Sunday, December 22, 2013


Just a sample of the cards we have received from friends and family. I love getting cards, letters and notes. Diane , Debbie, and Sandi , in blogland ( wonderful new friends) sent me cards. Such beautiful people we have meet through blogging. I want to wish all of you out there a very Merry Christmas. I may not be making any new blogs for this coming week....but when I get a free moment, I will come check in on all of you. Blessings to all, xoxoxo.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

A Zoo???

 I have often heard that school can be a zoo...maybe it's true. I saw these animals in the principal's office Thursday. I love this adorable  elephant. His wreath crown makes him sweet.
Here is a zebra, and there was a giraffe around the corner. I did not get his photo. The vice principal said she made these. Said she had a monkey hanging out in her garage.. She's  talented !!!
This was an open letter to Santa. So glad everyone is nice at school. :):) As you walk the halls of school, there are many murals on the walls. I am sure they are done by the art department. I love seeing how very talented school children can be. Their art is hung in the halls for every visitor and other classes to see and enjoy.
 We are having rain and it's suppose to rain all day into Sunday. Flooding is being predicted also. I pray this storm system goes through fast. Take care today and drive safely. xo

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Class Party....

 This is how it looked this morning on my way to school. Bet you didn't know I went to school. Well for parties and fun stuff, I do. It was a beautiful day.
Here I am with my daughter's 5th grade class. My daughter took the photo. There are 26 kids in her boy was sick today. That's sad to be sick on a fun day.
 They have a Christmas breakfast. Parents bring in food and help serve them. They start the day with a moment of silence . Then say the pledge of allegiance. Then they were allow in line to eat...oh after going to the restroom and washing their hands. They had breakfast casserole, sausage links, muffins, donuts, juice, and milk. Then they play a daughter wraps enough books up , one for each child. They start the school year with a number, that's their number till school is over. Angie calls out the first random number, that child unwraps a book....this gets it started...the next child can unwrap a book or steal the one already unwrapped. This is the first year that most kids just went for a wrapped book. Usually they will steal , the book can only be stolen twice. But at the end they can swap books , begging and pleading . So funny to me.
  It was a great day. I am late posting and visiting, I may have to visit tomorrow. xo

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Well yippee, I can smile again. I finally have my permanent tooth now. I had a tooth break at the gum line in August. That tooth had been sensitive for a very long time. The dentist could never find what was wrong, no matter how many x-rays and probings. Well the nerve had died making the tooth brittle.  So in September  I had an implant. That does take a while to heal into the bone. So I have been wearing what's called a flipper....this device is horrid and made my mouth sore I would not wear it around the house. Gaaa, not a good look.
  Monday was my bi-annual cleaning and exam. The dentist says , "your tooth is in, let's try it" He did try to get it in on Monday, although Tuesday was the scheduled day. It wasn't working right, so he said to come back on Tuesday at my original time. I went in yesterday and it was a fit and everything looks great. I can't begin to tell you the stress I have had over this tooth and all the appointments that went with it. Not to mention the x-rays....not a fan of too many of those either. So today I am going to be smiling all day. It was one of the major six teeth in front. I always felt that everyone could see that flipper wasn't real.:):) Hope all of you are smiling today also. xo

Monday, December 16, 2013


 Got this cute ornament in NYC, while visiting the statue of Liberty. I loved the little bear on it. NYC is one of my favorite cities. I can't wait to go there again.
 This is my Chicago ornament that I see is backwards. :):) Chicago is another of my favorite cities. Lots to see and do there.
 This little elf was given to my daughter  Angie,in kindergarten. That was some time back. I love him.
This is my daughter Karen  in her new sleeping bag. This is a small picture frame ornament. I sometimes wish my girls were small I could enjoy Christmases of old. My girls were never demanding. They always were grateful for their gifts. They still are. I am so blessed.
  It's a bit warmer here today....less wind. Had to clear the driveways again. Shoveled to the mailbox for the paper this morning, it was 6:30 and I was shoveling....barely had my eyes open:):) Had to be to the dentist at 9:00.
 Hope all of you are having a great day. xo

Sunday, December 15, 2013


 These are some of the gifts we are giving this year. Some trays ,made of Brazilian cherry, oak, walnut and purple heart woods.
 The purple heart wood is really purple in color. It's very expensive so Ted uses every scrap:) I have to wrap these today.
This is a Father Christmas that my daughter Kathy made me years ago. She made one for all her sisters  also. Everyone was different materials, all so very sweet. His wee basket holds a pine cone.:) Kathy is a very good seamstress. I used to be. I am doing good to sew a straight line now.  Hope all of you are warm and safe. The sun is shining, but the wind is blowing hard, thus drifting the snow from yesterday. ... Hope all of you have a good Sunday. xo

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Some Snow...

 We were not as lucky this time around....we got the snow. So far about 5-6 inches of it. It is still snowing , but suppose to stop this afternoon. I shoveled the drive once and will do it again. It's pretty good exercise.....but I do it in shifts. I take breaks gets drinks of water and warm up.
We had a power clitch once today. At the same time, I heard sirens. Think someone hit a power pole. I just do not want to lose power. We are prepared, have a generator and gas. Candles ,water, and food. A deck of cards too. Whenever we lose power Teddy and I play cards.:):) Hope all of you are safe and warm.. Please do not take needless chances. xo

Friday, December 13, 2013

Teacher's Santas....

My daughter Angie is a teacher. Every year at Christmas time she gets gifts from some of the children.  From cards, to treasures. I know she has let her nieces go  through her collection of santas and snowmen.  She puts all the small santas on this desk shelf. For many years, she would put the name of the child that gave her something on the bottom of the gift. She always thanks them. But after so many years of teaching and collecting, she doesn't have the room she once had. Plus she is in a new home that is smaller than the one she raised her children in.
  I remember making drawings for my teachers for Christmas. They did thank me, which filled my heart with joy. I think all children want the acceptance of their teachers.
  I still get to see a couple of my teachers, Mr. Taylor(math) and Mr. Clossin(history). They were fresh out of college when they came to our area.  We treated all teachers  with respect , even if they were not our favorites. But I just happened to like every teacher I had. This is for all you teachers, working or retired, thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. xo

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Today's Center Piece....

I have this plastic tablecloth I use daily....but not when I have company:):) Here's the little plaid covered books I got at Horton's and the cardinal. The ornaments in the glass and cheese dome are vintage. I got them on a trip to the treasure mart in Kokomo. I make up center pieces and change them out every few days. Mostly because I have too much stuff.
 I got a bit of wrapping done yesterday and some cleaning.....then The Neanderthal (Ted) decides to cleans the fire place, of some very hot embers. So he smokes up the house and leaves me a pile of dust on the hearth. Oh isn't there something he could do outside ? LOL
Well today is a new day , that's all in the past. I tell  Ted to bury hot ashes in the garden area. I do not trust that a wind would not blow embers around... have to be safe. Hope all of you are warm and safe. Our temperatures are very low.  Take care of family, neighbors and animals, when it's like this. xo

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas Lights...

 This sweet display isn't out this year...I just loved it, so I am showing it again. There's a tractor sitting where this was , but I don't think it's so Christmasy with a big old rabbit sitting in the tractor seat.LOL
 This is in the town north of here...just down the road 6 miles. I haven't been out driving around enough to see many  light displays.
I am not a fan of those blow up things..but I understand if people do it for children. Especially little ones. Are all of you ready for the holidays yet??
   I still have cleaning and wrapping to do...Oh where is that maid service?   I laugh every time I see that commercial about Swiffers. The old guys says "I make dirt" kidding...I have one of those myself. :):) So I better get busy. Mostly posting so I can check out everyone's nice decorations.  Hope you are having a good day. Our temperature is much better today. xo

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Brunch And A Craft....

 Bells on the restaurant where we had our brunch. This place is where three of my daughters worked during high school. Locally owned and operated.
 Ten of my old school chums came for brunch yesterday. We always have a few laughs. The lady in the red top , just came from the hospital.  Her granddaughter presented her with  a great grand child six hours earlier...My gosh , we are older than dirt !!!
 This is a simple craft...get some Christmas material or something cute.Measure around a tissue box...Sew a sleeve the length.. two and a half times,  the height of a tissue box.  Hem one end, and tack the other end. Make small slits to run a ribbon through. Insert a box of tissues. There's your Christmas tissue box, looks like a small present.
More snow headed through to the East coast. Buttercup in NYC, get your shovel out. You will need your gloves and scarves this week. Everyone take care on the roads. xo

Monday, December 9, 2013

Piano Recital....

Yesterday Emm'a piano teacher gave a recital at the nursing home where my daughter works. She had 33 children in this recital. They were very good, all of them. There were about four out standing pupils.
Emma played Angels WE Have Heard On High...she actually did very well.  I had her practice right before we went out the door, to get to the nursing home.
Yes, I forgot my camera !!! My phone doesn't take photos, I have never minded that till yesterday. So This picture of Pooh and Papaw was taken when she stayed with us last time. You can see she loves her papaw. I truly enjoyed listening to all those young people play. Some were entire families, of two and three children. I always think that makes a happy home filled with music. Hope all of you had a wonderful weekend. Mine was very nice. Stay safe on the bad roads. xo

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Another Church Bazaar....

 This is the west wall in the United Methodist Church of Sharpsville. I have driven by this church so many times , going to Kokomo and back home, but this was my first time inside. It's very nice.
We set up in the children's room. This mural of Adam and Eve and lots of animals. Adam and Eve had those nice flowers to stand behind:):)
Some of the drawings were kid like and some must have been done by adults. Very cute.
 Here's some of the things we brought.Bread boxes, photo boxes, trays, The birdhouse(still didn't sell) I'll give them to my daughters. We sold some things. Most of the booths were small businesses. Lotions, perfumes, body wraps, and some books. Of course home made baked goods.:)
Look at this beautiful sky...this is how wonderful it was yesterday. Once we returned home, I went for a walk. The air was really crisp, but I like for my face to get cold.:):) Hope all of you are enjoying your weekend. xo

Friday, December 6, 2013

Snow,Sign, & Stockings...

 This is how I gauge our snowfall...the bench on the porch, no wind. We got an inch of snow  and more on the way today. But I am counting my blessings, no heavy ice. The driveway and road is a bit icy. Praying for relief for all of you that had heavy snow and ice.
This is a sign I bought at Horton's last year.  It's a good thing to remember. Christmas kindnesses should last all year. Just smiling even when we want to scream, can make someone's day. I really try my best to be polite to anyone waiting on me, store lines, phone calls, and restaurants. I try to think , maybe they are not having a good day and are at the end of their rope. Oh I have been there plenty, myself.:):)
As I post this photo of our stockings, I know I am going back in the living room and clean that mirror, streaky thing.. Plus I am going to tweak the stuff on the mantle . LOL  Are we ever done? Stay safe  and warm. xo

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Open House.....

 It's an open house this Saturday at Horton's. So I got in to get some photos. I do like this old wire cloche on a tray, with greenery and plenty of pops of red. Such a sweet bird.
 Here's their Santa's sleigh loaded with brown paper packages tied with plaid ribbons, small lit tree . Love the big burlap wreath on front.
Another small lit tree in a suitcase...clever. This is next to a sofa piled with cute pillows.
Lots and lots of sweet keepsakes. I like the bookends. Get your cake plates out and put something pretty on them for the holidays. Now there's a tiny tree...that's about the size I want to decorate these days. LOL
 Yikes, I can not believe just how close Christmas is. I have gifts to wrap. I am addressing my cards today.  Each year, I say I am sending less cards...but I usually send more. Because sometimes, it's just to let people we rarely see know we are thinking of them. I write in each card, a little line or two.
  Bad weather for a big part  of the country today and tomorrow. Please be careful out there on the roads.xo

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Morning Fog...

 This is how our morning started, very foggy. Two hour delay in school openings. Can't see across the road.
 The back yard with inside reflections...looks like we have a lit tree in the back. Can't see past the woods.
Finally !!! I have the tree decorated , also the living  and dining rooms. I put a few things in each room for the holidays. But nothing as awesome as Linda @ Linda's Journal. She is one decorating wizard. :):)
 Ted got a golf game in yesterday with seven of his golfing pals. That's how I had time for my decorating .....he was gone .:):)  I didn't have to have lunch at any certain time. I did all my running early and had the rest of the day to myself.  Hope all of you have a great day. So much nasty weather everywhere. Please take care out there. xo

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Trip To Town...

 We went into town yesterday for a few all know how much I love that. I do love our courthouse. Look at this pile of leaves, can't believe the city hasn't sucked those up...we have a huge vacuum that they drag along the curbs to get the leaves.
 The city park is decorated. The decorations are from donated Christmas lawn displays. But none of those air filled things. They would never last...because sometimes mean people tear up the displays. Sad.
Going back to town from the opposite direction. I have not seem many decorations outside yet. Hope all of you are getting into the swing of the holidays. I am still tweaking my tree.:) Have a great day everyone.

Monday, December 2, 2013


 This is the material I had for making scarves. It's fleece, just cut and wear. No sewing !!
 Here's Emma with her scarf. We had enough for 3 for Emma, one for her mommy, and one for aunt Angie. Angie gets one for her birthday that is coming up soon.
 Emma really didn't want anyone else having a fashion scarf , such as this. Oh she makes me laugh, bless her heart. She has a new vest of leopard print and she put the scarf with it. She's young, so I could not tell her, that one must do animal prints in moderation.
We walked around outside on Saturday evening. As we were walking she noticed how long our shadows were, so we took a photo of our long legs. Liz picked Emma up yesterday afternoon and I missed her last night. I get used to her being here and then it's so quiet when she leaves.
  There is some  news at Nana Diana's blog. God is good.  xo