Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Something For Spring.....

Here's a clay plaque that I used to have hanging on the back gate, when I lived in town. I keep it in the house here in the country, too much wind out here. I fell in love with it at a street fair. It says ," hand in hand with fairie grace, will we sing and grace this place." Shakespeare. I have been thinking of making another like it , out of wood, for the flowerbed . Then I would not have to worry about the wind. Since moving here, I know that you better glue it down, nail it down, tie it down, or weigh it down with a brick, if you want to keep it in place.:):)


  1. I LOVE that little plaque, Susie! Great saying. I am all about fairies around us. We have the same wind problems here because of the Bay...the wind coes shooting across the water and hits us hard. xo Diana

  2. You got big wind and a darling plaque. We are not exactly in the country but have deer eating my plants...ugh.

  3. Hey a friend of mine made that! Patty Beck. Look on the back and see if you can find her name on it somewhere. She doesn't live too far from you either! Actually South of Kokomo. She sells all kinds of pottery like that with sayings and such. I have quite a bit of it.

    Cindy Bee

  4. What's the saying about the winds of March??? Hope you didn't get any of those bad storms. Found you over at my friend Jane's (Blonide). And I love the post on the baby shoes. CUTE!