Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tree Time Soon....

This is blurry, but I like it. It's getting close to time to put this skinny tree up, again. It is so simple, three sections.  So why do I dread it. Once it is up, I am fine. I have been thinking about that feeling. I honestly think it's because I am the one who has do it all . My daughters used to help when they were little. Then even when they were older, I could get them to come home on the 3rd of December to help me. I would have a birthday chili supper for my oldest, and they would all come over. Now everyone is running in circles. Working, have their own family things to do, and have no time. I am missing those old days when my girls we so young and at home with me.  Life goes on..... Counting down to Thursday. xo


  1. You are so right Susie, life does go on and our children grow up and leave us. That is just the way life is. I have 2 small trees that I put in my living room and that is about all of my decorating.
    Have a happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I was always the one putting up the tree. I got so I dreaded it. Then I started putting little trees in my antique wagon and gave away the bigger tree. I like that so much better. I also leave the lights on the little ones. This year I have a different tree. I need to get some lights for it. I am thinking of not going crazy with decorations this year.

  3. We still have a real cut tree. Last year, I insisted on a slimmer choice.
    I am going to start decorating on the weekend after Thanksgiving this year,(traditionally I don't decorate until December first). Our new grandson is due to arrive on December 6th. My husband and I will be staying with Holland Grace while Mama and Daddy are at the hospital. We'll most likely chop our tree on the Sunday after his arrival.
    Life is busy and blessed!

  4. My oldest daughter loves to help decorate...she is an interior designer and I love her help. My youngest just likes to watch and eat candy canes! Your tree is very cute...I know it holds a lot of memories. Maybe you could have a tree trimming party one year!


  5. well your tree looks lovely, I miss those days as well,

  6. Though the times were hectic, I also miss some of those days of the past. My husband and I were just talking about it last night.

    Sending wishes for a happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

    xo Nellie

  7. Susie- I so understand that. It is funny how our lives change as our kids grow and get lives of their own, isn't it? Different things take on different meanings and we change up the way we do things sometimes.
    I love your tree and it will be great once you actually get it done. Now go eat a piece of fudge and comfort yourself!;>) xo Diana

  8. I love my tree but dread decorating it, I am so tired after doing it. Mr puts the lights on but I do the rest (real). Dont seem to have much "go get them" for this holiday season..hope it changes.

    Happy Thanksgiving my friend

  9. I totally understand! If we lived close to each other we could share the chore. :)