Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Starting The Week.....

   Sunday started with heavy rains, then turned into a pretty day.  Ted  arrived home safe and sound from his week long fishing trip with his brothers and other relatives.
  Monday morning was sunny and bright. Ted got the mowing and weed whacking done in a short time.  I never mow while he is away. so when he returns some times he may have to mow the lawn twice to mulch up all the tall grass. I have never driven his zero radius turn mower...and I don't think he wants me to try.
  Yesterday evening was the best...no wind, no rain, just a pleasant time. A bit of time sitting on the porch and listening to the birds. That is my favorite part of the country life....the quiet. Of course I love big sky viewing also.
  This morning started off with a slight overcast.  The sun is trying to show itself. The clouds are playing peek-a-boo with it. After I took this shot of the porch, I can see it needs some staining. Gaaaa, you all know how long that took me a couple years ago. Weeks.
  This little patio rug has had a cursed life. Ever since I bought it...it seems to have rained much more, so it's either soaking wet or rolled up to stay dry. I am so ready to throw it out and find another one, only bigger. I never go out barefoot, so I do like a rug under my sock feet. LOL. All those days of running around barefoot till the bottoms of my feet were crusted with dirt, are long gone. It's even hard to believe I rarely wore shoes in the summertime....well as a kid.
     Please remember all those in England hurt or lost in the senseless attacks.  Those attacks only make us more resolved to stop terrorism.  One day we will.  Hug your loved ones today.  XO

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Very Wet...

 It's been awful wet around these parts. Rained so hard the visibility was about a quarter mile.
  Then In the afternoon yesterday, the sun came out. I did sit on the porch for a bit praying, taking photos. I always put my containers under the covered part when the rain is heavy.  Then get them back out for sunshine. :)
   The birds were out singing and looking for food. This robin is the one with the raggedy nest on the drain pipe. She was not happy with me sitting out. Oh chill momma birdy, I like to be outside too.
 Here's our great granddaughter Layla , all ready for the wet weather. She just hasn't gotten the hang of her umbrella yet. I see she loves the big puddles though. LOL
 Late last night there were some tornado warnings for Frankfort and Kokomo. Two storms rolled in Tipton at the same time...you all know what that does with satellite TV..so no view of the weather. I just go to the basement and watch it on a TV with rabbit ears.  A lot of rain was dumped in a short time....the sump pumps came on for a few  minutes.  Then the worst of the storm was gone.
  Today was more heavy rain. It's standing in the fields a bit. But it's to clear up this afternoon and be pleasant.  Happy day. :):) Wishing all of you a beautiful safe Sunday. XO

Friday, May 19, 2017

Finishing The Week.....

   Wednesday as I came out of the subway shop. There were men working on the courthouse. Putting a sealer on the limestone above the windows. This is going to take some time. Oh I went to the sub shop for a coffee after going to the "Dr" nurse practitioner.
   This is Thursday afternoon. By evening we were having some mild storms.
  This is the clematis this morning. It seems to have loved the sunny days and last nights rain.
  Porch plants , the wind has worked them over. :)
   I am so ready for some mild days outside. 
  Lynzie sent me this photo of Max. He is showing off his new found attraction...a clump of dirt. LOL  He is loving it.  For a minute I thought he had followed the dog too closely. You all know how young kids can be when outdoors. Nothing is beyond belief.
   I am wishing all of you a great weekend. Please be safe if you are in the line of storms. XO

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

All That Happens....

  This is all that happens in a weeks time. Thank you cards from my daughter's 5th grade class. Thanking me for helping with the picnic.  Some kids are very good at writing thank you notes and some just write "Thank You"...they all are important to me. :):)  I told you that all the left over cookies go back to the classroom as treats throughout the week. One young man actually wrote, "Thank you Nana, please tell Mr. H to lay off the oreos. " LOL.
   Look at the late afternoon sky. Oh boy, we have had great sunny days.  Tomorrow will be the start of about 4 days of on and off rains. Storms possible too.
   I have done some bird watching this week. The golden finches  are busy on this feeder.
    Granddaughter Emma went to the museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. I asked her if she liked it and she said ," Yes, it was interesting. " . I have only been once myself and I loved it.
 Last but not least...yesterday was a doctor's appointment for Luke. Hooray he weighs 10 point 2 lbs. So he is gaining. The dr. says if he can keep gaining weight and growing , his lungs will be much better for fighting the Cystic Fibrous . Lynzie was happy to share this news.
  I had to go out this morning looking for a dr. .My doctor has left our town...the drs. that are here are not taking any new patients.  You know when you are sick, you do not feel like driving out of town to see someone either. So I will be seeing a dr. at a place called care clinic.  I have a cold...I think. I thought it was sinus at first...but now I am coughing and so I need help. I miss the doctor I had when I was young,he was the best.
   Enjoy this day and please be safe if you are in the line of storms. XO

Monday, May 15, 2017

Weekend Gatherings....

   My daughter Kathy made this needle point for me one Mother's Day.  It reads, "Mother is another word for love."   I made a table scape with it this week.
   I added the little Angel that Liz gave to  me when my mother passed away.
  My clematis bloomed this weekend...perfect timing.
   I got flowers for the porch for my mother's day gift. Plus stationary and stamps, you know how I love that. I received a scarf and blouse also. I felt so special.
  On Saturday, Liz's children had a gathering for Liz when she returned home from her job.  Sweet smiling Max in the baby swing.  Layla in her diaper playing around her "pool" ...that pool is no bigger than a wash tub.  She only got her feet wet, said she wasn't ready to swim. LOL.
   Liz holding Luke while his mommy , Lynzie feeds him his meds in a bit of applesauce. This is how the doctor told them to get him to take the meds. The medicine is to help with his digestion and to help him not lose weight. 
  Sunday, mother's day....Angie had a big brunch and Kathy came down from Elkhart. Karen and her daughter Savannah came over. Mark and Jake were there also. We just had the best time , good food and lots of laughs.
   Angie got a huge box of old photos out and the laughing really began.  You know those days in the 80's when we had big hair and ugly clothes.  There was a lot of "What were we thinking" being said.
   This last shot was Sunday evening's sunset. It was a wonderful weekend filled with family and fun .
 I hope all of you enjoyed your weekend. Today is more sunshine, and I am smiling. XO

Friday, May 12, 2017

Class Picnic....

   Once again, it's  time for the 5th grade's class picnic. Here I am with all the kids. This was a great group too.
  Here's the teacher, my daughter  Angie, with them . The children all played well together. No one whined or argued. Beautiful.
  They played kick ball. Got a ton of exercise.
  Baseball with plastic bats. So fun to watch them.
  I thought the kids were genius. They drew circles with their names and put their sodas in the circles. Funny and clever.  I have always encouraged them to put a piece of tape on the cans with their names. LOL
  This young mom came to help out. Her name is Deidra.
  This mommy is Mandy. Such a small world, Deidra  and Mandy went to school with my niece Beth.
 After a day of walking from school to the teacher's house. Playing games and running their legs off...the wonderful bus came and picked them up for the trip back to school.
  The children  had hot dogs with fixings, chips, and cookies. Plus they could have one soda and lots of water.  They will be having cookies all next week, as treats...because any cookie packs left over go back to school . Angie won't keep that stuff in her house. LOL.
  The past few days the weather's been wet and gloomy....today was truly a beautiful day. Sunshine and blue skies with a pleasant temperature. Two thumbs up.   Hope your day was fun XO

Wednesday, May 10, 2017


   These are the reasons I needed your prayers and good thoughts. This is my granddaughter Lynzie and her sons.  Max is the oldest and Luke  just born , here in this photo was his day of birth.
   Mark, Lynzie, Max and Luke , a young family just starting.  The hospitals do more tests on newborns than I ever knew about.  Some things were off in Luke's tests. The parents had to take him in for tests his first week.
  Here he is at 16 days old.  It breaks our hearts to learn that Luke has been diagnosed with Cystic Fibrous. He had the sweat tests yesterday. Sweat tests are for the amount of sodium and chloride produced in the sweat. It will be 2 to 5 times more than normal in a person with C.F. The doctor said he has two mutant genes, one common and one rare. He may still have another tests later.
  Cystic Fibrous causes thick mucus build up in the lungs, where bacteria can grow, causing  all sorts of lung issues. It also interferes with digestion . Causing the child to not gain weight as they should.There are medicines to help with all of the symptoms.
  Max (big brother) will have to be tested also. I ask...beg of you all to please keep this family in your prayers and good thoughts.
 One of Mark's sisters-in-law take photos...she took this sweet shot of Max kissing Luke.  I am grateful for all the prayers and well wishes.   Our family will all stand by this  wonderful little family, and help care for them.   Thank you all so much.  XO

Saturday, May 6, 2017

A Break In The Rains....

   This is our yards flooding from all the rains we have had here in central Indiana. Over 6 inches in a week. I know it's nothing compared to others. Always a huge pool by the mailbox.
   Yesterday the rain, was predicted for our area, moved east of us. later in the day the sun actually came out.
  By evening it was beautiful again.
A couple of golden finches lit in the hickory tree.  Sorry not such a great photo, but oh look at the blue of the sky. The pumps didn't run at all yesterday and I was so relieved. Hope all of you are safe.
  My dear blog family, I need your prayers. I can not tell why at this moment,. Someone I love is in great need of many prayers and good thoughts. I will be able to say more later this coming week. I am asking you all to please, please, say a prayer or send up a good thought for this person. Thank you so much. XO

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Early This Morning.....

  This morning the air was calm. Chilly 35 degrees. The flags were hanging  down. No fierce winds to blow them straight out.
  The garden flag has been whipped for days. It's new and this is the first time I can see the birds on it.
  The lilies are growing taller each day.
 Our hostas are finally coming up...I actually thought they had all died out.
  Found another robin's nest. I think it's from two robins we ran from the window sill for days. Looks pretty hap hazard..
 The wind chimes made it thru some mighty winds, these past few days. The sun was out yesterday morning and today till this afternoon. Now as I write this we are in for more rain and it's here. Hoping it doesn't flood here. Although we are all under flash flood warnings.  I am thinking of all who in the path of all this rain. 
    Hope we all get better weather real soon.  Please be safe. XO