Monday, October 30, 2017

Clear View.....

  This is Friday evening 's view of the corn across the road.  The wind was blowing very steady.
 Saturday around 5 o'clock, the farmer who works the field in front , came to harvest. Hooray, I love when the corn is down, except for the debris that ends up in our yards. LOL.  When the corn is tall for many months, I feel hemmed in.  It took the farmer two days on this big field, because he stopped and started again yesterday afternoon. At 9:00 P.M. , they were done and leaving.
  So this morning I can see the lights in the next few miles.
 I am so glad to be able to see all around me again. I know that may seem strange , but I like seeing if traffic is moving and that people are out and about.  Starting this week off at 39 degrees this morning...brr. :):)
   Ted and I had Karen and her daughter Savannah over on Saturday. We had a wonderful lunch and talked about Savannah's  great trip to NYC. She was actually excited to talk about it. Showed us her pictures and a video of one of the choir members singing with a performer from Wicked. What a treat. Loved every minute of it. It was such fun, I forgot to take pictures.
 Daughter Kathy had a nice weekend away. She went to the West Baden Hotel in French Lick, Indiana.  Home of basketball's great Larry Bird, of I.U., Boston Celtics, and owner of the Pacers fame.  Kathy is always into an adventure.  She really should be a travel agent. :):)
  West Baden Hotel was actually Mile Lick Hotel when first built. It was built to capitalize on the mineral springs in the area. Renamed West Baden years later , after Baden Baden in Europe. You can see more and learn more at :
   Hope all of you enjoyed your weekend.  It was cold here with some wonderful sunshine on and off.  Wishing you a brand new week . XO

Friday, October 27, 2017

Got Fries......

  My daughter Liz sent this to me and said, every time she is around her sweet grandson Luke, she gets a craving for fries. LOL
  This big boy is 6 months old now. He's a happy little fellow.
  Now look , he's sticking his tongue out at his mommy.  Look at those chubby thighs.
 Big brother Max got to sit out by his jack -o- lantern.  Such funny boys.  He's holding the stem to prove it's his pumpkin I guess.  Seeing pictures of my great grandsons makes me smile.
   My tooth has calmed down and not hurting at this I am taking care not to get it hurting....brushed my teeth so gently today and last night.  Thanks for everyone's kind words and understanding.  I hoping I can hold out till the 6th . :):)
   Today it's been very cold and wet. We started a fire in the fireplace and it's still burning.   Ted got the big wood box back upon the back deck. Makes bringing in firewood so much easier.  I think it's time for the small box by the fireplace. Time to put the fans in the basement. The little space heater...we had used to take the chill off in the mornings.  Really seems winter is coming now. Actually makes me sad. I will miss sitting outside, watering plants, picking peppers and tomatoes.  I better get into a winter mind set. LOL
  Wishing all a great weekend. XO

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Happenings, Bad & Good......

  Got up this morning to a heavy frost. Hoping this is the snow they predicted. LOL.  The grass was white.  Up early to call my dentist...for goodness sake. My tooth hurt all night...the one my dentist trimmed down so it would not strike the tooth above. They fit me in for an x-ray exam.
  This is the frost on the golf course.    I get the x-ray, the tooth is fractured.  It needs to come out.  Thankful it's in the back.
  My dentist does no extractions or root canal.  Why??   So had to make an appointment in Kokomo. Well it's closer. Can't get anything done till the 6th of November !!   I will be a lunatic by then. This hurts. Can't eat very well. Maybe the up side , I'll lose some weight. If only.  This shot is the park, went by there, cause I felt so down from the dentist visit.
  Driving thru town, look at that sky. So pretty and so cold. The air is crisp.
 Since the cold arrived the color is popping out some.
  Here's a new building going up in our small town, dang near built on the sidewalk. GRRR. Who does this?
  Will you allow me to say a bit more about pumpkins ?? LOL. Max is getting his 1st jack-o-lantern. His mom is cutting the top off, as he laughs about it.
 He gets his sleeves rolled up and goes at taking the seeds out. So funny.
 Then his mommy lets him see it lit up with it's face. He loved it. and knows no touching....even with a battery candle.
    Back to the dentist appointment. I get home and find out it's the same time as my eye dr. visit. Good grief.  So I call the eye dr. to change for a week later. I may have to be put to sleep for this tooth extraction.  Let me tell you, I really try to be an upbeat person. But oh boy there's times I just want to bawl and tear my hair out.  The more I think about that.... the more I realize it's because of dental work most often. I do not remember biting anything hard enough to break a what is going on. This is actually a tooth I have asked Dr. Mike to pull before...they will not pull a tooth because you think it needs it or you want it.  But then now here it is fractured needing a special procedure....when it could have been easily removed.  I am going to be bald one day and probably toothless to boot.  :):)
  Wishing all of you a better day than I had this morning. Well while I was at the dentist anyway. XO

Tuesday, October 24, 2017


  Just showing some old pumpkin photos. This line of pumpkins were taken before Luke was born. I thought it was cute of my granddaughter to name her pumpkins. :)
  These are the biggest pumpkins I had ever seen in person.  The grower used a block and tackle to lift them into a trailer.
  This is one of them. I was hoping to get pictures of his pumpkins this year, but missed my chance.
  I loved the basket spilling out all kinds of tiny pumpkins and gourds.
  This pumpkin must have gone to the dentist. Flashing his new braces.
  A basket of glamour pumpkins. Soft velvets and sparkles.
 The can pumpkins on display. I actually have seen these on front porches. I think you could put a candle in them. I don't think I have had a Jack-o-lantern since my girls were at home. That's been some  time.
 Today is rainy and cold. It's 47 degrees and not going to be much warmer . Wow to think it was in the 70's just a couple days ago.  Time for jackets and sweaters.  One forecast said something about  flurries possible. No, please, it's too soon.  I always hate snow at Halloween time.  Poor trick or treaters.
  Wishing all of you a great day. XO

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Pumpkin Patch Time......

  Yesterday was time for my daughter Liz's family to go to the pumpkin patch. She asked me to come along. But I was not sure I could do so much walking  on bumpy grounds.  So I declined.
  This is one of the pictures Liz sent  from  the patch. Lots of gourds to chose from.
  A cute entrance with the hours. Most of the pictures  I received were too dark. Some didn't even download. Grrr.
  I know that Layla, in her princess dress ,went along with her parents  Brock and Emily. Look at her chocolaty face. :):) She is sweet enough without  a chocolate coating.
 This is after the boys, Max and Luke got home from a long day. Lynzie and Mark took them to the patch also. The boys do a lot of snuggling it seems.  Luke always smiles when Max is around. These are my favorite pumpkins .
   The leaves are falling around here and yet we do not have much color.  The farmers are harvesting quickly because rains are on the way, possibly this evening. I am hoping the corn around here gets taken in soon. I want to wash my windows. They are so dirty from the bean dust. :(  Washing windows is still a chore, but it's easier with a bucket ( tall trash can) with water/vinegar mix, and a long handled  squeegee and paper towels. :)
  Hope all of you are enjoying this  wonderful weather. Well  it's nice here in Indiana .  Wishing you a beautiful Sunday. XO

Friday, October 20, 2017

Broadway & Country Roads....

  Our granddaughter Savannah on Wednesday night going to see the Broadway show ,Stomp. I think she looks ready for society. :)
  This is Thursday night and she is going to see Wicked.  I am looking forward to getting together with her and talking about her fun trip to NYC.  Her choir class and chaperones, have had a busy time , touring , eating out ,and enjoying  New York City.
 This morning a light fog was hanging over the corn fields and roads.
 As the sun was coming up, I just had to get some photos.  I love the gold of the sky when the sun shines  thru the trees.
 The fog outlining the corn. I am sure they will be picking the corn soon.  Some times as the sun rises the fog will's doing right now . Hopefully it will burn off quickly.
  Today I am going to the dermatologist. . In July,  I went to have a spot on my shin removed.  It looked like a pimple when it started, or an ingrown hair. Thought I may have nick myself shaving my legs.  It harden as time went on.  Dr. removed it and the biopsy said it had the start of cancer cells.  So he is doing a follow up on it.  I just want to remind many of you to get things checked, you never know . The doctor did say, most skin cancers will start as a pimple or ingrown hair looking spot. So be safe not sorry. XO

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Little Girl, Big City...

  Here's our sweet Savannah, ready to get to school and catch the bus going to NYC.
  They were late for the Tuesday morning Today Show audience. But they toured the NBC studios. You can see the famous Rockefeller Center behind her .
 I think this is at the top of the Empire State building. I hope this sight took her breath.
 Central Park is the green patch . I hope they got to go there also. Savannah's school choir was on this trip. They will be seeing two Broadway shows. I can't remember what she was to I will tell you later.
  They must have had those kids hit the ground running. NBC studios, Empire State building, Radio City Music hall. This is the guest signing Radio City.  Savannah was to send me plenty of pictures to download...but I think she's not thinking about that so much. LOL. I just told her to enjoy it all , the buildings, streets, people, wonder of it all. She'll be home on Saturday morning.
 Found a wooly worm yesterday , on the step. He has big fur coat....hope that doesn't mean lots of snow. LOL.  Do you know?
   Hope your day was nice. It was pretty and pleasant here today. XO

Monday, October 16, 2017

Taking A Walk....

 Saturday evening I wanted to walk around the yard . you can see the flag is about straight out from the wind.
  This is the east side of the shop/garage , everything looks so green from some rains we had before this Sunday's rain.
  Here it is the middle of October and the hydrangea  has bloomed.  Just two flower heads. I did not think it was going to bloom this year.
  The mums are not blooming so boldly ....this yellow one is popping though..I just bought it this past month.
  As I was headed out to take a walk ,  something was following me.
 Something furry and curious. The stray cat "Stormy"  Good news about her...the neighbor lady today said she wants to keep her for a barn it will be in a warm place this winter . She said she would feed her to keep her around.  Good !!! Makes me happy.
  It was gloomy and rainy most of Sunday, but near sunset , it cleared a little and gave us a pretty sunset sky. The sunshine today lifted my spirits.  I sat on the porch and wrote my sister a letter.  Let the sun shine on my face to enjoy the warmth of it...not the heat cause it was only 60 today.
   Wishing everyone a good evening. Hope your Tuesday will be great. XO

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Saturday Fun......

  This is Friday 's sunset....seems to be getting darker so much earlier now.. I am already missing those long days that lasted till ten o'clock pm. . LOL   I like to call my daughter Angie  at 9:30 or later, on the 1st day of summer and say, "hey the sun is still shining." She loves that.
  Today my sisters and one brother went to a friend's house to meet up with other friends. This is sister Pam, sister Brenda,  Millie (friend), and me. We are at Judy's house. Judy is the sister to our late sister -in-law.  Millie and her husband Jerry were dear friends to our brother and his wife. Our brother, Miles and his wife Brenda , have been gone 18 years now. They were killed in an accident.  A young man ran a stop sign, clipped a semi, and the semi ran over our brother's car. God knew to take them together. We miss them still.
  This is sister Pam sitting on a little broom , while niece Kelly ( Miles n Brenda's daughter) shows her how to fly like a witchy poo. We laughed so hard at these two. We had a picnic outside today. Judy had some b-b-q pork sandwiches, potato salad, cherry dump cake, cookies and drinks for everyone.  What a fun time.  Millie and Jerry were a bit older than Miles and Brenda but they clicked and always had the best of times. Millie and Jerry have been together for 50 or more years. Some people just seem to belong together to me.
   Like this photo I took off of pinterest. When I see an older couple, I always think to myself....they go together like toast and honey. They were met to be. I saw this quote with it: A little walk on a long journey, that went by quickly .
   When I came home , I framed this art work. A robin that Emma had drawn for me a couple years ago. The two footprint robins from Max and Luke. Their mom painted their feet and pressed them on paper. The paper of the painting was a bit wrinkled but I framed it anyway.  I hung them together on the back mudroom wall.  More precious than a masterpiece. :)
   Wishing all of you a fun Saturday evening. Enjoy your Sunday morning too. XO