Friday, February 17, 2012

Was This Always Here?????

This is crazy... today is the first time I have ever realized that the courthouse was visable from the park. I know it's because the trees are bare, but why have I not noticed? Oh there's a new walking path in the park, and my sister and I were on it....I just can't believe I have never noticed. I truly enjoyed walking today. So nice with sunshine and blue skies. Come on Spring !!!!!


  1. Living in our area 30 years it is amazing when those leaves fall what we see that we've never noticed before.

    Beautiful scene ...

    Have a beautiful weekend ~
    TTFN ~

  2. LOL- About 6 weeks ago I was driving down the hill to Main Street from the highway...when I noticed this HUGE tower at the base of the hill on the edge of a parking lot. LOOK- I said- They put a new tower up there- They sure did-came the reply. WHEN did they do that- I asked. About 10 years ago-came the reply. (I guess I have selective vision just like MyHero has selective hearing!;>) xo Diana

  3. we drove downstate last month we saw a bunch of those wind turbines over in a field. How did they build those giant things without us ever seeing it???? Maybe it was dark when I drove down????

  4. It's nice to have that wide open view when the leaves are off the trees! What a gorgeous photo! ♥

  5. Funny, I have pictures of the courthouse from every direction. Remember when Brock saw it from the country and it was all lit up? He said Is that Disney world and if it is can we go there?