Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Bit Of Decorating....

 Here's my touch of  Halloween. Wooden painted pumpkins, the sprig of bittersweet , and the Hansel and Gretel book. I got this book at abook sale at our library. The bittersweet was what I bought at the Earth Fest. These wooden pumpkins, I think I got them at goodwill.
This is an autumn wreath that Emma and I made , during one of her visits. She made one for her mom too. I have a butterfly cutter . I go through magazines and tear out the colorful pages. The I just use the butterfly cutter to make all colors of butters. They are fun to put in a card to someone also.
  Ted used the chimney sweep broom on the chimney. So I'll get to clean , after much preparation and pulling the Franklin stove insert out of the fireplace. Always a job....but safe from chimney fires. We do burn the creosote logs. They burn with such intense heat that they dry out the creosote that maybe built up in the chimney. We only use seasoned fire wood and never any pine limbs.  We probably would not have to do what we do today, but for a little more work, we like to be safe. Please people if you use your fireplaces, use those creosote burning logs, as recommended.Be safe. xo


  1. Love those painted pumpkins!!

    I'll have to check into the creosote logs. We burn wood all winter. I'm really looking forward to our first fire, our first snow...and then will be waiting for our last fire and last snow!!! :-)

  2. The wreath is very sweet and I love the wooden pumpkins. I'm still working out my next pumpkin to make! lol I remember years of having a real wood stove...sure is nice in the winter months! Enjoy your afternoon! I wrote you an email...hope I got the right address! Hugs!

  3. I have an electric fire. Don't have to worry about burning wood. Cute pumpkins!

  4. Its always better to be safe now than sorry later on. Dad always kept ours clean and we burnt 80% dead. Green log in at night to hold the fire.
    Love your little wooden pumpkins! I saved the photo so I could do some later on. Love the patterns on them!
    We have the most beautiful fall day. A little on the warm side, but better than snow!
    Love that little wreath. So much fun to make things with kids. Such a treasure.

  5. Well, our fireplace is gas, and we seldom use it. It is just good to have in case we have a power outage in the winter. We heat with an electric heat pump.

    You have created a lovely Halloween display!

    xo Nellie

  6. Love your decorations Susie and the wreath is so beautiful. You've got me in the mood for decorating. I wish we had a fireplace to sit by in the winter. I sent your book off Monday. Let me know when you get it. Thank you for the sweet Anniversary wishes on mine. Hugs, xo

  7. What a sweet thing to make! The wreath is just adorable, and I'm sure it will always hold a special memory for you.

  8. Such a sweet wreath. I have a gas fireplace now so no chimney fires :)

  9. I adore butterflies and Emma did a great job on the wreaths. Your fall décor is cozy ad cute too.

  10. Your painted pumpkins are so festive for Halloween, Susie. I love the Hansel and Gretel book. The wreath you and Emma made is cute, and it's so special because it was made by Grandma and precious Grandchild. Thanks for the tip on the burning logs.

    Your posts are always so nice for me to read, Susie. I enjoy them very much.


  11. Cute decorations. I cannot find my Halloween stuff to save my life! Including my witch outfit and I want it this year! Darnit. I bought that cute spider bracelet at HOrton's and I want the witch outfit to wear with it!
    We used to have a gas fireplace, but in our room, we only have a little fireplace oil lamp. The only chimney I have to clean is the glass flu that the wick goes through!

    Cindy Bee

  12. The wreath is lovely, I like the way you have used the magazine pages.

  13. yes, be safe! we had a fireplace in podunk and i was always afraid, even when i knew it was clean in the chimney. i eventually had it changed to gas and then it was fine. they have some really great logs for them now, can't even tell it's not real fire other than no smell. i did love that smell of oak though!

    smiles, bee