Saturday, September 29, 2012

Some Autumn Pics...

 I really like this big burgundy colored tree. It wasn't sunny when I got this shot , or you could see the yellow color under the burgundy. Here's some pumpkins with pansies in them ..this is at the Horton's store in town.
 I bought a couple new mums and some pumpkins form Horton's this week. Had to get a picture of this little shovel with hooks. It was hanging on an old door and had a basket full of decorations on one of the hooks.
We are setting up at the Saturday farmer's market today. This may be our last day for that. The weather is suppose to be very good. Hope your day is wonderful. xo

Friday, September 28, 2012

Thank You....

Thank you to all who sent prayers for my neighbor.  He passed on  as I asked for the prayers.  I wanted to thank everyone. Now I would like to asked all of you...if you have health issues, get them checked out. My neighbor was putting off going to the doctor. I think he wanted to harvest his crops. He was hauling beans, the day he was stricken. A blood clot went to his lungs. Now I see his family suffering.....not for money, food or housing, but for their loved one. Some things can wait, but not our health. If you won't take care of yourself  just to be healthy, please think of your family.Please. xo

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Asking For Prayers....

I am asking all of you to please say a prayer for my neighbor. He is not doing well. He's in the hospital with a blood clot in his lung. This morning, his son asked me to stay with the grandson, till the bus arrived. Josh is growing into a big kid, but his father wanted someone there, as Josh's mom was already at work. When we first moved here, Josh and his grandpa were always together. I thank all of you who are kind enough to offer up a prayer for Allen.  xo

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

More Festival.....

 This man played some really good music for all at the festival. We ate our lunch on the library steps, like we have for past 5 years or so. Ted and Kathy had the thickest pork-chops and I had a b-b-q sandwich.
 Just as I bought some sweet annie, which I had completely forgotten about in my previous post, I spotted a booth that was full of games. I was wanting to look closer and took this shot on the run . Sorry my cuff is in the photo. Now I wish I had bought some of these old marbles. It's a very good price .
Sorry again...I can not flip my photos, grrrrr. I wanted a picture of this tree. It is covered in yarn and so were the library rails. Hope you can make it out .
 Now what is going on with blogger again , again and again. I have been trying to leave comments and once I hit send, a screen pops up that says I am being  re-directed. Some of the people I have being visiting since I started blogging , I can not reach now. As soon as I click their site the screen gives me this re-directed double-talk. If I visit you and leave comments and you have not heard from me for awhile....I am trying dear friends.  xo

Monday, September 24, 2012

Earth Festival....

 This little engine was pushing and pulling two cabooses up and down the tracks. You could pay a fee and have a ride.
 This corner had lots of iron works. The thing about buying something like parked close by.
 I did think this booth of decorating lawn things was so colorful. But once again some big items to have to carry around. Not for me. All I bought at the fest, other than food , was 4 seasonal garden flags.
Here is the latest fair fashion :):) These little ladies had their furry animal hats on and just looked too cute. The long part of these hats has mittens at the end.:):) I asked them if I could take their photo, they just grinned and nodded yes. :):) Sweet .

Saturday, September 22, 2012

In Town Today.......

 This morning it was a bit foggy. You can see the tents up at Horton's. I was actually taking this picture from our spot at the Farmer's Market. It was a slow day for us. But Horton's was hopping. Here's some of the little vignettes there. I will tell you it did smell so nice in the store.Mr. Horton was passing samples of pumpkin pie fudge..yummy. I didn't buy any.I am trying to be good.

This is my little haul of goodies. Some cards, you must know I love cards. Some pretty bias tapes. A small bag of wine corks. A pin in the shape of a heart. The kitchen towels I have been waiting to buy today. They have an old red truck with pumpkins and hay bales around it. I am thinking of making pillows from these. Tomorrow we are going to the Earth Day Festival in Atlanta, Indiana. I'll post on it too. I hope I find some nice things. Wish you could go too. xoxo,

Friday, September 21, 2012

Sister And sister....

This is my sister Jeanie with Sister Virginia.  All the retired Sisters(Nuns) are being moved to a different retirement center. Jeanie used to work at the Academy taking care of the infirmed Sisters. I know my sister will miss them. The academy is closing down soon. That is so sad. I pray they keep the grounds and not sell them off to developers. I think there's just not enough money to keep all the old places running.
 Sister Virginia is a kind soul. We are not Catholic, but we were raised near their church. Two of my grandkids went to school at Saint John's. I can remember hearing all the kids playing at recess, when I lived in town. Two blocks away !! If you ever drive by a school at recess....roll your windows down and listen to
kids at play. I like to hear them having some fun.   :):)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

New Home...

This is a quick shot of my daughter and her husband's new home. I have been going over for an hour or two almost everyday, to help paint. YIKES !!! All the doors and woodwork. Four rooms are painted now. I taped off the master bedroom and we started painting the walls. This morning, I am going walking with my sisters...oh my everything hurts. I know I have to get moving to loosen up, because I will be painting again later today. I always thought once I retired, I would be painting, but not exactly this kind of painting.LOL Gotta go now. Enjoy this day. :):)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Some Fall Decor....

 I have to admit, this basket of fall decorations is somewhat faded. But I will use it at least one more year. Sitting on my the table I painted this spring...hmmm, maybe I need to paint the table again.
 This is a wreath of autumn leaves, I got it last year at the 4-H rummage sale. It was a dollar. That was the perfect deal for me.:):)
This is one of my mums gone crazy. It got so big it started crowding out another. I love all colors of mums , so mine have no one color coordination. My favorite are the deep burgandy. I only have one of those. I bought some orange mums from the boy next door. He was selling for his school fund raiser. They are just beginning to bloom. Have a fun day everyone. It is beautiful here. xo

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Depot...

This is the depot in Tipton. It's on the corner of Main street and Erie street.. There is always railroad activity going on around it. The rail yards are there also. Many years ago, there was a hotel across from it in this field. I only remember walking to school and going up the "cow path" . That was a little walkway of stones that ran along the tracks. The hotel was long gone before I was here. My sister lives near here and she hates the trains. When I lived in town , I lived right beside the tracks and I loved the trains. :):)

Monday, September 17, 2012

Kathy's Rose.....

The rose bush my daughter Kathy gave me to safe keep for her. We transplanted it in late spring, all the leaves but one turned brown. We just keep putting miracle grow on it , once every week. It started growing new leaves and bloomed. Everyone other week or so , it will have one to three beautiful roses . So glad we didn't just dig it out when all the leaves were so brown and I thought the bush had died. I hope it makes it through our winter.  It's starting to really feel like fall here. xo

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Horton's In Tipton....

 These are some of the displays at Horton's . They will be having their Autumn Market next Saturday. Oh I can barely wait. I went there today while we were in town for the farmer's market. I went to look over the goodies they have acquired for the sale.
 I really didn't get too close a look at the table ,but I love the big white platters hanging on the walls.
This display had some cute dish towels. I am going to buy a set of those for sure. There was flowers, birds, and candles. Just so many nice things. I love baskets and there were all kinds around the store.
 I have to say, today was so nice. Blue skies and fresh air. 72 degrees...just right :):)

Friday, September 14, 2012

New Scarecrows.....

I made these new scarecrows this week. I'll be taking them to the farmer's market tomorrow. I am hoping someone buys them.:):) I like decorating them.
Here's some of the Sweet Autumn clematis, it grows by my sister's house. I love to smell this clematis, it's heavenly. I have  to plant some for myself next year. Tomorrow is the farmer's market in town , I will be going to  Horton's store to look over their mums. I'd like to get a few plants, for fall decor on my porch. It's raining today and cool. You can almost feel that Fall is in the air.  :):) xoxo

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Walking Today , Smelling the Flowers...

 I went walking with two of my sisters this morning. We spotted this beautiful plant, so I took Jeanie's picture. Pam's hair was in rollers and she didn't want to get in the shot.LOL
 We saw this nice walkway lined with flowers, purple and orange. Plus a couple rose bushes. Then we went by a cousin's and Jeanie stole some pears. Just kidding, Chuck said we could help ourselves. Jeanie and I walked on Tuesday also. We went to the nun's home and visited Sister Virginia. We talked with her about Jeanie taking pears once from a tree and a bee stung her finger.Pay back for stealing :):) Sister Virginia said when she was young she took pears and apples from a neighbor.:):) Now she's a nun. We really enjoy visiting the nuns. They will all be moved to a different area in a few months. So we have to visit while there's time.I will miss their gentle ways. We will have to stay in touch by mail now.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

In A Field Of Wildflowers...

 This is a tribute to the flight 93. I didn't forget them or the people of the Pentagon . The monument for flight 93 is in a field of wildflowers in Penn. The boulder is where the plane crashed. The parks dept. mows to the boulder and the rest is wildflowers. There's a walkway leading to the marble stones, each has the name of a crew member or passenger on it.
                     You can see the boulder and the flowers.The plane went into the ground upside down.
 This is at the entrance of the walkway. Someone had a photo on 9/11, of the smoke from the crash.
This is how the marble stones look. Each one has the name of  a crew member or a  passenger.  Sorry,I have no photos of the Pentagon. God bless all. I have posted these pictures for those who care,and for those who won't ever see these monuments. xo

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

We Remember....

 This is the Reflecting Pools ,where the twin towers stood, before the attacks on America. Ted and I looked upon these monuments to the people whose lives were taken on 9/11. It was so tranquil for us. I remember standing in my living room that day, because I was frozen in place, and screaming as the towers went down. All those lives.2,977 from 90 nations.The oldest was 85 years old and the youngest was two. More than 400 were first responders , who died doing their duties.
When the WTC  is redeveloped ,it will include the Memorial , a museum, and commercial office space, and connections to public transit. This building is being call Freedom Tower,it is just beyond the north pool. It is to be 1,776 feet , making it the tallest building in the United States.This is  information we received while in NYC. Today let's take a moment to actually remember all those who lost their lives on 9/11.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Last Evening....

This temperatures were just right yesterday. I would have loved an entire summer, of wonderful days ,like yesterday. We sat out and watched the sunset. I have to say I would have sat out longer, but I saw a mosquito , so we called it a day. There was a report on the news, just this morning,about  West Nile fever
and all the other nasties out there. Please parents spray the kids, get rid of things that hold still waters, wear long pants and sleeves when out at dawn or dusk. xoxo

Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Last Few Rains......

 Finally my mums are starting to shape up and look  good again. They bloomed so early and the blooms would turn brown when it was the size of a quarter. The last rains we have had really helped, the mums are getting bigger and brighter We had storms almost all night long.  Ted went golfing this morning. I am going to be helping my daughter paint at her new house. It's tons of trim...that's my job.....Going up and down the ladder is the worst.  Hug somebody today. xo

Friday, September 7, 2012

Hooray, New Driveways And the Festival Too....

 Here's the new drives. They made the one by the shop just like I wanted. The extra parking area and the curved side so I can put in more flowerbeds. The people who did this paving job were outstanding. A grandfather, father, 2 sons, a grandson and a hired hand.. ...everyone worked in the horrible heat. No whining and no cussing. Just good hard working men. We gave them plenty of water and lemonade. I was really impressed how hard those kids worked.

 Here's two of my daughters and my granddaughter Lynzie. We had our picture taken at the hospital booth. My blood pressure was 120/80. They said that was good. I like it better at 115/75. The nurse on duty was passing out water bottles and bandaids.
Just when things were opening and starting to get going at the festival, the storm warning were issued. See all the men in the street by the blue/white tents...they are waiting for the pork chop lunches. I told my daughters, you can really get a man attention if you  put up a food tent. LOL Hope all of you have a wonderful weekend .

Thursday, September 6, 2012

New Driveways? Maybe Not....

 Yesterday morning the crew pulls up ready to make our new drives. We have had gravel at the shop/garage drive since we've lived here. The old drive is still here, it was getting cracked and needed resurfacing.
 But as you can started to rain shortly after the crew arrived. It was a gully washer. The storm just popped up so fast and dumped so much rain, the crew stopped working.They will be back today.
I like to shovel the snow from the driveways myself. It's hard work at times , but good exercise. Who needs an expensive gym membership. We have a snow blower, Ted uses it . I have a nice snow shovel:):) I take breaks when shoveling. I lift with my knees, not my back....but when I am done, my everything hurts LOL