Wednesday, July 1, 2015


  Thank you dear friend Diane at Lavender Dreamer.   Diane sent me a card to bring me elfin magic.:):)  So cute.  I think it worked too.
 Here's the magic it brought me. I looked at my hydrangea and it had grown many flower heads.  So I picked one for inside. One flower filled the jar flower makes a bouquet.  Now that's magic ! One year these hydrangeas were green, now they are pink.  I have a hydrangea that I am absolutely going to transplant, it's only about a foot tall. I do not know what is happening with it.
   The fourth is just around the corner now. Time to be preparing veggies for making salads for the family get together. It's going to be a busy weekend.  Wishing all of you a  good Wednesday. XO

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Some Work & Some Fun....

  Ted is splitting more logs. We will stack them later. We did get all the logs and wood from our fallen hickory ,down to the wood pile.
 More to split. Some of this is from Ted's brother yard.
 All the branches and twigs have been burned in the fire ring. We rake thru this the put some of it in a garden area and till it in.
  This is the place where the tree fell and now it's all cleaned up and mowed. I cleaned, raked, swept , and Ted mowed.
 The hostas under the tulip poplar are blooming and the hydrangea by the dri-gas tank. So lots of our work is done for now. Yippee, feels good too.
  This is our granddaughter Emma after I washed that big head of hair.  I like her T-shirt, she wears in her mommy's and others' honor. :):) Fighting breast cancer. Her mom Liz, is cancer free now.
 Emma wanted her hair in braids to wear home. Aunt Angie picked her up and took her home yesterday. I truly enjoyed my time with Emma. We did not do crafts. Took her swimming, shopping and out to eat. We watched movies, she drew pictures, we talked  and laughed. It just was a great time. I always miss her the minute she leaves out of the driveway.
  Hope you are all enjoying a great day. XO

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Saturday Visitors.....

   Emma and Layla Rose  came to visit.  My daughter Liz brought all her sweet girls to visit me.  Liz, Lynzie, Emily (Layla's mom), Layla and Emma.  It was so good  to get to see them all and get hugs. Layla is really growing  now. Not to mention Emma , who is  almost taller than me and she's just 11 years old.
   Emma stayed all night. She and I will go to brunch at Aunt Angie's house. She will be with me till Monday. It's amazing how quickly children grow. Seems more so when you do not see them often.
  Lynzie ( my daughter Liz's daughter) is expecting her first child in December. I could see she seemed tired yesterday. She's an R.N. so she has busy work schedules. The girls all stayed long enough for Papaw Teddy to get hugs and have a few minutes of catching up.
  If Layla were not being breast fed by Emily, she might  have stayed over night also. :) Emma says she is Layla's favorite aunt.   I think she will be. I can see Emma baby sitting one day. I had to watch my siblings when I was about  12.  You know, back when you could clobber your brothers and sisters. :):) The best part of baby sitting siblings.  LOL
   Wishing all a beautiful Sunday. The sun is shining once again here, and I am loving it. XO

Saturday, June 27, 2015

More Treasures.....

   There were many stained glass windows. Big as doors.
  This one had a couple of damaged places.
 This one was priced at one hundred and ninety-five dollars. I did not get a picture the arched one that was in the best shape, sorry. It was Two twenty-five.
   I always love these bronzed  baby shoes.  I later thought these would make good pen and pencil holders.
 This is just one shot of some jewelry. There are many, many display cases with jewelry. Some good , but mostly  costume jewelry.   Okay this is all the photos I have to show from my junking trip to the Treasure Mart.
  It rained all day yesterday and most of the evening too. The sump pumps came on and are still running. Water is standing everywhere.  There was flood warnings till 4:30 this morning. That was just for our county. Many more are still under warnings. I am hoping for some dry weather.  I hate to even say this, but the mosquitoes are already out. I do not see much outdoor activity  with out wearing some kind of repellent.  I am not crazy about that.
   Wishing all of you a good Saturday.  Be safe. XO

Friday, June 26, 2015

Toasters & Treasures......

 I took these pictures at the Treasure Mart when my daughter Kathy and I were there last Saturday.   Here's a cute  little play toaster for children . I thought it was in good shape and pretty.
 This is a toaster from Fiesta ware....well who knew ? Not me. I loved the curved top.
  This is a real treasure. It looked new, but did not have a power cord with it. I remember my mom's friend gave her an old toaster like this and it worked, so we used it for years.
 Here's some different kinds of toasters. LOL.  Toby ale steins. I guess you could make a toast with these.
  This metal goat was adorable. Someone is very talented. It was about two feet tall and three feet long.
  These are the treasures I came away with. Silver plated place card holders in the shape of birds sitting on a branch.....the silver had been stripped off.  Someone wanted the silver I guess. Two friendship cards, a wee dish from Washington's Mount Vernon home. A sweet cow creamer, that I remembered Linda of Isty Bits and Pieces had one I thought I have to have one also. :):) You know how we are girls.
  So look how cute it really is, I love it. It says cream on the other side.
 Plus who would not want this tin. It must have been filled with hand tools for Christmas season.  It says Sears Roebuck & Co.  also has a craftsman decal. Looks like a dark haired lady is driving.  On top of the tin is a decal of screw drivers and wrenches.
  My daughter got herself a couple of bags full of fancy buttons and sewing trims. Right up that girl's alley. She purchased a metal scrolled fire screen. So pretty. Kathy says she is putting it in her flower garden. That will be cute.
  Hope all of you are getting ready for a wonderful fun filled weekend. June is slipping by my friends. Let us enjoy all this good summer time. XO

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

At Last....

  As sweet Etta James would say, at last. :):) We trimmed branches and limbs, then Ted put a snatch strap on a big limb and used the golf cart to pull the center piece down. He is showing his muscle after getting it on the ground. Now the  real danger was over.
 This is the pile of smaller limbs. to be stacked on Thursday.
 Then I carried these sections and had to roll a few of the bigger ones. Just getting it contained.
 Ted hooked up the log splitter and got to work splitting and threw the pieces in the trailer. As you can see it's hooked to the golf cart...which we call our mule. That old golf cart has paid for it's self many times.
This is all that's left of our hickory tree. We are leaving it, even though it's very sad, right now.  When the leaves fall off later this coming fall we will take the rest down. Look at that beautiful blue sky we had all day. We took plenty of breaks and had cool drinks of water and tea. So the hard and dangerous part is over. Come Thursday  Ted will split the rest of the wood and I will help him stack it. Then maybe we can rest. LOL.
  Thank you to all who warned us and worried for us.  Love your concern and I am so grateful for my blog friends and family.  Wishing you a nice Wednesday. XO

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

It's Work....

    This Hickory tree was about 40 feet tall . It is now half that tall.  There's plenty of branches to trim off first.
   We used our electric chain saw.  Because of all the stops and starts involved for branch trimming. Can you see what was left of the juniper tree. Remember the one I was always trimming on , trying to have that spiral effect?  LOL. Well I won't be cutting on it any's a goner.
  I am allowed to used the chain saw only on  branches and small limbs , because of the danger of kick backs.
This electric saw is bigger than the one we used to have. I would take it to my mom's and trim the dead out of her lilacs....which were as tall as trees. :)
 Ted had to run to get his meds and some oil and a filter for his truck. Then we will be trimming again.  We may get to the actual trunk of the fallen part today. Then I think our neighbor may have to help , because the trunk is leaning on the remaining part of the tree. Too dangerous.  Professional tree trimmers are really charging right now, when people need so many trees trimmed or cut down.  We will keep this hard wood to burn.  There will be holes in the yard to fill and seed, I am sure.
  Hopefully we will be finished this week on this cutting, hauling and stacking. Wishing all of you a fun day. That would be a "no cutting trees day to me right now " :):)