Sunday, April 9, 2023

Happy Easter ...

 I have a few old pictures of Easter to share.  I have had lots of carrots lately. In salads , soups, and stews.  I have missed blogging with all of you. Still try to follow many. I have days where I feel like all I do is run in circles...can't see to plan and organize like I used too. That is about to change.

  As my daughter ,Kathy, who drove away from here into her new life in early September, has gotten settled and has her cat, Buddy back with her. Hooray !!!

 I never realized what a job having a pet can be. Especially if it has special needs. Buddy had digestive no big bowl of dry food ,out all day, for him to eat . No it was every 4 hours of smelly glop. Honestly, I do not miss the feedings and the litter box. And he had two litter boxes. 
 But here is my smiling girl , ever so happy to have her pet in Seattle with her. Thanks to pet transporters. When Kathy got to Seattle, it was a long process finding a job that would afford her a decent life. She is very educated too. But a job came along and with employment she could find an apartment . She could not have her pet while she was staying at her son's.  He had to find his own cat a home when his son was born. Not sure why...unless it was too much work. It took 7 months instead of the two we thought. 

   So now I have less responsibilities . Can clean the the house top to bottom . Can sort through the boxes I still have packed up here. Oh my gosh. I am thinking if its been packed for over a year..I do not need it. So I will been donating and giving to others. 

   Wishing all of you  blessings and love. XO