Monday, February 17, 2014

President's Day....

This is  photo of the Lincoln Memorial, that I took while in D.C. Some one said that Lincoln hands are in the form of an "A & L" in sign language. I thought that was a bit of quirky information. I guess I like that kind of stuff, just in case it's on Jeopardy. :):)
 Our local school has 8 days to make up, from all the cancelations because of this rough winter. Well I would think today would be a good make up day.   A few towns over are going today. Plus there's Spring break , another week to use for lost days. Some of my grandchildren will be going on three Saturdays for make up.
  We are to get some snow today, possibly mixed with ice and rain....gaaaa! Know what I mean, help.
I pray that all of the U.S.A. has a pleasant and calm Spring. I think most Americans are hardy people. We've had to prove it over and over. But I have to say, I am ready to sit outside  on the porch and enjoy some sweet fresh air. Take care if you have to go out in bad conditions. xo


  1. Love the picture you got of Lincoln. I hope this weather we are all having will be ending soon and spring will appear. I am with you on just wanting to be outside and enjoy fresh WARM air!

  2. It's so time for you and the rest of our American friends living east of the Rockies to receive a break in the weather!

    To sitting outside once again soon!

    Happy President's Day, Susie!

  3. It is snowing here again today Susie and the forecast is not good. I am longing too for sunny warm days.
    A great photo of a great man!

  4. oh honey, so sorry for the awful winter, keep your health and nothing else really matters though... hang on!

    hugs, bee

  5. I know you are especially ready for Spring. Be careful. Sad that the grands have so many days to make up at school. Love your photo.

  6. I would love to see this Lincoln Memorial someday, Susie. It looks incredible! You know, I have always wanted to learn sign language. You still have so much snow - I bet you are surely ready for spring to arrive.

    Have a sweet day, Susie.


  7. I agree that we are all ready for weather where we can sit outside and enjoy the fresh air! I don't know why, because time does go by too fast, but this seems like the longest winter ever.

  8. Interesting info about Abe Lincoln .
    We are to get snow starting at midnight and going into tomorrow morning.

  9. I remember a few years of going to school on Saturday to make up missed days. We didn't like that at all, and after a vote by the teachers all over the district, the school day was made longer in order to accommodate the number of hours needed to give us 180 days. Now I hear that will not be allowed any longer by the state. Surely springtime will soon arrive! xo Nellie

  10. That Lincoln memorial is just so magestic...I was there in '66 was so impressed. Never knew about his hands though.

    We are getting snow right now too. Guess right now I would rather the snow cause come spring when everything melts. Means our roof will start leaking into the kitchen.....not very happy when that happens. We've had it fixed, but to no avail. Have to call a roofer again.

  11. Our kids went to school for a makeup day but only went half a day because of the storm we are having here. The roads are a huge mess!

    That is interesting about Abraham Lincoln's hands....just in case we are ever on Jeopardy--lol xo Diana

  12. The kids here had to go today. One less day they will have to go in the summer. I am ready to sit out on that front porch with you, my friend. xo Laura

  13. What a neat thing to learn about Lincoln! We did have a taste of sping here today. Wishing for days like this!

  14. I am not sure how many days the kids have missed now- 9 maybe. The last one was an early out for a water main break when the city had to shut the water off to fix it. Going on Saturday is a smart thing to do. I am not sure what they will do here. All the ice has been melting all night long and clanking as it hits. I am with you- I am ready to hit the deck. I am going to look into that Lincoln thing- I clicked on your photo and it looks like his one hand is in the 's' position, so I am going to find a photo on line where I can see it better. You know, with my son being deaf and all, and just happens to love Lincoln, this could be so cool!