Thursday, February 25, 2021

The Snows Did Melt....

 We had pretty sunset ,even in winter. 
 Plenty of snow drifts, hard to get around. But who goes anywhere , any more. 
I was pretty tired of all this snow and the woes that come with it. The freezing temperatures was the worse part.  But three days of 40 -50 degree days has helped melt it . It is almost all gone. I say "hooray"

   The latest  on my Ted...he is in a holding pattern at the very room where he received his bone marrow transplant, at the Franciscan hospital., on May 2019,  He went to see the IBMT drs yesterday. He was to see them on the 5th, but was in IU Heath  at that time. Then on the 16th , the big snow storm came and so yesterday was the new appointment . Once they took his blood labs and saw how low his counts were they kept him. He had a plasma transfusion . This morning they did the bone biopsy on him.  Praying for some kind of answers . Spoke with him this afternoon and he seemed stronger  than he has in 2 months.  Faith is keeping me hoping for help in getting Ted back on his feet. I am asking for your prayers dear friends. Thank you for wishes of good health and prayers.  XO


Wednesday, February 10, 2021

It Sure Is Winter ....

 The weather here has been truly every kind of winter condition. Snow, ice, sleet, and plenty of wind.  Cold freezing temperature also.  Just when I was hoping for an early spring .

  This is just one of the snows . It has snowed more and more coming. That arctic cold is coming our way also. Kind of hard to stay warm at times. 

   I will give you an up date on Ted. He is still at his son's house. Going to doctors  and having Physical Therapy.  He saw the eye specialist on Monday and was taken off some of the meds and the eye drops were lowered.  The shingles in his eye make him have really bad pain at times. He has found that ice packs help with that somewhat .  A couple of Tylenols also.

   He has been getting some PT and says it wears him out but makes him feel he is doing something to get better. We get to talk and text all we want, or  as much as he can do . Today Ted goes to the pulmonologist. This will be an important appointment.  We need to know more.  Ted is still on the nebulizer and the oxygen. His oxygen level is lower, which is promising.  

   My children and grands have been helping me .  I am so grateful for my family and friends.  I want to ask you, my blog family , to keep Ted in your prayers. We are so very thankful for the good wishes and prayers.  You are in ours. Be safe. XO