Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Merry Christmas To All.....

 This is a little child like nativity scene.  I love this. I have had it a long time.  My daughter Liz gave it to me. 

  This is a sign I bought a few years back at the Horton's store in town.  I love this saying.   

  Ted is still on his oxygen. He seems a tiny bit better today.  I pray he will be off this oxygen soon. Say in a couple weeks.  His vitals have been in the right range. He still have a good appetite . Two of my daughters have dropped off groceries and gifts. It's still Christmas. 

  Wishing all of you well and much happiness. Begging you to be safe.  XO

Thursday, December 17, 2020

Busy Day.....

 Woke up to this on Wednesday. Got busy sweeping the porch and shoveling the drive.  We had about 4 inches of snow. Thankfully nothing like the northeast has and is getting. I am praying for all of you. Have seen some scary news reports this morning.  

 Ted called from the hospital and they were ready to release him to come home. Gee, doesn't that stand to reason...snowy out, no plows had gone down our road, school was cancelled, so send Ted home.  Since school was cancelled I called my daughter and she said she would pick ted up and bring him home. I said he will need some clothes as he said his were not to be found. Angie gets in her son's closet and picks some clothes for Ted to wear home , so she doesn't have to make two trip out to the country. 

  Ted is released with a small oxygen tank , nebulizer, and breathing exercise things. I have never been around anyone on oxygen and had no idea how things work.  The drs. had ordered meds to put in the nebulizer, a steroid to start tomorrow, and another antibiotic for a week.  I called CVS to see if those orders were called in, yes they were ,but the nebulizer meds was not coded for medicare to pay for it.  The pharmacist, worked with me so that I paid for a week worth till possibly getting the drs to do their jobs of coding.  So called Angie again and she picked up the meds for us. 

  I got to thinking if they have not coded the meds right....is the company that was to bring Ted's oxygen equipment , really bringing that??? So I actually was on the phone for 4 hours to get that working right. Why do I have to do this when it is up to the professionals . I will tell you it makes me crazy. I call the third floor nurses station to see if they had it coded right....the nurse says if Ted runs out of oxygen bring him to ER....Really?? Sorry to be complaining but I just need to vent somewhat. 

  I did get in touch with the oxygen supply company and they found the order on the back side of the nebulizer order....which he said should not have been there. He told me to hang on and he found that the delivery driver was in the town north of here. So by 8:00 P.M. the young man had Ted all hooked up to the oxygen concentrator. He brought some tanks also, in case of power outage. He showed me how to use those. Hooray !!

 When all the craziness of the covid , Ted's pneumonia, and now winter is over....this is what I want to do, as soon as we have some peace. :)  Take care everyone . Be safe. XO


Thursday, December 10, 2020

Life Can Be Crazy....

 I seem to always be writing about Ted's health.  That seems to be what our lives are about now.  Ted did his follow up with the Dr. on Thursday the 3rd. , after he spent Thanksgiving in the hospital , with pneumonia.  Went to get labs on Saturday., the 5th .Labs go to his heart dr and our primary dr. 
Ted just seemed to be getting worse each day. I asked if he would go to ER Monday evening. He says no let me rest, leave me alone.  He had no fever, blood pressures close to being too low a couple times. His breathing was ruff.  Tuesday, I asked him a couple more times to go to ER.  Tuesday evening, I decided to take his temperature...it was 97.7, which is about how he reads most times.  I actually dressed to take him to the hospital. I talked with him. I stayed up a while . I took his temperature about 40 minutes from the 97.7 reading and he was running a fever...it was 102.1 ...So I called 911, I did not think Ted could walk for me. 
 The EMT's put oxygen on him and took him to the hospital.  I could not believe this was happening. It was as if I were watching it, instead of being involved. I did remain calm..this is the first time I have ever called 911.  

  I had to call the hospital  3 times to finally get any news of what was happening. No one is allowed in the hospital that isn't on a gurney. The nurse said Ted has pneumonia and they did a covid test., and a CT scan. ..what the heck, is this the  groundhog's day movie?? For this is what happened at Thanksgiving.  One thing I did do was straighten Ted's medicine list for them. Every time Ted sees a dr, or goes to the hospital I had a new updated med list with him. I think they gave Ted the wrong meds when he was there at Thanksgiving....as the nurse was saying all his old meds while on the phone. I stopped her and begged her to write down what I was going to tell her. She did.  I am not sure any mix up of what Ted is on would make a huge difference...but hey why not do the right meds. 

  Ted has had a spit test(?) , urine test...do not know why.  But he got the results of the Covid test and it was negative. That's 3 tests he has had from Thanksgiving to now. Even though I can't  be in the hospital to visit him, I hope they keep him long enough to get on the path to getting over this pneumonia.  I am really tired. 

 Praying for all of you and us too. We really could use a break, how about all of you.? Please beautiful people stay safe ...let's hang in there and see if the vaccine is going to start us all on the right path to some stress free days of life. Our children deserve it.  XO

Saturday, December 5, 2020

A Little Bit Of Christmas...

Or should I say a lot of Christmas???  This is a house in the tiny town north of us. I always love to see their decorations. They seem to collect lawn decor from the 50's to now. No blow up stuff.  I am thinking of giving them my Snowman. 
 They must have a storage barn some where, as they also have this kind of Halloween stuff too.  They sure light up their neighborhood. 
Then not far from there is this old car with Mr. and Mrs. Claus. It is trimmed out in lights and looks so cute. I wonder if the car runs, or if the owner pushes it into place. 

  I took Ted to the hospital to get his lab work. To have them send it to his heart dr.  Hopefully the dr will get right on that. He had changed up some of Ted's blood pressure meds.   Ted says he feels good....but he isn't doing much of anything but sleeping. I hope that helps him heal. 

 Hope all of you are getting ready for Christmas. It is so near. I do not know about sending cards, because I have not been to the stores.  I know I have a few and I can craft some...so it may come to that.  Take care , be safe.  XO

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Great Grandson Max....

 Well my pictures are not in order...:) Here's Max watching Alex Trebek.  He used to squiggle around as if dancing when he heard the Jeopardy music. I always laughed , but I loved it. 
 He truly always seemed to be really interested in the show.  Hope he was absorbing knowledge.  
 Here's Max and me. Max has a birthday this week.  He is about two days old here. It's been 5 years ago. Oh where did that time go? It was hard enough to get to be with him before the Covid , not it is impossible. I am missing him, his family and baby brother Luke.  When we are allowed, I am going to be hugging those kids so much, they will be tired of me. 

 We are doing okay here, since Ted has been home. He is doing his breathing treatments to help himself get over the pneumonia.  He seems to nap more.  Hope all of you are well and please stay that way.  XO