Friday, February 5, 2016

Sweet Babies....

   Here's my daughter Liz holding her granddaughter Layla. Layla getting more teeth and was a bit irritable yesterday. She is chewing on her drinking cup here.
  Now she is studying me...wondering who is this lady with the camera? :):) She is going to be a year old at the end of this month.  Since she's been born, that time has flown by.
    Here's my great grandson Max...growing, growing, growing !! Sorry for the shadows, I was too eager to get a picture of him....because I want to hold him.
  Now you can see his little blue jeans, cracks me up. His little tummy looks like his mommy is feeding him plenty. I think his hair is getting lighter. Honestly he has change every time I get to see him. Babies grow some much in such a short time.  He's two months old and double his birth weight.
   Ted and I took my daughter, her husband, our granddaughter and the babies( great grands) to lunch. We had a great lunch  , salads, baked potatoes, chopped steaks.  Then back to Liz's house for play time.  I rocked Max to sleep and he slept in my arms for about 15 minutes . Held Layla till she squirmed out of my arms to play on the floor. It was a great day.
   Hope all of you are planning a nice weekend. If you need a hug, I am sending one to you. We all need to know others care. XO

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Money & The I.R.S........

 This picture is out of order. This is at the corner of a road I turn traffic , so I got out of my car to get a shot of the sky. It started getting cloudy while I was in town.,but the sun was out till after noon.
  Now this is how it looked when I left for town.  Went to get my taxes done.  Our H.R. Block is now owned by Blocks, so it was all new people. It used to be ran by a local family. I did get a very good lady to help me. She was precise , good at explaining some questionable things.. like next year we will all have to show a paper proving we have health insurance.  Do not get me started about how the IRS is penalizing those that do not have insurance...usually  the young and the poor. GRR.
  Good news for me...I do not owe and I will even get a few dollars back from the state...oh that tickles me.  So I went to Horton's .LOL...just to look around. They will have spring market in March. The store has new flooring and Mr. Horton told me they are renovating the candy section, the custom blind section and the gardening center.  I just looked into this corner and took some shots of  these bags.
  They are all hand made and the designer is "The Bag Girl" . They are cute and I noticed the straps are old ties. No all of them though.
   This one has a saying "God willing and The Creek Don't Rise" . :):)
  This one has "You Are My Sunshine" on it.  I didn't stay long here. It was very nice talking with Mr. Horton...such a good man , so helpful and kind.
   Hope all of you are having a good day. Smile. XO

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

A Birthday Lady....

  Today would have been my mother's birthday. I sure miss that lady. Although I look in the mirror and there she is looking at me. :) Yes, I look more like my mom than I dreamed I would. She's in the white in the first photo and white shirt with vest in the second..
  Mommy was a hard working lady and tough as nails when she had to be.  She had her softness at times.  She did not  have much education.....too busy having kids , I guess. But she was a smart person.  You all know she had eleven kids. No she wasn't Catholic either. LOL.  She used to say, "It's a wonder I have my right mind !" Then I would say , "are sure that is your right mind mom? " She could take a joke well. She could dish out as good as she'd get.
   Growing up was hard at times. But I always knew mommy loved us.  If you still have your mother and your father , give them a hug for me today.  Bless you. XO

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

More Than Flowers......

    At Jean's Plants In Tipton, you can get more than flowers or plants. She has a wide assortment of cute things.
  It's beginning to look like spring in the florist shop. I thought this doll was a bee but I am not so sure after taking a picture of the following one.
  This one had a tag saying "Lady" on she has to be a lady bug. So cute with her yellow flower.
    Here's a little red hair girl. Loved her wee chair.
  There's plenty of painting of barns and farms to chose from. Sure wish I had a better shot of the birdhouse under this picture. You know me, I'll go back to see it better. :):)
  These pink vases made me think valentines. They would look so nice with some white roses.
  This is a nice posy sitting on top of shopping totes. All these totes are wonderful . Made of burlaps linens and leathers.
There was lots of red tulle around the shop also. Preparing for Valentine's Day. I did see that there were red roses and baby's breathe in the cooler.:)12 more days till Valentine's Day. Remember your sweethearts.  I know today is groundhog's day. LOL  That just doesn't seem as romantic to me.
   Wishing all of you a great day. XO

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Antique Shop....

    Saw this odd snowman in the aisle of the mini mall , on my way to the antique shop.. I am amazed at the cleverness of people. I really liked this...Bet he's heavy.
   This was near by. An old window frame with a fake berry strand and old fashioned valentines .
     Here's an old picture frame with chicken wire stapled to it and cute valentines pinned on.  I love looking at the old valentine cards.
  Found this teacart with a glass top, in the antique shop , which by the way it's called, Memory Lane Antiques.  The owner is a very nice lady named Susan. We talked for a bit and she let me take photos. Told me my chair was purchased she wasn't sure it was Amish made or not. The gentleman's hat that I went to buy was no longer there, someone had bought it . You know if we snooze we lose. :):)
   This is an extended area of Susan's shop. I spotted this Hoosier cabinet. Do you ever see something you would love to own and have no place for it? Well that's how it is with this sweet cabinet.
  It's in great shape too. Here's the flour bin, looks as if it could hold a lot of flour. No rust.
  Here's the base of the same cabinet.  See that nice enameled top?  Great shape. I just imagine this as the cooking, baking center in an old kitchen , years ago.  Beautiful.
  As I was leaving the shop, my phone rang and it was my daughter wanting me to go to Goodwill with her. Well , yes, I went. She's in a play and needed a pant suit. You would laugh, she tried one on that I picked out...she comes out of the dressing room and says, "Mom, did someone make this suit just for me ?" It fit to perfection. We had a great laugh over that.  Angie's husband collects bobble-head sports I found a Don Zimmer one and bought it for him.
   This was yesterday (Sat.) evening's sunset. Just at that last sinking moment of the beautiful sun.
 Sunset photo from the road out front. You can see the strips of snow along the fence line. The sky was so pretty. I sure hope you had a great day. Wishing you a beautiful Sunday . XO

Saturday, January 30, 2016

This Old House.....

     Once a fine white farm house, now a falling down long neglected old place.  I can barely remember when this house was decent.  It just seemed an average farm house, some out buildings. There's a farmer who still uses the corn crib and pole barn.
 The roof is falling thru after so many years of  weather. I am surprised it is still standing with the winds we had the past two years. I like to think the reason it still stands is that it was built sturdy from the start.
  With the racking as it leans the windows have long ago broken. The  gable rosette is still visible .
 There might have been a back porch once.  There's a pile of old boards near this door.You can see the leaning toward the west.
 Even the trees are dying. Poison ivy grows on some of them. In the summer the yard will have queen Anne's lace and orange day lilies in abundance. This old house sits right on the corner of one our Tipton's secondary roads. When It does fall, I hope it  happens  in the would be sad to see it go before our eyes. It could also be a bit scary. I imagine there's plenty of critters in there.
   Hey, the sun is out once again here and it's to be warmer, around 50 I am going to get out of here and soak up some of this sunshine. Wishing all of you a great day. XO

Friday, January 29, 2016

It's The Weekend.....

 Wow, just look at this blue sky. This is a dispersing vapor trail....looked like a big white feather to me. Today is a beautiful day. Played bingo with two of my sisters at the senior center. That is always good for some laughs. Talked with the director about helping her find volunteers.  I suggested making flyers and hanging them in the church on their bulletin boards. She said they had just made some flyers to pass this was a good idea about hanging them in church.
   The little viola is still here. It looks a bit worn, but it's alive. Such spirit.
  You can see what a pretty day it is . Even the grass is looking green.  This will last thru the weekend, then get rain.
 This is where a hawk has killed and eaten a dove.  What can you do ?  Nature takes it's course. I think it's sad and would much rather a hawk eat a field mouse than a bird. Wonder why that is.
  Wishing all of you a great weekend.  Smile  or make someone smile.  XO