Monday, March 31, 2014

What A Beautiful Day....

  Today is so pretty and so was yesterday.  60 some degrees. Now this is Spring. Finally. It was a long time coming. It's suppose to be cooler later this week...But I am loving this.
  This is the cupola that Ted made this winter and put up in March. We had bought the weather vane a couple years ago. A  man  was selling  the weather vanes, at the covered bridge festival in Parke County. He had a huge assortment of things to choose from. If I lived near the water I would have chosen a ship or whale. So I asked Ted , which one he liked, of all the choices. He said , "Oh I like the golfer."  Are you kidding me !!!! Then I rephrased my question.  Which one of these "roosters or horses" do you like?  LOL  That is how we ended up with the trotting horse.
 That gizmo to the right of the cupola, is Ted's hill-billy antenna. Now folks this thing works. You get on line and look for directions to make it. It is called a digital antenna. It picks up about 30 stations. Ted watches some woodworking shows while in the shop.
  Hope your day is sunny and bright. xo

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Be Gone...

 This is what happened yesterday afternoon....the snow melted. Hooray. I knew it could not last it was just too warm. Today is to be 60 degree, oh boy. I may rake around in the yard. Cut back things in the flower beds. You can see our grass is looking greener.
This is what it was like while it was snowing yesterday morning.  We did get an inch of snow. The weatherman actually said the name of our town on the news this morning.LOL  If I had not shoveled our driveway , you would not know it had snowed. But by shoveling there's wee piles of snow  still along our drive.:):)
  My daughter told me that her Spring break will be the week of April 7th-through the 11th. So gee I'll have to start sorting through my closets and bagging up some things. We usually make a drop off at the good will stores when Angie's on break.  You know the truth is if I could wear everything in my closets, I'd never need to shop again in my life time. Well...unless I would  ever  get to go to Paris.  xo

Saturday, March 29, 2014

It's An S Word....

  It ain't spring either.....its' SNOW.....ding-dang if it isn't snowing this morning. Enough that the ground is covered.  I will be sweeping the porch. Tomorrow is to be in the 60's. LOL Ted is saying out loud, "where is spring ?"
He is wanting to play some golf.  There have been years where he's played golf into November, then start again in Jan.  Not the past two winter/spring seasons. He'll have to wait a bit more.
  I think my daughter  will be on Spring break this coming week.  We usually try to do something fun. Shopping then having lunch out. I am looking forward to having time with her. When we went to the play on the 16th, we really never had much time to visit.  Angie has a great sense of humor and we always have good laughs together.
  Hope all of you are enjoying your weekend. xo

Friday, March 28, 2014

Bunny Season Is Near....

I am thinking chocolate bunny season...yum. These little cuties are at the store in town. I think I told all of you that my daughter's neighbor gave them 19 rabbits. It's all Savannah can do to name them ...LOL I know the girl has tried. :) She is a huge animal lover. When  we were at their house on Wednesday, she showed me her new parakeets. Very pretty, one blue and one green. I know they are named. Oh by the way, Emma is going to name a chicken after papaw and one for me. So they will be Teddy and Susu.
  Karen has told Savannah , she  can't keep every rabbit, because as new ones are born they need to give away or sell some of the older ones. She doesn't really like that idea, but she doesn't know some may end up in a stew either. shhhh.
  Growing up our father and brothers hunted rabbits. We have eaten them and even our pet chickens, after they were raised. I am never eating rabbit again, and I do not want to eat pet chickens. Being poor had a lot to do with the menu at our house.
  Hope you are having a good day. We have heavy  winds and it's overcast.....another good day for chores. Maybe clean the hall closet.  xo

Thursday, March 27, 2014

It's Quiet.....

It's awful quiet here this morning. I miss Emma already.  She is off on a trip with her parents for the rest of her Spring break.
I want to thank everyone for their nice comments on Emma's crafting. I like when she is making something how she will say, "oh mom's going to love this." She has people in mind when she is  crafting things.
 Today is a rainy day, to rain all day. I will be doing laundry and cleaning, you know I had that two days' break from chores. I am beginning to hate housework. Where is the door to door maid service? LOL
 Blessings to all of you out there. Hope you have a great day.  xo

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Craft Projects By Emma.....

 Here is the princess of crafting. She painted the peat pots, then decorated them. She wanted them to have handles like  a basket, then she put some Easter grass in them She is planning on putting some jelly beans in them and giving to her mom, sister and friend. Of course one for herself.LOL
 She can be in a goofy mood some times. Always fun though. Have you noticed her bun? She has anew bunroll that she can make a bun with and she loves it.
 Here is the banner Emma made from some big paint sample cards. We could have glues some fancy lace or papers over the color names in the corners but we just left them plain. Still a cute banner.
I told Emma when she posed like this , with the wreath she made, that I was absolutely going to post it.:):) We used a cutout from a pizza box lid, some music pages from a book I got for a dime. Some fake flowers and a wire ribbon. cut the wreath shape, glue some torn music pieces around the cutout. Make some cone shapes to put the flowers in. I did the cone shape and bow, Emma did the rest.
  We just returned from taking her home. She wanted to see her chickens and check on them. We stopped by to get Savannah for a day or so...she didn't want to come. I think her parents may be taking them places. So she has decided to come another time.
  It was a fun time.  I ache from the though of our grandchildren growing up so fast. They will be the age one day, when they won't want to hang out with us, that's a sad thing too. I know all parents and grandparents go through this.
  It's a sunny day, so I may talk a small walk about. xo

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

She's Here....

 Emma got here around 6:00 p.m.  She said she was tired. She has 12 new chicken now. She and her father were busy getting them all set up and into their pen.
Today when she's ready, we will paint these peat pots and decorate them. Emma brought some big paint samples papers to make some banners . Once we get our crafts done, I'll post the pictures.
  Wishing everyone lots of hugs.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Emma Pooh Will Be Here....

Our sweet Emma will be here this afternoon. She's on Spring break this week. This is a photo of here last summer. She brought her bike and was really getting the hang of bike riding. It was hard for her at her house...gravel drives and up on a hill, then all woods in the back.  This is her going to get the mail at the end of our driveway. Children grow so fast, that when they want to be with us, it's our chance to have them over for a couple days. All too soon they want to be with their friends, not us old folks. I have to get some pictures while she is here. I will be showing some crafts we make while she is here. xo

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunday. ...

The morning came with sunshine, then it became cloudy. Just a bit ago it was snowing...just a little , it's gone already. Whew...Don't even want to see it any more for a another 10 months.
 Doing laundry and running the vacuum. Already dusted yesterday.  Always some things that can be done.  I have been thinking of golf season. Ready for Ted to stop making fires in the fireplace, which creates lots of dust. If he is golfing, he is making less saw dust in the shop, less to drag in.  I know I have my very own Morty, the man that makes dirt. You know that old guy on the Swiffer commercials.  Dang Morty get your clubs and get going !!!! LOL.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Crafting Kids...

This is Emma and Savannah, their moms are my twin daughters.   Emma is Liz's daughter and Savannah is Karen's daughter. They both love to craft. They both love animals  and have pets. Emma has two cats and one dog. Savannah has two dog and 17,er 19,er 20 rabbits. LOL.  I can't keep track.  I am going to have each of this girls over to stay at least one night and do some crafts. Not sure if I will be able to have them at the same time. Next week is their spring break and I know  Savannah will be celebrating her birthday with friends through the week some time.
 Today is gray and cooler than yesterday. Getting up to 45 .. I'll take it, that is better than the fridge stuff. Hope all of you are getting a warm up. Enjoy your day. xo

Friday, March 21, 2014

I Want To Take A Walk....

 It does not look this good yet....but this is our city park. I am so ready to go there for a nice walk.
   A  little squirrel sitting on the bench that's there in my brother and sister in law's honor. It is a memorial bench. I know that the park is not wanting to have memorial benches any longer. I do hope they let this stay. They think if its a memorial, it's depressing. I need to check into this.
I have always loved our park. The fellow that takes care of it , with his crew, is a hard worker. He doesn't like limbs and branches lying about. It would be rare to see a piece of litter.
 Yesterday was a great day. Still a bit chilly. Today is suppose to be much better....then the cold comes back. We know it won't last long though, that helps.
   Spring break for my grandkids,Emma, Savannah, Skylar, and Brock, this coming week.  Brock will probably work, as he has a job. Skylar may get to have friends over. I am hoping Emma and Savannah will be here for a couple days. Crafting !!!!   Enjoy your day.  xo

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Happy Spring Everyone....

       Finally !!! Spring has finally arrived. We have all longed for it. Counted the days till it's arrival even. Marked off those days, those snows, those subzero  temperatures. I know there will be a few more nasty days, but I am hoping we do not get the weather that I  saw on the map yesterday. The weathermen were saying we could get another big snow. I just wanted to welcome spring for all of us that have waited . Blessings.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Impulse Buy....

 This is a sweet shamrock plant that I picked up at the grocery store. You know at the end of check-out lanes. So you are tempted while just waiting.
I made a remark to Missy over at This & That, that I have always wanted a shamrock plant ...but knowing me , I would forget to water it. But look Missy, it was one dollar....almost a steal. If I would keep this on the kitchen window sill, I may remember to give it a drink once a week. Maybe :):) If I have  it  next year, I'll post a photo.
 We may get some rain today. I am praying if we get any moisture, it is very little. Our ground is saturated right now. Wishing everyone a great day. xo

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Win & A New Day...

 I got these beautiful cards in the mail yesterday.  I won them in Gert, Tom and Rusty's give away. There are 4 designs, 8 cards. The cards are made at Pairie Flower Farm. They are, a duck with ducklings, a baby chick , a pan full of eggs, and a ceramic chicken in a cage. All are so cute. Thank you again Gert , Tom, and Rusty (Rusty's a very sweet dog)
 This is the moon setting this morning, or rather just hanging around. It looked so pretty.
This is the sun coming up . It is going to be a great day. Can you even believe the lawn man came yesterday. Put down some fertilizer and pre-emmergance. I personally thought the lawn was too frozen. Of course if it warms up today, it will soon be mush.
  Wishing all of you a wonderful day, some sunshine hopefully.  xo

Monday, March 17, 2014

Sunday's Play...

 My daughter Angie and I went to see the play, "Of Mice and Men" . Our community theater gave it at the high school auditorium. Great sound system there. It was an enjoyable play.
 When we first sat down, everything was fine, until someone came in who had bathed in their perfume. I told Angie, please let's move, that perfume was over powering.  We did. 
It was so cold here yesterday . I didn't even go into Angie's house after the play, but came straight home to get warm. Never did feel warm till bedtime.
 This is the bit of sun that came back just as the sun was setting. The skies were pink and lavender, with a orangy swath at the horizon.  Hope everyone has a wonderful St. Patty's Day.  xo

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Saturday's Shower.....

               This is the cake at Lynzie's shower, plus there were two trays of cupcakes.
 Here are my beautiful granddaughter's Emma and Lynzie.  They are sisters 13 years apart.
             Here I am with all my daughters, (twins)Karen and Lizzy, Angie, and Kathy.
 This is some of the food items. Strawberries, chicken salad sandwiches and ham/cheese on rolls. More cupcakes, which were a hit with the young girls and me. I did eat one, without frosting. There was another bowl of mixed fruits  and more cupcakes in the kitchen. People got to take things home if they liked.
 Someone is standing on a chair here attaching decorations...yikes. This was flour tortillas with spiced cream cheese rolled in to pinwheels. and tacos in a cup. There was coffee , tea , and pink lemonade.
This was so funny. It is one of the games. You get a model and rolls of toilet tissues and make wedding dresses. They look more like mummies ...LOL. This is Emma, Grandma Donna, sweet little Maggie, and Savannah who just kept smiling during this whole thing. Grandma Donna said that was very like the dress she wore when she did get married. :):)

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Fun Day Ahead.....

Here I am with three of my four daughters.  I am in the red on the left.The old one ! The girls in the middle are my twins, Liz and Karen, can't you tell? They are nothing alike. The girl in the green is my oldest daughter, Angie. I promise to get a new picture of all of my daughters and me today. Also a few of Lynzie, who's bridal shower we are attending. It will be fun. I always enjoy my time with family.
  Hope all of you are enjoying some of this wonderful sunshine. I am loving it. The wind was fierce yesterday. It also helps to dry up the wetness from rain and melting snows. Next week could be nice. Or not, you know how Spring weather can fluctuate. xo

Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday At Last....

  This has been a long week, or so it seems to me. Today is my  mammogram day. I will be happy when it's over. I have a story to tell all of you today.
  In the paper this morning is an article about my neighbor. She died Wednesday night. Only 47 years old. She had survived her breast cancer  . Then  in February, she was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. She died of a complication related to the first round of chemotherapy for the leukemia. It knocked the wind out of me. I had no idea this was happening. I had seen her driving her car past our house waving and  I thought, thank God she's doing well. She was the assistant principal at one of our area schools. Everyone at the school is in shock.
 So I will go for my mammogram and be thinking of that beautiful young girl.  And I will thank God for my own daughter  Lizzy's survival of breast cancer.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Up Coming Shower.....

Bridal shower, that is. Our beautiful granddaughter Lynzie  is having her bridal shower this Saturday. I am looking forward to something fun. You know after my week of  blood draw, drilling, shoveling, and tomorrow's squishing. :)
 Lynzie got her unusual spelling of her name from her mom. The Lyn part is from Lizzy's twin sister's middle name Lynn. The zie is from Lizzy spelling her own name Lizzie and she took the zie part. I know, go figure. Anyways, this is one very wonderful young lady. She is good through and through.
 Her soon to be husband is a very loving person, he truly adores Lynzie . Ahh, young love. He is a computer wizard. Wish he lived closer to us. LOL
  I'll try my best to remember to take my camera first of all....then to remember to take photos. I'll post some if I can just remember  how to load them to my files. Gaa.  It's a wonder I am not bald, from tearing my hair out.:)
  I am going to enjoy our sunshine from inside the house, it's cold out.  Do some housework too. Hoping you all have a great day.  xo

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Snowing Again.....

Rain storms in the early hours today. Turned to snow, and it  is really coming down. I shoveled to the mailbox and it's snowed over already. Hoping the wind lays down. Otherwise it's going to be rough on travelers, people going to and from work. So thankful it was not like this yesterday. :) Remember I count my blessings where I find them, no matter how small.
 My jaw is better today , but sore.  I am praying all I had done yesterday will help me. So far I can't tell.  I'll know more this weekend. Honestly  I know a dentist is worth his weight....but I keep thinking, am I throwing good money after bad. I could be sporting the best dentures around for all the money I have spent in one year. LOL
  Hope everyone is well today. xo

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Bring On The Mammogram....

Today, I went to a dentist in Indianapolis. He was to find my sensitivity problem and take care of it. Well he did. He put ice on all the teeth in that area. Hit each tooth, pushed on each tooth. Then he said, let's wait a few minutes and I try another cold test. I close my eyes , so I never saw where the cold came from, it was like a super cold...maybe a chemical..heck, I do not know. Well I just about came out of the chair. To top things was not even a tooth that I thought could be having trouble. It was my back molar. There was three roots in it...making it a three root canal job.
 I go crazy just hearing the drill. So there is no relaxing, not for me.The dentist and his assistant were so gentle.....but it's still a root canal. My jaw hurt from just holding my mouth open. I took 2 tylenals, right after...have to take 2 more at 3:30.I will hurt for today but should be fine tomorrow.  I have had root canals before, but never one that took this long ....that's why I say, come Friday my mammogram will be a breeze....Thank you to all who sent me good wishes to survive this. :):)

Monday, March 10, 2014


 This is a photo I took 10 days ago. She all that's gone !!! I am so glad. But they are saying on the today show, that more snow could be here Wednesday.  Big bummer.
This is a little bouquet of flowers, I bought myself . I got it at the grocery store :):) I have been trying to use my new camera and load the photos on my that I will have pictures to post on my blog. I feel like a square peg in a round hole. LOL.  So it's practice, practice, practice.
  I had to get a blood test this morning for my cholesterol.  I absolutely hate going around the hospital at this time of year. I wore my gloves to not touch any thing that could have cold germs on  it.  As I come out from the lab....there's a lady coughing her head off.  I turn away from her, and get the heck out of that hospital. Came home and washed up like I was headed to surgery.  LOL
  Hope everyone has a great day. xo

Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Cupola & Weather Vane....

This bottom photo is Ted upon the shop/garage. He built this cupola two weeks ago and finally got the chance to put it on the roof. The weather vane is a horse in a trot stance. We had a cupola on the garage in town and had a copper roof on it. It had a chicken vane . We drove by to look at it just yesterday. The copper is getting a nice patina on it. Wish we had brought that out here to the farm.
   I will have to work with my new camera. I am not getting any close up shots. Missed a great chance earlier of a flock of whooping cranes in the field across the road. Then I came in and went back out and they flew almost over my head and the camera was in the house....why?  One of those Homer Simpson moments...doh !!

Happy Sunday....

Here's Sunday already. Wow , didn't a week of March just fly by?   Yesterday, Ted put the cupola on the garage. He built is two weeks ago, but the weather wasn't  nice enough to be climbing. We went to the covered bridge  festival in Parke County, In. about 6 years ago and bought a weather vane. Well we are just now using it, on top of the cupola. I'll get a picture soon and show what it looks like.
 We drove into town yesterday afternoon. Just for a trip out of the house. Everything looked dirty and drab. The weather took a toll on some things. The big piles of snow, that appear to never melt, are in all the parking lots, along each road, in yards. It is melting nice and slow, which is a good thing.
 Hope all of you are having a warm up. Enjoy this day.  xo

Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Good, The Bad, & The Taxes......

I want to thank all of you for good wishes for me , when I went to my dentist. He worked me over, said my implant area was fine. Said he could find nothing wrong with my back teeth, where I have sensitivity. So I asked him if he thought I was  psychotic. LOL He is sending me to a dentist who does root canals, to check out the two teeth that are sensitive. Then I will have to go to the other dentist that did my implant. Dr. Mike doesn't do extractions, root canals, or implants. I bet it has to do with insurance. I'd love a place close by that could do it all. This may be the good.
  The bad....yesterday on my way to get my taxes done, I said to myself, get the excise paper from the glove compartment. No, don't talk to yourself all the way there, just to jump out of the jeep and leave the excise tax paper in the compartment. I am hurrying here. So I go back out to get this paper, it's where you pay excise on your plates. I ended up locking my keys in the car . I just go back into the tax place and try to call Ted and burst into tears. Now I am crying and can't see to call, so the girl calls him for me. I tell  Ted, " you can kill me later, but for now could you come unlock my jeep?"
He came to my rescue.  I am thankful.
  The girl starts working on my taxes. There's way more to deduct than you can know. I did not know about medicines being deductible. Well at the end of that , I do get a refund. But have to pay the state thirteen dollars.
  I have been so stressed about my teeth, that just locking my keys in my car set me off. Normally I would have laughed about that, although I never do that sort of thing. Then I go by my Drs.' office to pick up a paper for blood work at the hospital. Cholesterol check. Good thing it wasn't blood pressure. LOL
 Later yesterday afternoon, my twins came to see me and brought me some gifts.  They were on their way to a funeral . Which was sad. But I have to say just getting hugs helped me.
  Hope you are having a great day. xo

Friday, March 7, 2014

Busy Day.....

Going into town this morning.  Time to get my taxes done. I thought going to the dentist yesterday was a pain. LOL This is worse. Seems no matter how I sort and save , I am lacking  some form or paper. I thought once I retired ,life would become a breeze. There are times I wish I was still working.
 Some good news, the weather is to be nice today. Maybe near 50.....that will be Spring to me. The sun is up and looking wonderful. Enjoy your day. xo

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Warming Today....

Brr, it is plenty cold this morning. But the weatherman just said it will get up to 40 degrees today. That is going to be so nice. I am  ready for some warmth. I try to go outside a bit each day. I like for my face to be cold, but I let the sun shine on me and I can feel it's warmth. I like the fresh air.
 Dental appointment later today...not so excited about that.  I am asking my dentist to examine two areas in my mouth. I know it's more than just sensitivity. I use the sensitivity toothpaste. It just seems since I got this implant that things are not right.  I will be seeing the dentist who put that implant in , next week  . Always something, isn't it?
  It is going to be great to see this snow melting. Hope all of you have a wonderful day. xo

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Birds Are Singing.....

The birds were singing this morning. The cardinals. The robin are chirping, but I have not heard their full song yet. Maybe they only sing that when it's time to mate. It was pleasant going to the mailbox this morning.
 Ahh, soon we will be able to clean out the flowerbeds for their spring flowers. I am anxious to dig in the dirt. I actually like the smell of it when planting flowers. I think I have decided upon red petunias this year. You know how we change our minds at times.  I want something bright after the winter we have had. So all my containers will have red petunias, mixed with other things. I'll have to paint the twigs and sticks way to add a bit of color in the containers.
  Hope your day is filled with joy. xo

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


I am trying to learn to load and post my photos from my new camera, to my new computer, to my old blog. I am sure I am not doing it the right way, but hey look. Here is a photo of one of our big snows. I know , snow she keeps saying. LOL I haven't taken any new photos for ever.
   Hope you have a sunny day today. We are having partly sunny. I'll take that over no sun. xo

Monday, March 3, 2014

Thankful Today...

I am thankful this morning. We did not get all the predicted snow that was headed our way. When it stopped snowing, it never did start back up. So we had about 6 inches and as the day went on that melted down a bit. It was very fluffy when I started clearing the drive, I take breaks. Well by the time I got to the end of the drive and the mailbox area, it was getting heavier because it was wetter.
   The sun is shining at this moment....oh happy day for me. Time for a cup of coffee and the newspaper. Hoping  all of you have a great day with sunshine. xo

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Birthday Boy.....

Happy Birthday to our Korey.  We called him last night, he was on his way our to dinner with friends.  I honestly had forgotten just how near his birthday was. That's what I get for just sitting here wishing February away. LOL  
  I have shoveled a path to the mailbox, this morning. We have about 6 inches of snow and more to come. We may have a break in it for a bit this afternoon. Then it is suppose to start again and snow till 7:00 tomorrow morning.  Sure makes me wish I had some neighbor kids.:):) I would tell them shoveling snow is the best fun ever...
  Ted is in the shop, making some of those political signs. He's donating his labor. Making about 30 signs for our friend's son who is running for sheriff. If this young man wasn't such a good person,  Ted would not be doing the work. Of course I tease Ted about having the sheriff on his side.:)
  Yesterday, I visited Cranberry Morning blog....oh I laughed till I cried. If you would like to laugh that hard, go check out  the post from yesterday.
     Take care everyone and enjoy this day, as best you can. xo

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Don't You Want To Play?????

I found this picture of the playground , so inviting. I am truly ready for some fun in the sun....when is the next bus leaving?     We are to start getting snow late this evening. It is to continue till Monday some time. I hope it moves a bit faster than predicted, so it can get on outta here. :):)
  I have been enjoying Donna's  posts from Savannah ,Ga.  Lots of pretty things to see there and warm weather.  It's just nice to know some of our blog pals are having fun in the sun.
  I will be doing some laundry this morning...oh joy !! Who wears all these clothes away?  I'll cook lunch and clean up after, once the fellows decide to eat.  I hope when you read my whining complaints, you don't take them to heart. I know I am blessed to have food to cook, a home to clean and clothes to wear.....I know I am blessed to be able to wash them without going down to the creek and pounding them on a rock. No wonder people join nudist colonies. LOL
  Have a great weekend. Just please be safe if you are in the nasty weather's path.  xo