Monday, December 31, 2012

Bird Churches.....

 Here are my bird churches. They look so cold..brrr. This is a sweet little saying my brother just sent to me.
The nicest place to be is in someone's thoughts, the safest place to be is in someone's prayers, and the very best place to be is in the hands of God...........I hold you in my thoughts and prayers. I pray God has you in his hands.
Here are some of my old friends...I have to say good bye. Good bye cookies, cakes, pies, and candy. I think I can still eat some fruit. This array of sweets was at my daughter's on Christmas day. I did not bring any home with me.Yippee...hey, that's a start for me. I'll have to eat fruits, nuts, and they come in chocolate ??  I wish all of you a wonderfully blessed new year. I feel so bless having met you in this crazy blogger world. Beautiful people with good hearts and love to share.  Thank you!!! Love and hugs from me:):)

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Snow And Sunshine....

 This is Ted with the snow blower on Saturday morning.. he cleaned the drive and I cleaned the porch and the drive, a little more. What a waste of time that was. The wind picked up later and blew the snow right back.
This is some of the snow drifts. Ted has used the snow blower to even make a path to the neighbor's goats. Yes, I feed them all our peelings from fruits and veggies. The sun is shining today. I am so thankful for it.  I find that if I can have sunshine, I can deal with the cold long months of winter.  I have the tree decorations done and now Ted must put the tree in it's box , and back into the garage attic. Hope you are having some wonderful sunshine.  xoxo

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Picture Left-Overs....

 Here are so photos of Horton's in Tipton. I took these at the 1st of the month. I have not been back since then. I know they will be working on there Spring fair after the holidays are over.
 Lots of very pretty things to admire. Maybe even copy for yourself. Some times I like to see others' ideas.
 Oh I did pick up some of this burlap ribbon, hope I don't forget I have it. Have you ever done that? I hate when I buy things and put them back for future use and find them a long time later.
We had snow again last night...we've dug out the driveways and the porch. It's blowing a bit now and little flurries. Tomorrow is suppose to be a bit sunny. Hooray. Give me that sunshine.  xoxo,

Friday, December 28, 2012

I Need Sunshine...

I wanted to post this picture of some flowers...cause I am needing some sunshine. Today is just a blah day. I have cooked,cleaned and done 3 loads of laundry..zzzzz. I have boxed up two totes of Christmas decorations, one more to go plus the tree ornaments, some outdoor things...then my Christmas is done for this year. I like carrying around the happy feeling of having been with my daughters and their families. Teddy Bear is in the shop , doing a major clean up from Santa taking it over. Where are those elves when you need them?? I hope all of you out there have a good day with good memories. xoxo

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Game Time....

The young girls played" Disney Hedbanz," where you put a card picture of a disney character on your headband and try to guess who you are. Then the  girls had a treat and played "In A Pickle", while Lynzie gave the rules as we played. That part along was funny, as if she were making up rules as we went along. You can see the boys were watching sports on tv at the same time.
  I am going to try to take some good  pictures today with my new camera. It's another gray cold day.brrr.
I hope the sun will come out....the weatherman said it would on last nights' report. Stay warm everyone.xoxo

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Family Time...

Yesterday was a great Christmas day with family. Angie, Liz, Ted ,me, and Karen. Kathy could not be with us on Christmas day, but we all did spend time with her on Sunday. This is a photo with my new camera. I hope I can make it work for me. I did not take many pictures yesterday with it , because I was using both my cameras just in case.
 We are having a blizzard right now. The news has been nothing but the horrid conditions. Asking people to stay home  and off the roads. Two planes took off from Indy and turn right back. My granddaughter better stay in touch with the airlines....she has to go back to Tampa on Thursday. I pray we can all make it through this and not lose power.   I will be sweeping the porch every hour or so..I hate for it to be covered with snow. It is suppose to stop snowing this evening very late...Tomorrow will be dig out day.Let's see...84 more days till Spring. :):):)

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas To Me :):):)

This is my Christmas from Teddy. Wow The new canon rebel T3. Two wooden trinket dishes. I am happy. But boy there a lot to learn about this camera. I just hope I can learn all I need to know about it. Taking it to Angie's to get some good pictures. Hope you got something nice today. I wish you all a blessed Christmas filled with love. xoxo

Monday, December 24, 2012

Great Day....

 This is my grandson Korey, his sweetheart Ashley,my daughter Kathy (Korey's mom). They got here yesterday afternoon. We had a fun day together. Kathy make her wonderful baked chicken salad. Korey made green beans with carmelized onions and almonds. Kathy loves to cook and it has caught on with her son. We had veggie trays, cheese and cracker tray, cookies, pies, pumpkin roll, Too much food for such a small we will be eating left-overs for the rest of this week. Well except tomorrow Christmas day . I will not be bring anything back to this house from my daughter's. Too many temptations.
Korey and Ashley are a joy to be around. So kind to each other and everyone else too. Ashley said grace for our meal. Such a sweet prayer. I really love these young people.:):)

Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Christmas Dinner ....

 If I can think of it in the excitement, I'll take pictures of my daughter's family today. They are coming for  dinner . The blonde in the photo is Kathy , senior year. It's the baby with Santa that I am showing. It's Emma when she was about 2. Sitting so quietly on Santa's lap. The other photo ,you can see a small part , is Emma's mommy Liz.
This is a shot of my daughter Angie's Santa collection. She has sorted and thinned out many. She also has a snowman collection. She's a teacher, so any one who teaches knows what teachers get for Christmas gifts from their students. She receives candles too. I have seen her make over every gift that she gets, so no kid ever feels like his gift would be silly. She has asked them not to bring any gifts...but you know how excited children are at Christmas, and they truly do have a giving spirit. Angie spends her own money to come up with some thing her students can make for their parents for a gift. The children love that. Today the sun is shining once it. Yesterday, the ice would not shovel way. So maybe today, we can get some more broken up to shovel away. I like the porch, steps and driveways to be clear. That's my outside job. Blessings to all of you. xoxo

Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Little Christmas ....

 These angels are called Willow Tree Angels. They are special to me, each was a gift at an important time in my life.
 This is my huge wreath that I have trouble hanging, ha, you can see the ribbon, it's not hanging right....just stay put till after Christmas please.
These are  the JOY blocks I bought at Horton's last Christmas. My angel from Emma :):) One of the reindeer stocking hangers. I sat last night and enjoyed looking at everything. But this morning ,I am thinking about in a few days, I'll be putting it all away again. Where did this month go?? I'll be marking off the days till Spring soon.  Wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas , incase I don't get back till after Tuesday. xoxoxox

Friday, December 21, 2012

Romantic Country......

 This is the new issue of Romantic Country magazine. The editor is Fifi O'Neill, many of you know her. She has published an article on Best of th Fleas.  Horton's of Tipton is in this new Spring issue.
 This magazine is full of pretty and interesting items. Treat yourself to a copy today. You'll be inspired by all the articles. Some very clever decorating ideas.
I just wanted to add a big thank you for all the kinds replies to yesterday post on my blog....My husband Ted is the one who lost the 34 pounds...he did it by giving up sugars, mostly...He did not realize how much sugar was in sports drinks. If you have anyone in sports, who drinks Powerade or Gaterade,you may want to check the ingredients.  xo

Thursday, December 20, 2012

I Am Blessed...

My goodness, I was so excited about my grandson visiting yesterday,I forgot to take photos. So this is from last year.  Ted is 34 pounds thinner this year and I am 4 pounds heavier...blast. Grandson Korey is still trim. I wanted to post this, cause I just wanted to brag a little. Korey will be graduating this coming Spring.  He has a degree in meteorology from Ball State University. He will be getting this degree in GIS., from SLC university, Utah.....which I keep forgetting what that stands for ...I do know it has to do with mapping.
 Ted and I were thanking Korey for staying focused on his studies and walking a straight line in life. He has never cause a moments' troubles. He said, "Nana , I have you to thank for that. You instilled good work ethics in your daughters. Showing them that something worth having is worth working to achieve." Oh believe   me, I thank God for that young man . I don't think Korey was buttering me up for a bigger Christmas gift, because they get the same thing each year. LOL  I can hardly stop smiling . :):)

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Mr and Mrs......

Here is Mr. and Mrs. Claus. I love this . In a town north of here, someone has this decoration. It's a real car decorated with lights and the figure are inside. If I had an old car or truck, this is exactly what I would want.
Hope everyone is doing well, staying healthy. I had a check up this past week and I did well. My doctor told me to lose some weight....I think I need a new doctor. :):)

Monday, December 17, 2012

God Is Watching....

Ever since I was a little girl, I have always thought the sunbeams coming through the clouds was God .I still like to think of it that way. Now more than ever ,I want God to be watching us. Tomorrow is being observed as a day of silence, in honor the those killed in Newtown.  xo

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Some Awesome Sunsets....

These are pictures of  some sunsets I took a 2 1/2 weeks ago. I just could not believe the orange, so brilliant. I have been wanting to post these photos and google kept telling me I had ran out of free space . They wanted me to sign up for more space , but it would cost me. I did not sign for making payments to them. Then all of a sudden, I have been able to access my photo files again. I did if the computer fixed it's self, or some kind of fluke took place. Well whatever happened,  I am so glad.
 I had a nice lunch with my sisters yesterday. We had a platter of meats/cheeses, one with veggies, and one with desserts. Now that made my day much easier.
 Today, there's more on the news of the school shootings and also in the papers. I can't help but cry for all the loss of innocent lifes.  I feel upset. I know those children are with our is still very hard to think of their families are without them. Please continue to pray for them. Thank you. xoxo

Saturday, December 15, 2012

We Need Prayers....

We all need to pray for the families of the children involved in the shootings in Newtown. I can't even imagine their pain. Any of us , who have lost loved ones, by any circumstances,  we know pain. But this is a pain that touches our nation.  xo

Friday, December 14, 2012

More Photos Of Hortons....

 I have been able to access my picture file with the Horton's Christmas Artisans' Market. I love these flicker candles on the mantle. They have  battery powered lights, no flames. So safe.
 I like the clock that looks like a big watch. One of my favorite things, the little wardrobe with the inside of it door made into a chalkboard. Just too cute.
I clean the office yesterday. Shredded, dusted (cough-cough), sorted, stacked, dusted the fan blades finally, then dusted the office some more. It almost looked like a dust bowl . Now I have some dirt for my flowerpots..haha. I did not run the sweeper, so guess what I'll be doing today. I even made some white chocolate/macadamia nut cookies. From a mix :):) xo

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Who Knows....

This is actually one of the newer photos I had in my I am allowed by his/her royal hinny-ness blogger/google to access this picture and make a post. I have not heard from that computer repairman, or had a chance to go see him in person. But then here I am being able to post a photo, when that was my computer problem to start good old Charlie Brown would say, good grief. LOL
 I planned on posting about my rather boring know chores ,chores , and more chores. I have the laundry caught up. With my washer/dryer in the basement it's a workout. My backside  should never sag:):)
Today, I will clean this office. It appears that some brainiack works in it. LOL. No just one slob of an old lady, ME. Why do I keep things, I have this industrial shredder, but I  keep things I think I may read again. Or heaven forbid  I throw away any of these " insurance"  information letters, that make me crazy trying to understand. Why is" important" junk mail trying to take over my life ?  So it's shredding today, plus high dusting.
I am ashamed of how dusty this office has become.Yikes. Hope all of you have much more fun things to do today.  xoxo

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I Got A Gal In Kalamazoo.....

Well you maybe would not call her a gal. LOL  She's Sr. Virginia from the Saint Joseph Academy. She has moved to Kalamazoo, Michigan, with a few other Sisters from here in Tipton. She is the sweetest nun I ever met. My flesh and blood sister , Jeanie, gave me Sr. Virginia's new address, so I can send her a Christmas card. I want her to know we are thinking of her and wishing her well. That is  the thing I want to post about. Sending cards or letters to people once a year. It seems at Christmas, it is a good time to just let others know you are thinking of them. I send to distant cousins, that I never see. I always enclose some good wishes. I have people I have not seen since retiring also. Just when I think ...oh I will wait to see if they send a card first....have you ever done that:):) I just can't take it and I go ahead and send one.  It seems a bit phoney if I do not send it without getting one first....because, I send a card to let them know I am thinking of them.. This year my sister says she is calling people ....omg...I am not a phone person. I would rather write a few lines, that they can read at their leisure. Today the sun is shining, yippee. xo

Monday, December 10, 2012

Brunch With Classmates....

I'll be having brunch today , with some of my classmates. This is an old pictures, I am still not able to access my photos. Only ones I have shown before on my site. But sometimes a post without pictures is boring. Sorry to all my followers. My daughter said she will work with me on the 23, when she's home for Christmas.
 I didn't buy much on my junking Saturday. It's fun to look at things anyway. I bought some old cookie cutters. Then yesterday, My oldest daughter, Angie, picked me up and we joined my twins daughters,Liz and Karen. They got into the same vehicle with us and we drove to Rochester,In. and met up with my middle daughter Kathy. We had a nice lunch together, then went to a few stores. We just wanted to spend time together. Meeting in Rochester is an hour drive for Kathy and the rest of us. That way no one is driving 2 hours one way. Which is 4 hours round trip . It was nice to have time laughing and catching up.  xo

Friday, December 7, 2012

Treasure Mart Junking....

I am going to go to the treasure mart and do some junking tomorrow. This is just a  tiny glimpse of their treasures. They have a bit of everything. I like the turquoise table in the corner. Looks like I should have kept all my old skillets.
Today I have been busy addressing cards. I want to get them out before the big rush. I thought I had plenty, but looks like my supply is getting low, better get a few more. Some times this is the only connection with some distant cousins and friends. I do write a line or two inside the cards. Hope you are enjoying your day. xo

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Doodle Bug...

This is Lynzie, we call her doodle bug. She said in high school," I do not want to be doodle bug any more."  I told her that doodle bug was a name for a bomb and she was the bomb. I slip every once in a while and call her doodle. Bless her heart, she's the best young lady ever. She is in her last year of studies to become a nurse. I know she will be a good one. I just don't get to see her enough. She is Emma's big sister. I have been thinking of her today, so that's why I posted her photo.
  I made my dentist appointment yesterday. Got a good report. Yes, of course, they ask questions while you can't talk.:):)Wow, they were busy. Everyone getting things done before the holidays. I love my dentist, but still get the heebee-geebees, whenever I go there. Hope all of you have a wonderful day. xo

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Have you noticed the sunrises and sunsets ? They have been full of hot pinks and oranges. So pretty. We have sat out on the porch the past few evenings and watched the sunsets. First of all, I find it amazing we can sit outside in December. Oh not that I am complaining about the wonderful weather, no way. Everyone wanting Christmas lights outside should be able to get them out in these pleasant temperatures. :):)  Enjoy this beautiful day everyone, and if it's nice this evening, sit and watch the sunset. xo

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

My Universe...??

See this small house, it's where all my siblings and I lived with our parents. Two bedrooms and one bath.Eat in kitchen and a living room. Big yard. Here's the real sad part of this....11 kids and 2 parents. I have always teased that our parents stacked us like cord wood. For the older of us kids it was not good. The younger had more room , food ,clothing, etc., after the oldest kids left home. Two boys joined the service, two girls married. As you can see, there is grass growing in the yard. All of us kids running around keep the grass wore off, especially a ring around the house. Thinking of that , it's so funny now.
   My  parents used to make me angry. They did not do right by us, some times. Not all was bad, mind you. We had a our moments of joy.  As time went by and another child left that tight little nest, the grass grew and a sadness took over that corner lot. The boys , most in service, the girls married or working, or both. The parents , sometimes, alone , in that wee house, which must have felt like a barn , so empty. But any special occasion and we would all pile right back into that little house and share a meal and lots of love. All's well that ends well. xoxo

Monday, December 3, 2012

Some Decorating...

The little sign I bought at Horton's last year. I love it. I have this country bench in the entry, it's where the bears sit. I just add wee pillows, the trees, and some greenery. Today is my daughter's birthday and my s-i-l.
I will be taking gifts to Angie's and decorating her table for her. She will be surprised. If Jake isn't there, I can still get into the house. The first thing Angie and my s-i-l did was give me a house key. They have always made me feel welcome , always. I used to go to their old house, make a sandwich and coffee, on my way to work. I would watched their home movies, of Christmas or sports games. Some times if their cabinets were almost bare of food, I would go to the grocery for them. I would get them food and put it in the cabinets. Angie has said,"mom it was always so nice to see you had been here and helped us through our lean times." I do feel bless with my children. They are my greatest gift. xo

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Horton's Christmas Open House...

I did make it to Horton's. They were busy as usual.  I bought some ornaments, a bracelet, gift tags, coasters, and a book on Tipton. The book is put together by an old neighbor of mine, well she's not so old :):) The historical society helped Janis with the book. It begins about how our town  was built. Many old and interesting photos. The Indiana General Assembly, in Jan. 15th 1844,made a new county from the  Miami reserve. Then named after general John Tipton, who fought with the Indiana militia in the 1811 battle of Tippecanoe. The book ends with photos of Barack Obama, on his 2008 campaign trail, going to Kempton, the town west of here. The Dunham's century old homestead,in Kempton,  links directly to Obama's ancestry.
  I will be buying 4 of these books, one for each of my daughter's. Their grandfather John P. is shown with all the police in Tipton. He was once the chief of police.   xo