Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sister Lunch....

  Today my sister Pam is coming out for lunch . We will watch the Young and Restless and absolutely rewrite the show. LOL We worked together for 30 years at General Motors.   We have always be very close..
   When Pam comes out, I try to fix her a meal. She is the type that will make a rut and live in it. By that I mean, she eats those "lunchables", fruit and yogurt. She is not getting  the right nutrients by any means.  She does not have to live this way, she chooses to. She never cooks for herself, that I know .
  I will make us something easy and quick, but it won't say Oscar Myer on it. :):) Hope all of you have a fun day. It is warming up big time around here.  Stay cool. XO

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


 This is some of the junk in the shop down town. I just thought I would love to go back and see how much those bakers racks cost. I would love one on   the porch. Of course I would have to tie it to the rails so it would not blow over in a storm out here. 
  Living in the country, the winds are more fierce. So I have learned to tie, nail, weigh it down, or lose it.  The first storm we had when we moved here, I found someone garden flag. It had blown from the neighbors yard.  Wind is not so good on recycling day .
  Hope you are having a pretty day. The sun is out now, but storms are being predicted for this evening.  Enjoy today. XO

Monday, August 18, 2014


 Last Wednesday my sister and I went walking in the park.   We have a walking path around the park, two times around is a mile.
 There is also path that takes you to the 4-H fair grounds. Along this path is the hospital, medical arts build, Doctors' offices and two nursing homes.  There's the golf course across from this path. The creek flows between the course and park path.
 My sister has one of her ladies , she used to care for at the Catholic Nursing home, living in Miller's Merry Manor. We decided while walking we would go visit with Betty.  She was on her way to the beauty shop they have there. I  thought how very nice that the nursing home takes care of their patients' hair.
  I could see that this lady had more trouble being alert since we last saw her in the Spring. It made me she just declining from her ills, her age, or lack of enough family visits , or activities. It's is heart breaking to see.  I know that people get caught up in their lives . So much to do and seemingly not enough time.  Please, let's try to remember the lonely today. Visit some one, call them, or send them a card.....for no reason , other than to say you are thinking of them. Isn't that what we all want when it gets down  to the nitty gritty of be loved and to be remembered??   XO

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Emma's Chickens...

  This first photo has nothing to do with chickens. LOL. It's just one of my favorite trees. It's at our city park. The little yellow green tree is a maple  and it is next to a flowering crabapple.  I just wanted to share it.
  This is Emma's  chicken coop area. Her chicken are finally laying eggs.  I have yet to get a photo of her with the eggs.  Liz (Emma's mom) says the eggs are very small at this time.
 Not all the chickens have made it to maturity. Sam the dog has loved some of them to death.  Liz says he pets them with his big paws.   Emma is happy about her chickens.
  Emma  got a new pool this summer and that has made her pretty happy also. I like that , so she can get some exercise. She doesn't get to ride her bike much. They live on a 1/2 mile road....with  a lot of traffic.  It's sad that country roads aren't wider.  If I can get a photo of Emma with the eggs, I will post it.
 Hope everyone has a great Sunday. It rained here, on and off ,yesterday morning and stayed cloudy. Today is to be more of the same.  XO

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Who Knew ????

  Do you remember these items I picked up at my sister's yard sale??  They are cast iron.
  I went to the shop yesterday, and cleaned them up. I used a file and wire brush, to get the rust off.
  I saw this cute little owl in the ads of Romantic Home magazine. As soon as I saw this I knew I was going to paint the owl I bought.
 So here is the finished painting of the owl and key. I painted them  with some paint I had here for projects.  I am thinking of nailing  them  to a back board of some kind. Then the little junk mail box that I bought early in the spring. I will put it on the porch. When I finish that, I will post another photo.
  Weather lady saying right now....maybe a gloomy day with showers here and there. So I'll be going to the food store. Hope you are having sunshine. :)  Have fun today. XO

Friday, August 15, 2014

Painting On A Quiet Day....

 I thought I would try my hand at watercolors again. This is what I painted after lunch. I have this wonderful photo reference book. It's boats, marinas and water scenes.
If you are thinking , what  orangy skies and's the photo I copied. My painting isn't as dark.  I also did a craft painting today. I was going to go to town, but decided to stay home and do something I wanted to do. You know besides the laundry, sweeping and cleaning of the kitchen..which I did , also. I'll show my craft tomorrow. I'll probably paint another coat on this little work of art. LOL
 Today is the most wonderful quiet day ever. I was on the porch writing and I thought how absolutely quiet is seemed. No noise of traffic from the highway 2 miles off. No wind. No machine noises. Just the sound of the water features we have here. Sitting out in the sun  and watching butterflies. Oh yes, this is good. Hope you are having a great day. XO

Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Pool.....

 This is the front of our pool building. The containers are doing so well.  My sister says the pool has closed since school already started.
  The blocks are up as if they may have a swim meet. But so are the baskets  for playing ball.
 I want to tell  about my daughters. One year , all four of my girls worked the pool.  Angie was a lifeguard, Kathy worked the admissions ticket window, Lizzy worked the concession's window selling refreshments, and Karen worked the basket window where swimmers' street clothes and shoes were stored. It was a good year for all of us. I enjoyed going by the pool and seeing my girls working there. I think they all had fun that year.  I sure hope they did.
 Wishing you a good day. The sun is shining here once again. XO