Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sunday Is Better....

  Apple blossoms on the neighbor's  trees. Sorry this is blurring.  I love apple blossoms. Well my goodness, I think I am becoming more and more like my mother. Do any of you find yourself becoming like your moms? :)  My mom loved every flowering tree she saw.

  This is our flowering plum bush. I love the burgundy leaves and delicate pink flowers. I do not find a lot of fragrance in this flower.  I like having  bright limey greens, dark greens, and burgundy colors throughout our yard. So when there is no flowers, you can still have color.
    Thank you dear friends , for all the prayers for Ted's brother Ray. He will be getting a new biopsy on Monday. We have been visiting him at the hospital. He looked better last evening, I think because he had finally had some rest. He said the pain has kept him restless and unable to sleep.
    Wishing you a beautiful Sunday. XO

Saturday, April 25, 2015

I Need To Ask...

    Wednesday evening it was a nice time. It has been cold around here lately.
 Friday morning, the sun was very bright and things look so green. The Japanese maple is leafing out.
 This is the front yard this rainy Saturday morning.  I must say our lawn is looking very thick and full. You can see it's a bit hazy out too.
 This week on BJ's blog she showed how she uses flowers that are  real and faux.  So I put the pink tulips  I got from hobby-lobby in a basket of greenery. My tablecloth has tulips on it also. This will work for a couple of weeks.
  Today , I need to ask all of you, my blog family and friends, for prayers and good wishes please.  Ted's brother  has been going through many tests at the local VA hospital.  The tests show that Ray has mesothelioma. It has spread to his bones. He will be seeing an oncologist this weekend .
It is stage 4. I had to get on line to understand how Ray could not have know he was this ill. It was written that stage 3-4 is when mesothelioma cancer is found, because it is so often misdiagnosed , as pneumonia or flu. We are almost in shock. This has come about so suddenly. Ray is married and has two grown children and two grandchildren.  I thank you for any kind prayers or thought for Ray and his family.
   Wishing all of you a good weekend,. XO

Friday, April 24, 2015

Work Around Town....

  There is a lot of work going on in our little town. This corner is being dug up , replacing pipelines. On this corner is our  Dairy Queen, CVS drugstore, Casey's gas station, and McDonald's.
 This is the McDonald's getting the sign erected, after removing the arches from it.  I do not know why they are taking the arches from the sign, unless it's a cheap upgrade. This was all going on in one day.
Plus here's the Miller  pipeline company at the other end of town . They are on the corner near  the Jim Dandy restaurant  . This where my old high school classmates and I have our monthly brunch. On this corner is the Jim Dandy and their offices are catty corner from the restaurant . The Presbyterian church and another gas station. You can see the church and down from it is the West Street Christian church. Still standing after baptizing me. LOL.   What I am getting at, is our town is being dug up every where. Gas lines are being replaced . We will need new streets by the time all this is completed. There are about five digs going on right now.
   Not much going on around here at our house  , other than daily chores.  I did cover my plants under a sheet after I put them all together on the porch. This is to be our last day of frost. But I will still wait a week before putting the petunias in pots and containers.
  Hope all of you are well. Find some joy today. XO

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Some Excitement...

     Sunday afternoon, my daughter Angie took me to see this play. Moon Over Buffalo. We had a lot of laughs. Everyone in this play did very well.  It was a bit too adult for children , in places.  Parents were warned in advance... yes, I saw a fourth grader there. 
   This is what's happening here in our yard. The weeping cherry tree is blooming. I love the pretty pink of this tree.
  Our flowering crabapple is budded out but not bloomed yet. It has a dark blossom .
   This is the redbud tree. Ours is a bit sparse in appearance, but I do love it.
  You can see it leans away from the west winds. I just do not want to cut any branches off. I do trim the lower areas. As you can see today is a pretty day, clear skies. I will say, it is chilly out this morning. The temperature is to be 61 this afternoon, that will be nice. 
   Wishing all of you a good day. Please remember those in need of prayer today.  XO

Sunday, April 19, 2015

More Flowers......

       Hanging plants at Horton's for 22 dollars. This came with little packet of  plant food too.  I  just went with the same color as the pansies I bought on Tuesday.
  An eight pack of proven winners for 36 dollars. . This is pricey for me. But I want to trade with the Horton family business. Proven winners , they should be very hardy.  So it's yellows, oranges, purples, and burgundy colors. I must say that larger petunia looks hot pink.  I still have my paints out to make a painted garden snake. :):)
   This was Saturday evening's sunset. Yesterday was very warm , no need for jackets or sweaters. People were wearing shorts. All those pale legs.  Where are my sunglasses.  LOL. 
    I am not putting this new bunch of flowers in containers yet....I think I will wait for a week. It's to get  a bit cooler again. I sure do not want to rush these and lose them.  I tell Ted, see this is why I need a tiny green house. :):)
   Wishing all of you a great day. Think of a good memory and smile. XO

Friday, April 17, 2015

Yard Sticks.....

    Not for measuring. LOL. I just find sticks in the yard for decorating.
   Paint them , any color you like.  I did a white base coat on all of these.
   I painted one burgundy and one orange for this container.
 Three white ones for this big container, that has white pansies and a rabbit. I just think it gives a little character to the add the sticks , or figurines, or even these little solar lights. I did see where Walmart and Meijers are putting out their plants. But I have not had a chance to look at them. Also this weekend Horton's is getting in there annuls and hanging plants. So I may just go there tomorrow and check them out.
  Today was so pretty and not windy for a change.  Warm enough to not wear a big coat or jacket. I do wear sweaters, possibly longer than most people would .  Hope all of you had a fun day. XO

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Spring Trees...

  I love these beautiful flowering trees.  Some call this a magnolia tree.
  This little house has always looked wonderful with it's two big flowering trees....but this year, I see they have had some damage and lost many branches. So sad.
 Walking paths in the park. The park crew has mowed and kept our park so clean.
  This is the park also. Nice green grass, lots of the older trees have been trimmed.
  This is our willow tree behind the shop/garage. It always greens up first.
  I love this apricot tree of our neighbors.  In line behind it are  apple trees, they have not bloomed yet.  Years ago, my mom would drive through out our town looking at all the flowering trees, then she would want one of each. LOL.  She had the best lilacs in town for many years.  Hope it is looking like spring for you.
   Rain today, a good day to get our bird seed supplies. Hope your day is nice. XO