Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Wishing All A Wonder Christmas.

Here it is a week into Dec.  Time just seems to be going faster each month.  I have two tiny trees for decoration this year. Can not make myself do much else. I will display any cards I receive. I never go shopping at the stores for anything but household supplies and food.  Gee, at times my life is a total snooze. LOL
 Here are Santa and his wife in the old car in a town north of here. This is an old picture. I will miss my daughter Kathy taking me to see lights, as she moved to Seattle.  Saying that takes me back in time. Our mother used to pile us in the car and drive around looking at lights .  We never had very much, but mom let us enjoy the sights around town. 
   A couple times Salvation Army brought us some toys. Now I look into a playroom at my daughter's. There's more toys in that room than all eleven of  us saw in our lives growing up. I know none of my grandkids or great grandkids will ever be in want of something to play .  One thing I love about my daughters and their families, they pass things along to the next in line.
  I try to stay busy. I do go to brunch and lunch every now and then. My best times are with family. I pray all of you are well and  have time with your families this holiday. Hold each other tight . XO

Saturday, October 21, 2023

October A Busy Month.....

 Here are some old sunsets and a sunrise from the days I lived in the country.  You can not get this in town.
 I miss sitting on the porch and seeing the horizon.  It's all so different now. In town your sunsets are on rooftops. Just not the same great views.
 In this shot the corn is still standing. It's been harvested in that field already.  I some times take a drive to just enjoy views I can no long see.
 Today we gathered at my oldest daughter's house for all the birthdays and Angie and Mark's anniversary.  It was a celebration for Ricky, Sierra, and Finnlee's birthdays. Finn is 4 and he and his cousins Leo 6 and Meadow 3,found a caterpillar and took turns holding it. They seemed  be enjoying it. I just loved the whole day. I pitched baseballs to the boys , so they could practice swinging the bat. The weather was nice and warm, but it was a bit windy. Have to love these pretty days. Being with family made it perfect. Hope all of you had a great day too. XO

Monday, September 11, 2023

Time Is Passing .....

 Look it's time for mums. I still have one. There were two at the end of the front walk. I tried to keep mowing around them and just got too close as they were growing and ran over one.  I dug the other up and put it in one of the flowerbeds.  I had great hopes of having so much done before winter. But honestly at the rate I am going , only a small amount of my to do list will get done. 

   I hoed some tight spots for weeds today. Then mowed because the forecast calls for rain tonight and tomorrow. Then I went to the store for cleaning supplies and some food items. Got home and sat down and my feet were hurting. That's it, tomorrow will have to be a slower day.


 This past weekend was our Pork Festival. I did not get invited to go and just did not want to go alone. I think I must have saved some money, my daughter said the food items were pricey. She drove the golf cart to town and got tenderloins for their supper. 

   I was invited to their house for brunch  and visiting with my granddaughter from Cincinnati. It is amazing how fast the g.grands are growing. Leo is in kindergarten and Meadow is in pre-school. Meadow seemed to have taken a long time to grow her hair and now it is long enough to fix in cute little girl styles.  That brings back so many memories for me. With four girls I did many a hair-do.

  The weather is starting to cool down some. I am glad it's not in the high 90's. Take care friends and stay safe. XO

Thursday, July 27, 2023

Oh So Slowly....

Just as this wee inch worm inches along....so is my progress here in town.  One day it seems I have been back in town forever, then the next as though I just got here.
I keep trying to get back to being an organized person, not at a fast pace. Just a little each day or every other day. It's like my batteries are running low..low...low.
 Enjoying some pretty things will keep me from going thru stack of papers. Why do we have to have so many piles of receipts. Dare we let if be shredded?  Maybe in my last days I'll shred it all and take my chances with the IRS and such. LOL
 The baking sun we have been having this summer is good for flowers, if you remember to water them.
 My daughter Karen has been harvesting some of her garden. My goodness , she may have to open  a pickle factory , she has picked so many cucumbers. She has tomatoes, potatoes, and the green beans are getting there. She has made pickles that she says are hot and spicy.... my gosh ,Ted would have loved those. The man enjoyed spicy foods.

  Granddaughter Lynzie came to visit today and brought her two boys, Max and Luke.  The boys are going to be as tall or taller than me in a couple more years. Max is 7 1/2 yrs old and Luke  is 6.   Now that is when time goes quickly. I got myself lots of hugs and squeezes. :):)  I told them to never forget me, they promised they would not.  I love to see how they are learning so many  things. Both are in taekwondo and like it . They like baseball also. In three weeks they go back to school.

    Take care dear friends and family. Stay cool and hydrated. XO 


Tuesday, June 6, 2023

What's Going On......

 This is my oldest daughter, Angie. She officially retired from teaching this year. I am happy for her and so very proud of her. She loved teaching , did it for 31 years. When she told me she was retiring, it was bittersweet. I cried thinking of how we prayed for the job in our community school system. But as we talked , we knew it was time. She has good health, family, and wonderful grandchildren to enjoy. 
 This loving dog Madison. So smart and adorable. Belonging to granddaughter Lynzie's family, 
 and this good old boy Sam, belonging to granddaughter Emma,  have gone on to where all good dogs go.  I loved my granddogs.  My daughter Karen had a dog, Princess to go also. But I did not have any photos of her. Sad to think of all those pets ,gone.  I know many things have to change , but it doesn't mean I have to like it.  :(

     I am still trying my best to get my life together again. I do not know if I will, just will keep trying. I keep busy . I am keeping up with most chores. Cooking is not one of them....I have gotten to the point of hating to cook.  I make things and end up taking it to my daughters at times. 

    Wishing all of you a great summer. Be safe. XO

Sunday, April 9, 2023

Happy Easter ...

 I have a few old pictures of Easter to share.  I have had lots of carrots lately. In salads , soups, and stews.  I have missed blogging with all of you. Still try to follow many. I have days where I feel like all I do is run in circles...can't see to plan and organize like I used too. That is about to change.

  As my daughter ,Kathy, who drove away from here into her new life in early September, has gotten settled and has her cat, Buddy back with her. Hooray !!!

 I never realized what a job having a pet can be. Especially if it has special needs. Buddy had digestive issues...so no big bowl of dry food ,out all day, for him to eat . No it was every 4 hours of smelly glop. Honestly, I do not miss the feedings and the litter box. And he had two litter boxes. 
 But here is my smiling girl , ever so happy to have her pet in Seattle with her. Thanks to pet transporters. When Kathy got to Seattle, it was a long process finding a job that would afford her a decent life. She is very educated too. But a job came along and with employment she could find an apartment . She could not have her pet while she was staying at her son's.  He had to find his own cat a home when his son was born. Not sure why...unless it was too much work. It took 7 months instead of the two we thought. 

   So now I have less responsibilities . Can clean the the house top to bottom . Can sort through the boxes I still have packed up here. Oh my gosh. I am thinking if its been packed for over a year..I do not need it. So I will been donating and giving to others. 

   Wishing all of you  blessings and love. XO