Friday, October 11, 2019

Autumn Colors......

  The corn across the road is a golden brown now. The farmers are harvesting corn and soybeans. Combines are running up and downs the roads. Wagons pulled by tractors and trucks, even semis hauling the grain to Cargills, the co-op and storage silos.
  Mums  and asters  are bloomed and showing pretty colors.
  Still some flying things around the sedum. This is a hardy plant.
 Catching some wonderful sunsets. Since I still need help with my computer ,plus some schooling for me would surely help, I am posting some old photos....but year after year some of the flowers and the crops never change. :)
  This is an up date on Ted. We left at 8 on Tuesday and got back home at 3:45 , drove directly to CVS.  When we arrived at the hospital,Ted had a pulmonary test in the heart clinic part of Franciscan Hosp. , then we drove to the bone marrow corner of the hospital, Franciscan is a huge medical complex.  Then Ted was checked out by the N.P. , the nurses and  Dr. Akard.  He had vitals taken, lab work, and then had the breathing treatment.
 The doctor ordered new meds and we go back to the clinic next week. The newer meds seem to be helping Ted . He seems to have more pep. ...alertness, I guess. He has no energy to do more than walk or drive.  But then what can he do till he is finished with a few more months of  breathing treatments and chemo maintenance.  It's exhausting, all of it. Thank you all once again for your kind prayers and words. We both appreciate you so much. XO

Friday, October 4, 2019

Bits Of Fall....

  Love catching the setting sun when I can.
  There's been an abundance of these yellow butterflies this year.  I love them all.
  Here's a few things from the Horton's store in town.  I have to tell you this story. I saw a cat in the backyard a month ago. I thought, "Whose cat is that ?" Then it rose up and flew into the back woods. LOL. It was a great horned owl.  At near twilight it looked like a cat on the ground.  Well I have not seen those rabbits any more either. :)
  Throw nothing away, make pumpkins instead.
 Now these metal ones would be a bit of work. :)   I would like some for the porch., but am happy with my cloth pumpkins in a basket.
   Tuesday Ted and I went to the bone marrow clinic in Indy, at the Franciscan hospital.  Dr. Akard, did not say for sure what had happened to Ted to cause the fever. He did say he wanted Ted to got to the heart clinic, in the same building for a breathing test. Then he will be going back to the bone marrow clinic right afterwards. This will take place next Wednesday.  They have a hold on the maintenance chemo for this month. In the mean time  Dr. ordered an inhaler for Ted and a steroid med.
 I do not see much energy in Ted. He seems to be tiring easier. He really isn't doing anything but a little walking. Ted also has an appointment with his heart doctor later this month. I pray that visit will help Ted. I think he needs to be back on some of his original heart meds.
  Please keep praying for Ted. I am so grateful to all of you. XO

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Things Are Better....

  I love to see the setting sun make shadows on the shop.
 Beautiful skies and some hot days and a couple of low humidity days that were wonderful.
 I have my pumpkins make of old sweaters on the mantle.
 My owls are sitting with them.
A little BOO sign.  That's about all I will have for Halloween.
  Ted got to come home from the hospital Friday afternoon. He was tired. But this morning he is more like himself. A bit of energy and moving around better.  Of course his med list is a bit different. So I will have to watch that I give him the newer meds also.  I am so glad he is back home and no fevers. They pumped him full of antibiotics and had him on oxygen, while in the hospital. Thankfully all that, the nurses/doctors ,and all your prayers have worked for him. I am so very grateful. Thank you so much. XO

Monday, September 23, 2019

Pumpkins / Update....

 Remember this huge pumpkin? I think this picture is 2 years old. In the town of Alexandria, a man grows these big pumpkins .
 He loads them with a block and tackle onto a trailer. I am not sure where they take them. Look at the watermelons too.
 Mums from last year, they are just blooming now.  I have still to get my grandson 's help with my computer, so no new photos.
   This is a bit of an up date about Ted. He is getting better, but still in the hospital. He is on oxygen for a few more days.  He has not had fever for about three days now. Eating well and able to get up to go to the restroom. Still getting antibiotics in his IV. Thank you for all the kind prayers and well wishes. Each one has helped us so much.  XO

Thursday, September 19, 2019

What's Happening....

  Monday Ted went to clinic with his brother Mic. They were gone a long time getting home at about 3:30, The drs. gave Ted two liters of fluids while he was at the clinic and did their assessment. When he came in the house I looked at him and knew he had a fever.  I was not happy. How could they send him home like that ,after laughing at the list I had made of how many times I had taken his temperature. So I just kept ice packs on him and cold drinks and cool cloths. Gave him Tylenol. Check his temps thru the night.
  Tuesday at 3:30 in the morning, his temp was 102. 4...I told him get your shoes on we are going to the hospital. Oh I have not driven after dark for some time...still waiting to get cataract surgery...I got us to to Tipton's I.U.Health. They took Ted vitals. Ordered Tylenol. took blood and urine, and a chest x-ray. The E.R. dr says he has pneumonia.  She orders antibiotics. I tell her you can not give those to him without checking with his bone marrow drs. So she calls them and gets them to  approve.
 I drive us back home , which really was tough, because people were heading to work and their lights were blinding for me. Ted did well for about 3 hours and then he's got the fever again. I call the bone marrow clinic and they say come in on Thursday . I can't seem to get his fever down as fast as before, so I call them back. They tell us to come on Wednesday. In the mean time, I cancel all my own procedures ., that I had scheduled for Wednesday.
  Ted 's golf friend takes him down to clinic in Indy...while I dip all the water out of my washing machine , which seems to have conked out. I truly am about to have myself committed. If you knew all the things that have broken and been replaced since Ted's diagnoses you would understand why.
  When Ted gets to clinic he has a fever, so now they know !!! They admit him to the 4th floor bone marrow unit of the Franciscan hospital. Too doors down from the room Ted received his transplant in. Today they did a test on his bronchial tubes. The dr calls me and says they are keeping him a couple days more to see if any bacteria comes out of his lungs.
  My granddaughter's job took her to Indy today and she went to see papaw Ted. He was doing well. Getting IV's.  I have talked with him on the phone. Told him about the new washer I bought today. Ha.
 I am asking my blog family once again for your prayers. We need them so much at this time. Please. I will forever be grateful. XO

Monday, September 16, 2019

Asking For Prayers....

  Today is Ted's dr's. appointment. It at least got moved up by one day.
 Ted had a bad week this past week. No energy, some diarrhea and some fevers. We called the clinic and spoke with the dr. He said just keep an eye one it, not to let it get to 101. 5 for four hours or more.
 Well it never lasted that long, because I would put ice packs on Ted and give him cool drinks. The fever would break. That has gone on all week too.
 Ted spoke with the nurse on Thursday and told her about his temperatures. So they moved the day up one. :( Wish it had been about 4 days earlier.
    Saturday was a baby shower for my grandson's baby. Ted's daughter came to be with him while I was gone one and a half hours. I always feel guilty if I leave him.
 While all this is happening, I am trying to prep for a double scoping...yikes.  I wanted to cancel for the 3rd time...but Ted said, no , he would get his brother to go with him today.  So today I have to do my running around and get things ready. I start the process tomorrow....and it sounds yucky.
   So asking everyone to pray for my Teddy .I am so thankful for all of your sweet words, wishes and prayers. Thanks so much. XO

Monday, September 2, 2019

Great Weekend....

  Two weeks ago, I finished up the staining of the deck. It takes me about a whole week to do it. Too old to crawl around on my hand and knees.
 This weekend, I went to Horton's to look around with my daughter and granddaughter. We did get fudge to take back home. All this fudge is make by the Horton family. So many flavors and so tasty. The Fall Market will be on the 21st of Sept. So not that far from now.  I bought a table topper cloth (can be a big dish towel. ) and some paper napkins.  Angie got a garden flag and fudge. :)
  One store in town is stocking up on fall decorations.
Mums are in the garden stores too. I love seeing the colorful assortments.  Angie wants a big yellow one for her front porch steps.
  Ted had a two day fishing trip with his brother and son. He enjoyed just being with them at the camp ground. He said he did catch a big fish but never got it in the boat. :)  It was good for him to have that bit of time , just doing normal things.  That is why I was out with my daughter looking at mums. I certainly enjoyed my time out. Went to lunch and laughed so much. We all needed that. Plus I got to sort a tote of crafting things for my sister-in -law. A bag of old clothing for Goodwill too.  It's a start.
  Today starts Ted's week of maintenance chemo. His brother Mic took him this morning. So that gives me time to do more sorting and laundry.  Ted will get blood work and his IV drip chemo , then Tuesday , Wednesday, and Friday, it's just the IV chemo, Thursday will be the chemo and a breathing treatment. The breathing treatment is to prevent the pneumonia that bone marrow patients can get. He could have taken meds for prevention,  for 6 months, but the drs. thought the treatment would work out better. .They watch all his vitals while he is taking it.
   Hope all of you had a good Labor Day weekend. Praying for everyone in the hurricane's path. Please be safe.

Friday, August 23, 2019

Please Stay Summertime....

 Try as I might I can not stop time. I want our summer to last longer this year, because it was forever before I could start to enjoy it.  This weekend is the "End Of Summer " days in my daughter town of Rossville.  They will have a parade, crafts, foods, and plenty of celebrating there. I used to love to go and see the grandkids on floats. LOL
 I will be putting out  some fall decoration here. The leafy wreath on the door...that I got for one dollar at a yard sale. This little metal sign.
 I do have marigolds that actually came up from where I had planted them last year.  Sweet !!!
 Having wonderful sunsets here. Today is blue skies and puffy white clouds and low humidity ...forecast for the entire weekend. Hooray.
    Ted and I went to Indy for his check up. That two weeks off went way too fast. He had great vitals. Good blood work. His blood work from 3 weeks ago , that was called "Who's who" , where they see how much of Ted bone marrow is the donor's and how much is Ted's old self.  In July it was 100 percent donor, today they had the results of that  blood test from 3 weeks was 95 percent donor and 5 percent Ted...they want to start watching closer. So Ted gets another check up in two weeks and a maintenance chemo....oh by the way the dr. said he wants it there in Indy, not in Noblesville (which is closer to us). So another week of that crazy traffic.
   Ted played a round of golf this past Tuesday. He said he did not keep score but enjoyed it so much. He was with two of his golf pals.  He was a bit sore the next morning, but by the following day, he was fine. But he did say he will wait for cooler days as the heat was exhausting. He had to wear long pants, sleeves, hat and as not to burn in the sun.
   Hope all of you are doing well. Thank you for your sweet prayers and kind wishes. XO love you.

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Thank You, Thank You !!!!!

 My daughter Kathy's rose does not  give a lot of blooms at once but surprises me with one every now and then, making me smile.  I need to give this rose more love.

 Catching some sunsets lately, trying to hold onto each day as long as I can.
 I have to show the flowering pots in our town. They make them every year with wave petunias and other annuals. They are watered as needed thru the week. Every business has one or two out front. They are all over town.
Oh yes, school started this week. I miss the bus picking the boy next door up...but he is into his 3rd year of college now.  Wow, those years went way too quickly.
   This has been a good week and I  know in my heart I have all of you to thank for it.   So thank you dear friends, from the bottom of our hearts. We are so very grateful for all of you.
    Friday was Ted's official 100th day. A great day in bone marrow transplants.Ted got his maintenance chemo every day this week. Granddaughter, Sierra, drove him there everyday but yesterday. Such a sweetheart to help us like she does. Ted drove himself yesterday, we went the back interstate speed drive for us.  Ted received his labs, chemo I.V. , then the Hickman port was removed. Ted's counts are good. The doctor ( Dr. Luke Akard), said Ted can eat what he wants, go where he wants and do as much as he possibly can. No golfing for a week and no swimming. No mowing, or being in any place that could be dirty , like basements and attics. Not to be outdoors if there's construction, for fear of dust and dirt.....which can hold molds and harmful things.  We go back in two weeks for a follow up and blood work. Ted may be able to get his next maintenance chemo in Noblesville a town that is so much closer and no interstate driving involved. That's a big plus for me, as I get to anxious in heavy traffic. :)
   Bless all of you.  I will always remember the prayers , well wishes, and kind words . Love you so much. XO

Monday, July 29, 2019

We Got Rain....

 Remember  this spring, when we thought it would never stop raining. Then it did and that was getting into draught conditions...well here in central Indiana.  The flowers did well for a good long time.
  All the lilies are so tall and pretty.

 You can see the wet driveway. I just filled the pond by the shop again yesterday , as it was drying up .
 Got some black eyed susans growing now.They love water, so since it hasn't rain till now, they are not as thick.
   This morning early , Ted drove us to Indy, for his drs' appt. They did lower one med and took away another. But then made appointments for everyday next week for more maintenance chemo. Now when Ted went into the hospital for his bone marrow transplant, they gave us a book ..a book that tells you what will take place. Big chemo, then radiation, then the bone marrow transplant. The more I read the book the scarier it seemed.
  Now the doctor says Ted will get a week of maintenance chemo every month for a year. I have read that book over and over and no where in it does it mention this chemo maintenance. I don't mind saying it upsets me. I just get stressed every time we go there and knowing this will happen every month really makes me sick to my tummy. Ted is okay with it, what can we do...too far into this to quit .
  I thank each and everyone of you for your prayers and good wishes. They have surely helped us get this far. God hears you and we are grateful. Bless you. XO

Monday, July 22, 2019

It's Cooler....

  This is our clematis at it's best. This one is my mom's all time favorite color.
  The hostas are looking okay. This used to be one hosta and I cut the root ball into five sections so I could surround this tree.
 I love these lilies, so why haven't I bought more or divided this one. to make more? LOL
Pachysandra, what can I tell you about this amazingly hardy plant. We have lived out here in farm country for 14 years....I bought a flat of this plant when we lived in town and had it growing everywhere in that yard . So I dug some up to bring out here and have enough for twenty flats or more. I have given some to my daughters and neighbors.  It's the plant with the yellow flowers.
  We have had some of the hottest weather lately, it rained yesterday evening and now the humidity has dropped. It will be pleasant the next few days. Hooray.
  Ted had a Dr.'s appointment today. His labs were good, but a bit lower on his platelets from the maintenance chemo he had on the 8th thru the 12th. The dr lowered some of his meds. and stopped one. Next week another med will be stopped also.  Eighteen more days till that big 100 day mark.  Praying Ted will not have any graft verses host disease. One of the thing that could happen from a bone marrow transplant. Please keep him in your good thoughts and prayers. Thank you and Bless you. XO

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

A Brand New Week....

 Still showing old photos for a few weeks, till my grandson can get here.  Ted had a Dr's appointment yesterday at the Bone Marrow clinic. He got good news from the dr. His hemoglobin was 11, higher than it's been since Ted's was diagnosed . He says he feels great, although I can tell his energy is still low. This could be from the maintenance chemo. .
 We will celebrate Ted's birthday this week. He is happy to be celebrating. Will want to eat at Red Lobster, one of his favorite places. Yes, he will ask for extra biscuits to bring home. LOL  The dr told him the medicines will change up as his 100 day mark arrives. Twenty-four more days. I ask about the significance of the 100 day mark, the dr said well if we are going to lose someone it will usually be in the first 30 to 60 days...and we have found that 100 days is a good place to get to .  Ted's blood pressure goes up and down some what. I take it twice a day. That will change when he is off some of the meds. Thank goodness.
   Hope all of you are enjoying summer. We have had the hot days, rain, sunshine.....and more rain coming our way from Barry (hurricane). Bless you. XO

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Busy Week....

  I have been trying to enjoy my summer days. Although this is Ted's week of chemo maintenance. Our granddaughter Sierra has been taking Ted to his clinic appointments and giving me a rest . Bless her heart, she knows the traffic just makes me nuts. LOL
  Ted's chemo has been in a shot form and given in his tummy. Which he seems to be fine with. He says it never hurts and he is still feeling better each days.  I can see a bit of energy each morning and it does my heart so much good.
 Monday morning will be his Dr. appointment. The chemo may show a drop in some of his labs, like white blood cells, platelets and hemoglobin.
 In a couple weeks,my granddaughter's husband Mark, will come help me with my computer. I know he is always busy, but he said he would make time to help. What a sweetheart .  I will have him help me find my pictures or at least show me how I can load from my phone.
  I hope all of you are safe and enjoying some of this summer weather. There are some really hot temps on the weather maps. Yikes, I am not good in such heat. Zaps my energy, especially if I work out in it. Like when I weed whacked this week. I got a small battery powered whacker. One I can handle, but the heat and as thick as the weeds were getting, my arms still felt wore out. LOL. I turning into a cupcake, no more grit. :(
  Blessings to all of you and thank you for the good wishes and prayers. XOXO

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Great Time.....

 This is an old picture from a previous 4th of July. Sister Pam, me , daughters Angie and Liz.
 This is Ted and I with great grandson Max when he was a baby. He is 3 1/2 now. So these pictures are 3 years old.  I still have not found any more pictures . Have not tried to load any from my camera.  Scared of what might happen.
    We had a great fourth at my daughter Angie's  house. 58 people where there running in and out and playing in the yard and eating in the house and garage. The big kids played corn hole, the little ones played in the wading pool outside and lots of us right there playing with them.  Then there was lego building inside, coloring books and many other toys.
  My brother George and his wife Sally came all the way from Alabama to join us. We laughed, told stories on one another . The fellows told their golf and fishing stories.  Recipes were exchanged among the women.
  We had so much fun  and good foods.  But mostly we had family love to share. I am not sure if big brother will come all the way from Alabama  again.
 Ted did very well on the 4th and yesterday. No one was sick, so he could take his mask off. limited his hugs. Hoping the weekend will be good. Monday is the start of a week of chemo infusions.  Please keep us in your prayers. I am so very grateful to all of you. XO