Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Sneak Peek.....

 September the 23rd, on a Saturday, Horton's will have their Fall Market. I looked in the store to get a few photos.  I liked the colors of this display.
  Such a cute sign with the bicycle.
  I like this old green color on this box. Wanted the old gentleman's hat...but it was a bit pricy for wants.
  Aren't these pumpkin towels the sweetest?  The pillow matches.
 Now this is clever, wooden spoons painted with jack-o-lantern faces. This would certainly be a great craft to do with children.
  Today I got my permanent crown . So glad that is over. I sure hope my insurance pays most of it. .Today was an easy in and out appointment at the dentist. I am so thankful.
   I have noticed it is feeling more fall like in the mornings here. This morning was very foggy. Some of the flowers are looking raggedy. I try to keep them going till I have to say , "uncle", and give up. Then I will be tearing out the flowers, keeping the greenery and adding some fake flowers. LOL...I am getting lazy and decided fake is so easy with the greenery and look good too.
   Hope everyone is still holding our southern friends in their hearts. Send good thoughts, prayers and even money if you can. What a bleak looking future for so many...they need us all to help. We all need each other. Bless you. XO

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Here Goes....

   This is the first post since getting my computer fixed. Am I, I am not. Once things work, why does windows want to change it.  The geeks did not get my usual way of loading pictures back and now to bring one up for a post is even longer than before.  But this is my first picture of our cute little Luke.  He's is doing well. A big boy for 4 months.
  This is big brother Max and his pretty mommy.
  Max and cousin Layla swinging in the park.  This weekend is the Summer's End Festival in Rossville. There was a kick off parade. Lynzie said Max loved it. He also could hold on to the candy that was passed out. Too funny.
 Our mornings have been so cool and sweet here this past week.
A couple of foggy mornings. Our lawn needs a good soaking , so dry and some brown spots.  We will get some rain this coming week.  Let's all send good thoughts and prayers to the people of Texas. They are getting dumped on by the hurricane Harvey.  Far too much rain. They will need help of all kinds there.
   Be safe. XO

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Hints Of Autumn....

  I took this picture in town at the start of this month. Now August is close to the end.  I am sorry I can not visit your blogs and leave comments. I am still going to have to take my computer in for fixing. I miss all of you. I can not even reply to your comments on the post I made yesterday.  Be safe, I will return as soon as possible. XO

Monday, August 21, 2017


  There's some cranes being spotted around our small town. These better hurry around the courthouse. The Tipton Pork Festival is coming to town the 1st weekend after Labor day.  You all probably know I have had problems with my computer since Windows 10 decided it needed to add it latest and greatest up date...oh please, leave me alone with all that. LOL. I have been calling the Geeks and you can not believe how many time I have push numbers to reach departments that won't answer the phone or can't because they have not hired enough help....GAAA, I am about totally nuts was a short wee trip for me lately.
 Anyway, I have clicked and looked and I found this maybe this will be a true blog post...fingers crossed. I do everything but stand on my head making a post it will be jumping thru hops of fire and standing on my head...I really will be taking my computer in or even having a geek come out to help me.  Thanks to Nana Diana and all of you for standing by. Love all of you.
  It's been super know many things that break do it on the this eclipse messing with me? My dryer is waiting for a new belt. I have laundry hanging in the basement with a fan going. LOL.  Blessing to all of safe when viewing that eclipse...better to watch the dancing shadows of leaves on the sidewalks to catch it. XO

Thursday, August 10, 2017

It's Still Summer...

   My daughter Karen sent me some photos of her sunflowers.
  They are so pretty. I love sunflowers but I don't grow them. I told  her to save the flower heads for the birds to eat the seeds.
  Those three roses bloomed fully this week.
 The black eyed Susans are doing well in one bed and just pitiful in another.
  I like these ,kind of in the shade.
  The petunias are still going strong but wilt quickly in the sun, at times.
  I am amazed at how these took over the little pots I put them in. LOL
  I loved this bright red petunia with the yellow marigolds. I think I'll do more of these next year.
 Pretty skies and sunshine. The corn is as tall as it's going to get here, I think.  I have seen some browning at it's base. This was a beautiful week . I have been busy but enjoying most of it.  Ted has golfed a couple days.
  Have you , any of you noticed the north sides of your house? Or your neighbors? Everywhere I look I see green mold or mildew. I do not remember ever seeing this growing up. Some homes are blackish green all the way to the roof. This worries me. I wonder if it bothers people with allergies.
  We did not have it on our house...we do get plenty of breezes to keep it dry here. But I could see just the hint of something on our siding....So we washed the back of our house with a bucket of bleach and soapy water. . Used a long handled scrub brush. Ted and I took turns scrubbing and hosing the soap off and wetting down anything on the ground, to dilute  the soapy water.  Then we wash the sides, and came around the front. We washed the porch front, the rest of the front was good. So we actually washed 3/4 of the whole house.
  Honestly working together made it go quickly and it's done and looks great. You know that old saying, many hands make light work. So glad we can work together. LOL.
  Wishing all of you a wonderful weekend. XO

Monday, August 7, 2017

Flowers & School....

  Kathy's rose bush has bloomed some more. This looks to be perfect.
  This rose bush is my daughter's and I keep it here for her. It is blooming in groups of three this summer.
 The mums are also blooming. I do not know why  but I always feel it's too soon.
  This is one of my favorite colors in mums.
 Poor looks like she just can't believe it's time to finish getting ready for classes today.  She is in the 8th grade this year.  Actually, she didn't want her picture taken...because she and her best friend had not yet decided what tops to wear today. Oh my, can you even believe it.? She has her pj top in this photo.:):)  I wish all the children a great year, yours and ours.
 We had a cool weekend. Some clouds, rain and sun...a bit of it all.  This week the temperatures will climb back up into the 80's.  A week of August has gone already. Wishing all of you a great new week. XO

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Weekend, Cool Outside....

   This was the sky last night as the sun set. It was a cold windy day here yesterday. This Saturday morning it's 58 degrees as I get this post together.
  Some sun as evening arrives, Friday.
  This was Thursday. Heavy rains for about 20 minutes. Thunder during the night. Our lawn needed the rain.  The corn across the road is about 9 feet tall now.
  And Mr. Big is still walking the beach. LOL.
  Max with his mommy. I wonder where he got that sweet smile. :):)
 Max's baby brother Luke....ready to take on the world. The children will be home soon from their Florida vacation. I need some hugs from the babies.:):)
  Grandma Gigi will be home also this weekend.  This is Sierra, with her mom, Angie, and aunt Lizzy(Gigi to Max and Luke)  Angie and Liz will be home this starts this coming week in our area.
  Emma and her dad Matt, went to King's Island in Cincinnati...for a day of play. They are riding the Beast roller coaster, sitting in front almost proved to be too much for Matt.  Emma said he was a bit queasy after that ride.
   While others play and have fun...I look at pinterest. LOL  I found the perfect shirt for me.  Well yes, please, Make me coffee and take me junkin'.  So me. The company selling this was (ducttapeanddenim)
   This is the beach at Lake Michigan , where Kathy went one day this week and is heading back this weekend.  Kathy must have been a fish in another life...she is lured to the water.
 This is my vacation spot... The dentist office.  I go back twice this month, to have one crown removed, the tooth prepped and a new crown put on......Someone has to help pay for this ugly furniture. LOL. Honestly it's always clean at my dentist, but zzzzz....till I hear that drill. I can get goose bumps on my scalp just hearing that drill.
   Hope all of you are having a beautiful weekend. XO

Wednesday, August 2, 2017


  Max is away on vacation in Florida.
 Luke went along to keep him company. This hat is so funny on him.  He wasn't allowed in the sun, I am sure.
  Max is really walking the beach. I laugh, wondering if he is watching his shadow or enjoying the sand on his shoes. The boys are in Florida with their parents ( Lynzie & Mark), an aunt and uncle , and cousins.
   Grandma Gigi went with her sister Angie to Tampa to spend some time with Sierra (Angie's daughter).  Everyone is cramming in some vacation days of fun and play. Emma stayed home with her father to go to Kings' Island.

 This is Savannah, Jeff (dad) , Skylar and Maisy (Skylar's Girlfriend) They went to King's Island, an amusement park in Cincinnati, Ohio.
  Skylar , Maisy, and Savannah hanging around a dinosaur. Some statues in the park.
  Savannah, Karen (my daughter), Skylar, and Maisy.
 This looks like a T-Rex....Honestly if I came across this in the trees, I would probably jump. I think Karen's family totally enjoyed their two days in Cincinnati.
  Daughter Kathy had a day trip to Lake Michigan. Sorry, I forgot to post her picture. So all my daughters are  squeezing in some fun times before school starts . The grandkids have had some fun days away also.
  I am bummed, I only got to go to the dentist today. Had x-rays and a cleaning. Then the dentist came in to check...and says," There's a crown that needs to be taken off and replaced."  Gaaaaa...why?? I know some of you remember my sensitive root canal of last year. It finally stopped hurting after a second root canal on the same tooth.  But then again I do not eat on that side if I can help it. Two more days in the dentist chair this month of August. :(
  Wishing all of you some fun days this month. Our state fair is starting soon. XO