Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Emma Is Here.....

  My granddaughter Emma is here for a few days. So far she has just lazed around playing games on her phone and doing some drawings. We did play a couple games together.  Watched some silly Disney Channel shows. Excuse me on these programs....but not everything said in life is a zippy retort. Seems most of these shows have children saying and doing some of the zaniest things...and that is not real life. I hate it.
 I see our Emma growing up so fast in maturity and height. Her legs are as long as mine. Her feet...scary. she is wearing a size 7 shoes. ...she 10 for goodness sake. She is going to be a tall girl.
I know that it's not far down the line that she will not want to come to Nana's and Papaw's house to spend time. That hurts my heart.
  We will be going into town to visit with aunt Angie today. Then to the $ store for her to get some trinkets, like she needs them.  LOL. We had a couple painting crafts to do too.
  Hope all of you are safe , if you are out and about this evening.  Do not drink and drive, call a  taxi, or your mom if you have too.....your mom matter how old she is , or you are,will pick you up. Wishing you a Happy New Year. XO

Monday, December 29, 2014

Green Lawn...

    I took this photo on Saturday. The sun was shining. The grass looks pretty green for this late December day.  Under these pine is our bird feeders. It gives the birds a hiding place when a hawk is around.  We have ivy under these trees...but we keep it trimmed back , so it doesn't climb the trees.
   It was sunny and frosty this morning, Monday. It was colder all day. Those 40 degree days have spoiled me for winter weather. LOL. Who wants  to see old snow now.  I know it's a coming. So I will be counting the days till spring.
   I know I have a  major project to redo one of our flowerbeds. I just let it get out of hand last year. So I will be making some little drawings of how I want to change it.  I also am going to be thinning my mums in the front flowerbed. They are getting to bushy  and taking over. Ha...seems strange to be talking of flowers here in December.
   Wishing all of you a nice evening. XO

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Sky Shots.....

      Taking a shot of the sky toward Tipton.  I can see the courthouse clock tower between the woods and that clump of trees on the right.
  Most of these shots are during our past autumn. I do get some good sunset photos out here.
  The little woods across the road. This is where I have seen the most deer.
  You can see the beans are still in the fields in this shot.
  With some of the firey sunsets , there's always some great shadows on the shop.
Last glimpse of a  sunset here. I have been behind on taking pictures...since I could not load them , or find them once they were "loaded"...who knows where they went. So this weekend, I have been just clicking away and found them load where they are suppose to be...go figure, could not find them for 2 months , in the very files  I found them this weekend. Is it any wonder I tear my hair out ??LOL
  Hope all of you have a beautiful Sunday. XO

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Cutting Back.....

  This snowman is attached to a little tote box filled with fake greenery, pine cones and a flickering electric candle. I got this at the school craft show/concert, this year. I realized that I did not buy any new decorations other than this snowman.
  I received this angel ornament form my granddaughter Lynzie. It is an angel grandmother with her hands full of gold hearts. I think it means this grandmother is blessed. That I am.  What I did this year was rework most of what I already have to do Christmas decorating. I used lots of cardinals and red plaids.....I like it , so I will used it again next year. It fits this old farm house décor.
  I know many of you put things away the day after. I usually let it stay up till after new year's day.  I may actually start taking things down on Monday. Do any of you feel that the holiday came and went very fast? I enjoyed getting ready, except for the stove repair interruption. LOL.  I enjoyed viewing my decorations and the whole of our Christmas family time. Loved it all. 
   Wishing all of you a bit of relaxing time now. :):) XO

Friday, December 26, 2014

Pretty Skies...

 Here's a sun dog...I think that is what's it's called.
  I was actually sitting on my porch with my coat on, of course. I just wanted to sit put and enjoy the sun shining and the pretty sky. I looked up and saw this. It made me smile.
 The wind is brisk, but the sun did shine all day. The sun was shining yesterday too.  I had a wonderful Christmas day with all my daughters , their husbands and children.  Three grandchildren could not be there.
  When we got ready to eat dinner, we got into a circle and held hands. My daughter Angie usually says the grace, but my son-in-law Matt said it yesterday. It was so heart felt, it made us all feel so loved.  We had a lovely dinner that everyone helped make . Then later we  opened gifts and then played some cards and watched some football games.
   I think all the grandkids were tired from staying up late and getting up early. LOL  I hope all of you had a wonderful family Christmas also. XO

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas From My Bunch......

 This photo is 3 years old this year.  This is 7 of my 10 grandkids.  I love being with the children.  They are good kids. No real trouble...just a couple dirt bike wrecks from Skylar. LOL.
  I hope all of you are going to have family around this time of year. I know it's not always a picnic...but life is short...make the most of it.  Nothing that is happening or going to happen during your family holiday time will change the way the world turns. Love one another. Be kind.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014


 This is the entrance fence at the park.  I like it. The city decorates our park with donated decorations. Some little meanies tear them down. Kids get a job. Or go home and get to bed. :):)
 This is some of the things Emma made last year for Christmas while she stayed with me. Popcicle sticks and clothes pin deer. Just some red pompoms , googlie eyes,and a ribbon to hang them.
  We used some fleece to make neck scarves also. This is the one Emma made for her mom.
So easy, no sewing. The fleece doesn't fray. You just cut a long strip and cut some fringe pieces at the ends.  Everyone who got a scarf loved it. It's nothing for going on the town, but good for everyday.
 I have missed having Emma over. She goes to her other grandmother's house....because a girl in her class lives right next door. They are friends, so she would rather play with classmates at times.  I will get to have her over during their break from school. We will have to whip up some crafts.  Emma is really into drawing, so we may make some cards.  Or even a painting.
  Wishing everyone a great holiday time.  I will try to get a post out tomorrow.  Smile today, someone needs to see your happy face. XO

Monday, December 22, 2014

4 th Grade Christmas......

  This is going to be a bit long, sorry.....When I was 9 years old, I was in Mrs. Thatcher's  4th grade class, at Jefferson Elementary School. Back then there were life Christmas trees allowed in school. We sure had a pretty one in our class. Mrs. Thatcher let us all help put the ornaments on it. Meaning she had to adjust them , as all kids wanted the one they hung to be seen from their seat. LOL.
  The  teacher asked if anyone wanted the tree at the end of the day, for it would be thrown out. Could I get my hand raised any higher?? Please God let her pick me, pick me Mrs. Thatcher, pick me .  Wow, I must have had mental telepathy...because she chose me. Thank you God.
 Mrs. Thatcher told me that Bobby Joe's father would pick the tree up out front and take it to my house for me. When she told me that, I thought, good grief  Bobby Joe's dad was a worse drunk that my own father. But he has a truck. Yippee.
 At the end of that long day and it did seem ever so long, the tree was put out front of the school. I waited with it. The children all cleared out so fast to get home to their families and the anticipation of Christmas so near. Even my own brothers and sister, although there was nothing exciting about our house. I pranced  around to keep warm, as back then girls had to wear dresses. It seemed to be getting later and colder. I thought, where are you Mr. George.?? Please hurry.  I crossed the street to look down both ways. I squatted down to make my coat cover my legs to be warmer. I started to cry. I wiped my nose on my sleeve. I could see it was getting later and gloomier. So I ran back to the tree and buried my face into it to smell that wonderful  fragrance of pine, which is Christmas to me.
 Then I ran home as fast as I could . My big brother started yelling at me, "why are you late , where have you been, you are in big trouble Susie." I was really crying by then. I cried all the way home, I wanted that tree so badly. I begged my brother to go back to school with me to get it. Our parents were not home, daddy was probably drinking up his pay check while mommy would be begging him to go with her for groceries . After all it was Friday, pay day. My brother and I went back to school . My big brother dragged that tree all the way to our house(apartment). He was cussing the whole time, boy normally I would be dying to tell on him, but at this moment I just let him cuss. He is saying,  I don't know why the blinking, blink, blink , you want the blinkity old tree sis, we don't have anything to hang on it. I just didn't care , it smelled good , the tree itself was pretty enough for me. We put it in the window leaning against the corner of that bay window, in that dreary apartment. My sister and I hung the green and red chains we made at school on it. we had 3 cards someone had sent our family , we put those on . Then my sister and I cut out some snow flakes from our school papers and hung them on the tree. It was the most beautiful tree ever...well it really was our first ever Christmas tree.
  When our parents got home, they liked our tree. We kids actually got presents that year from the Salvation Army. Even mom and dad got us each something.  This is my true story.
    Wishing all of you a Merry Christmas. XO

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Sunny Sunday....

At last some sunshine. It's been a while here. Cold because the day started clear.  We have rain in the forecast and then snow on Christmas eve. So it will be a white Christmas . 
 I think I have everything ready for our holiday week. But you know some of those last minute things...yikes. LOL. So there maybe a quick trip to the store tomorrow.
  I will clean and do a little wrapping. But I want to be outside today in this sunshine. May drive to Angie for a  cappuccino later. Just to talk about our last minute plans , for Christmas dinner.
  Wishing all of you some sunshine, even if it's just in your hearts.  XO

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Just Around The Corner.....

  Christmas is so very near. I have been late getting my cards out. Not receiving as many as years before. People into face book, usually make a card for their site. I still get cards from my family members. I love sending cards. This year I did not even have Christmas stamps, I used our regular ones.
 Here's a couple houses near by, they are all lit up. I am not a fan of those blow up thingys but I know little kids love them. Seeing  lights makes me think back to when we were young.
Our mother  would pile us in the car and drive around town so we could see everyone's lights and trees. People used to put their tree near  the front window and light it so everyone could see it. I still do that. LOL I thought this house looked so pretty.
  I will tell you about my mother's decorations. She would have lights that she had for years...those big ones...look like 50 watt bulbs in them , no kidding. She had a Santa Claus(plastic)about 3 foot tall, a North Pole sign(plastic) I think it went with the Santa, they lit up with a bulb inside. Mommy found a baby Jesus at a yard sale once. She bought it. Well every year, she would put that baby Jesus between the Santa and the North Pole sign. I used to tell my daughters, "Well it is officially Christmas Season, grandma Maddie has the baby Jesus lying between  Santa and north pole sign ." Bless her heart. Oh I miss that display so much.
   Wishing all of you a beautiful weekend, XO

Friday, December 19, 2014

The Floral Shop....

  This is a little snowman collection at the florist.  They also have some antiques. I love to go here. One thing it smells so nice, all spicy smelling. I have  a lantern like that one and I need to get it decorated, this looks cute.
I wanted Ted to make some of these trees. You just make the tree shape of wood slats , bradded to a small circle at the top and a large one at the bottom.  Then wrap some grapevines around it. Then please put the twinkly lights on it. You could have an angel or star on top. Well really, I guess I could have done that myself. LOL. I think a grouping of these would look nice on the porch , next year. :)
  Hope you are all getting ready for your Christmas family time.  I have to go grocery shopping for a few things. Enjoy your day. XO

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Fifth Grade Breakfast....

   The parties at school now are breakfasts. ... They do not want the children all sugared up...well then stop having chocolate milk, donuts, cookies and muffins. Yikes. There were some breakfast casseroles.. Some biscuits and gravy. The kids were extra antsy this year or too much sugar. LOL Mrs. H. had to call them down more than 4 times. So unusual for her classes.
 The animals from last year were there again. Looking so cute dressed for Christmas.
 I wish each room had a coffee machine. LOL. I needed a second cup.  All in all it was a great day.   I have to admire my daughter for her patience. She just hold her hand up till they get quiet. It is funny how the kids will quieten the others they may be talking out of turn.
  When I left, I told the children that if they see me put and about, to be sure to say hello. Some gave me hugs. :):)  Hope your day is fun.  .XO

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A Bit Of Christmas......

   Here's a bit of Christmas at Horton's.  I love to go back there and look when no one else is in the store. You can find some things you've missed. Like these red balls mixed with greenery. The little red and white bird is sweet.
 This tree in a clever. I have seen an idea like this with lots of little trees in a case.
 I like to see cake stands used in decorating. I like the horn bookends. There's always plenty of cute banners at this store.
  This is the story of the Horton's . It is a family owned hardware store. It's called Do It Best Hardware. It is ran by Tim and Karen Horton . Their children help out also. The nicest family you'd ever want to meet. They will help you in any way they possibly can.
   The store has paint, custom made blinds, a greenhouse, and lots of little rooms for the Artisan Markets they present , about 4-5 times a year.  That is when venders come in and sell their wares also. Lots of fun times throughout the year.  I hope the Hortons don't mind me doing this. I really like the family and their store...but they do not realize how much I write about them on my blog. :)
  Wishing all of you a great day. Gloomy here. XO

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Lunch Time...

  These are some dishes I got from the goodwill. They were new you could tell. I am thinking of a sister lunch this Saturday.  Something easy and quick. I will use these little snowman dishes.
 I also picked up these little bowls. I thought they would work for dessert. Maybe cake and ice cream , possibly fruit and yogurt. Like I said something simple. I do love Christmas dishes. I have had a set for 4 , for a very long time.  It's a complete set with bowls, cups, salad , and dinner plates. I have never used it , as I have 4 sisters.  But there are eight each of these plates and bowls from the goodwill . So handy. I think after Christmas would be a good time to shop for holiday get a sale  and get enough.
    It is getting colder around here now...the last few days of 40 degrees just about spoiled me. LOL.
Hope everyone has a pleasant day. XO

Sunday, December 14, 2014

An Angel Child....

   On Friday when I rang the bell for the  Salvation  Army....I met a small angel boy. He was about 6 years old, very tiny . It was so obvious he had multiple birth defects. His ears were not fully developed, his hands had been operated on many times.  There was scarring. He even needed glasses.
    I noticed him watching me from the floral dept . of the grocery. So I rang the bell in his direction and smiled. He was getting excited. So his mom brought him over to put money in the kettle. He dropped his coins in and started to dance a bit. He reached into his pockets and got two more pennies out and put them in the kettle. I said, "God bless your heart, you have given all your money to the poor. Now poor children will have some Christmas. "  The I gave him a small bell we were handing out to children who gave. He started ringing his little bell and smiling .
  Later as his mom was in the check out line, I said  "Nathan,  come ring your bell with me." His mom said okay, he stood next to me and the kettle and rang his little bell. then he says, " let me try your bell, and I let him ring it.  I laughed and so did he...he made that bell sound like a dinner bell.  LOL.  Then his mom took his picture on her phone as he stood by the kettle with his bell.  When he left , I had tears in my eyes. He had the joy of being a child..
  Yesterday, I go back to the grocery. I asked the florist if she remembered the boy and his mom. She said they go to her church. She is explaining who the grandparents were. I did not know them. She tells me then that the mother was working in their office right then. I thanked her and went looking for that young mother.
   I found the mom at the office. I explained that I could not stop thinking of her son ringing the bell and giving all his coins. She said he had been up that very morning ringing his little bell. So I told her I knew a bit about birth defects as my own twins were each born with one.  She told me  her son  had already had 13 surgeries on his hands and was in PT learning to use a new thumb, made from one of his fingers. Your thumb is 50 percent use of your hand . The mother and the angel boy have a long road ahead.  They are in my prayers.
   Just telling this story because that child touched my heart.  Wishing all of you a beautiful Sunday. XO

Saturday, December 13, 2014

I Am Blessed....

  I tell my daughters (all four) ,that God blessed me when each one of them was born.  Oh believe me at the time it was happening, it did not always feel like a blessing. I was young and just this side of poor. It was a struggle most every  day. Washing diapers in the bath tub...yes you young things, once upon a time diapers were made of cloth. LOL I hand washed them, because I had no washer or dryer.  Well thank goodness that is the past. Ringing the bell yesterday made me count my blessings anew.
  I watched people go into the grocery , on walkers, canes , and scooters.  Even with arthritis , I can still walk. People with kids , not in warm enough looking coats. I have a coat , gloves, and scarf, I am warm. Do you see where this is leading.?? We have to count each and every blessing we have. The more I saw the more I rang that bell.  I do not know for a fact how much was put into the kettle, but more put money in than walked by.
   I met a 90 year old man , he was there to buy candy and roses for a 97 year old lady. He put money in the kettle and introduced himself to me . We shook hands and I have a new friend.  I met a man that told me he was in the Oklahoma City bombings and that the Salvation Army really helped them a lot. He put a big bill in the kettle.  I thanked all who put money in and wished all a Merry Christmas. I will tell you tomorrow about the youngest person I met .  He is a small angel.
   Enjoy this day, count your blessings . No matter how know it is the small things that make our lives worth living. My blessings are Angie, Kathy, Karen , and Lizzy. :):)

Friday, December 12, 2014

Ringing The Bells.....

   This is the only picture I have of bells. :):) I will be ringing the Salvation Army Bell this afternoon. It is an honor for me. I remember two Christmases where the Salvation Army made  Christmas for my siblings and I.  It was a true blessing.
 So as this little sign says... I will honor Christmas in my heart and try to keep it all the year.  That's a quote from Charles Dickens' Christmas Carol. 
 I am going to have faith that I do a great job ringing that bell and get plenty of money for the kids. The kids that the Salvation Army will be helping with the donations. So many need a bit of Christmas for the children. Tete over at Beyond The Garden Gate, sure has been doing  a fabulous job gathering toys and  money for making some Christmas for  all the needy children in her home town. What  great loving people she and her family are.
 The sun is shining and I am loving that . I have the people on both coast in my prayers today. Too much wetness at one time.   Pass along a smile today. :):):)

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Pictures From Horton's .....

  Just a few Horton photos. This first one was last Christmas. Oh I did see the old sleigh this week. It was in the greenhouse entrance, of the store. No pictures, sorry.
  Lots of burlap rosettes, banners and ribbons. Lace wrapped tiny trees.
 This proves you should never throw a frame away. they can be arranged on a wall without anything in them and still look good. I like the oval one with sheet music.
   Yesterday, The repairman came to put the ordered part on the stove.  A bit pricey, but it worked. Oh happy day. He used the gas sniffer meter to check for any other leaks. None. He did explain a few things about what had happened. You know if you understand a little it helps...if you don't he could be just blowing smoke. LOL. Since Ted had worked on appliances as a young man , he did glean some info from it. So move over  Nellie, I may bake some cookies too. :):) In case you don't know Nellie, she is the queen of cookie baking over at Berries And More.
  Hugs to all who need one. Who of us could not stand a hug? :):)

Monday, December 8, 2014

Brunch Time...

      Today was our monthly classmate brunch. We were not going to have another till April.. But have decided to set up one next month, unless it snows like crazy.
Some of the ladies still live in town. Some are from around the area maybe 30 miles at most. Those that live farther away just do not attend. Some have winter homes and are already gone south.  It is always fun catching up and seeing family photos of our children and grandchildren. 
  Some times when everyone is talking about health issues, I feel truly blessed. I have some arthritis in my ankles and now getting into my fingers. Otherwise , I am very healthy. I will absolutely count that as a blessing.
   Hope all of you had a wonderful fun weekend. I sure did. I went to the granddaughters' choir program on Saturday. Enjoyed that so very much. On Sunday, I went to brunch at my daughter Angie's. Then I helped her decorate her tree. With two of us, it went pretty fast and turned out nicely.
   Today is mostly cloudy , if the sun pops out I will be smiling. :) Wishing you a nice day . XO

Sunday, December 7, 2014

One Week Closer To Christmas.......

    I can't believe one week of December is gone.  So happy I do not have to go shopping for gifts. I don't mind buying little gifts for my sisters and friends. But to shop for today's children...aawwkkk.
  Well we know who the star of Christmas IS.  It's not our children, even though they may think so. LOL.  Emma actually tried to work on her mom to buy her a hat very similar to one she had at home. Oh my, that was crazy. As good as she can be most often . She knows better. No asking for things other on the Christmas list.
 I have  my bird wreath on the door. This is the original door to this it has to be 60 years old. I love the tree glass panes in it....but really would love a new door. I better put that on my list , before I start whining for a new door. LOL. After all " IT " isn't all about me either.
  Wishing everyone a pleasant day. The sun is out here and looking so good. XO