oh I can't help it.
   Praying for all of you in need. Praying for our country and our world. XO

Saturday, February 29, 2020

Past Two Weeks....

   We have had some mixed up weather for February... Some  warm days with very good roads to travel. Some  rains, snow and wind the last week of this month.
 We did have about 4 inches of snow. Some melted as soon as it hit the ground. Then some stayed awhile. LOL

 Then it is starting to melt as our days warm up. Making me hope we get no more snow. But I know March can be every kind of weather.
 We have had golden sunsets when they get to be seen.  I get out to get a photo every now and then.
   Monday the 17th, Ted got a CT scan of his lungs  recorded on a disk to take to the pulmonary clinic in Indianapolis.
  Then we went to the cardiologist the very next day. Ted received a good report. The dr  did raise one med. ,another follow up in March.
  Thursday, I got my taxes done...big happy smile, I get 21 dollars back from the state.  I would celebrate but want to save that.  Oh wait that didn't even pay for the tax lady.
  On this past Monday is when Ted saw the pulmonary doctor. She did not see anything out of the ordinary with Ted's lungs, from the CT scan disk.  They did a stress test and said he did not need to be on oxygen. That was a big happy moment for Ted. (and me) But the dr ordered an allergy panel . I ask that she have it done at the Franciscan hospital while we are there in a couple weeks. Why should we run all over the state for the drs?
  On Tuesday, I saw my dentist. Had a cleaning and that sharp sticking to measure around my gums. Yikes. But I got a good report and was very happy.
   In between all these drs. and hospital visits...we go to the grocery, hardware, and $ store.  Sometimes just to get out of the house. Always wearing our face masks , use sanitizers in the car and wash our hands as soon as we get home.
   Ready for some warm weather and flowers. Hope all of you are safe.  XO

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Busy Times.....

 This month is half over. It has been a busy time for Ted and I .  Ted's energy seemed to be better this week. Yesterday was the last dose of chemo for this maintenance round. The Riverview hospital has some awesome nurses and a great new facility for infusions. Some spots are little rooms with electric fireplaces and TV.  Ted was in them most everyday.
 Monday was the longest day. Labs then chemo at Riverview. Then the same day,on to Franciscan south of Indy for check up and first round of baby shots. Ted did well. He knows why babies cry, said his shoulder was so sore for two days.
  We were blessed with good roads this whole week. We had a big snow but got out to the main roads and traveling was fine. Yesterday was the coldest day around these parts. Wind chills 15 below zero. Good thing I had refilled the back porch wood box. We should be getting into the 40's for the next few day.  Just  35 days till spring. Oh boy, I am so ready . :)
  I have still to get my grandson over to work on my computer. There's no way I going back to the Geeks around here. They wiped out too many files and pictures.  I am thinking of adopting a smart kid. LOL. Just kidding. Gotta a lot of love to give, but not near enough time.
  Hope all of you are getting thru this winter and staying healthy. We are doing our best,wearing our masks everywhere. Not at home or in the car. Had a lady ask me is I was wearing it to stay healthy...well yes. The clerk at the $ store told me he needs a haz-mat suit some days. :)
  Take care of one another and yourselves. Thank you so very much for all your good wishes, prayers and thoughts. Sending them to you too. XO

Friday, January 31, 2020

Goodbye January....

 It's been a long month. So thankful the weather was kind. Plenty of rain, bit of snow here and there, but no heavy snows.  Ted had a round of chemo the first week. Became ill and ended up in the hospital.  His vitals are always good each day.
 Today we saw his oncology doctor. Labs were taken. Ted's white and red cell counts are low. His platelets are up again. Which the bone marrow transplant doctors wanted to happen before the next chemo. But Dr. Birhirey says with his white cells being low we will wait another week.  So that Monday will be, labs and a chemo , if counts allow...then get to Indy to see the IMBT drs.  On the following Tuesday I will be seeing my eye dr. I was there once this week. Trying to squeeze in some health time for myself. Scary.
  Ted will be seeing his heart dr again this a pulmonologist, all those appointments within this month. All we get to done  is go to see drs.  Wears me out. Ted has no energy. It's shortness of breath. That is why he will have ct scan then see the lung doctor.  Wish us luck. Ted may need to change inhalers or have oxygen once in a while.
 Hopefully we will have some good days this month to be able to make all our appointments.
Hoping to visit all of you more often. Just 49 days till spring...can you believe it? Take care. XO