Thursday, October 22, 2020

That's A Big Punkin.....

 This is a picture of a pumpkin I took about 4 years ago. I just now thought about it. We never went by this house again, since then. I am curious if the fellow is growing them again. 
 The pumpkins are so big the man uses a block and tackle to load them on a trailer.  So I am saying those watermelon are about 4 times the size of one at the store.  You can tell by the size compared to the double hung bedroom windows. Maybe Ted and I need to drive by that house again soon. 
This is a pumpkin I made from an old sweater, doily, and lace ribbon.  A wooden stick for the stem.
 I made various sizes, using the sleeves of the sweater too.  Twine is good for making the sections.
 I actually gave these little canvas pictures, that spell Boo, to my daughter.  I still have my sweet owl and the tiny white pumpkins. This month is flying by . 

  My tummy is doing flip-flops. I go this coming Monday and Tuesday to the eye clinic to get my cataracts fixed. I am so eager that I am nervous about it. My sister Pam, is going with me, as you are to have someone along.  She just had her cataracts removed 3 weeks ago. She did so well. 

   Hope all of you are staying safe and getting out to vote. We voted by mail.  We all need to wear our masks and think of others, not just ourselves.  Please. XO

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Remembering Past Autumns....

These pictures are from about 3 years ago....when I could visit Horton's.  I love seeing vender markets. The crafts are so cute and clever. Aren't those towels and pillows cute?
Wooden spoons painted to look like jack-o-lanterns.  Cheap fun craft for kids even.
I have seen some of these cans on porches for decorations. I like them. No, I am not buying any. I am about done ever buying decorations. I just keep painting and making over my old decorations. 
 Yes, there's rows of mums out at the markets. But these past two days we have had freeze and frost warnings.  So I hope they got covered.
As I look at these cans, I think we could paint food cans ourselves. LOL. They would not hold a big mum plant but you could stick some fake flowers in them.  Just for a bit of Halloween. 

   I have been trying to watch the trees changing and enjoy them. We had a couple nights of frost and hard freezing.  Rains may be on the way soon, and the leaves will fall quickly.  The  framers are harvesting like mad.  We can see a lot farther with the crops down.  Our neighbor and his uncle do a fine job with just the two of them working their fields. 

    Luke is still on the mend and  happy to be so much better. His mom says he has not complained about his nose hurting any more. Ted is slowly gaining some energy. His P. T. has helped his sore shoulder . He's about recovered full use of his arm. No one has said how it happened. Who knows? Just as in my fractured foot...who knows.( Ted says from me kicking him ) I am better also. The news is good here and we are forever grateful for all the kindness shown to us thru prayers and well wishes. Thank you all.  Please stay safe . XO

Monday, October 12, 2020

Good Visit....

On Saturday, My daughter Kathy came to visit and do her laundry here. She always brings us lunch when she does that.  This is a picture of all my daughters, Liz, Kathy, Angie and Karen.   Kathy had invisted Liz and Angie came later. Then after lunch Karen came . Kathy wanted us all together. 
This is Kathy's son Korey and his wife Ashley. They got married in Utah six years ago. We all went to that wedding.  Kathy did a video call with them , so they could tell us their good news...they are expecting a Springtime baby. Wow, my I am getting a new great grandchild.  So happy for them. 

  We did distancing, wore masks, and washed hands lots. After everyone left, I wiped down so many things . You all know the things, doorknobs, handles, counters, phones remotes, door facing, the bathroom. Wiping and washing everything all the time is exhausting. We would have loved sitting outdoors...but those no-see-ums biting things are out again. Please hurry and have a hard frost. LOL 

 Luke got a good report on Friday. He is healing. Thank you for the kind prayers. Wishing all of you well. Be safe. XO

Friday, October 9, 2020

October Is Pretty....

A week of October is gone already. It seems to have gone by quickly.  The Markets in town have fall plants, gourds, and pumpkins for sale.  The yellow house up in the next town did not put out their big display this year.  But we will drive up by there and keep checking. 
 This is the little Japanese park in the town, where my daughter Kathy lives. It is the sweetest place to watch koi and ducks at the pond. I did not get to go to the park this year. But I want too before winter. 

    I will let you all know what happens around here. Our great grandson Luke is really doing fine. His surgery went well and he seems to be full of pep and joy once more. Thank you everyone for your kindness of good wishes and prayers. 

    I had an x-ray of my foot, because it was hurting so badly I had to use a walker my daughter brought over for Ted when he was very weak once last year.  The x-ray showed I had a hairline fracture and a spot of arthritis that was irritating my nerves and tendons on the top,  right at the ankle line.  The podiatrist  told me to start wearing sturdier shoes.  I asked about the shoes I wore in the office.  Ladies, this is what the doctor told me..."I am not a fan of those Skechers, get a more constructed shoe." Wow and I have  lots of Skechers.  So I guess that a sturdier shoe  will help heal the hairline fracture.  I could not believe the dr. did not tell me more. 

 Hope all of you are well, keeping your distance, wearing masks, ad washing your hands.  I am not going to listen to anyone but scientists. This is what they are saying.   XO

Thursday, October 1, 2020

Thank You !!!!

 I have old pictures of Luke to show. No new ones, as I have yet to take time to learn to load my pictures. Still can not find the ones the Geeks  lost. 
 Luke has been a happy boy most all the time. 
His grandmother"Gigi"  did this to his hair and compared him to big boy burger  kid.   

 Here I am after a bit of playing with Luke  . I always sleep better after playing on the floor with great grandkids. 
 This was a couple years ago on the family vacation.  Granddaughter Lynzie and her awesome husband Mark, with big brother Max and Little brother Luke.
Last Halloween squeezing in with papaw Ted. I love this picture.
Lynzie sent this to us and we had a good laugh.   Toe sucking instead of eating lunch.  

  Yesterday was Luke's surgery, to remove polyps in his sinuses.  I cried a lot yesterday. Lynzie sent photos of him in the car, on the way to the hospital,  saying, "Mommy I am hungry, I don't want my nose fixed". Then one of him playing on a little push car thing the hospital uses for children. A picture of the nurse pushing him in that car with his blanket going to surgery, without his parents ...he went peacefully.  Later there was a picture of him sleeping. There was dried blood around his nostrils. His mommy got to stay with him at the hospital. He will probably be home some time today. I wanted to thank all of you for the prayers and good wishes for our Luke.  You all have been so very kind, my heart is full.  Bless you. XO

Saturday, September 26, 2020

Harvesting .....

  There's been lots of soybean harvesting happening in our county. The big fields on the corner are done. They stir up dust and pests.  Can not sit out , things bite. My daughter calls them "No see'ums"

  My daughter Liz came over on Wednesday . She brought Lynzie , Max and Luke.  Ted and I wore masks, we sat outside. We watched the boys play hop-scotch and a game that Lynzie draws for them on driveways in chalk. They have lily pads to jump on, bear tracks to bear crawl and dinosaur tracks to stomp and roar.. The boys took their shoes off of course and started to get to quick. Luke falls down and bumps his head and I tell Lynzie, take him in and wash him up. She did not want to germ up the house, so sad. I told her, I will wipe things down. It's ok. Washed Luke and an ice pack on his noggin and he was good to go. 

 Speaking of Luke, I want to ask for prayers for our little fellow. He was to have polyps removed from his sinuses last week. His dr. got Luke's surgery will be on the 30th. He had to has a covid test Yesterday. Lynzie tries to prepare him  for any medical procedures. She told him he was to get his nose and throat tickled. He said, "Not today mommy, that hurts."  Lynzie had to hold him down for the nurse to swab his nose. Poor Luke. The polyps are one of the things that can happen with Cystic Fibrosis.  So will you please send good thoughts and or prayers for our Luke.  We all truly appreciate your kindness.

 Seems more places are opening up. Yet, my granddaughters' school has closed due to three positive covid cases. Go figure.  So please be safe . XO

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Oh Let Me Try This....

Oh by some miracle I found my old photos from some of my blogs.  These are all old pics. I may need help before I can ever load new ones.  This mums are back and do look much the same. 
 This was a cute display at Horton's here in town, a few tears back. 
 This was my granddaughter's decorations before Luke was born. She has a whole new layout this year. None are named. LOL. 

 I have struggled to make a bog today...try to go by Blogger's book...oh my gosh, why do they have to take us into space to achieve what they want.  I just could not get it right. I may never get it. 

   Wanted to tell all of you, that Ted is doing much better getting his walking routine in and the P.T. exercises for his shoulder.  We both have dr  appts coming up in the next week. Then I am scheduling my cataract surgery.  My sister got hers done and did very well. 

 Wishing all of you well. Stay safe. Praying for all . XO


Thursday, September 10, 2020

Autumn Is Near.....

 Caught this butterfly on a bloom.  Many flowers have withered away.   You see one here and there hanging on. We had a powerful rain Monday late afternoon and over night. Had 5 inches of rain here and none in the next county.  We needed it. But we also lost power for almost two hours. With that kind of rain, you need sump pumps to work. Thankfully we were so dry here , just as the power came back on the pumps started pumping and no wet basement. Hooray.
 My goodness we had some days that were just perfect. Low humidity, could open windows and air out the house. I love when I can do this.
 The mums are blooming already.  Hope the bees get to work them over.   I have not seen many honey bees , but other kinds, not so sure what they are .
  Ted got to see the orthopedic doctor on Tuesday. He has tendonitis and got a cortisone shot. His shoulder is better , will have P.T. next Wednesday.  But thankful it was not a torn rotator cuff, as the N.P. said.  As soon as Ted had relief from his shoulder , I could see the difference in his outlook.  We are hanging on. Thank you everyone for all the good prayers and wishes. You are in my thoughts and prayers. I am not sure if I will be able to blog...because honestly I have not idea about the new blogger.  Please everyone stay safe. XO

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Our Summer 's Going......

  I feel our summer is going , as this fading butterfly seems to be trying to hang on a while longer.  Even though he may be weary he is still pretty to see flitting about.
  The news here has been good for Ted and I. The Cancer doctor's office finally called yesterday . The report is , No more chemo. I was sitting on the porch when Ted got that call. He came out to tell me. We were standing on the porch hugging and crying, for a few minutes.  It's been a long journey, not yet over, but not so scary now. We are looking forward to Ted getting his strength back. We are praying for that.
   I told you all about the "Go in the box, screening  " I had to save time. Missy from 'This and That " blog , told me I might have to still be scoped for polyps....So I had that done on the 13th of this month. I got the results of the biopsy from polyps that were removed . It came in the mail from the surgeon. The polyps were not cancer, but I should be scoped again in a few years.  Thank you Missy for that advise.
  So for now, Ted and I are happy. He goes tomorrow for a final check up with the cancer N.P. , at Riverview Hospital  . His next bone marrow clinic visit in in a couple months.  It feels nice to relax .
  Thank you everyone for your prayers and good wishes. We are so grateful. XO

Friday, August 7, 2020


  This past Monday, Tuesday , and Wednesday, Ted had his maintenance chemo. He gets it 3 days and a lower dose for the last 4 rounds. He spoke with the cancer doctor on the 31st of July.  Dr. Birhiray (oncologist) told Ted to have the bone marrow ( IBMT) doctors call him and they could talk about Ted not having any more chemo. Giving us such hope.

 Yesterday , we drove to the IBMT clinic south of Indy. We take some back roads which takes a bit longer....but people are not driving 80 miles an hour, like on the interstate.
  Ted masked up and went in the clinic and I stayed in the car. It wasn't boiling hot, but plenty warm. I moved the car to a bit of shade when it became an empty parking spot. I did puzzles, played on the phone, watched people. Even watched goldfinches in the trees.
 Ted came out 1 hour and 40 minutes later.  He was  somewhat excited. Saying the dr called the oncologist and left word for them to call and conference.  Dr. Akard told Ted  he would call to let him know about stopping chemo. It truly sounds as if Ted has had his total rounds. Ted did get another round of baby shots. We go back in November(3 months away) His labs were decent even after having chemo the first three days of this week.
    The only thing  new about my sister Jeanie ,  she is sitting outside and visiting with her neighbors and our sister Brenda.  Improving. God is good.
  Thank you, thank you, thank you . Your kind words, wishes and prayers have helped us get this far.  We are so grateful.  Enjoy the weekend and please stay safe. XO

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Up Dates....

  Showing my daughters backdoor plants.   She changes colors every year.
  I love petunias, of any color.  They are not heavy with fragrance but I can smell them as I sit on the steps.
  Ted's been mowing wearing a special mask, and trying to keep the lawn in shape.  It is looking better. Ted had three days of chemo this week.  Today was the 3rd day. Tomorrow we go to the IBMT clinic and see the bone marrow drs.  Ted is hoping they will say no more chemo. Of course it depends on the reading of his "Who's Who"  to see how much of his bone marrow is donor. Last time it was 98. 3 % ,which is very good.
   My sister Jeanie is home and feeling better. Although her feet did swell a bit. Her thigh is bruised badly from the heart dr placing a catheter into her groin area to put a stent in her heart. .I went to see her , wore my mask , stayed 6ft apart.  She has a long road ahead of her. Getting used to meds and changing meds, as they do at times. She will see the heart dr again in a month.  I want to thank all of you for all your kind words, wishes and prayers. You are the best.  Stay safe. XO

Saturday, August 1, 2020

On Our Drives.....

  When we can't go anywhere and we get bored of staying put...we take drives.
 This is a pretty summer sky, blue with puffy white clouds..
 We don't normally drive anywhere after dark.  I miss family, friends, and townspeople. I like to see people out and about ...but not in crowds and certainly not without masks for a few more weeks. Praying it won't be months.
   This is a short up date on my sister Jeanie. She was taken from the Saxony hospital she went to on Thursday and sent to Methodist. They did surgery late yesterday afternoon. She had an ulcer on her  artery ( I do not know what that means). But they put a stent in and cleaned up the ulcer. She will be staying in the hospital for the weekend maybe a bit longer.  The drs. told Jeanie's daughter , that she did very well.Thank you for your prayers my friends.  I believe  that there is great power in prayer and I am so thankful.  Thankful  to all of you who wished Jeanie well, thought good things for her and the prayers. Please stay safe. XO

Thursday, July 30, 2020


 This is my granddaughter Margo and her husband Ricky, with my sister Jeanie, at one of our 4th of July gatherings.  My gosh Jeanie looks so much like mommy here.
  My sister went Monday to get two stents in her heart. They could not get the stents in her heart. So they sent her home. She stayed a couple days with her daughter then wanted to come home. The drs. told her they would try to do one of the stents again in two weeks. No one has mentioned open heart. So I fear her health isn't safe enough to try that .
  This morning my sister Brenda  took Jeanie to ER here in town. They have sent Jeanie by ambulance back to the Saxony Hospital in Fishers, where she was Monday. The heart dr wants her there , to keep an eye on her.
  I'm asking if you would ,please, pray for my sister , or send up some good wishes or thoughts. I truly thank you.  XO

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Things To See....

  This staying home is some times tough. Then some times fun.
  The marigolds are getting thick and pretty.
  Black eyed Susans going strong. I put some miracle grow on them. They love it.
  Crop dusters have been in some of the fields near by.
 I absolutely love watching them.  Brave souls flying these planes.  Ted laughs about how much I love anything that flies . LOL  I really love helicopters.
   My sister Jeanie will be going Sunday evening and staying with her daughter. Then her daughter and son in law will take her to the hospital Monday to have two more stents put into her heart. The heart dr decided to move it up about two weeks. I am glad. I would love for her to feel better.
  She was having shortness of breath, the N.P. changed her blood pressure med and that helped.  Of course the heart dr is the one who ordered it.  I think Jeanie will be like new once the stents are in and she starts getting proper blood flow.
  Still not sure how school is to be around here. Last I heard it was to be E-learning for a couple more weeks....or even longer.  Indiana's Covid -19 cases counts are way up. Most stores you still need a mask. Hooray for that, in my book. Take care dear friends, stay safe. XO

Saturday, July 18, 2020

Staying Home...

 Honestly staying in  is something Ted and I have done a lot of since he has  his cancer treatments and started this journey.  Now with Covid it's even worse. Will we ever get to leave home  again? I certainly am praying we will and that this virus will be gone. I think,we as a nation , are going to have to be smarter and work at it , and absolutely have a vaccine.
 So in the mean time, we stay home and try to enjoy what we can.  Sunrises and sunsets. The birds coming to the water features and feeders.  Butterflies. and bees.  The flowers that are blooming.
 The occasional porch visit from family.  We space out, Ted and I wear our masks.  Daughter Kathy is coming for a visit tomorrow.   Hopefully we can sit out a bit. 
  Wishing all of you well. Please be safe, wear your masks, if only for the children of this world.  Let's help them have a normal life .  XO