Monday, September 12, 2022

A Long Week...

 My daughter Kathy, drove away from my house Tuesday the 6th. She was driving all the way to Seattle, to join her son, his wife and baby.  She arrived Sunday afternoon. This is a photo of Kathy with Korey and Ashley. Today was the kids 8th anniversary. Their son is one and so adorable. My Kathy will be part of Korey's family circle . 
   I was scared for her to drive all that way. She was smart and divided the trip into 6 days. She had her rooms booked where she would be staying. She also did some sight seeing on her way. To see things she had not seen before.  It was lots of driving, more than I would ever want to do. :)
 Kathy loves adventures. She is one who has taken me to many interesting places.  Like this sweet park in the town of Carmel, where she lived before this move to Seattle. I love this little Japanese park.
 Kathy knew I did . So every time we went to spend time together at her apartment , she would try to take me there. I love the ducks and koi fish . 
   As Kathy started her car , she said, "mom I am a bit anxious about this trip."  I reminded her that she had some of my mom's grit and she could do it.  Also to keep her mind on the prize at the end of the trip....being with her only child and his family. To live near them and enjoying her grandchild. I am so very happy for her. I will admit , I am sad for me. I will miss our little adventures to out of the way shops, junk stores, graveyards, parks, hiking trails...although I did not do much hiking. LOL.
   Wishing all of you a glorious autumn season. Our summer was a scorcher. XO