Monday, May 30, 2016

Thank You...

     Thank you to those who fought for this great country. Those here at Arlington.
  So very many. The stones seem endless when standing there.
  So many to remember . Remember we must. So many gave their all ,represented by these stars on the WWII monument.
 The Korean War Memorial.  Thank you to all who served and are serving the U.S.A.  Blessings .XO

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Ready For Summer...Almost

    This front flower bed is doing fine. The mums are filling in. None blooming, thank goodness, it would be too soon.
  Filled the hummingbird feeders again.  The little black cup is an ant fill it with water so ants can't  get to and spoil the nectar water.
     This is the little "blue eye" growing ...the pachysandra is about to take over the entire bed.  I may just re-locate the blue eye.
  Why is it called blue eye when it's  purple?? I have no idea. It's a grassy plant with a tiny purple flower at the end of  long stems.
   I have a white iris, it's fairly tall. Just blooming now.
    I love the ruffley edges of irises. I need more color here....this is the lily bed, and they are not blooming yet.
  Oh my goodness, if I were raising roses for a living, I would be one starving gardener. This poor rose, I am surprised it bloomed. I just started feeding it some rose food this week. 
  Another pretty sunset this Thursday evening. Not been doing much here this week. Going to the mechanic and stores.  So ready to think about summer flowers here.  This next picture is what I bought at Horton's this week.  It wasn't much and I just loved it.
   Wishing all of you a wonderful day. XO

Friday, May 27, 2016

Things I Saw....

    While at Horton's , I saw this cute little farm desk. It was in the farm section of the store....or it looks like a farm section. Pictures of animals, the" farm sweet farm "signs.:) I really like this paint finish , on the desk/chair.
  In Tinkerhouse section. I do not know what to call this... it has a glass front, a display case ? cloche? It may have been a candle holder, the top looks vented.  I am going to call it charming.
  In the front window was this Sweet Tea sign and one for fresh cut flowers. Embroidery hoops with lace.
       I liked the nest with the ferns here.  The ferns are faux.
   This moss covered frog statue would look great  in a sunroom,  or on a covered porch .
  A rack of heavy duty tote bags. Very well made  Extra pockets  and a wide carrying strap..
   I liked this one. It would be great for an ipad and books. Really rugged .  I think a young college girl would love this.  Hmmm or maybe a teacher.
   Had to take our vehicles in for oil changes. Then I had to take my Jeep back for a complete replacement of the tail light socket and memory board.  Always something.
   This past few days has been nice. Today we are to have rain and I am hoping it isn't much. I want to wish all of you a great Memorial weekend. I always think of this as the unofficial start of summer. Enjoy .XO

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Flowers.& The Indy 500....

  I went to you know where this morning.(Horton's) :):)  It was like a bee hive there this morning. Flowers and plants everywhere. They were actually unloading a semi at the curb.   I am getting one of these little baskets of succulents. Adorable.
  Mr. Horton was so busy, I asked his daughter if I could take photos. That whole family is just the sweetest people you would ever want to know. This is outside where many racks are set up for the plants. They have  artificial flowers for graves too. Memorial day is so near.
  The sidewalk had ferns along the front of the store and there's ferns hanging in this outside area also.
 This is the greenhouse spot. So many beautiful hanging baskets. Petunias too. They even had some black petunias. I saw on the news this week where someone showed how to make a nice container full of black and white petunias with checkered flags added to the center......the 100th running of the Indianapolis 500 is this coming weekend.
   First time ever , every ticket and slot has been sold  for the Indy 500. So the blackout of the race for us has been lifted..... we can see the race on TV. I have only gone to the race once, & carburetor day once.  I love to smell burning rubber on asphalt . LOL
  Hope your Wednesday is  peaceful. XO

Monday, May 23, 2016


   I am so glad this is outdoors....or you would have heard me scream all the way to Albuquerque.
   I love the purpose of a toad, but no way am I ever going to touch one.  They blend in well , so you never see them till you are upon them. Get busy boy and eat those insects.
  Please indulge more photo of our clematis. Only a handful of buds left to bloom  now.
  The oriole feeder is ready ,orange slices and a little jar of grape jelly. I see the orioles and hear them singing but have yet to see one on the feeder.
  This is a tulip bloom from the tulip poplar tree. This is where the oriole feeder is hanging , on the tulip poplar. I haven't  been much of any where lately. Did go to Angie's for brunch and a brisk walk, on Sunday. I was so busy painting and cleaning and more painting and cleaning..LOL.. dang I am getting slow.  But I put three layers of paint on that bathroom. :)
  Teddy bear is home from his fishing trip. He goes every year to Reelfoot lake in Tennessee, with his brothers ,  and his son, BIL &sons. This year he also took  Matt(Liz's  hubby). They had a fun time but did not catch as many fish as last year.  So yes, I am doing laundry today.... :):)
  Hope all of you had a great weekend. The sun is out now and it's to be 80 degrees here. Enjoy XO

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Tiny Bathroom....

  This is our tiny bathroom here...I really hate it. There's  barely room to turn around. It is truly the smallest bathroom I have ever had since being an adult. We have a powder room besides this and it is smaller yet.
  I was sick of the old mirror, light bar and vanity. SO I decided to paint them. Why didn't you all warn paint one thing, change another and it goes on and I want to paint the walls.
 These pictures make the gold walls seem darker than they truly are. I chose a gray paint for everything. But I will not paint the door , woodwork or shelves that Ted made.
 When we moved here, I painted this wall to look like bricks. I had seem a small bathroom like this and it had tons of art work hanging on the walls. Storage being short in here we use baskets to hold toiletries.
  I have tried to have a touch of Paris,in the art. This little bulletin board holds baby pictures of the kids in the bathtub. Even an old picture of my twins in the tub . Bubble baths you know.
  I had this striped rug already, it kind of goes with the gray(which had almost too much blue) . It will do till I find another rug. We have bath mats that go down when taking showers..they are washable. All the bathroom fixings are cheap...I may stay with this for a bit and end up putting in all new. After sanding and painting the vanity , mirror and light bar, I could see how cheaply they were  made.  Well this is to show you there's no extra space in here at all.  My dream would be a much bigger bathroom. LOL
      We have sunshine again. I may have to show just a couple more photos of our clematis....since all the buds will probably bloom this weekend. Enjoy your Sunday. XO

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Purple Flowers....

  This petunia is doing so well. It has a very nice fragrance also.
  My mother's planter is doing great, almost hiding the little angel.
  Wow, look at our clematis !! it is loaded with blooms and buds. I think they may all bloom out today, as the sun is shining . :):)
  Ted made this chicken wire nailed to 2x4's for a frame. This clematis still had the be tied up with some twine.
  Looks so pretty, I wish I had more of them around the property.
 This is some coral bells at the back along side some lilies. When I planted this coral bell , it was one plant, but it spread out as if it were a vine type plant. I have never had this happen before.
  As I said , the sun is out and it is looking pretty least right now. :):) I have some painting to finish up today. Have to finish, sick of looking at the mess. I'll show all of you what I have been doing when it's done. LOL.
  Enjoy this wonderful Saturday . XO

Friday, May 20, 2016

Wonderful Thank You Notes....

   Here are some thank you notes from my daughter's 5th graders.  It is so nice to be thanked. All of these little notes mean so much to me.  The spelling and writing does not have to be perfect.
  This one says," Thank you Nana for everything, you are the best, you have a wonderful daughter."  (the teacher ) LOL.  A girl wrote this.
  This was from a boy. It touched my heart. It says," Thank you for helping make this year special. I will remember this year forever."  A lot of you that follow my blog did mention how a simple picnic at the teacher's ,  would make a good memory for this class.   I hope the kids thanked the teacher's aides and cadet teacher also. :)
   I also received this sweet card from Linda of Linda's Life Journal.  It came in the mail yesterday afternoon and  made me smile. There's a little finger prints book mark from the quads, Linda's wonderful grandchildren. You know the ones she takes pictures of and tells stories of , to entertain all of us.  Thank you Linda, and children...I appreciate this kindness so much.
  This is last night's sunset. Capping off  the end of a pretty day, that made me feel loved. :):)  Hope everyone's planning a fun filled weekend.  Hugs to all. XO

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Wednesday Happpenings....

  Today, I will be digging up more plants to take to my daughter Angie's house. Saturday I dug them for Karen.  This little mum growing here may go.   Don't you just love this bird church. :)
  The pansies are filling in this cement pot.  This pot was a gift from me to my mother. But when she passed I brought it here and put flowers in for her.
  On Monday this feeder was full. The finches are busy feeding .  There's a  finch feeding now. I need to keep an eye on this feeder, to keep it full.  We have seen the hummingbirds at their feeder. I moved the feeder from the front window, so as not to lure any ants near the house. I know, I know, the bug-man said it was the rain that drove the ants in the house......but this old girl is not taking any chances. :):)
  Hope all of you are going to have a fun day. XO

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Without Love....

     I posted pictures of this old abandoned house before. This is in the fall. You can see the roof is gone on the southern part.
  I think about how it is slowly falling down. If only ??? If only someone had loved it enough.
   This is how it looks this week. The old gnarly trees have leafed out. The wild grasses growing taller.
  I see a flowering bush near the corner of the house , where someone who did love this house, planted it.  I know that once this sad place was loved and someone cared.
 As the whole structure leans into the west, I know it will fall in a strong wind one day. But in the mean time, I am going to take photos each season . I do admire how strongly it must have been built, to keep holding on to it 's spot here. It's  window glasses have broken as it tilts. No one goes close, or should not. Too much poison ivy on the trees.  Kathy Jane , this is for you.
  Cloudy and 55-60 here today. I can't hold out any longer, making a pot of chili. LOL  Hugs to all of you. XO