Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Autumn Colors...

   This is from last year. It's the garden center in Kokomo, called Salsbery.  It's a pumpkin family on a farm wagon.
  Apples are one of my favorite things about fall. Going to an orchard is so much fun and temping to buy more than you'll need.
   The trees at the Doctor's office , where Ted will be going next month for his yearly heart check-up.
  I thought this tree was shaped nicely and so pretty with the sun on it.
  Aren't these leaves gorgeous.  I remember gathering leaves to take to school for fall projects.
  The red is so colorful, makes me want it in my yard.
   Trees at the park are fun to watch turn through the seasons.
 This is one of my all time favorite trees in town. The owners trim it to look like a big gumdrop. Love the fire bushes too. It's been an odd kind of fall so far...some trees have not turned at all and some are bare....while some have wonderful colors.
  Hope you are having a beautiful fall season. Find some joy today. XO

Saturday, October 10, 2015

October Days.....

  Just getting a photo of the last of the limbs on the old,hickory tree. We have about five limbs left on it. Once the leaves are gone...we will see if it can stand till spring or if we will have to finish cutting the tree down.  This was taken right before I took the hummingbird feeders down.  They are to be down in the first week of October.
  The field across the road will probably be harvested very soon.  I do like seeing the setting sun make the corn tops all golden.  Harvest time is a golden time.
   I did put some things on the plant stand. More cloth pumpkins, some little tin things my sister gave me. The little girl is holding a firefly in a jar.  She's solar and the firefly lights up.
  As autumn arrived, the sun is setting in a new place on the horizon . It seems to set into the woods on the corner.   Today, I am finding it hard to believe we are this far into October ...ten days in.   Hope all of you are able to enjoy this beautiful time of year.  While  I write this, I know there's much heartache in S.C.  Let's keep all there in our thoughts and prayers.  Thank you. XO

Friday, October 9, 2015

Seeing Is Believing.....

      These are the huge pumpkins I have been wanting to  photograph. Some are white...I am not sure if this is just from them being so big or the type. The leaves look like umbrellas. 
  Here's an orange one kind of off to itself.  I was going to get out of the car and go to the door of this person's  house and ask to take photos. But as we drove by, I just snap pictures.
  This perspective really makes the pumpkins look as big as a garage. LOL  They are not that big.
  Here's one near the edge of the property. I can't even guess how much it weighs.
  I saw they used a block and tackle to lift them to this trailer. I wonder where it's going.
  Now look at the watermelons  with these pumpkins....they are the biggest I have ever seen.  This person's yard is a wedge shaped property and it's just about all garden.   Watermelons and sweet corn on the south side of the house. The pumpkin patch was on the north side. These picture are untouched, because I do not even know how to do any such thing. My husband and I agreed the block and tackle must have be put to the test just picking them up. 
  Hope you have a wonderful day. XO

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Some Touches Of Fall....

   I got this boo sign at Goodwill. It is actually three little canvases with a letter on each one and some candy corn.  Two dollars, I thought was a good buy. You can see my little owl from last year's trip to Horton's.
   This little blue Ford truck is hauling some fake flowers, on the porch.
   This is one of the most unusual things I saw at the Horton's Autumn Market. Tin pumpkins. Now these would last a long time. I liked them along side the lanterns too.
  More Horton's things. I think the berry baskets are so cute with the gourds. The grapevine wreath sets it off.
  Can we ever have enough picnic baskets? I mean just think of the things you can display in them .
  Some green burlap pumpkins I loved these...but had made my own sweater pumpkins.
  This is the side entrance to the store. This display has the water fountain , always. I like that they use the old ladder to hold pumpkins and potted plants. 
 A bushel basket spilling out some gourds, sitting atop a hay bale.  Sweet. Driving by the greenhouse of Horton's now is so pretty. They have mums everywhere. The purple ones look adorable next to the orange pumpkins .
  Wishing everyone a great day. XO

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Do You Quilt ????

    If you are a quilter or ever have done quilting, you will love this book shelf at our library. You will appreciate it too. This is actually a quilt hanging on the wall. Everything about this quilt is pieced together.
 This is one of those transfer (on cloth) type photos of our old library. Now I do not know the real name of this process, so please don't be upset if I am saying it wrong.
  This is another of those photos, this is our library now. There also was a photo on one shelf of the lady that made the quilt . This quilt is a piece of art. It needed to be hung with stretchers not the clips at the top.....it would have laid smoother against the wall.
  I wanted to ask who made this quilt, but all the librarians were busy. I will try to find out more about this quilt and who made it. I loved it.
   I have never quilted in my life. I have made curtains for my daughters ' rooms from piecing many squares of  fabric together. That was as close as I ever got to quilting. My aunt Helen was very good at quilting and did it all by hand. I remember she had a frame hanging from the ceiling and she would lower it and sew awhile  on the quilts and then pull the ropes for the quilt to be near the ceiling , out of the way.
   Ted's mother had a quilting frame that would roll the material around a long thin board.  Ted actually remade it for her. She was a great quilter also.
   We have had  some super foggy morning this week so far.  But it's very nice temperatures.  Ted and I got a lot of things done on Monday...getting ready for winter. 
   Wishing all a great day. XO

Monday, October 5, 2015

More Pumpkins.....

   Emma came to stay this past weekend.  She brought her book bag and it was heavy.  She had some homework to do. She loved the sweater pumpkins I had made and wanted to make some tiny ones.
 I had thrown out the left over sweater material, so we used a new hanky. Cut it in half and made a pumpkin from the piece with a flower bouquet embroidered on it.  Then she says she wants one even smaller. LOL   So that is the little one she loved the best.
   She picked the sticks from the yard for her stems. The ribbons and yarn to use on them. I did the gathering of the material with needle and thread and she did the rest. She was pleased.  It gave me a good feeling to be crafting with her again. I have missed my little pal.
   We took a trip to the Dairy Queen for lunch on Saturday . It was cold and we had to wear  jackets.  We also went to the library and bought some books from the sale shelves.  It was a fun weekend.
   Always feel so sad when I take her back home. Love those grandkids. :):)

Saturday, October 3, 2015


         On Monday, the library was digging up the front pavers and had a big pile that said "Free Bricks". So Ted and I stopped and took a few. The we go home and thought about asking for a few more to do a project.
  We go back on Tuesday. There's a sign that says, "Do Not Take Bricks, they will be used in the landscaping."
  Well I hope so, but I am a bit skeptical.  They should have never given the bricks away, they should have sold them to make money for the library . So no fancy paver project for us. LOL.
    But the day ended so beautifully. Gorgeous orange and pink sunset.
 I could look at this everyday. Not today though. It's is actually cold here today.  Ted had a little heater running this morning. :)  I told him yesterday, I was not ready to have a fire or turn the heat on. So today I am wearing a sweatshirt. LOL. Crazy weather this year all around.
 Now speaking of crazy weather...I am so worried for the people on the east coast. They truly have had too much rain . I pray that hurricane will move out and dissipate .   Let's keep them in our prayers. XO