Thursday, February 20, 2014


 It's raining today. That makes me really think of Spring and flowers. I was awakened by thunder.
 Went out for the newspaper , it's chilly, doesn't feel warmer than yesterday.  It is to be much warmer.
We have our puzzles ready for today. I have my newspaper.  We probably won't be going any where today.
    I forgot to tell all of you, on Tuesday , we lost our power. Could not call the power company, no one answered at either number, could not get the sheriff's office, nor the police dept.....So Ted called 911. The lady said a transformer was being replaced at a sub station near us, but it had taken out our whole town. We are suppose to inform the power company when we lose power. Thankfully it was only off for an hour. Bless those power and light men. I don't think they get enough credit at times.
   It's not just the power workers, it's all the people who work out in all this nasty weather. I am truly thankful for all of them. Our mail carriers, paper delivery, trash pick-up. Some times , I do get up set with the road grader drivers, so I just won't say much about that. :):)  Hope everyone has a good day.xo


  1. I'm with you on the linemen and women, and the folks that keep the world turning to make life more comfortable for us.

    Glad to hear Tipton is melting into Spring!

  2. Glad your power was restored. I hope you won't have any flooding with the rain. Have a good day.

  3. So far today we have had thunder, lightening, hail, and rain with them saying that we are to have snow. We are under a winter adversary for the rest of the day. I think I will just stay home. Hope you do better then we are at the moment. Take care Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri friend.

  4. Beautiful! And rain is better than snow. We're expecting another 10-12 inches of the stuff.

  5. I agree with you. The workers who work during storms, etc should get more credit. We should all be thankful that our loved ones don't have to leave us home alone during a crisis!

  6. Those workers are awesome! Glad you were only out for an hour. We have rain and thunder here, too- high winds coming in around 3. Hold on tight!

  7. february is almost over honey, it'll be warmer soon i hope. it's so beautiful here, wish i could send you some of it!

    hugs, bee

  8. Raining here too Susie!!
    I am glad your power was restored quickly!!

  9. Susie,
    Yes, thank goodness for the power workers. I appreciate them so much. I'm glad you are having so much rain, but I'm sorry to hear that you lost your power. Sometimes it nice just to stay inside though.

    Enjoy your puzzles and your lovely flowers, Susie.


  10. Some homes in our county have just gotten power. It's been a week. I've got several friends who work for the electrical companies and they sometimes put in 80 hours a week.

  11. You are so right about all those who work outside. They do not get enough credit. One of the places my husband worked was the chemical plant a couple blocks from our house. He used to have to climb the outside of the towers (100+ feet) in all kinds of weather. Every time we have bad weather he says how sorry he feels for those who have to do it now.

    Well, Susie, just remember the winter is almost over (so glad!) and rain is better than snow at this point.

    Have a good day!

  12. I thought about all those outdoor workers recently when we had so much snow. I was able to stay inside and warm, but so many didn't! I think they're often underappreciated.