Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Battery Park.....

 This statue is in Battery park, it represents the huddled masses, I think...not so sure.This is were I saw the most street people or signs of them. You catch the Ferry to Liberty and Ellis Islands here.
 This fountain is in the park also. Lots of kids were playing in it. One little blonde boy actually stripped naked to play in it. The other kids stopped and look at him for a moment , then went about playing again.Too funny.


  1. So funny about the little blond boy! They used to let kids play in fountains like that at the Indianapolis zoo. One time when my husbands boys were young, I took them to the zoo and they were so disappointed because they had forgotten their swimsuits. I told them just to play in their clothes! Their eyes got huge and they said "Really?" Yup really. They had a blast. What is it about water and kids....

    Cindy Bee

  2. Just as long as it is only the kids getting naked. It does look like it would have been a lot of fun though.

  3. Wow..I would love to go there someday!!

    Great photos...


  4. Sounds wonderful! Love the story about the little boy!!

  5. That is just a beautiful statue, Susie. My son could have been the little boy- he was known to do things like that when he was little- Blessings- xo Diana

  6. For a number of years I worked right across from Battery Park and the view from my office window was Ellis Island. And, no, the view never was boring. Especially loved sunset over the harbor.

  7. Hi Susie, Your vacation looks amazing. Thank you for that special photo from the top of the Empire State building. I'm sure that I will never make it to New York City, but I'm truly enjoying traveling with you. Thanks for sharing your trip.

    I am delighted that you like my hat stands. I have been so excited planning a booth, and now starting to make items to sell in it. I appreciate your feedback . . . because I really want to succeed as a mini shop keeper. Have a wonderful day and please come again. Connie :)

  8. So you're in NY, are you?
    Wow, I don't think I'll ever make it there, so I'm going to visit through your eyes!