Saturday, July 23, 2016

Back To The Zoo...

    Today my  sister Pam and I met up with  my daughter Karen and granddaughter Savannah. We went back to the little zoo in Lafayette, Indiana.  Pam had never been. It was a hot humid day. We had bottles of water iced down in the car.  We got there in time to see the" snakes alive " show. This is the 40 pound 8'6" boa constrictor. Remember his name is Julius Squeezer.  I want to hold him so badly. They only let us touch a rat snake and it was a skinny baby one.
  I thought this was a cute sign.
  Julius was very shiny and so pretty. He seemed to like his tree. The young girls who tended to the snakes told us more about them. The boa will continue to grow, up to 16 feet in length.
  This is my sister pam, we are going into the butterfly area.  So many gorgeous flowers all over the zoo property.
  It was extremely hot in the butterfly exhibit. So hot that I took some quick shot and did not ask about what kind of butterflies there where .
   The girl at the door did say they change regularly.
  Lots of butterfly bushes and flowers, plus a water feature for them.
    This is the train depot. We did get on board the little train and ride around the park a good ways.
 Got to see the ponds with the big water fountain. There were lots of ducks and geese. None in this shot.  It was a very hot day but we truly had a fun time and enjoyed it all.  Went to lunch and ate a great meal. Then it was time to come home and call it a day. I don't mind saying I am very tired....I am sure it was the heat.  So I am not doing anything more today.
  Hope your Saturday was wonderful. Stay cool my friends. XO

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Farm Decor.......

    These are pictures from the Horton's emporium/hardware store. :):) Nice cow head, wish I had touched this to get a sense of the material. It looks metal.
   Hey, I am no farmer...this looks like a sheep head to me. I used to tell the fellows I worked with, that I want to be outstanding in my field, but I did not want to be a farmer. That's an electrician's job.
  Lots of tea towels and signs. Notice the tarnished trays?  I need to get busy junking to get myself some of those. If I don't get myself some silver polish soon, all my good trays will be tarnished.
  I like this metal cutout shaped like the states. Little magnetic hearts to hold notes and such.
 More tea towels with farm animals on them. One is a chicken ,on a pig, on a cow...why? LOL..I truly do not know the meaning of any of you ?
  Today is going to be HOT. I have already watered the flowers and changed out the water in the bird baths.  Have to keep them clean , or empty, so no mosquitoes.  Stay cool and safe today my  friends.  XO

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Journaling & Coffee....

   Do many of you keep journals?? I have journals for just about everything in this house. They are not always up to occasionally I have to up-date information. Like my medical journal.  I have given journals for graduation gifts and informed the recipient that they must keep a medical journal...cause the doctors and hospitals want to know everything.
  I keep a house journal, the lawn, dri-gas fills, appliances, repairs , and purchases are recorded in it. The golf cart, truck repairs also. The water system filter changes, are recorded.
   Here's where coffee comes in. Do some of you drink from a dainty cup such as this one?
  Or do you need a mug that has a statement on it ?   I bought two of  these for a couple of my daughters.... I can't tell where they work. LOL. I know everyone knows  the old lady that is blunt and to the point.  The old lady on this cup is called "Aunty Acid"  I laughed when I saw this cup, then I thought,  two of my daughters some times have rough days at I wanted to make them laugh also. :):)
  The temperatures around our  state are to be high and hot.  That means muggy. Hoping everyone stays hydrated and cool. Take breaks, don't over do in this heat. Some mommy advise.  XO

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

In Memory....

      A pair of angels in memory of my brother and his wife.  It is hard to believe they has been gone from us for 17 years. We all still miss them. My brother Miles and sister-in-law Brenda were high school sweethearts. Always together . Still together.
 Miles was a detective for the Indiana State police for 26 years. Brenda worked the dispatch for the sheriff's department. They had two children. Miles and Brenda had been married 30 years at the time of their deaths.  A young man ran a stop sign, clipped a semi truck and the truck struck my brothers car.  They did not suffer, thankful for God's mercy. Not wanting to make anyone sad or uneasy, I just miss them.
    Hope all of you are ready to have a great day in the sunshine. I will be working on weeds here.  Wish my flowers grew as well as my weeds. :) Enjoy this day. XO

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Country Life....

   If you are going to live in the country, you need a place to enjoy it. This morning things are calm , peaceful and sunny.  Yes, just like I love it.
  Checked the's plenty big, but no flowers or even a hint of one. Hmmm?
  The foaming is no longer happening at the bird water feature. They like to drink from this.  I have some clover growing along the lattice, but I want to leave it for the bees.
   Hung the fern by the shop.  Have to get the step stool to water it though. :):)
  We got a new flag for our 4th this year. Some times I'll put a new hem at the end. Flags do a lot of waving out here in the country with the winds.
 Ahh...this year across the road is soybeans. I love to watch them in the breezes. It appears as green rolling waves. So peaceful. I sit on the porch and writes cards and letters to family and friends, just to enjoy being outside on these beautiful summer days.  I wish this for all of you.
  Teddy Bear and I had a wonderful day yesterday. A celebration of  Heath's  stepson Alex's graduation  from school. Alex is autistic...he did not care about why everyone was there.  He had his cartoons and music. A tall boy of over 6 foot, with childlike mannerisms. I want to say this young man has an artistic talent that is wonderful to see. He is totally obsessed with dinosaurs. Knows everything about them. Can draw them so well. It was a happy day for all.
   Wishing you a blessed Sunday. XO

Saturday, July 16, 2016

My Left-Overs....

      Photos left over from my Friday visit to Horton's, when they had the French Flea Market. These signs are heafty, some are big as  2'x2'..Here's a cute one.
  I laughed at this one.  I think my daughter Liz would like it.
  Some wonderful inspiring signs.
    Next to rows of  flowers was a booth with lots of pyrex.  I always think of Ann, when I see these.
   The sign at Horton's made with old rusty pieces. A hinge, faucet taps, and other found things.
  This is part of Donna's booth, now called Tinkerhouse Trading Company.
   This sign just fits so many of you out there.
   How about you teachers  or our teacher friends..this would be a cute gift. You're the best teacher ever.

   Some old looking boxes and crates .
    With many different words stamped on them. One of these has what I call an instant relatives photos pinned to it. Do you ever wonder who these people were??
  Thought many of you would love to see some of the photos I took last Friday at the French Flea Market. Some times I just see things I think it's  cute and it's a picture.
  The weather here today is the perfect, low humidity and sunny skies. This is great  for our outing today. Hope all of you are loving your weekend. XO

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Some Calm Time....

   I used to have to prettiest black eyed I just have a couple plants left and they are not very  big. But I still love to see them.
 The tiger lilies are blooming.  They are such a pretty color.
  They are fairly tall also. so like tall plants they do not stand well in wind and rains.
   Tuesday evening's sunset.  As I took this I could see that part of my neighbor's apricot tree is without leaves. That's not a good sign.
  I like to get sunset photos thru the wispy greenery of the pines.
   Looking toward town over the bean fields....seems so far away.
 Some bad news about the little wren egg. I think it was an old one, as I peek at it , the egg was getting spotted and I saw an ant in the nest. There was a hole in the shell. So no new baby....I did think it was too late for new babies. I dumped the egg out and kept the nest. So tiny, it could fit in a teacup.
  Things seemed quiet yesterday and the storms came in and it was windy, rainy, and lightening too. Thankfully no hail.  I was even more thankful that we did not get heavy rains no flooding.
   I would like to thank all of you for your kind words and helpful information concerning my daughter and that biopsy incident.  It is wonderful  to have so many good friends who care.  Bless you. XO