Thursday, February 23, 2012

So I Will Try This ...

This is through Google Chrome. It brings up my old format...but accessing my pictures files isn't possible. So I am trying to just do a writing post...while I sneeze, cough, and hold up my foggy head. I just discovered yesterday that I have 45 followers. To me, that's a lot of people and I am blessed. I do not want to lose all of you, so please hang in here...I'll try to get this site up and rolling as it should be. Thank you everyone.:):)


  1. I had to take chrome back off as I could not access some things either... Oh my dear... I just have rid of the cold I carried for 2 weeks and felt oh so miserable... I hope your cold will soon decide to make you feel better soon....

  2. Hanging in there with you, SusieQ, while you get things worked out. Wish I could help you but you know that I am blond and lucky to be able to figure out my own posting! xo Diana

  3. Now this is just plain weird! Some people have to take off Google chrome and the only way I could access my blog and do a post was to download and use Google chrome. What in the world is going on?? I hope it makes up it's mind soon and picks one or the other!! :)