Friday, January 31, 2020

Goodbye January....

 It's been a long month. So thankful the weather was kind. Plenty of rain, bit of snow here and there, but no heavy snows.  Ted had a round of chemo the first week. Became ill and ended up in the hospital.  His vitals are always good each day.
 Today we saw his oncology doctor. Labs were taken. Ted's white and red cell counts are low. His platelets are up again. Which the bone marrow transplant doctors wanted to happen before the next chemo. But Dr. Birhirey says with his white cells being low we will wait another week.  So that Monday will be, labs and a chemo , if counts allow...then get to Indy to see the IMBT drs.  On the following Tuesday I will be seeing my eye dr. I was there once this week. Trying to squeeze in some health time for myself. Scary.
  Ted will be seeing his heart dr again this a pulmonologist, all those appointments within this month. All we get to done  is go to see drs.  Wears me out. Ted has no energy. It's shortness of breath. That is why he will have ct scan then see the lung doctor.  Wish us luck. Ted may need to change inhalers or have oxygen once in a while.
 Hopefully we will have some good days this month to be able to make all our appointments.
Hoping to visit all of you more often. Just 49 days till spring...can you believe it? Take care. XO

Thursday, January 2, 2020

When It's Cold.....

  Well it was cold for some days. Some fierce winds with low know making it even colder. So it was time for corn muffins and bean stew. That's 3 or 4 different kinds of beans with diced onions ,potatoes., and ham. Makes a nice dinner.
  Days where the sun did shine  with blue skies. I always love seeing the sun especially on cold days. It gives me hope of spring  coming soon. LOL  Oh, I know, I am just too eager.
  This is an early morning sunrise.. I love seeing farm storage buildings with the sun behind them.  I truly love being up and about in the early hours of the day.
 But then , look at this pretty and golden.  :):)  Who would not love this? It has been a wonderful holiday season. Well once my back started feeling better. I am thanking my Lord for that.  It helps me be able to get thru some other tough things.
   Ted has been getting his chemo maintenance this week. Not yesterday the place was closed. So he will go one day next week., to fit five doses into his schedule.  Then in two weeks he will have two dr. appointments.  The week after chemo is hard for him, he is so drained , it seems.
  I am praying that you all had a lovely holiday  too.  Also that  this New Year will be kind to all of us.  XO