Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Oh Boy , It's Wednesday.....

  A picture of the crab apples on our flowering tree. This is winter bird food, sometimes.  I see birds eat them during winter.
 The mums are overflowing their flowerbed. Now you can see what I meant about them needing to be thinned out somewhat.
 Our honeysuckle is growing again , after a very slow start in Spring.  There were some blooms on it this year, but not near as many as last summer. The hummingbirds like to visit it.
 Today is the my doctor appointment. I will just be glad to go and be done with it.  I am going to ask about my knee hurting , my blood thinners ,and my tummy med. Then hopefully I will be given good advice. LOL
   Wishing all a good day.  XO

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

After The Rains...

   This is the Sunday sunset. Fiery and pretty. It had rained like a monsoon just before this.
 Then we had another evening rain yesterday.  Once the storm moved on we had some wonderful clouds. This one had a strange dome. The top of this cloud looked like a smoke ring was  sitting on top.
  More billowy clouds with the sun reflecting at the top. Now I think we have had enough rain. But honestly we may have a little rain each day till Friday. The sun is shining right now and it's 9 am.
  Our lawns are growing fast from the rain and very green. I can see that the bean and corn fields are starting to turn yellow .  This month is about over. What is it, about 26 days till Autumn ? I love the colors of Autumn and the cooler temperatures. ....but I know what follows. Winter !! The older  I get the less I like it. I know some people truly love the snow and cold. I don't mind shoveling a little snow and I love the cold on my face. But that is about all. LOL.
  I want to finish up some projects I have started , just seems I have no desire to do much this week.
Hope all of you are more on the ball than I am. :):)  Let's have fun if we can. XO

Monday, August 25, 2014


  Have you ever made a drs.' appointment and develop another thing before you get there??? I was to go see the doctor this morning. I wanted to asked about my blood thinners. Been on them for 11 years. Last month the doctor(new) said to stop taking them...I did not stop. I thought what's one more month after 11 years , really. So I wanted to have a conversation about that. Plus my reflux meds maybe aren't working as well. Now my knee is bothering me.. A  couple years ago, I was walking up a slippery incline and hurt then. But has come and gone since then. When I go up and down the stairs to do laundry , it will hurt a bit. Now it is lasting longer. Feels like a tendon  not the joint.
  As I was getting ready to go to see the dr. this morning...her office called and said Dr. was sick. :):) What??? So I will be going later this week. LOL.  Felt like a reprieve .
  This is the cute T-shirt I won from the lovely Japolina. She is a very fashionable mommy in Miami.
Thank you Japolina. I am wearing another shirt under it.
   Wishing everyone a good day. Let's remember all those who need a prayer today. XO

Sunday, August 24, 2014


 The mums are in bloom here.  I truly need to thin the mums . They are just taking over the front flower bed.  There's sedum and daisies also.  Actually this is pictures from last fall, but the plants are bushier this year. People say they would like some starts....but do I have to get the starts , take them to their yards and plant them too.??  Yes.  I guess I will have to do just that.
  We had more rain , yesterday evening.  Thankfully it has ended for a couple days. Well you know how those weather predictions go.
   Take care and enjoy this wonderful Sunday.  XO

Saturday, August 23, 2014

We Got Rain....

   You can see how hard it was raining here. We ended up with 2 1/2 inches of rain. Thankful for the rain we needed. Also very thankful that we didn't get more.
  You can see it is starting to stand in the shop/garage  driveway. That is a low spot. The town of Hartford City, NW of here, got 11 inches of rain in a short amount of time.  Closed down  I-69 for some time.  I am so sorry for all those in that mess .
  Rain is in our forecast for the next few days, that on and off  kind. Plus a possibility of 90 degree temperature. Oh boy a sauna. :):) I will not be doing much outside.
  I have a  few  things to be getting done before autumn arrives. I feel that at times I will never catch up. Wishing you the best weekend. xo

Friday, August 22, 2014

He's Early.....

   I found this wooly worm yesterday. I think it's early don't you? Any way, I got  little stick for him to crawl on. There was no way I would pick it up. I don't know when I went from , "Hey, look what I found, to don't let it get on me." LOL
 The corn around here is starting to turn at the bottom. So Fall is so near.  When corn turns brown and dries, I am amazed at how it stands on the skinny stalk .
   We had rain all night and some lightening. It's raining today also. We have had 2 1/2 inches in two days. Hope we don't get the super downpours that some places have .
   Enjoy this day...yippee, it's Friday.  XO

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Throw Back Thursday !!!!!

   These are old photos of my family. My parents, brothers and sisters.  We look more like a clan than a family. LOL In this photo, Mom , George, Charles, Tom, Miles, Mark, Steve, and Dad.  Me(Susie), Jeanie, Brenda, Pam , and Barbie.
 Sister Brenda and brother Charles are missing from this photo. It was our baby brother Steve's graduation.
Big brother George is not in this photo.  Yes, we had a big family. Lots of  hard times and lots of good times.  Our beautiful brother , Miles, is no longer with us.  But he watches over us along with our parents. I sure miss them. I miss these old fun time get togethers too. We have a reunion around the 4th of July....when we can. 
  If you have parents, hug them today or give them a call. Or your siblings. Life is short, make it sweet. XO