Sunday, March 26, 2017

Rainy Sunday.....

  Today is gray and rainy.  Well this morning was certainly dreary.

  There were some flower petals on the porch and I went looking to see if I could find their source. The neighbor's apricot tree has bloomed , somewhat, not the whole tree, just some branches.
 Going down the drive...those lines are worms. LOL...why don't robins  want to eat the worms on the driveways during rain??
 I checked out trees for blooms. This is the red bud tree. You can see the start of some blooms.
 This is the lilac bush starting to bud out , the leaves are getting bigger.
 The sedum is really growing fast.
  Spotted some violas that had grown in the walkways. One green thing to the left is a dandelion.
  So I think we can officially say, hello spring, here in Indiana. Took this pick from on line. Not my if I would have a clue as to how to do this.LOL
   My daughter Kathy has been down this weekend. She stayed with daughter, Angie. We just spent some  time together. Catching up and talking crafting.  Fun, fun, fun.
   Hope all of you have been enjoying your weekend. XO

Friday, March 24, 2017

Our Princess.....

  Our little princess is having a birthday soon. She will be 15. ...which makes me feel like a hundred. LOL.
 Savannah is a cutie pie. A bit shy and quiet.
 Having Skylar as a brother has made her tough. :):)
  The blonde hair and the blue eyes that make me smile. She looks like her mother, my daughter Karen.
 Here she is driving without a licenses. No insurance either. She did say the other day, she can't wait till she can drive herself to school. Saying this after her brother drove her home from school...that makes me wonder...hmmm?
 This is a picture of her and her mother at a twenty-one pilots' concert. Karen took her and her best friend as part of her birthday gift.
 I am thankful for this sweet gentle granddaughter. She loves choir and art. She's most often on the honor roll with all her classes. She has a fondness for Origami. Loves crafting...wish she lived closer.:):) Just wishing her the best birthday.
  It's spring like temperatures here today and certainly windy enough to fly a kite. Wishing everyone a beautiful weekend. XO

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Wednesday's Play Date.....

   This is Tuesday's foggy sunrise. I walked down to the road to get the sun just coming up over the fog layer.....then the fog burned off quickly. We are having pretty days mostly. But they are chilly.
  Yesterday, we went to my daughter Lizzy's.  Max was going to be there with his mommy. I wanted you to see the front of his shirt.
 Lynzie's shirt says, "You're killing me Smalls" She has shirts for Max and soon to be baby Luke, that say Smalls on them. If you have ever seen the movie , "Sandlot" , you'll understand the meaning. It's about a new kid in town , who knows nothing of baseball, and his name is Smalls.
  Max was on the sofa with his mom and grandmother, then Ozzy the cat jumped up next to him. Max petted on him , which the cat seemed to love. If you even look at Ozzy he will jump in your lap.
  Here's a shot of Sam the dog. He is doing so much better . He also wants petting and hugs. So Ted and I enjoyed a few hours at Lizzy's with her family and pets. Matt was home for a while but had a doctor's appointment. He just had sinus surgery last Friday. He and Ted talked about their fishing trip coming up later this spring. I loved being with all of them. So it was a fun day. Honestly, I carried Max around and he's hefty, I don't know how Lynzie does it.
   Hope today is a great day for all. XO

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Sunday & First Day of Spring......

 Sunday was a pretty day . In the high 40's. We had a quiet day . Filled all the bird feeders. I cleaned the porch of leaves and pine needles.

 As the sun was setting , I was thankful for a slow day here.
 The sun is setting in a new spot, with Spring here.
  The little child statue holding a jar with a firefly, lit up in the evening.
 This is the bright spot of yesterday. Ted took me to Cracker Barrel for lunch.  This is just inside the door. Lots of colorful gifts to buy. I should have taken a picture of our lunch. It certainly was good.
 This is our first day of spring. We had thunder storms, early and again in the afternoon.
  This is what I bought on my trip to Horton's on Saturday . A small garden flag, cute and funny. A kitchen towel .

  I loved this coffee scoop. So cute and sturdy. I like the cardboard cup shaped holder. I thought that was a clever package.
 A print of some bluebirds and a small love sign. I did not buy much. I will be going back for some plants as the weather warms up. That might be awhile.
  Wishing all a great day. XO

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Shopping Day....

  Entering Horton's at the side door. Look at this cute little potting shed they have made. This is the spot where when the weather's nice on Market events, they make up bouquets to sell.  You can design your own at times.  I met up with my daughter, Angie, at her house and we went to town. I did not get a picture of us. Too busy talking.
  You will find lots of signs in the store.  All sizes. I like these small ones that can fit nicely on a shelf.
  Here's a blinged out horse shoe for a farm girl.
  I liked this sign myself. :):)
 Oh boy that fudge was cut and ready to sell. Isn't this a beautiful fudge. I am so sorry, I missed some of the names.
 This one is snickers. Yummy.
  This looks so good too.  Mr. Horton did pass out samples. He even had a special fudge for a little boy who could not have nuts. When cutting the fudge they do not cut one and then just cut the cross contamination of nuts.
  This is now the kid corner. Fashion for the wee ones and lots of toys and books.
  Big girl fashions. Not all in the same area, so many can look and not feel crowded.
 Statement t-shirts.  I think we all know this .
  This is in a " fixer upper "reference. 
 After shopping, Angie took me to Subway shop for lunch. I ran into  beautiful blogger Cindy , The Bee Lady of Hill Top Farm. She was getting a later start , and we were finished. But it was nice to get a photo of us together. She is just so nice.
   Well today is to be slow here....we shall see.  The sun wants to shine . Hope you are all having a good day. XO

Friday, March 17, 2017

More Photos Of Horton's....

   Lots of candles , soaps, and lotions. I like the topiary pictures.
  Many, many racks of women's the flowy style that we like. Soft summery colors. Check out those nice big bags on the shelf.
        Large and small  garden flags. 
  Dish towels that are cute enough to be d├ęcor.
  These towels measure 30 inches by 30 inches. Could be used as a tablecloth topper.
  I loved this rooster water fountain.  I have two water features here at home...but oh boy this would be cute on the porch. :):)
  If you live on a farm and have a canary, don't you think he would love a nice tin roofed cage? Sweet.
    Tin replicas of candy molds.  Some mercury glass too. Wreaths and candles.
    Decanters and tulips , on this remade  table/desk...not sure what to call this piece. I guess it could be whatever you wanted., it is nice.
    This old hall tree seems to be in the displays often. I think Horton's would sell it to anyone interested. Notice the chandy...there are many of them throughout the store.
  This is always one of my favorite displays...the old sink and backdrop. I love this little red apartment stove.  I see  there's a red screen door  also.
    Oh my goodness, I told you the fudge was made but not cut .  I guess the chocolate walnut is cut and ready to sell.
 More fudge. :):) I asked Mr. Horton if he still made the fudge, he said he has passed that task to his daughter.  Look at all those yummy flavors. They even have some sugar free.
  I am so looking forward to tomorrow , going to Horton's with my daughter Angie. Hoping to see some of our friends there .   Wishing all a great day. XO