Saturday, November 30, 2013

Weekend Company :):):)

 We picked Emma up this morning. She will be staying till Sunday evening. She is standing on the hearth at her house, it's a foot off the floor. :):) That girl's legs are already as long as mine.
 My gosh did the tree move or did I? I had to laugh at this photo. Don't look too long you'll be sick.
This is Emma's tree, she is happy for it. Sam walked by it this morning wagging his big old tail and knocked off 3 ornaments. I thought our old cat was bad about knocking them off the tree...Sam has her beat. I am so glad my girls use artificial trees. One less "mommy" worry.
  Emma and I will be crafting this afternoon . I will post what we make tomorrow. xo

Friday, November 29, 2013

I Count My Blessings...

 Here's old Sam and Emma. Sam was not in the house till after the meal. Emma sure loves him. Emma had a cocoa bar set up for us yesterday. Hot cocoa , mini marshmellows(2 flavors) some of those round skinny cookies (can't recall the name right now). She was very proud of this idea and it was a hit.
This is Madison, my granddaughter Lynzie's cocker spaniel. I made the mistake of giving her a mini marshmellow and she followed me around all day.:):)  She's a good, well behaved dog.
 This is Liz, Lynzie, Brandon, Brock, Matt, and in front is Emma who must think she belongs to some gang with her lame hand's not a v for victory. Liz and Matt hosted our dinner.
Liz, Brock, Margo, Angie, and Lynzie...getting things ready in the kitchen. Margo is Angie's stepdaughter, she came from Ohio and had to turn around and go right back after dinner.
 As usual , I got all caught up in visiting and laughing so much I forgot about photos. Darn. There were 21 of us at our dinner. So much food, everyone took left overs home.  So I know there will be left over lunches today.:):)
 Just as I was getting ready for bed last night, my daughter Kathy called from Salt Lake City. I got to have a conversation with her and my g.son Korey.  Kathy will be on her way home tomorrow. I hope her flights can make all the right connections.
  I was blessed with being with the people I love , and hearing from the ones , that could not be present. I have to get busy now and decorate our tree. Hope all of you had a great day and enjoy this up coming weekend. Blessings.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


 I don't think Ted would call this a craft.:):) He uses his curly saw dust shavings, a bathroom dixie cup and paraffin. Melt the paraffin , pack a cup with shavings, then pour the melted paraffin into the cup of shavings. These are the best fire starters ever. They light faster than the store bought ones and do not take a much. Do I need to say cheaper too?LOL
 While Ted had his hotplate going and double boiler...I thought time to make candles. Got these champagne glasses at the goodwill , fifty cents or less. Put in the wicks, gee they are tall. Melted my soy wax and poured into the glasses.
 I do not know why I bought such tall wicks, as these are probably more for looks.
Tie some pretties around the stems. Add fake flowers, leaves, or jewels. These will be sister gifts. Love my sisters. I love my brothers too, but they aren't into tea parties and gift giving. Silly brothers.
  Today Nana Diana needs prayers for her grandson and family. Won't you please send up a prayer? Thank you blog families. xoxo

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Turkey Day Is So Near....

Ted and I just bought a ham for our  Thanksgiving dinner. One of the girls will make a turkey, one will make chicken and noodles. Then we all pitch in with veggie's and desserts. Never a shortage of food.
   Not like the old days of growing up in the little red house on the corner, with my 10 siblings and parents. I don't ever remember left-overs. Because we always had a stewing hen, potatoes, gravy, and maybe peas.
   As the years went along, things became better. I don't remember the year my parents first ever served turkey. I am sure it was after I married and two brothers joined the service.
  When we all grew up and had our own lives, we still went back to that little house. We had great times and laughs.....and much love. Thank God we had the love, it took the edge off the hunger.
  I am praying for all of you out have the best holiday, with plenty of love and enough food. xo

Monday, November 25, 2013

Sunday Afternoon...

 Two of my daughters , one granddaughter, and I went to the Tipton Community Theater's production of A Christmas Carol.  It was a very good production. Plenty of young children involved, singing and dancing.
 This is my sweet Savannah and I...she is the most bashful child you will ever meet. Very good and loves crafting more than Emma even. I sat with her through the play, of course we whispered a couple times.
This is Angie, Karen, and Savannah. Can you tell that Karen is Savannah's mother?? I ask Karen sometimes, "where is your mini me?". Karen was my tomboy daughter, she still will not do much with her hair or wear make-up. Her smile is her accessory.:):) Liz and Emma had company and could not make it.
 My daughter Kathy was suppose to be on a flight to Salt Lake City.....but with ice/snow delays across the the nation...her flights were rescheduled. So when I got home from having a cup of coffee at Angie's with some pumpkin bread that Karen had made, I got to visit with Kathy. She was on her to Indianapolis, to catch her flight out. I got to be with 3 of my 4 daughters yesterday, plus was a good day for me.  Hope all of you are safe and warm through this winter weather that crossing our nation. Be safe.xo

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Some Decorating...

 Here's our front door wreath.I have been meaning to change out that gold ribbon. I would like a plaid wooly one on it, for more of a country look.
 This little welcome sign did get a sprig of pine and a rag scarf on one bird.
I need more on this bench. It's one poinsettia flower and a strip of ribbon. I may get a small wreath for it.
 Today, I am going to the community Christmas production. It's usually at the high school auditorium. I am meeting my daughters , Emma , and Savannah . I hope I remember to get a few photos. xo

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Christmas Bazaar At The 4-H......

 My mom's best friend makes these handy kitchen towels. I know everyone has them.
 Today at the bazaar, I bought each of my daughters one in memory of my mom. My mom used to give the granddaughters kitchen towels for a gift. So this is perfect.
 I tried to get some that would coordinate with the girls' kitchen colors, or their likes.
We came across the soap lady at the bazaar. She has set-up at the farmer's market next to us before. I have a bunch of handmade soaps....but she is a sweet young lady, and we like to help others. Maybe these will become gifts.:):) I forgot to take any photos at the bazaar. I can tell you there was a lot of doll clothes, knitted and crocheted items. Some craft things, baked goods too.  Wishing everyone a wonderful day. xo

Friday, November 22, 2013

In Memory....

 This is the eternal flame On President Kennedy's grave site. There are three graves there.  The president, Jackie's and the child they lost in a miscarriage, just a few months before the death of JFK.
 My photos are not that clear, sorry.  They are very plain markers. Nothing fancy about them.
They sit upon a bit of a hill , at Arlington National Cemetery .  I remember being home when I heard the news of the shooting in Dallas. I called my mom, I felt sick. I often have thought of how things may have been different , if only. Blessings too all of you for a nice weekend. xo

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Don't You Miss Them?????

I had to look back at some of these pretty flowers. I sure am missing them. It rained all day and the skies were gray and dismal . It's that time of year where we have very little color .
 Oh these violas were so pretty this past spring and summer. I loved the colors.
This was some of my roses gone back to wild. But I loved them anyway they would grow. I hope all of you are enjoy this up coming weekend. Thinking of all in need of prayer. It's been a rough week for many. xoxo

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Apple Ornaments....

 The apples on the neighbor's trees , after all that wind we had, still hanging on.  I think they look like Christmas ornaments. Hardly a leaf left but many apples still.
 These green apples are hard as rocks, I never see the neighbors gathering them. They must not be very good , even for cooking. I would like to talk with the neighbor lady about them. You would think any apple could make applesauce.:)
I would like to tell this bit of a story from our newspaper. This is a lady that survived the tornado in Kokomo, Indiana. Her name is Debra Kauble. She said , she was trapped as debris fell on top of her , in their closet. Her husband ran for help. Their neighbors pulled her, with the help of her husband, to safety. Debra said, "I heard someone screaming and screaming, and I thought 'woman would you shut up!', then I realized it was me."  Even in all her pile of rubble that is now her home, she could laugh at herself. Some people are so strong. Praying for those in need. xo

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Long Shadows....

 After all the bad storms, we had a beautiful day yesterday. A bit more windy than usual.
 I love to go outside as the sun is setting and see all the shadow effects. This is a photo before the corn was taken in across the road. Our yard today looks as if it's been raked, no leaves , just branches.
We will do some winter trimming in the flowerbeds. Pick the twigs and branches up. We  need to refill the birdbaths and feeders. Our birds have been sparse lately, we think there may be a hawk near by. Enjoy today and remember those in need of prayers. xo

Monday, November 18, 2013

Close Enough.....

 This is a shot from the dining room window , as the clouds are going northeast. The sun is out. We had a couple hours in the basement. The winds were fierce at times. The wind actually howled all night after the storm front was through our state. We were blessed. But the town of Kokomo has damage.
After the storms went through, I saw this faint rainbow. You may be able to see it just at the top of the pine trees. I haven't heard much news yet this morning. I know that my twins homes were without power yesterday afternoon. I pray for those in need this morning. Please be safe. xo

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Odds & Ends....

 This is the sky this morning here in central Indiana. It's clearing a bit, which the weatherman says is just going to fuel to the storm system coming in. I dread the thought of storms. For one thing, on Friday we had a power glitch . On our way into town we saw why, a power pole had been pushed into a leaning position at the corner. The power and light company has brought a truck in and it is sitting in the ditch with some bands holding the pole up. Now I ask you, if we are to have high winds up to 60 mph.....will that hold? I think they did that , rather pay overtime for the men to fix it. How sad.
 Ted spotted this hornet's nest in the woods and he tried to get a picture of it. The bottom's out of it, so it's dead. Thank goodness. It was up too high for Ted to bring it down.
This is an old photo for Lavender Dreams' Diane... she said she loved Matt Fox and Sherri Hiller. That's me in the middle.  They were at the Indianapolis Home Show one year and I asked for a photo. I miss their old show "Room By Room". They sure had the right connection when working together. They were like brother and sister, only less squabbling. :):) Hope you are all safe and stay that way. xo

Friday, November 15, 2013


 I am posting the rest of my Horton pictures. Hope all of you are not  getting bored with them. I really like this married piece of furniture. An old window is in the back, the table part looks like  a potting bench.
 Old shutters, frames, suitcases and odd dressers. They really help with displaying the merchandize.
 If this old stove still worked, I'd want it for real. More shutters and  old doors. Chalkboard lampshade.
 White painted dresser with a manger scene. Burlap ribbon, cloches, and mercury candlesticks.
This old china cabinet is holding scents. Sachets, candles, hand cremes,  room fresheners. Some scents just are not for me. I don't do well with heavy floral scents and not a lot of musk smells either. I really prefer fruit and spice smells. Enjoy your day everyone. xo

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Christmas Pictures.....

 Ted and I went to Horton's yesterday, so I took some photos. I Loved this arched garland with glass icicles.
 Big signs everywhere. A sweet red desk and chair. The detail on the back of the chair is very nice.
 This is a strong little tree to be able to hold these big ornaments.:):) Twig deer Old fashion sled.
 Burlap banners and stockings. Pillows piled high at an old mantle headboard. Lots of fragrances.
Santa's sleigh with lots of things for the good mommies out there. Mr. Horton has a set of wheels on this sleigh so he can move it around, how very handy.
  Another frosty morning here. But the sun is coming up , so I am going to love this day. xoxo

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Snail Mail...

 I love-love-love snail mail !! Saturday after the church bazaar, I received this post card from sweet Diane at Lavender Dreams. I was not expecting it, so it made me smile. It's just so nice to be thought of for no special reason. Plus it's a photo of the Smoky Mountains autumn scene.:):)
Yesterday we had some snow in the morning as we awoke. Today it was frost. The frost was almost as deep as the 1/2 inch of snow :):) Pretty with blue skies and awesome sunsets. But colder than a tin t-shirt.
I am hoping all of you are having a nice day. Let's count our blessings and pray for others. xo