Friday, February 3, 2012

Indianapolis Has Madonna, Tipton Has Mona...

On my walk thru town with my sister, we came upon the Mona Lisa. The Apple Group print shop, has Mona Lisa right out front. I could not resist taking a photo. Then I noticed the little awning at the enterance door. Sweet !! This shop has changed their graphics on the front many times. I really liked this one.


  1. Do you go inside ever? I would just have to, if I ever get to Tipton. Someone there is really creative. Have a good Friday, from Michigan!

  2. I love the apple door. How creative!

  3. That is soooo cute. Love the awning-xo Diana

  4. Very cute. I go to Tipton now and then and I've never noticed it.

    Cindy Bee

  5. How fun! Now that's a real attention getter! Before we moved out here to WA, we lived in Tipton, MI, didn't know there was one in IN, too!

  6. I choose Tipton and Mona!
    I hope to see that cute town one day!