Thursday, July 20, 2017

Do You Know ????

  As you look at the shadow of our redbud tree, you can see that there's something wrong. The leaves are curling and falling off part of it.
  I do not think it's draught, as we have had plenty of rain.  I do not see any insects on the leaves or the tree. The bark looks in great shape.
  I sure do not want to lose this tree. So can you help me? Anybody?
  The roses have surprised me and blooming more. Makes me happy.
  The sedum is growing very thick and pretty. Bees and anything that flies and buzzes love it.
 The porch flowers are doing well.
 This is the best pot ever. One white and one pink petunia and a dusty miller.
  Tiger lilies are really looking good.
  Little flower pot boy is looking good with his marigold hair and butter bowl head. LOL.
  This potted plant seems to have very little dirt, so I water it plenty and it has been pretty for a long time. Well since Mother's day.
  These red petunias are doing so well.
 Do you see the robins?  Lynzie painted the bottoms of Luke and Max's feet, stamped them on a paper and added beaks and legs to make some robins. She gave me this at the shower. Oh my gosh I totally love it.  I am getting this framed. :):)  I want one of Layla 's foot prints too.
  It is hot and heavy here. Pretty skies now . Had some rain this morning, a down pour as Ted and I were in the store.  That made me shop longer. LOL  Ted let me out and picked me up at the door, saying, "No sense in both of us getting wet." Yes, I surely agreed. LOL What a sweet man.
  Wishing you all well today. Stay cool. XO

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Baby Shower.....

  My daughter Angie (right) was having a  baby shower for Margo(middle).   Sierra (left) helped her mother give this shower . Margo is really showing and she has 11 more weeks.  I teased about her having twins...we laughed , because when I said that she said, "No just one, I had the ultra sound. "
  I don't know why, but we we forget about taking pictures at Angie's, with the windows letting too much light in for photos.  This is Sierra and I.  I was happy she came home from Tampa to help her mom and be with her sister.
 Sierra brought her best friend home with her. I have written to Carolina before but never met her. They are such pretty girls.
  This is part of the refreshments.  The cake was shaped like a onesie.
  There was a  banner of baby socks , so darn cute.
  One again too much background light.  Margo's mom and grandmother came together and brought a niece of Margo's. Margo is Angie's step daughter , but she is ours too.
  There was a bunch of gifts. Angie did ask everyone to bring a child's book in place of a card.  Margo received many cute books.
  Look who else came to the party...two little monkey kids.  Layla and  Max.  They were so sweet.
  And Luke came too. he is rubbing Margo's  tummy, as if he knew there was a cousin in there for him to enjoy one day soon. LOL
   When Lynzie got to the shower, both boys were fussy. She hurried to feed Luke, then I got to hold him, while she humored Max to settled him down...they did not finish their naps.
 Sweet Savannah helped keep me company while I got Luke to sleep.  It was a great day for all of us. Margo received many things she needs and more than she will use in know how quickly babies out grow their wee clothes.
   It's getting very hot here for a few days. It's nice early in the morning hours then turns hot.  Every thing is green and  pretty. Stay cool .  XO

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Wisdom Teeth, Nursing, Babies, and Old Friends...

   This is Layla and her daddy Brock.  He is playing some music for her, after reading.

  Then Brock had his wisdom teeth removed. He's still a bit groggy here, I think.
  When Brock got back home Layla had her little scrubs on to nurse her daddy. I was told she put her thermometer on his knee to get his temperature. LOL  How she found her thermometer is beyond me...look at her toys all about. :):)
  Here's Luke, he  precious.. Smiling most  of the time.
  This is Luke's big brother Max and his life long  ( his almost 2 years)friend Murphy.  They are so funny together.  I wanted to post the photo of them in the tub together. I asked Lynzie if they played so hard they needed bathed. She said , "Oh yes. "
  For my blue haired granddaughter Savannah , she had an unexpected visit from the girl who used to live across the street from her.  Piper and her grandmother paid a short visit to the old neighborhood.
  They look happy to have seen each other.  Although there were times that Piper made Savannah crazy. LOL.  The age difference you know.  Like a pesky little sibling. LOL  I love it.
 Last but not least, diet, what are you talking about....who needs to diet ? LOL.  This is my daughter Kathy's cat..well one of them, as I am always teasing her about being a crazy cat lady...she only needs 94 more. Isn't it 98 cats that qualifies a person to be a crazy cat lady? Although I suspect Kathy may have more than she is telling me about. She showed a picture recently of 4 outside cats ! Thankful  she has a woods and property for them to roam.
   Well it's a nice day here in central Indiana..  I have already cleaned up the porch, watered plants and have lunch planned.  I am going outside today. Hope all of you have something fun planned. XO

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Some Left-Overs.....

  Some photos from my zoo trip. This beautiful bald eagle. He was staying in his shady place .
  A wallaby. She seemed so calm .
  Oh my little darn cute. If I owned this pony , I would walk him a round like a dog and all the other dogs would be so jealous....cause he is so cute. :):)
 Speaking of cute...just look at this little goat face.
  Have you ever gotten up in the mornings and your hair is standing up. I call this chicken hair. I have it  many mornings. LOL
  A couple things from Horton's. I really like this old buffet .
  One of the many pieces of jewelry . Very nice silver bracelet.
    flowers in the displays around the market day event.
  I really thought these yellow petunias were very pretty.
  My hostas are in bloom around the base of this tulip poplar tree.
 In one of the garden pots. I had to plant in pots to try to have flowers where rabbits would not eat them. So many bunnies this year.
  Hope all of you are loving your summer days. We have had enough rain , but it keeps coming. Yesterday was horribly humid. I am ready for some pleasant porch won't be in this heat.  Good wishes to all of you. XO

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

More Horton's & Stuff....

 Saturday's sunset. It was a nice day, and I did go back to Horton's for a good look around.
 I love how the setting sun shines in the pines out front.
 I  bought these things at Horton's. Some lavender for sachets. Two note books that could fit into a purse. One for me and one for my daughter Karen. We both were looking for a piece of paper to write something on , just recently. I also picked up the  junk girl  sign to remember the meeting with Kris of Junk Chic Cottage.
 I also bought an old map of Paris (replica). I liked the little details .
 Last but not least, I bought another potted petunia. I deadheaded it and gave it some miracle grow . I put it in the container  where I had greenery already growing .
 These are picture at Horton's. I liked the silk flowers in this old vintage umbrella. I thought it looked cute hanging along side  the gentleman hat .
 There was a theme of bicycles , at the French Market.
 I wanted to look under this table cloth at the table and never got to it.  Love these chairs with wreaths on the back.
Many sweet signs in the store.
 I like the shade of pink on this sign.
  This was Donna Jenkin's (Tinkerhouse Company) booth. It was outside.  She lost a lot of her things due to the storm and heavy rain late Friday afternoon.  On Saturday she was using a borrowed tent and set up a new . She's a trooper.
 This little patio table is sweet. I wish I had looked at the picture in the background.
  I laugh every time I see this big old kitchen range. It is used in displays. Looks is great shape, to be so old.
 Is this clever or what? Old bike rims mounted on the pallet fence. I think this could be cute on an outside building even. An old shed or barn.
 A bicycle covered in lace. Totally a girl thing. Priced at  $249.  I think this would be sweet in a garden area of white or pastel flowers.
   Another closing of a fun Horton's market ...but you can always go to Horton's and find things for your decorating needs. The next event will be the Fall Market, on September 23rd. Write this on your calendars.
   I truly enjoyed meeting Kris and seeing Donna again. I did not get to see Cindy , Bee Lady of Hilltop Farm. But I know she went on Friday and was there when the rains blew came.  It was a good weekend for me.  I am kind of resting from last weeks excitement.
  Wishing all a great day. XO