Friday, November 29, 2013

I Count My Blessings...

 Here's old Sam and Emma. Sam was not in the house till after the meal. Emma sure loves him. Emma had a cocoa bar set up for us yesterday. Hot cocoa , mini marshmellows(2 flavors) some of those round skinny cookies (can't recall the name right now). She was very proud of this idea and it was a hit.
This is Madison, my granddaughter Lynzie's cocker spaniel. I made the mistake of giving her a mini marshmellow and she followed me around all day.:):)  She's a good, well behaved dog.
 This is Liz, Lynzie, Brandon, Brock, Matt, and in front is Emma who must think she belongs to some gang with her lame hand's not a v for victory. Liz and Matt hosted our dinner.
Liz, Brock, Margo, Angie, and Lynzie...getting things ready in the kitchen. Margo is Angie's stepdaughter, she came from Ohio and had to turn around and go right back after dinner.
 As usual , I got all caught up in visiting and laughing so much I forgot about photos. Darn. There were 21 of us at our dinner. So much food, everyone took left overs home.  So I know there will be left over lunches today.:):)
 Just as I was getting ready for bed last night, my daughter Kathy called from Salt Lake City. I got to have a conversation with her and my g.son Korey.  Kathy will be on her way home tomorrow. I hope her flights can make all the right connections.
  I was blessed with being with the people I love , and hearing from the ones , that could not be present. I have to get busy now and decorate our tree. Hope all of you had a great day and enjoy this up coming weekend. Blessings.


  1. You have a lovely family Susie!! I think the idea that Emma had for a cocoa bar was a grand idea!

  2. What a wonderful day, Susie! It looks like everyone was having such a good time together! xo Nellie

  3. It sounds like you had a very enjoyable holiday, Susie! I'm glad to hear it!
    We will be meeting up with my girls, and their families tomorrow. My niece will be there too. We are all excited to see each other.
    Have a nice weekend, dear friend.

  4. What a lovely family. Glad you had a great day. I love the idea of a hot coca bar!

  5. It looks like Sam and Madison had a nice Thanksgiving! And the rest of you too. And yes, a hot cocoa bar is tres chic, just like Emma's shirt!

    Have fun with the tree decorating, Susie!

  6. What a beautiful family you have. Have fun decorating. xo Laura

  7. So many wonderful smiles, I think a good time was had by all!

  8. What a nice Thanksgiving! Being with friends and family is the best. Love the idea of a cocoa bar. I might have to borrow that one.