Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday ....

 Here is the last day of this month, all I can say is , Good Bye February . This has been a cold  snowy month for Indiana and many ,many other states. Birds can't   even get a decent bath around here. :):)
 I did see birds bathing in the melted waters last week early. Too cold today.  Once this next week is over, things may calm down. At least I am hoping.
  Ted will be giving some lessons on the lathe this weekend. So he'll put the political signs aside for that. I will be cleaning and cooking..zzzzz, oh sorry, talk about  boring routine.
  Maybe all of you will have something more fun to do. What ever it is enjoy your weekend and stay safe.  xo

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Oh Nooooo....

Can you hear me whining?? I am almost afraid that our yard may look like this come the weekend. We still have huge ice piles, from all our previous shoveling.. I don't really want to see any more snow. This is a photo from an earlier snow this year..
  Ted has decided not to cut wood. The wind gust are so strong, making it not save. Plus there are going to be some bitter wind chill temperatures. I am so glad they changed their minds about being out these next few days.
   I did not rest well last night from listening to the wind.  But at least I didn't have to go out and bring something in from being blown around, as I have before.
   I am going to make myself think Spring today, no matter what. :):)Take care today. xo

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Blue Skies....

We have blue skies this morning.  Brr, it is so cold though. It has been nice to see the ground in this area.  We had snow cover for the longest time. Still big  dirty snow piles every where. :(>
  At last, Ted can get out in the shop and putter. He has a task he volunteered to do. Making political signs. We are not political people.....but this is a friend of ours. It'll keep Ted out of my way for a bit.
Love that guy, even though, he can make me crazy  at times. At times, it doesn't take much to do that either. LOL
  I have been getting confusing reports of our next weather system. Why do they even bother to predict more than three days ahead of time. Ted wants to cut wood with our SIL. They chose Thursday because the Monday paper said that would be a high of they are say maybe single digits and colder with wind chill. But after seeing the weather for New York's lake effect...I am not going to complain too much. You could seriously wear out some snow shovels in that area.
  Hope you get blue skies today. xo

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


There's a site where you can sign up for gardening mail. It's offered through provenwinners brand. This is the site:    There's always plenty of things to sign up too. I have bought this brand , they are very hardy plants.  Oh this is a container of Horton's in town.  I liked their combination of pinks, whites, and purples. Plus some ivy. Last year I did purples and oranges. This year, I think I'll try reds and yellows. Or reds and whites.
  Today I am getting myself  the "Romantic Homes" magazine. Some of our blog pals have articles in the March issue.  I love looking on pinterest and blogs sites, but there is something special about having a magazine to leaf through time and time again.
  The sun is popping out here, but it's cold. Hope you get sunshine today. xo

Monday, February 24, 2014

Less Than Four Weeks....

 Even though we may get more snow, I am saying good-bye old snowmen, shovels,& sidewalk salts .
I am planning and dreaming of ....what will I put into my containers this Spring. This was last Spring. I really am thinking of those geraniums. I have 4-5 containers, if you count my wee wagon made of wood. It is truly less than four weeks till spring is officially here. When I first started counting, it was 90 days. LOL  yes, I started counting in December. :):)
 Sunshine today, I am loving it. It is nippy cold though. Hope all of you have a beautiful day.  xo

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Time Is Flying.....

I am thankful today, that I had a nice visit with my oldest daughter, yesterday. I have not had a visit since Christmas. I have not been with any of my girls , since then. This winter has truly kept many of us home bound. It was nice to share a coffee and have some laughs.
  Angie showed me pictures of her and her sisters that she has taken from facebook. When my girls were little, we had no camera. So at any family function, who ever had a camera would take pictures. Those of us with children , did not know how often there are photos out there , that I have not seen before. I laughed when I saw Angie, just 5 years old , holding her twins sisters at the same time. It was all she could do and they looked as if they were slipping from her lap. Oh bless their hearts.
  I think back to when we had very little. Today I can hardly believe all the photos, electronics, and media equipment that everyone owns. I feel as if I were reared in the stone age. Dang !
  We got about an inch of snow last I can deal with that. LOL ... Hope all of you have a wonderful Sunday. xo

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Thinking Of Flowers....

This is a picture from the Horton's in Tipton.  I think it's from Spring 2 years ago.  I love those hot pink geraniums. I used to plant the red ones all the time , in town. Now I am thinking of having some here. Maybe just on the porch, so I remember to water them :):)
  Yesterday, the sun shined all day. The wind blew till about 8:00 last night. Today is another sunny day, the wind isn't blowing as hard. This is helping with the evaporation of the rain and melted snow. We still have plenty of snow to melt. More coming in this weekend. Can you believe just one more week of February?
  Hope all of you have a great day.  There is flooding in many areas. Some are just getting their power back after days. Some may still be without it.  So take a moment  to offer them a prayer. xo

Friday, February 21, 2014

Scary Night.....

 We can see our walkways today...lots of melting yesterday with all the rain and temperatures.
 Here's my exercising equipment. My snow shovel and broom. Can't wait to start hanging my clothes on them , LOL. Get it? I know I may have to use them again before it is really Spring, but I can see the light at the end of this snow tunnel.
This is how things are looking around here today. Our sump pumps came on late last night and are still running. So thankful that  long line of storms went thru as quickly as it did.
 My daughter said school had  a two hour delay because of high waters. She also said my dentist office had some roof damage.  Hope they can fix that soon. We are having fierce winds today, it can help with the drying. I have not been out , other than to get the paper, today. I like to walk around and look at the trees and roof after a storm.
  I know some of you had a rough night, you are in my thoughts and prayers. Hope you get some help today.  xo

Thursday, February 20, 2014


 It's raining today. That makes me really think of Spring and flowers. I was awakened by thunder.
 Went out for the newspaper , it's chilly, doesn't feel warmer than yesterday.  It is to be much warmer.
We have our puzzles ready for today. I have my newspaper.  We probably won't be going any where today.
    I forgot to tell all of you, on Tuesday , we lost our power. Could not call the power company, no one answered at either number, could not get the sheriff's office, nor the police dept.....So Ted called 911. The lady said a transformer was being replaced at a sub station near us, but it had taken out our whole town. We are suppose to inform the power company when we lose power. Thankfully it was only off for an hour. Bless those power and light men. I don't think they get enough credit at times.
   It's not just the power workers, it's all the people who work out in all this nasty weather. I am truly thankful for all of them. Our mail carriers, paper delivery, trash pick-up. Some times , I do get up set with the road grader drivers, so I just won't say much about that. :):)  Hope everyone has a good day.xo

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


We had a bit of warming yesterday. More to come today. Then it may turn ugly. Later tonight it may start raining. With more water added to the melted snow, this will lead to flooding. I have a feeling the sump pumps will be working for days.
  When we moved here, there was a flood our first year . It was rain during winter, and with the ground frozen the water could not be soaked up. We had one pump at that time. Now we have what we called a piggybacked pump system. Plus we invested in a submersible pump . Our basement is too close to the water table in this area. So flooding is always a concern to me. I know when it comes down to cleaning, who the cleaning person is going to be....yes, me. I want to retire from cleaning .:):) My sister says I am a clean freak. Well maybe a little.
  Hope your day is great . Hope you can get out in the fresh air. I am going to try it. xo

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Today, I Will Not Shovel ......

Even though the porch looks like this....I am done. I have shoveled all winter . Went out to shovel to the mailbox on Sunday....for the paper. Felt a little twinge in my it's out a bit. So I am nursing my back.  Today they (weathermen) are saying 42 degrees. Well yesterday they said 38 and it never got there. So if it gets to 42, then this stuff can melt on it's own. I am so done with it.
 Now let's talk Spring...wowwee , it's so very close now. I am thinking of going to Horton's in town and see if they have any pansies yet. Just something to look at and dream.
  Everyone, I hope you know what makes an ice dam on your house . It's rounds of  thawing and refreezing, on your gutters. They can be so costly. Get your broom and knock that sliding snow off the edge of your house...if you can.  We always keep an eye on it. Take care everyone. xo

Monday, February 17, 2014

President's Day....

This is  photo of the Lincoln Memorial, that I took while in D.C. Some one said that Lincoln hands are in the form of an "A & L" in sign language. I thought that was a bit of quirky information. I guess I like that kind of stuff, just in case it's on Jeopardy. :):)
 Our local school has 8 days to make up, from all the cancelations because of this rough winter. Well I would think today would be a good make up day.   A few towns over are going today. Plus there's Spring break , another week to use for lost days. Some of my grandchildren will be going on three Saturdays for make up.
  We are to get some snow today, possibly mixed with ice and rain....gaaaa! Know what I mean, help.
I pray that all of the U.S.A. has a pleasant and calm Spring. I think most Americans are hardy people. We've had to prove it over and over. But I have to say, I am ready to sit outside  on the porch and enjoy some sweet fresh air. Take care if you have to go out in bad conditions. xo

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Snow Again !!!!

Last night's snow sent our state over the top for it's snowiest winter ever. We have had just over 51 inches of snow this year. I think ours is still in the yard. LOL I know  that my sister Pam is only 59 inches tall, she would have a hard time walking in 51 inches of snow .:):) Next week , we will be getting an assortment of weather conditions. Hopefully no ice, and no flooding. Take care everyone, enjoy this wonderful Sunday. xo

Saturday, February 15, 2014


This is a picture of one of my favorite sunsets. I love to take photos of the sun rising and setting. I also love pictures of  moonrises.
  I still have not learned how to make a file, that I can access pictures from for my blog. This bit of a booklet that came with the computer is useless. Not knowing the ins and outs of computers sure isn't helping me either. LOL
  Hope all of you had a loving day yesterday. I enjoyed my time with Ted.  We try to enjoy ourselves, no matter the situation. Even though it snowed a lot yesterday, we played cards. Had a  lunch at our local DQ. Got some groceries at our market. Ready to do chores, read, shovel's a newest pastime.:) Shovel snow that is.
  Praying for all those without their power. Hoping they get things back to normal. xo

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day....

I am wishing all of you a Happy Valentine's Day. Hope you are able to get loving hugs today. I already received a beautiful card from my Teddy bear. Love that man.
 I wanted to talk about the cute cards our children make for us through the years. My daughters made plenty for me. I know I still have some of them....oh but where. What do you keep and what do you throw out, through the years ?  I used to keep so much, now I try to narrow things down.  After all aren't most things from our children made with love ? I right now have a box of letters, cards, and some drawings , from the younger grandchildren and it's bursting at the seams.
  I would like for all you young moms out there, please do me this favor, thank your child for the card or drawing and hug them close, they are growing up. Well even we older moms can do this.  Hugs and Kisses to all of you today.....extra for those of you in great need . Blessings.

Thursday, February 13, 2014


 Waiting for this to start melting...and it should as warmer temperatures are headed our way.
This is what I want to start seeing , some green lawn. Ted says he would rather mow that shovel. :) We have had major cold temperatures this year....hope it killed off lots of creepy crawler things.
 I pray the people who just had the ice storms are safe. They will be without power for some time. That's the scary part. Hoping they have a warm up , so as not to have frozen pipes. We have had to use our generator out here a few times, but I don't think for over a day.
 It's been a wicked winter, maybe our  spring will be pleasant and calm. Just a month way !!
 Ted and I made it to lunch yesterday, out of town too. I know sounds like a big felt like a big deal, to just be out doing something besides shoveling. xo

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Blue Skies...

 We have been blessed with sunshine and blue skies the past few days. I am loving that sun.
 Even when it's super cold out, seeing the sun gives me hope. It lifts my spirits.
Who doesn't love blue skies?  We have been having pretty days with some very cold temperatures. It was 18 below this morning. It will warm up to sixteen. In a couple days it may even reach we are talking warm up.
 I have been checking blogs and lots of you are very good cooks. I used to be a decent cook, I am just lucky Ted isn't too picky. LOL I love making soups , stews, and one pot meals. I am retired and I sure didn't retire to cook and clean...although that is really what has happened.  Rats !!
  Last year I only had a weekend vacation. Did not get to go anywhere for any length of time. I used to spend 10 days in Florida during winters. Now I stay here and shovel. This year in the autumn, I will be going to SLC.  My grandson will be getting married. So that will be my vacation also. I am so ready for a vacation.
  Hope all of you have a pretty day today, and hopefully it's warmer than it is here. xo

Monday, February 10, 2014

Just Around The Corner....

 This is just to cheer us all up . I am so ready for sights like this. Spring flowering trees.
 My mother wanted every flowering tree she saw. Bless her. She did have a few in her yard.
Of course she loved going to the park and admiring all that are out there. I also love seeing them line a walkway or drive. I had a dogwood out here and it lived two years. I really need to get a new one for this Spring. Ted and I have planted a lot of tree out here. I prefer dwarf trees or evergreens. It seems all our grown trees are what I call trash trees. 
  We have a hickory that drops nuts and hulls. A catalpa that drops pods. Two tulip poplars that drop faded blooms. One maple and you know they have the whirly-gigs. Four pines that drop needles and cones. One willow, always dropping whispy twigs. These all were here when we moved to this house.
  Ted and I have planted four Japanese maples, three firs, one flowering crabapple, one weeping cherry, one clump river birch.  One red bud.We have planted two plum bushes.  Plus the dogwood that didn't make it. We also planted trees in town.
  Do any of you have a favorite tree? Are you planning to plant any new trees this year? xo

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Remembering Toni....

The lady on the left is Toni, on the right is my sister Pam. Toni passed away last week. When people live alone, they need to keep in touch with someone daily.  Toni's best friend remarked to another lady she knew well, that she had not heard from Toni for some time, and she wasn't answering her phone. The other lady lived nearby and said she'd go over and check on Toni. When that happened, the neighbor lady found Toni . She had passed away.  It was a sad situation. My sisters who live alone, call each other every day. Or go by each other's homes. Sorry, the point of this post is to remind us that others need us, some times. If you have loved ones , friends, or neighbors who live alone , please check on them. They may need you. Blessings for the weekend. xo

Friday, February 7, 2014

Nine Below Zero Today......

That is how cold it is here today. Nine below !!! So I dug through some photos. These are some flowers I saw at Shipshewana, Indiana, a couple springs back. I'd love to be shopping for some of these right now. :) Wouldn't you love to own that flower cart? I may see if we could come up with a couple wheels, we could make our own cart. I do love wave petunias.
 I have played rummy with Ted about every afternoon since the middle of January. Wrote my sister a letter almost everyday. Some times I put two letters in one envelope. LOL Kept the laundry done, cooked, cleaned, sorted papers and shredded old things. Read many, many things. All I can say is..."Come On Spring !!"

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Thinking Spring....

 This is what I am seeing...Only it's covered more with about a foot of snow. Can you see the town in the distance ?  That is Tipton , my hometown. I love that place.
Now this is what I am wanting to see. I am beyond ready for Spring. :):) I know a lot of you are also. Mostly, I just feel the need to get out and about. I think we may be able too in a day or so. I did stand on the porch yesterday and enjoy the sunset. It was a pretty one.
  Hope all of you are safe and warm. Be careful when going out. xo

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

This Wednesday....

This is just one drift around here today. I have shoveled to the if, the mail carrier will come today. Ted is snow blowing the driveway by the garage. I almost have our other drive cleared. We are to get a couple more inches of snow. Then it be nice and cold the next two days. Then more snow for the weekend. I know , I know, I am counting our blessings as we did not get the ice.
 I am praying for all of you who did get ice. I pray if you lost power, it isn't off long. Our roads are not good anywhere. I hope everyone will just take their time getting to and from their job, the stores, or schools. All schools are closed around here. Heard where the children's museum is closed today in this would be a good time to read to the kids. Or watch movies, bake cookies, play board games.
  My girls and I would always play scrabble, or spill & spell, any of the word games. We had one that had verbs, nouns, prepositions, everything to make a sentence. You would shake it up , then dump the words, then form a sentence if you funny. Some of those sentences were as if we were just spoke choppy English.
 Stay warm and safe today dear friends. xo

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Dig,Dig, Dig.....

This is becoming our exercise program.  Digging out from big snows. One coming in today and going on into Wednesday. Today we will be filling the wood box at the backdoor. Having that box so close has been much easier than going back and forth to the wood pile, every time we need wood. It takes 6 wheelbarrow loads of wood to fill the box. We get it done in one workout.So that will be a bit of exercise too. Who needs a gym ? :):) To be honest, I would rather  dig in dirt and plant things, rake around the yard, ride a bike, take a walk...than dig more snow. Stay safe blog buddies. xo

Monday, February 3, 2014

I Just Needed These....

I felt like I needed to see some flowers today. Can't get out to the store to buy any.  We had a lot of snow on Saturday night, but we were lucky the wind was blowing . The neighbor boy off to school on time this morning, no delays. I think some of you need to get to the stores and get some supplies for these next two weeks. Hope Teddy likes peanut butter :):) Blessings to all you wonderful people out there, take care.xo Happy birthday mommy!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

I Found Something.....

My goodness...I was playing around, and found some old photos. I am in shock. I did not even know I had this. This is a photo of my mom and dad holding my twins. So odd that I found this in a file on my blog. I find this odd as ,tomorrow is my mom's birthday !!!  I miss my mother and father so much.
  We got more snow...more than forecasted. I wish all of you a beautiful day. xo