Saturday, September 20, 2014

Dried Hydrangeas....

I dried some of my hydrangeas and put them in  some old white pitchers. I love the way they look together. Have not had much craft time for myself lately. With Emma here this weekend, we surely will make some thing fun.
 I had a great day at her school yesterday.  At the book fair she bought a "spy kit", so I will have to be careful what I say. LOL.  She's too funny at times.
  Her face lit up when her other grandmother, Papaw Ted and I walked into her room together. I will have to remember that face. It was also Grandma Irene's last day at school too. I thought she had a grandson younger than Emma, but he is one year older.  Irene's son Matt is my SIL. He is Emma's dad. Well it turns out that Emma's teacher was also her dad's teacher in 5th grade.  She looked too young .:):) Mrs. Miller said she was fresh out of college then. This is her 29th year teaching. Many kudos to her.
  Well I am going to get busy here. I will post , once I can load my photos, anew.  Bless all of you for a great weekend.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Grandparent's Day....

  Today is grandparents day for Emma Pooh . This is our last one. Emma being ten, next year will be in the 6th grade and that is the cut off grade. Where did all the years go with Sierra, Jake, Lynzie, Brock,Skylar and Savannah??All the crafty art things we made, all those "what was life like in the Stone Age, Nana?" question pages.
   This is the last pictures I have taken of Emma and that was June at her sister's wedding. I better have my camera ready today. Emma will come home with papaw and I today.  Aunt Pam will be here to greet her.:)
  I am still struggling with my blog and files. Next Tuesday is the day the repairman will undo some of the things he did to my computer...that has made it so confusing.
   Sending out good wishes for all of you, and prayers for our friends in need. XO

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Some Progress....

 Well I found some of my photo files, because they are not all together now.... The phone man came today and found some disturbances in our lines. Oh great day. He took care of that. Next Tuesday, I am hauling my computer tower into the repairman and I refuse to pay for anything that they did to slow my blog and mess my files up.  Because as bad as windows 8 is, I was finding my way around . Now it's like a big maze.  So I am trying to find my place again. xo

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Computer Crazy....

Can't even access photo area, let alone post photos.  I wish I had never had this computer worked on....ever feel that way?  I have to wait so long in between  looking at blogs, that I can't even leave a comment. I am just you my friends who will listen.
   As soon as I can get things straightened out, I'll be back. I miss all of you. XO

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


    Today it has been 8 years since my mother passed away. I still miss her.  She did not have an easy life. She gave birth to eleven children. Yes, she ruled the household. She made us show respect to elders and teachers. We were not allowed to run the streets.
    Some times mom  was funny. She would say , when asked if we could have friends over, "you don't need friends, you have your siblings. "  The older kids helped by watching the younger ones. That was not always easy.
    Mom didn't have much education, thank God she had some street sense.  She worked for the K-mart stores. She worked hard at other jobs too. But the K-mart was where she retired from.
   Mom loved all of us and our children. She loved traveling, shopping goodwill stores, and going to festivals. She loved every kind of flowering tree and plant. But her favorites were lilacs and irises.
I think the reason was because that was what was blooming in the yard when she moved into the little house on the corner. That was the first flowers I can remember her having. This picture is one I painted for mom one Christmas.
   I miss my mother so much. If you can hug your mom today, hug her for me.  XO

Monday, September 8, 2014


 These are the books at the junk store. I have a lot of books, even though I have slowly thinned some out. I used to read all the time. The past few years , I have become a scanner, not reader. I go through a book and try to glean enough to make me feel as though i have read the book.
  Well last week, I read a whole book. The whole thing. I made myself read it. It was not so good. I won't say the title or author's name. I thought it was by another author that I had read before. But it wasn't . The thing is , I stay with it till it was read. So I proved to myself that I can still read a book.
So I am going to be reading this winter . Get yourself a book and start reading. I know Nellie reads all the time :):)
 Hope your day is great. I have running to do.  My trip time is so close.  XO

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Come And Gone.......

  Well the pork festival has come and gone...and I did not even go . This is the 1st year in , I do not know how long, that I never went. I usually meet my daughter Angie there on Friday. But this year she had taken the days for next weeks wedding and could not take Friday off.
 The top photo are pins I have worn to the fest before. This is last years T-shirt. Things change, it almost seems sad. I remember when my daughters , grandkids, and I  would  watch the parade , sitting on a friend 's lawn. Our friend's kids would sell water and sodas. LOL. It always was a fun time.
  Hope everyone has a great day . XO