Friday, October 30, 2015

Happy Halloween....

   Nothing scary to show. Just a bunch of pumpkins at the orchard.
  Some cute pumpkin baskets at Horton's. I also love their sign made of old junk.
  These are photos of last year at Horton's.  I love the way the white mums just pop.
  Every size of pumpkin  . I love those small ones for little kids to handle.
  Some jack-o-lantern  jingle bells.  I took this shot last year.
  This was one of my displays last year also. This year I did the sweater pumpkins . Had to keep them on the porch and I need to put some weight in them. The wind blew them around.
  This was my mantle last year . I did not even get these wooden pumpkins out this year. I do love my Hansel and Gretel  book though.
 I love this old burlap garland. It could be used any holiday truly.  I like the greenery with the orange of the pumpkins. Old tubs, crates, even tucked into a drawer of an old dresser...too cute.  I just want to wish all of you and the little ones a safe and fun Halloween.  Enjoy. XO

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

In The Park ....

                           Saw this cute bug in the park on Monday. Not sure what it was all about.
               Some trees were in their glory....some were past and some still green.
        The trees have been checked out to see if they had rot or damage, this past year. Many were trimmed and some were completely taken out. Safety first.
      A shot towards town. You can see the arch entrance.. I think it's always been a walkway.
     The man that is head of the park work crew is a hard worker. He has done wonders in the park. They have cleaned the weeds and bramble away from the creek, that flows thru the park.
  It just looks so much nicer. They have even cleaned the creek of trash. I love our park . I like to drive thru , or even park and get out to walk around. I prefer going during  the week, not as crowded .
     Not much happening here....which is a plus at times. LOL.  It rained all day yesterday, still raining softly. This rain has helped knock down the pollens . Thankful for that. Wishing all of you a great day. XO

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Hunter's Moon....

        This picture was taken on Sunday evening, just as I spotted the moon.
  I was going for a picture of this clump birch tree. It was glowing with the setting sun shining on it.
    Now this is the picture of the moon I tried to get last night (Monday). It was coming up in a whole new area. There were wispy clouds
 This shadow shot is always one of my favorites.  I always like to see the shadows and light on the shop/garage.   I took this on Sunday.

 The sun is setting through the pines. Now you can see with the leaves off the hickory, how badly that tree is damaged from an early summer storm.. We really should cut it down this winter, you know when the ground is frozen.
This is Sunday's sunset. Last night we had more clouds due to the rains coming in . Today it is to rain most all day. We need it here. Just wish we had the yard cleaned of all the leaves.  Tonight is the full moon. I won't get to see it, hope all of you get a chance.
   Went to the eye dr. yesterday for my yearly check-up. Good report. no change in my vision....but I am getting a pair of new glasses. I wanted some thing lighter, not sitting so heavily on the bridge of my nose. A pair with the nose piece as part of the know where you can push them up and they don't tangle in your hair. LOL Almost forgot, I am feeling much better. Sore throat is gone, drippy nose also. Must have been an allergy.
  Enjoy this day. XO

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Clever Fellows....

     This is my grandson Skylar. Some of you remember he was in a bad ATV accident. I thank all for their prayers. It truly helped. He is doing well and will be going back in  school tomorrow. This week his therapy begins also. He's a tinkering kind of boy, always fixing and modifying things. He's always been that way.
   This is his neighbor boy, Markie. They work on stuff together. Skylar has helped Markie's dad with things and he has help Skylar......well they kind of all help each other in the neighborhood  burg they live in.
  The boys got their head together and made this stereo system. They put it in an old cooler. I thought it would make a nice little table in a boys room. Little spots to place soda cups. The boys cut the openings and places the components into them , then they wired it all up to a battery.  They played a cd for it really works.  I love seeing kids build things and repair things. I was very proud of these two fellows. That neighbor kid is one we want to keep. I hope he is around lots.
   I am better than I have been in a week. I have a drs. appointment's for my eye dr. LOL.. This is my yearly exam...but if my cold(allergy) (whatever this is) isn't better, I may cancel and call my med dr.  I haven't done much this week. Sorted some things, cleaned some. Rested lots.
   Hope you are enjoying the last of this month of October...gee it went fast.  Let's remember our friends in Texas...keep them in your thoughts and prayers...some are being flooded.  Be good. XO

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Harvest Time And Colorful Trees.....

     The field across the road got harvested I can see farther.
    When I see how much corn is here and there in the fields, ditches and makes me think mouse buffet.  No wonder there's hawks around. :):)
    Trees have changed colors and many have completely lost their leaves.
  Through out town you can spot the really pretty ones.
  I love this red color. Makes me want a back yard full of these.
  The park is colorful and even after lots of the trees have been topped and even removed for safety. Especially if any of them are near the play ground areas.
   Today is to be nice, it's clouding a bit. I was hoping for full sunshine as I am not feeling so great. I have a sore throat. I know I keep thinking about all the babies I was around...I hope I got this from them and not be the one giving in this instance. Wishing all a great day. XO

Monday, October 19, 2015

Shower For Lynzie....

    We had a baby shower for my granddaughter Lynzie.  She is due in December on her aunt Angie's birthday.  This is Emma, Lynzie, Angie, Liz(Lynzie's and Emma's mom) me(nana), Savannah and Karen(Savannah's mom). We had a fun time.
  This baby is Layla, my great granddaughter....dozing off in all that excitement.
  This is Lynzie with some of the guests. There were five babies there under one year of age. None cried. LOL
 Here's my game partner Savannah. She smiled so sweetly for me. Good news about her brother, Skylar...he got his pins out of his toes and is released to go back to school, after this week(this is fall break) He's thrilled. :):) 
  Hope everyone is having a good day. It's sunny and windy here. The leaves are falling like mad.  It is to be nice this we better get out and enjoy it.  XO

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Blog Friends Are Great....

   I want you all to see what I received in the mail yesterday.  It was this wonderful hand crafted sachet from Debbie at Lakehouse.  I met Debbie thru blogging ....she's awesome.
  She used to send me and my daughter(who was fighting breast cancer) sweet cards .She sent us many prayers. My daughter was constantly on my mind and some times my heart was heavy.  It was as if Debbie could read my mind at times...because she would send me a card just when I would be stressed to the limit. She has become a true friend. I am blessed.
    When I opened the package, Debbie sent me , I could smell the lavender...oh I love that smell so much. So I am keeping it out where I can enjoy this fragrance. Thank you Debbie.
    Hope everyone is loving this day. It's beautiful here today.  I heard it snowed in Michigan...yikes too soon.  Smile today. XO

Friday, October 16, 2015

Emma's Chickens...

   We took a twin sized bed to my daughter's for Emma. She's changed her mind about her bedroom décor ...again. So now it 's a bed with a bookcase headboard and drawers under the bed. She's giving her futon with the bed on top to her other grandma for the lake cabin.
 These are Emma's chickens. Well they belong to the whole family...but Emma gathers the eggs at times.  I never got a photo of her when she found the first egg. Oh how I would have loved seeing her face.
 She has black chickens, red chickens, and these that are black but really golden looking about their heads. Sprinkled along the back too.
 Here's little red hen...I used to read that story to my girls.  I love this pretty chicken.
Matt (Emma's Dad) has made a bigger pen for the chickens to run around. Hawks have grabbed a few when they have been let out that's why they have a newer pen. Plus Sam (family dog) likes to pet them just a little too hard. LOL
    The chickens have worn the grass off this area...just like we did as kids running a ring around our parents house on the corner. They have even dug some holes. Ted says they like to get in the hole to keep cool. I am a city slicker, don't know lots about farm animals. To me chickens are farm animals. LOL.
  Liz gave me some eggs while we were there and I forgot them.. So now I'll pick some up on Sunday.  Seems more and more people are raising chickens for their own eggs.  Probably a good idea.
  Hope you are all feeling great today. XO

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

I Have To See ......

 When the sun sets and the skies light up, I grab my camera and out the door I go. My husband laughs at me. I tell him, when it's this beautiful out, I have to see it and enjoy it . :)
  The purples , the pinks, and grays over  the cornfield.
  It looks brighter and brighter,  for a few minutes more.
  This is taken thru the pine limbs hanging down.
 These sunsets don't last  long, some times, so you have to get your camera and get out there and start snapping shots.  I love to take pictures of the sun when it is rising or setting. So many beautiful colors.
   Hope all of you are enjoying your wonderful fall season. I am doing the best I can to soak it up.  I need to take a trip to the park and get some new views.  I also have been thinking of going to Hobby-Lobby.  Wishing all a great day. XO

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Autumn Colors...

   This is from last year. It's the garden center in Kokomo, called Salsbery.  It's a pumpkin family on a farm wagon.
  Apples are one of my favorite things about fall. Going to an orchard is so much fun and temping to buy more than you'll need.
   The trees at the Doctor's office , where Ted will be going next month for his yearly heart check-up.
  I thought this tree was shaped nicely and so pretty with the sun on it.
  Aren't these leaves gorgeous.  I remember gathering leaves to take to school for fall projects.
  The red is so colorful, makes me want it in my yard.
   Trees at the park are fun to watch turn through the seasons.
 This is one of my all time favorite trees in town. The owners trim it to look like a big gumdrop. Love the fire bushes too. It's been an odd kind of fall so far...some trees have not turned at all and some are bare....while some have wonderful colors.
  Hope you are having a beautiful fall season. Find some joy today. XO