Saturday, February 27, 2016

Left-Over Pictures...

  You all know how much I love sunsets. :):) Here's a couple, from week before last....not this snowy past week.
   This one had some beautiful puffy pink clouds . I loved the colors.
   Sunset reflection on the shop. I always like to see this. Especially when it has this rosy cast.
   This is an old silver tray display at Horton's. It says Happy Anniversary. It really is pretty., along side the platter.
  I thought I would post a couple more pictures of the tote bags at Horton's. Designer is called bag girl.  This one is ...And The Horse You Rode In On...:):)
 This saying is," I love you a bushel and peck and a hug around the neck." So cute. I love all the little scraps of fabrics . They certainly are one of a kind pieces of art.
   Today is to be in the 50's...oh boy. Tomorrow will be warmer still.  I will get out in the fresh air today. Tomorrow I will be going to watch my daughter, Angie, in the play,"At First Sight" by Anne Pie.  I am wishing all of you some good weather and fun . Please stay warm. XO

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Oh So Lucky.....

    This was the start of yesterday morning...some ice and rain. The rain actually melted the ice off the pines and there was no damage here. I am thankful.
  The snow did not get here till around 4:00.  But west of here, there's was plenty of snow. In the northwestern part of our state had blizzard warnings.  I always pray people will not travel into those kind of  conditions.
  Once again our area was ever so lucky. We did not get the heavy snows or as heavy a wind .  My daughters all texted me when they got home safely from their jobs.  Again  I am so thankful.
 Today will be a warm day inside. reading, writing, doing puzzles. Maybe Ted and I will play some rummy. That's something we do once in awhile when it 's too nasty to go anywhere.  Here's my little sign for today. LOL.
  Take care everyone .  Sending prayers and hugs to those in need.  XO

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

A Difference A Day Makes.....

   This is Tuesday morning . The sky is blue and the sun is rising.
  This shot was toward the west and the moon was still shining. It was a nice day with sun most of the day.
 This is today (Wed.)  It's raining and freezing on the trees. This pine is touching the ground in places , because of the weight of the ice. This is what scares me. The possibility of losing power.   Our state, today,  is in the heart of this storm.  I would rather have rain or snow...but not both. I know there were tornadoes in the south last night .  A few states here in the Midwest will be having their share of bad weather today.  I was getting lulled into a false sense of springtime from our weekend.  Bummer. 
   Hope all of you are safe and warm.  Please use caution when going out. XO

Monday, February 22, 2016

What I Bought....

  I got this burlap pillow with a blue pick up truck painted on it.  Enjoy the Ride, is what is printed on it.
  I love this garden flag ..geraniums in cans painted like flags. Isn't this a cute print. I thought why not paint some can like these on the flag for my porch. To tie the flag in the porch décor.
  I chose a quart of  Valspar paint to do some painting. It's in  a gray color called "mouse house".  Once I paint something, I'll post what I  decided  to paint.
  Here's one of the displays at Horton's hardware. They have lace over the ribs of an old patio umbrella.
 This is under the umbrella, orange ribbons , a grapevine wreath. Some greenery too.
 A carrot wreath inside an old pan that no longer has it's bottom. This is hanging over a mirror.
 Some more cute carrot things. Napkins, dish towels, and serving trays.  I am  sure this is all for Easter. Of course it could be used in a country style kitchen  any time.
  Today is a nice enough day here. We are to start getting rain on Wednesday evening, turning to snow. Heavy snow too. Doesn't look like we are going to be lucky enough to have this storm miss us. It will be hard to take after the glorious weekend weather we just had.  Wishing all of you well. XO

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Peeking In Horton's.....

    Horton's Hardware/greenhouse/emporium is getting ready for Spring.  They are working to get the store in shape and arranging the new spring displays.  I found a cute little chick couple , dressed for Easter.
   Pink tulips with apple blossoms, in a big urn, looking sweet.
  Lidded jars on pedestals. In the great aqua color, that many love. This was in the kitchen display area, but I think these jars could be used in any room of your home.
  dipping spoons with cute sayings stamped on them. Like, espresso yourself.  The butter knife says , "spread some joyous times."  They would all look  charming in one of the lidded jars.
  Hope no one got rid of their chickens, as they seem to be back in vogue. This chicken is painted on a big chunk of wood.
  Lots of burlap pillows too. This one will fit into a chicken theme nicely. I did pick up some things while in the store. I will show you tomorrow.
  It's nice to go to the store when it's not crowded, to be able to speak with the Horton's. Tim and Karen are just the nicest people you would ever want to meet. No longer than I was there, Mr. Horton offered the people that were in the store some free samples of P.B. fudge. I had to refuse...cause you know you will want to buy a pound if you have a taste. :):)
  Yesterday here in central Indiana, we broke our temperature record, it got up to 72 degrees on the 20th of February.  Beautiful blue skies all day long !! I sat on the porch and looked at a new magazine that came in the mail and felt like I was on vacation. Hope your day was as good. Enjoy this wonderful Sunday. XO

Friday, February 19, 2016

One Room School House....

     This old place is deserted. It hasn't be a school for decades.  It is near our house.  It is more or less abandoned now.
 It's on a big corner lot on division road, in Tipton county. There was a couple living here for a few years. I feel badly that I use to refer to the man as Mr. Dirt....he always looked a bit grungy.
  The poor old fellow passed away two years ago. His family moved all his stuff out. Then just left the weeds to grow and the damage to take hold and destroy this old building. Another loss for our area.
  Even the old trees, both of them, have died away. Makes me wonder , where is our county's monies. Why do they not just force sales of properties that are being neglected. Or fine the owners enough to let the county mow at least. No one has been here since the old fellow passed away. Just another sad blight in our county.
  Today the wind is fierce and would fly your kite all the way to Albuquerque.....LOL...that's where I used to tell my daughters that things blew away to when they left things  out. The sun is shining and the it was 53 when I went to bingo this morning. Suppose to be up to 61 degrees. It's February, amazing.   Hope you are having a good day. XO

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Our Old Buck Stove....

  When we moved here, this buck stove was inserted into the fireplace opening. Honestly this thing has saved us many hundreds of  dollars in heating bills.
   My husband loves it. He loves cutting wood, splitting wood, stacking and carrying wood....not me so much.. I have stacked and carried wood. Filled the wood box at the back door.  Cleaned out the ashes and hauled to the burn ring in the backyard. Doused with water to kill any embers that may be still alive. Dusted to the moon and back and did I mention dusted? You can barely stay on top of the dust.  You can see some dust in this photo. Have I ever told you how much I hate dusting. LOL
   When I talk about  moving back into town, Ted says that Buck stove is going with us. Oh no way mister !!!  That dust producing monster is staying right where it is. If we ever have a fire place again, it will be gas logs.  Well that's my whining for today. :):) Had to get that off my chest. Ha.
   Today is to be somewhat warmer, maybe 40 degrees.  Hope your day is a good one. XO

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

St. John's Catholic Church........

   This is our local paper's front page from Saturday.  Our beautiful catholic church is to be dismantled. You can see the brick under the stone coating. This is breaking my heart. This church steeple can be seen for miles as you enter our town.
   Lightening struck the steeple a few years ago. The bell tower caught fire.. the steeple was rebuilt.  I do not know if the lightening cause the structural damage or the all the waters , from heavy rains, or the putting out of the fire, or just some kind of washout at the foundation. maybe a combination of it all.
  We lived 4 blocks from this church on the same street , for many years. Then when I was raising my daughters we lived 3 blocks from here. So this church has been a big part of our lives. Our neighborhood. Our town. It is to be dismantled and all the things saved that can be saved. The pews, the altar, and such. I am not sure if they plan to very sad.
   Wishing all of you well. XO

Monday, February 15, 2016

Happy Presidents' Day....

     Another cold day here in central Indiana. Ten degrees this morning. It will warm up as the days goes on. No mail today, some school aren't having classes. Some government offices are closed.
  Here's honest Abe at the Lincoln Memorial.  I think this may have been our favorite president.  If we rolled all the political presidential candidates into one person, they would not measure up to Lincoln. Too bad . LOL Yikes, do not get me started. 
  We had snowing and blowing yesterday. The total amount of snow was probably an inch, or so. I do not understand why I am so very sick of this winter already. It can go and be history as far as I am concerned. I know I am not the only one that feels this way. Each day I mark off a date to be closer to spring.  Wishing everyone a wonderful day. XO

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Flowers For My Valentines......

           Rose on the rose bush that I am keeping for my daughter Kathy.
         A sweet basket overflowing with pink wave  petunias .
         Great shade of orange in this daisy.
               One rose from Kathy's rose.
             Pale pink roses in the park last year.

         Hydrangeas , changing colors as they age.
        Beautiful colored mums in the front flowerbed.
        Bouquet of fake roses, from the grocery store.
         Some sweet violas in a container on the porch, last year.
           Another bouquet from our local grocery.
       Who doesn't love the sweet face of  a  pansy??
       The climbing clematis , a great purple color.   These are some of my flower photos on file. This is a way I can give all my blog friends flowers for Valentine's day.  Hope your day is a sweet one. XO

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Some Sunshine & Cold Temperatures...

   We are having the polar vortex again. Single temperatures, where you can not be out in for a length of time.  You see people scurrying into the grocery and back to their cars.
  The sun was out early then hid for hours with on and off snow. Later in the day the sun came back out. The sky were blue and pretty. This really helps me when it cold out.
  Here's some of my mums . I do not cut them down , so the little birds have places to hide or get in out of the wind. Some times I scare them or they scare me , when I walk by here.
 This is yesterday's sunset. I love seeing it. I know it's not long till spring(36 days) that makes this cold stuff a little easier to bear.
   Wishing all of you a great Saturday. Hope you get a valentine from a loved one. XO