Tuesday, September 11, 2012

We Remember....

 This is the Reflecting Pools ,where the twin towers stood, before the attacks on America. Ted and I looked upon these monuments to the people whose lives were taken on 9/11. It was so tranquil for us. I remember standing in my living room that day, because I was frozen in place, and screaming as the towers went down. All those lives.2,977 from 90 nations.The oldest was 85 years old and the youngest was two. More than 400 were first responders , who died doing their duties.
When the WTC  is redeveloped ,it will include the Memorial , a museum, and commercial office space, and connections to public transit. This building is being call Freedom Tower,it is just beyond the north pool. It is to be 1,776 feet , making it the tallest building in the United States.This is  information we received while in NYC. Today let's take a moment to actually remember all those who lost their lives on 9/11.


  1. Remembering with you today, Susie. God bless America.

  2. I don't think I can ever forget that day, I was at work when I heard the news, it was so gruesome we initially thought the US was under attack from other nations....My heart will always go out to those who were lost, and those who lost their love ones.

  3. Doesn't it seem like yesterday. Memories that don't fade. So many lost souls, so sad.

  4. The day the world stood still in disbelief. I was working for the airlines. It was the toughest work day of my life. Unlike the workers in the towers and the first responders, I lived through it!
    God Bless America, and the families of those lost on this day, 11 years ago.
    Thank you for sharing your images, Susie.

  5. What a beautiful tribute Susie. We are a nation who perseveres! Blessings, Julie

  6. oh yes, i remember it well, the horror and the feeling of some group hating americans THAT much to do such a thing to innocent people in the name of their god? sick distorted minds of crazy people, sick with hatred. i pity them too.

    hugs, bee

  7. I would love to go there and see the memorial. So many lives lost tragically, so many families broken and yet there is hope.

    I'm so glad you posted these pictures.

  8. The Reflecting Pool reminds me of the one here in Oklahoma City that honors those killed in the Murrah Building Bombing. Such beauty and peace birthed from those whose lives were ended far too soon.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Love, Rebecca

  9. I read this post on FB today. I thought you would like it. From a 20-something young man who lives near Ground Zero now.
    "My entire generation lost its innocence that morning in Lower Manhattan. It's difficult and perhaps unnecessary to put a positive spin on that. Yes, we must remember and praise the heroes of that day. But we ultimately endure this tragedy in vain if we react with anger and vociferous flag-waving without embracing the lessons taught by the sufferring of our own: the importance of humanitarianism, of tolerance, and civil service to those at home and abroad, to fight for those whose civil rights have been violated. We must hold these priorities high and close to our hearts, as individuals and as a nation. The events of 9/11 forced Americans to reinvision ourselves within a broader global context, to be aware of the global ripple effect of our actions and the example we set. Let's take what we can salvage from the horrible tragedies of September 11, 2001 and make the world a better place."

  10. I was just reading about the memorial when it is finished. It will cost $60 MILLION a YEAR to maintain it....after $700 MILLION to build it. They are wondering if they are going to be able to fund the upkeep. xo Diana

    1. Diana, I just read that in yesterday's Indy star. They need to have people pay to go to the museum. and Put a box out for donations too. It would be sad if they just let it all go now.Susie

  11. My, that must have been an overwhelming sight. I can remember my husband calling me from work and telling me to turn on the TV. I stood there crying in disbelief. It is still hard to believe and I still have trouble talking about it . . . What a horrible lose of lives.

  12. That is a noble memorial.. I have not seen these pictures. I must be hiding in a whole somewhere. PS. I joined your blog..Thank you, that is very thoughtful.

  13. Beautiful tribute..That memorial is so beautiful. We will never forget..

  14. We'll never forget and what a beautiful tribute.

    Cindy Bee