Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Kissing Angels....

This is what I wanted to post yesterday. But my camera batteries died, I need to get new ones. I call these kissing angels , Miles and Brenda, after my brother and his wife.  We lost them way too young in a car wreck years ago. I still miss them . Losing them both was so hard to take. If you had ever met them, you would know they would not have wanted to be without one another. So God knew best, keeping them together.  I want to thank all who commented on my post of my grandson Brock.  I felt so happy that others could appreciate Brock also.


  1. Oh that had to be hard to loose them both at the same time. Accidents like that are so difficult to accept.
    I'm glad you have something to remember them by.

  2. So sorry about your loss. The kissing angels are a great memorial to them, and their love.

    Cindy Bee

  3. Hi Susie. I added something to the giveaway. If you don't have FB you can just go to their site and come back and tell me what piece of jewelry you like best. So do that and then comment and you are in the drawing.

  4. Hi Susie
    Thanks so much for stopping by...
    So sorry you lost your brother, I lost mine when he was only 18, doesn't seem possible it was so many years ago now. Hope you had a nice V day.
    Blessings today

  5. That's what I would want for me and my love. But it's a double sadness for those left.
    Thanks for coming by and leaving a sweet message.
    Blessings ;-)