Monday, December 3, 2018

Ted Is Fighting....

    Yesterday's picture of Ted, In what is called a "step down room" He is having a tough time but keeps giving us a smile.  They shaved his mustache off...I had never seen Ted without it.
 It seemed a beautiful day outside. Oh how I wish our winter could stay this nice.
  This is in ICU . On Friday, of course it was the day I had left to go to the chiropractor. (my back's been out since Ted's first appointments) My daughter goes to the hospital to check on Ted. She gets to his oncology room just as the doctors and nurses are rushing to get him to ICU. He had a fever spike. It was 105 degrees. They packed him in ice and  started antibiotics.  He had an infection. Finding it ...I am not sure they have yet. Weekend doctors are just not the same. Lots of young ones training. They did change out the pic line to his heart. Because the chemo goes directly into the heart .I think this was an extremely close call for my Teddy. His oncology dr is in LA and will be back tomorrow.
   I know it's the prayers that are going up for Ted that are helping us . I thank all of you who offer prayers and well wishes, they mean the world to us. I have been writing prayers down for Ted to read if he has a quiet moment. He has had units of blood, platelets, antibiotics, and meds. Yesterday he did keep a bit of food down. The first in 3 days.  I guess it was a good thing he ate those big breakfasts when he could. This is a scary time .
  Granddaughter Sierra with her nephew Leo (our great grand) sporting their teddy bear faces to cheer papaw.
   I will try to see the chiropractor again today. Can not sit still with my back hurting.  Grandson Skylar,lifted a limb out of the front yard for me . Thankful for my family standing by to help any way they can.  Hope all of you are well, thank you always for sweet thoughts and comments.XO

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Teddy Bear Update......

  Here's Ted in his bed at St. Vincents.. Smiling trying to keep his chin up. My strong brave sweetheart.
 We have been laughing about the size of meals he has been ordering. The hospital handed him a menu and number to call for food. I told him, you do not eat like that, and he says, "it's so good"....I told him not to think he is putting a phone in our kitchen so he can call from his recliner. So we make jokes and laugh.  While inside I feel I am holding my breath. Praying all day long.
  Beautiful "Nana" Diana and her handsome hero husband John,  came to the hospital to visit with Ted and I. They gave Ted this wonderful book to read and receive courage and hope. I loved meeting John , he is a cancer survivor, (who has been in my prayers many, many times. ) He is also a hospital Chaplain, the perfect visitor . :) Ted said he felt as if he already knew Diana from me speaking of her so often. . hahaha, we do love our blog family, don't we? He thoroughly enjoyed John's talk of how to keep going and once you are thru, working to stay healthy.
 Does Diana ever go anywhere, that she isn't bearing gifts?  Such a generous hearted lady.  You know we all tease and laugh with her, she  has a great sense of humor, but she is gentle and loving.(shh, don't tell her I said that) She and John, brought this big bag of thoughtful gifts. Cheese ( they are from Wisconsin, you know), crackers, cookies, candy, puzzle books, pens, chapstick (so helpful) and a magazine to read. I can not even begin to thank these kind caring friends. I will remember that day.
 One evening Ted's long time friend and golf pal Steve, came to visit . Came back a day later and brought Ted a milk shake. Ted was going back to bed when he stood by Steve for a photo.  Now we have been told no hugging , no kisses, just hand sanitized fist bumps.  That goes for me also.
   Ted is doing well with his treatments, so far....we know it won't always be a day to smile. I told Ted when he gets low, to force himself to think ahead to his spring fishing trip with his son, brothers, and friends. That will cheer him.
 I want to thank my children who have stepped up to help me get to and from the hospital, plus feed me. LOL.  Thank you kind wonderful blog family and friends.  All the prayers and well wishes mean so much to Ted and I. He said he was touched to know so many cared. Silly boy, he is loved. XO

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Some Times One Thing Leads To Another......

  Thursday morning we were up ice and snow. The day we need to get to the hospital for Ted's heart catheterization it was totally winter.  Our road was the worse part, a bit nasty on a secondary road, then clear sailing . We arrived 10 minutes early and they got right to work on Ted.
  Ted's heart doctor is so busy he "farms out" his cath jobs. This is the doctor who did the cath. A crew of nurses. I was amazed. One nurse says, "I know you ", to me.  She used to live near my daughter and they were  and are friends. So she kind of  looked out for us.
 Here's Teddy sporting one of those flashy (or should I say flasher) gowns.  He had fasted and keep talking about food. :)  The nurses got him ready and they started the procedure. Waiting, as you all know is very hard. My daughter and her husband were with me. I was so thankful  When the cath was finished, we all were called for a consultation....this was the part I had been dreading.
  The doctor said Ted had a blockage, but he did not take care of it because Ted's hemoglobin count was so low, it was dangerous. So he was admitted to the hospital for treatment.

 Waiting for doctors to come and decide what needs to be done...23 hours of fasting, Ted gets a grilled chees and tomato soup, tea and pudding.....he was so happy. My daughter Kathy came after she got off work. it's nice to have others keep your mind off some of the scary stuff.
 Eleven hours after coming to the hospital...Ted is getting two units of blood.  They took vials of his blood and spun the red blood cells out and mixed with donate blood and hooked Ted up ( this is what I seemed to be hearing, so don't call me on it, if I am wrong, Ha. ).   His hemoglobin was  5 point 5 ,it should have been 14.  By Friday morning at 4:00 am, the transfusion was done and the nurse got him up ...we took a couple laps  around the ward..they wanted to see if he was feeling better and get that blood flowing.  The night shift nurse  was wanting him reading for a better reading at the morning blood draw.  He was up to 7.8 by then. Not perfect but out of danger.

  They took a bone marrow biopsy Friday at 10 :00... The results will not be in for a few days. We will be seeing an oncologist/hematologist , once the results of the biopsy are in.  Trying to find out why Ted was anemic. All the nurses and doctors could not believe he had great color, a good weight, passed the treadmill, great bloodwork.( do not think he was tested ever for hemoglobin count.) but all the other tests were great.  One doctor asked if he walked into the hospital...Ted said, "I drove to the hospital !" so all were amazed by him.  I am praying  his all around good health and strength will get us thru . He will be getting a stent for that blockage ...after all other things are done.  Please hold us in your good thoughts and prayers. I am thankful for all of you.  XO.

Monday, November 12, 2018

This Weekend.....

  On Friday, My daughter Angie's 5th graders celebrated Veteran's Day.  This is the 21 st year Angie has held this for local vets. I am amazed it's been that long. The children sang patriotic songs and put on a skit for the vets.  They have for the past three years been raising money to send veterans to Washington D.C. , so they can visit the memorials in their honor.  This project is called Honor Flights. Two of our local vets came to the celebration on Friday and thanked the kids for helping them to go on the trip to D.C.  Angie also thanked her class and said , "even young people can do good things for others."   Ted and I were at the heart clinic and did not get to attend the program.
  Saturday looked like this...clear , but cold.  It was a beautiful sky.
  Also a wonderful sunset. Just a bit of purple in the sky color.
   Do any of you remember my granddaughter Emma....the one I called Emma Pooh?  Look at this little beauty, all dolled up for a school dance . This is her "date" for the she is only 14 1/2 years old...too young to really date. My daughter drove them to the dance and picked them up...both too young to drive. Thank goodness.  No wonder she doesn't come over and do crafts with old nana any more.   LOL  I could cry but won't let myself for fear I would never be able to stop.
   Just a couple more days till Ted gets his heart cath. I seem to be holding my breath. I am getting a cold now and pray he doesn't catch it. He will not be getting the cath if he does.  Thank you all for your kind words and certainly are special. XO

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Cold Reality.....

 As Ted and I start our day. I had to clean the snow away. it was like slush.  So thankful it was not more. It warmed up to 40 degrees....but with wind and dampness, it was miserably cold.
  Getting to the heart clinic. The semi truck in front of this line was waiting for another semi to get into it's spot before he could make his left hand turn. Lots of trucks on this road . we are within yards of our entrance.
  Here we are turning into the parking lot.
 Once we are parked ,it's a pretty view.
  Inside the heart clinic. Two patients had just been called to the interior rooms.
  Ted brought his meds in the tote bag next to him. He was given an electronic sign in devise.
 Here he is being called into one of the examination room.  The heart doctor told Ted all his tests, the treadmill, and the chest x-ray came back good. But as he went over Ted symptoms and heart history, he changed some things . Took away the adult dose aspirin daily and put him on a children's dose. Then change his blood pressure medicine. Also put him on an angina medicine. Ted has never had any angina that we know . Ted's blood pressure has been 120 / 64.....almost every time I have taken it. It was 140/ 65 while in the exam room. That makes me think his meds were working.
   This coming week, Ted will have a heart catheterization.  They will be checking the stent he had put in 18 years ago. This is for good measure.  So please keep Ted in your good thoughts and prayers. We deeply appreciate all of you and your loving kindnesses.
   We did breathe a little easier after we left the clinic. Now we will prepare for this coming week.
 On a cute note. Lynzie sent me this picture of Max bringing Luke to the patio doors, so he can see the snow. Ever faithful Madison by their sides. Love that dog.  All the while, Max is telling Luke, "Look  , Lukie, it's Christmas time."  :) You may be able to see a touch of snow in the grass.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Leaves And More Leaves.....

  This is how the backyard looked a few days ago.  Lots of leaves falling off the maple, tulip poplars, and sycamore trees.  Well honestly three leaves from a sycamore and you have to rake , they are so big.

  Saturday this maple in the back woods was about the only one with leaves . The sun made it look as if it were lit up, it glowed.
  I rake leaves into to piles and then I rake them onto a tarp or old shop blanket, so I can drag them to a place to pile up.  Once the yard is all rake, we load them on the trailer and haul them to the neighbor man's woods down the road....his woods is so dense, the leaves do not blow back out.
 You can see how nice the woods looked this past weekend. Lots of color. But the winds have been fierce and have stripped the trees almost completely.
  I love seeing cardinals.
  Some beautiful sunsets, but very cold at this time of day.
Some leaves seem to hang on till you have cleaned the yard and then they will fall. LOL.
  Monday, Ted went to get his treadmill echogram. He was winded afterwards. His heart doctor was making his rounds at  the hospital and he stopped in to check a couple things with Ted.  He did not seem to be too concerned. Told Ted to take it easy for a few days and be sure to keep his appointment on Friday. So we will know more after tomorrow.  Please keep my Teddy Bear in your good thoughts and prayers. Thank you so much.  Wishing all of you a great day. XO

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Weather and Prayers....

 Sunday morning was raining cats and dogs. Then the wind picked up with gust up to 50 miles an hour . Gee, thought sure the hickory nuts would have all fallen. But there's a few hangers on.
 Yesterday(Monday) was a pretty new day. Started off like this.
Then by mid day it was starting to feel just a bit warm.  The skies were very pretty.
Afternoon, it was nice enough that I picked up branches from Sunday's wind . Ted worked on getting the wood box on the back deck for winter.
As the sun was setting, I took a walk about the property, saying prayers as I do this. .
 The Japanese maple is turning redder. The white mums have turned  brown from the extreme cold we've had.
 The birch tree looks nice with the setting sun shining on it's bark.
Actually in this photo our trees kind of look pretty. Honestly they all just about turn a yellowish brown before the leaves fall off.
This is the end of the Monday. Today is to be much nicer as far as temperatures go. It may reach 70. That is nice.  As I am typing this post, my heart is in my throat. I feel so anxious.
   I am going to ask all of you to please pray for my Ted. He's going to see his heart dr. this coming month. But we are trying to get him in a bit early. He's been getting winded when using stairs.  I am not sure he would have told me this if my daughters had not texted me after Saturday.  Ted helped my daughter Kathy move. She left an apartment on the second floor for another on a second floor. Ted had to stop to catch his breath a few times. My son in law and Ted's brothers were there to do the heavy lifting. Liz and Kathy did lots of the carrying of boxes.
  I will try to keep all of you posted about this, and I thank you for good thoughts, wishes and prayers. XO