Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Apple Ornaments....

 The apples on the neighbor's trees , after all that wind we had, still hanging on.  I think they look like Christmas ornaments. Hardly a leaf left but many apples still.
 These green apples are hard as rocks, I never see the neighbors gathering them. They must not be very good , even for cooking. I would like to talk with the neighbor lady about them. You would think any apple could make applesauce.:)
I would like to tell this bit of a story from our newspaper. This is a lady that survived the tornado in Kokomo, Indiana. Her name is Debra Kauble. She said , she was trapped as debris fell on top of her , in their closet. Her husband ran for help. Their neighbors pulled her, with the help of her husband, to safety. Debra said, "I heard someone screaming and screaming, and I thought 'woman would you shut up!', then I realized it was me."  Even in all her pile of rubble that is now her home, she could laugh at herself. Some people are so strong. Praying for those in need. xo


  1. It is amazing what people can do after trauma. I definitely think you should ask about those apples. xo Laura

  2. You know, some days you are as strong as you have to be. Her focus on what is important is good, it seems. She has her life and her husband. Neighbors, too. What more do we really need?

  3. you know years ago we lived in a house with a gnarly apple tree that i didn't want to take down because of the nice shade it made over my kitchen window. the apples were bitter. you couldn't do ANYTHING with them. i tried.

    smiles, bee

  4. The storm was terrible scary
    I lived in Brookport Illinois years ago where it really hit hard also across river from Paducah Kentucky

    I am really surprised those apples hung on the tree

  5. Prayers continue here for those who are impacted by the storm.

    Well, the trees are already trimmed for Christmas, aren't they?:-) Those apples must have hung on for dear life. xo Nellie

  6. Those apples must be really sour or something, Susie. We had an apple tree in our back orchard and we never used the apples. I remember trying them one time and they were bitter.

    Praying for all those affected by the storm and I LOVE that lady's response. She didn't lose her sense of humor- xo Diana

  7. Our tree finally produced apples after about 15 years of growth. The apples were big and semi sour. But I still used them and cooked them up with steavia. The make a great apple pie. Trees look neat with those apples hanging, the animals and birds will have something to eat during the winter.

    I feel bad for the people who lost their homes....not easy to start over.

  8. Hi Susie ):)
    yes grab some cook em up x(:) cinnamon and sugar will make em good(:)
    the santas I have seen on etsy she made santas,cats,angels etc them all..hugs,,patty

  9. Great story Susie. I feel so horrible about what everyone over there has been through.
    I love the red apple tree---you are right, they look like Christmas balls!

  10. Yep, that tree is festive.
    That poor lady yelling and not even realizing it was her. How scary that had to be. I just don't know how those people survive when there is so much damage.

  11. There are so many stories...we just got our power back today. I am so thankful. The things we take for granted. I have an ornament tree like that! Hey ask about the apples. I bet they just don't want to mess with them. I picked and picked and picked and asked two friends if they wanted to come over and pick. They did not and I just couldn't pick them all. We eat 1-2 apples a day. It was a good apple year-bad weather year.

    Cindy Bee

  12. We just never know what we will do or how we will act when disaster hits. I've been in one tornado and it was so frightening but I had a teenager hanging on to me (someone I didn't know) so I just kept praying and patting her arm. The apples look so neat. I've never seen a tree stripped of it's leaves with the apples still on the tree! Take care my friend. Sweet hugs!

  13. oh my gosh, thats so scary, those poor people, I pray it never happens again,
    the apples DO look like ornaments,!!