Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Weather and Prayers....

 Sunday morning was raining cats and dogs. Then the wind picked up with gust up to 50 miles an hour . Gee, thought sure the hickory nuts would have all fallen. But there's a few hangers on.
 Yesterday(Monday) was a pretty new day. Started off like this.
Then by mid day it was starting to feel just a bit warm.  The skies were very pretty.
Afternoon, it was nice enough that I picked up branches from Sunday's wind . Ted worked on getting the wood box on the back deck for winter.
As the sun was setting, I took a walk about the property, saying prayers as I do this. .
 The Japanese maple is turning redder. The white mums have turned  brown from the extreme cold we've had.
 The birch tree looks nice with the setting sun shining on it's bark.
Actually in this photo our trees kind of look pretty. Honestly they all just about turn a yellowish brown before the leaves fall off.
This is the end of the Monday. Today is to be much nicer as far as temperatures go. It may reach 70. That is nice.  As I am typing this post, my heart is in my throat. I feel so anxious.
   I am going to ask all of you to please pray for my Ted. He's going to see his heart dr. this coming month. But we are trying to get him in a bit early. He's been getting winded when using stairs.  I am not sure he would have told me this if my daughters had not texted me after Saturday.  Ted helped my daughter Kathy move. She left an apartment on the second floor for another on a second floor. Ted had to stop to catch his breath a few times. My son in law and Ted's brothers were there to do the heavy lifting. Liz and Kathy did lots of the carrying of boxes.
  I will try to keep all of you posted about this, and I thank you for good thoughts, wishes and prayers. XO

Friday, October 26, 2018

Trick Or Treaters......

  Today an astronaut and a mad scientist came for a visit. They came with their mommy and gigi.
  Max was happy to be here but a bit fidgety with his rocket pack.  Luke wore his goggles for only a short time... His hair was all wild and sticking up. So cute and funny. Look at that bow tie. :):)
 Lynzie thought this cute costume up. The jet pack is two foil wrapped liter bottles and a box. The stickers made it look a bit realistic....well for a young boy in the spirit of play.
 Isn't this little lab coat darling.  There's the goggles in the mad scientist's hand. I had to laugh. It was a great time with these boys, their mom and grandmother.
  Later after some lunch , Luke and papaw played games.
 So much fun that Max and I had to have a look.
 After a fun time of books and playing , off they went to their aunt Angie's class. To surprise all the 5th graders. Angie had their names on the front of the desks.
  Max must know the answer to the question...he has both hands up to get the teacher's attention.
 I thought Layla the sweet witch was coming over too. But she did not make it today. I sent her treat bag by way of Gigi. So she will not feel left out.  I hope if the children go out and about they dress warm under the costumes. Layers if warm pants ,socks, and turtle neck sweaters.
   I fixed a  lunch of chicken nuggets and fries,  for the boys and chicken salad for us grown ups.  I notice that it's almost hard for Max to truly eat when there's a bigger group of people eating. Too much to see and talk about...I guess.  I know he eats better when it's just his family at the table.
  Hoping all of you have a fun filled weekend. Be safe. XO

Monday, October 22, 2018

Fall Feels Like Winter....

  This past weekend my daughter Liz and her husband Matt had a campout for his birthday. family and friends bring tents or camper and stay the night for a campfire cookout, games and fun.  I never go to it for long...too cold for me. This weekend was super cold , We had a mixture of everything. Plus wind gust of about 50 miles and hour. Some places south of here still do not have power. From the limbs falling on the lines and tearing them down.
  This is Liz's son Brock , he had a birthday last week also. You can see the fire behind him.
 Here are my twin daughters Liz and Karen... They are close and would do anything for each other. I am so thankful for that.
 While everyone was camping, I had a quiet day and half to myself.  I could not go outside for the crazy wind. But I caught this squirrel looking for hickory nuts.
  Here he is playing peek -a-boo once he saw me watching him.
 Saturday, the wind was still blowing hard but the sun came out and it was pretty at the end of the day.  Seeing some fall colors here and there.
 I just had to show you this picture...look at Layla helping her daddy (Brock) blow out the candles on his birthday cake.  She said she wanted her Daddy to have birthday party. LOL.
 Daughter Karen and her daughter Savannah make up a bunch of Halloween pumpkins for the outside decorations.
 Savannah did this spooky one.
  Karen did this cat  faced one.
 Then this Jack-o-lantern. There beside her scarecrows in the front yard.  Karen roasted some of the pumpkin seeds. I remember my girls doing that when they were youngsters.  It was a cold weekend, but all had fun.
 Maybe not Kathy, as she is still packing for her move later this month. She's going into a much smaller space and had to purge...stuff for Goodwill and absolutely stuff for the trash dumpster.
  Daughter Angie and her husband had just returned home from a week in Florida. Now that fall break is over for all schools in this area, it's back to work till Thanksgiving.  Do you feel the time is on fast forward?
  Stay well all.. XO

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Sunset Changes....

  At this time of year, the sun sets behind a small group of trees on the corner. I thought this was looking pretty on Monday evening.
 Out on the road in front, I could catch the last fiery ball of the sun as it sinks  into the horizon.
 Not that much later...it all changes. All the pretty pink clouds.
 I love to watch the sun set when I know there's going to be lots of colors.
 It looks so golden in the center.
 I walked back to the road here. As pretty as this looks it was getting dark.  I remember telling my mother when I was a kid.....that it's day and night at the same time, whenever it was like this.
  Tuesday morning was 29 degrees and frosty. This is the bean field across the road. The frost shows up more in it . I wasn't dressed to go out and get a shot of frost on the lawns and roofs. Oh boy it was cold. But by afternoon it was nice out, sunny skies and not as cold.
  I want to show you Layla's new pet. It's a wooly worm. She played on and off all of Saturday with that thing. She had created a box with twigs and grass. Her mother Emily made it a dampen pad  for it to climb on...she looked it up on line. :):)
  My mums looks bright....I know I need to thin them out .
Look how crowded these are. LOL.  Mums do not smell so pretty but they have a smell that makes me think of fall.
  Stay safe everyone. Keep others in your thoughts and prayers please. XO

Monday, October 15, 2018

Sunday Fun.....

 Ted and I went for a walk on a walking path, where daughter Kathy will be moving in a week or so. Kathy was with us and took this shot.
  We also went to the little Japanese park in Carmel, Indiana. I love this place so much.  You can see the big Koi fish.
  They were yellow, white, orange, and black.  We saw a bass swimming with them.
  Plenty of ducks also. The lily pads have almost taken over the entire pond from when I first saw it in spring.
  I love the plants, shrubs, and trees around this pond. It's so beautiful and relaxing.
 There's color appearing in lots of the trees. It was chilly this whole weekend, we wore jackets both days.
  This is the city building nearby the park.  It looks like a coastal building to me. I think because of the steeple in the center.
  Doesn't this look like a perfect place to picnic?
  A water feature fountain. I hope no one ties to drink from this.
 There are picnic tables across the way. Some one was eating lunch .
  You can rent a bike to ride around on ,as the Monon trail runs by this park.  Look at the pretty sky shot here.  We had a wonderful  time with Kathy. Ate lunch at the MCL cafeteria.  Went to Kathy's  new apartment to check out the route the fellows will take to move her soon. Then we went to her place and picked up things she wants to store here for a bit.
 I found some pretty leaves on our walk and brought two home. :)  I wish our trees here had such pretty leaves.  Around our property the leaves are  brown and yellow only. We are to have frost in the wee hours of tomorrow. Brr. So not ready .
   Hope your week is a good one. Prayers for all in need. XO