Wednesday, July 31, 2013

While We Were Out...

 This is the cute pond that my uncle built in his backyard. I really like the sound of flowing water in ponds. Plus the big wind chimes that aunt Sherry loves and my uncle doesn't. :)
While we were sitting around at our aunt and uncle's yard, a butterfly landed on my sister and stayed the longest time.She said he was checking the time:):) I told her she must have tasted good for that butterfly to stay so long.
   Thanks to all of you who offered prayers for our uncle. We all need prayer, some times we need prayer groups. I pray about all day. Little prayers for people as they cross my mind. Prayers for my children and grandchildren always.
  This morning we had a small rain. It'll help. I hope we get a bit more , this coming Friday and Saturday, as the weatherman is forecasting. It's hump day and I feel wore out already. Take care and have some fun today. xo

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Sisters And I.....

Here are my sisters , uncle Bill ,and I . I am the tall one . LOL Since my sister Barb is sitting down, I am taller. Our uncle weighs 145 pounds. He doesn't have much of an appetite.
   Aunt Sherry told me what happened during uncle Bill's surgery. He's been having some stomach problems,been to many doctors. One dr. decides he will help with a laparoscopic surgery.  While they were doing surgery, they found a ligament was growing around the aorta near the stomach. The doctor was doing one last snip on the ligament and mistakenly ,snipped the aorta. Can you even imagine.?
 Aunt Sherry and her son Bret were waiting for a 2 hour surgery and it was going on and on. By the grace of God, there was a wonderful vascular surgeon at the hospital at that time. He came to uncle Bill's rescue. Thus saving his life.
  The doctors have told Bill his stomach is bruised from all the handling to clean up the blood. He had 26 units, that day. Another blessing, the hospital had his type. Bill says food doesn't taste good, so he only eats small portions. Aunt Sherry keeps trying new ways to slip in the protein he really needs. His appetite will return .
  I looked at my aunt and uncle yesterday, saw their love for each other. I am so thankful they can always count on each other. God has blessed them with this time in life. Their lifes  have been very uneventful till this past year. We all better tell our loved ones just how much they mean to us...we never know how many days there will be in our own lifes. xoxo

Monday, July 29, 2013

Going To Visit Uncle Bill...

Aunt Sherry invited all my sisters and I to come visit Uncle Bill. I posted that they couldn't be with us on the 4th of July. Uncle Bill had a surgery two days before. He actually passed on the operating table, but the doctors  revived him. He is coming back strong. But up set that he will not be able to drive the school bus this year. He just closed his barber shop, where he was a barber for over 40 years. Uncle Bill would cut hair after picking up and dropping off kids. Then close his shop up in time to go get the children from school. He loved doing that job. Retirement is very hard for some people . Take care and enjoy this day. xo

Saturday, July 27, 2013


 The lilies are fading. Many have died out and the stalks turned brown. I cut them out yesterday  but keep the green leaves till they dry out and turn. They sure were pretty this year.
I started feeling better yesterday. So the new prescription of antibiotics works.Thank goodness. I went out yesterday to trim some branches hanging too low. I ended up trimming lots of branches and weeding the flowerbeds. It just felt great to be able to go outside and do something useful. I snipped out lots of those bird dropping trees that get into fence lines. You know those mulberry things.
 We didn't get the rain that was forecasted so today we have to water the lawn. What can we do??:(
Hope all of you are having a wonderful weekend, so far.xo

Friday, July 26, 2013

Taking Over....

This is my favorite bird house. It is hanging it just the nicest spot for some sweet little wren to make a home. It has had many repairs and many tenants . It hangs in the catalpa tree, which has big shady leaves.
Here is the gourd  plant , that is growing as I write this. Yikes. Ted planted this near the catalpa tree It's on a nice section of fencing, but it is still growing up, up, up. It has some tendrils on the limb where the wren house is hanging..  It's taking over. I hope it doesn't tear the limb down. I told Ted the only gourds I ever saw growing were near my daughter's house. Her neighbors were growing them and they look to be making an arbor effect. A big green looking cave in their backyard. So they do grow large.There are blossoms on this green monster. We want to make some gourd crafts, such as bowls and birdhouses . We'll see if I have to relocate the little red house to another tree.
 Today is totally beautiful. No humidity, blue skies, and a gentle breeze. Hope you are having a great day too. Enjoy the weekend. xoxo

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Slow Day.....

 This is the evening view from our dining room window. I love the lasting colors in the sky. I've just posted some pictures ,because I know we all like to see what others see around their homes.
 The cornfield across the road. One field down got crop dusted yesterday, and I just could not get a decent shot of the plane. I tell ted I would love to be able to fly that plane. Yes, he thinks I am crazy.
This is getting pretty close to this big bubble bee. He sure was busy on the cone flowers. I love these flowers and need to transplant some. I need to put some new things among the lilies, because when they die out there is nothing pretty on the west side of the house.
Here are some of my mums. I am thinking it's kind of early for them. More have been blooming in the past three days. I hope they last through fall, because I like having flowers as long as I can. Without flowers it seems that winter would be near, and I sure am not into that yet. Hope all of you are doing well. xoxo

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Today Is Bliss....

 Today the temperature is to be a high of 76 degrees. Low humidity. Oh my favorite kind of weather.I would love for the rest of summer to be like this. This picture of the corn fields and woods , has the sun shining on them. Makes the trees look fall like. The corn tassels are golden.
 The hot humid weather we've had before today, is loved by the black eyed susans. The honeysuckle is doing well also, climbing over the pergola at the entrance to the garage. Hummingbirds like this.
 Thank you to all who have been concerned about my health. My dr. said I had a sinus infection, she prescribed an was wrecking havoc on my intestines. So I called her  and she called in a new has more side effects, and so far I have only had two does. If I get through this, I am never taking another ATB ever. If I have a choice. My throat is still sore and I have gargled with salt water. I bought some Chloraseptic throat spray. Oh talk about nasty, what a taste. But it has helped.
   Today , we are taking Savannah to aunt Lizzy's. Liz is watching her the rest of the week for Karen. I have loved having Savannah here,  though it wasn't lots of fun for her. I'll make it up to her, when I am well. She did go swimming with aunt Angie yesterday and  enjoyed every minute. Angie took her home after swimming and Mark cooked out for them. When that little mermaid got home she was exhausted and ready to watch some of her favorite TV shows. She slept well too.  I am sitting on the porch today, if I can stay off the pot. :):) Have fun today . xoxo

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Bookmarks And Manicures...

 Yesterday Savannah made some very nice bookmarks. Just some card stock, stamps, scissors, and ribbon scraps. Savannah stamped and I wiped the ink off the stamps.
After we did this, I made some lunch. Thank goodness for left overs. After lunch, Savannah rode her bike and got the mail for papaw. Then later in the afternoon, we did manicures. Savannah brought her own polishes...oh my , those wacky colors. So today her nails are two colors with stick on flowers. Last night before bedtime, I gave her a pedicure. I told her,she needs to take better care of her toes.:):) This child likes bright crazy colors...even in her clothes.  I am waiting for my drs. office to call me today. I spoke with them twice yesterday. I think I'll get some books on home remedies and start doctoring myself. LOL

Monday, July 22, 2013

What I Want.....

What I want is to be feeling good again. I have Savannah here for a few days, and I can barely function. I am wore out from this sinus infection..if that is what it is. My dr. gave me a meds, that has just not helped much. My throat is still very sore. I would love to just sleep for about 1/2 day.
  My daughter Angie says she will take Savannah swimming and entertain her for a day...but it's raining again today. So I may just have Savannah read to me and then I'll read to her. We can draw and color, that way I don't have to get craft stuff out and make a big mess for me to clean up. We can do some easy to make bookmarks too. You know we have to help our children out when we are able...I am doing my best at this time. Savannah's daycare lady is on vacation, and her other grandma is always busy, so it's up to me. Besides I just wanted to have some time with her. Just her.
I love this picture of our courthouse and that beautiful crisp sky. Hope all of you are doing well and starting your week off right. xoxo

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Across From The Library....

 Here is another post on the sweet house, that I have become curious about.. This is a nice home. I have not seen anyone outside to speak to about closer photos.
 I remember posting about the turquoise accent color, and many of you said you like that color.As you can see there is a frame hanging on the screendoor of that color. The house numbers have it also.
 I went around to the side street to take another photo, hoping there would be someone out in the yard.
 This is part of the view of the library landscaping, visible from the house front. They have no ugly views, unless at Pork Festival time.....where there are crowds and tents in the street, at their corner.
I would love to see the inside of this house. :):)  I have really loved looking around the outside. I hope if they see me out taking pictures, that they are flattered.  I really mean it as a compliment to their sense of decor.
 Today is cooler after our rain yesterday. Yesterday,Ted called me from the Farmer's Market and asked if it was raining at home , yet. I told him to start packing up and warn the had just started to rain and I could see a mile away that it was heavy. Ted came home shortly and said everyone started packing up their wares and didn't get wet. The tent canapy was wet , but it dried in the garage in no time. So that was a close call. Some of the venders at the market have things made of cloth, wood and they do not want to get wet. Hope all of you have a nice day today, hug somebody if you are able. We all could use a nice hug. xoxo

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Hot And Steamy....

 I am not talking about the latest movie...I am talking about the weather. :):) It was hazy and and my camera lens fogged, but I like the way this shot turned out. This weather is making the corn grow into tall giants.. You can see the corn on each stalk about half way up. The fields are beautiful around here.
 Now this photo of the shop/garage is just the haze. Ted has AC in the shop, but we do not use it during the hottest part of summer. It would take too much energy., then be wasted. So less time in the shop.
 Here is something else that loves the water and susans. I am liking the way they are growing this year. One of my mums has some blooms. I do not want them to bloom early then not have anything pretty to see when fall is here.
I am not sure we will be able to work on the potting shed/greenhouse, this year. I do not work as well in the scorching heat any more. Of course Ted and I can always take our time. We try to work before the day gets too hot. It's suppose to cool off, but then we are to have rain. I hope all of you are enjoying everyday of this beautiful summer, even if it is a bit hot. My granddaughter Savannah is coming over for a few days . I am excited about spending time with her. She is growing up fast, she is 11 .  xoxo

Friday, July 19, 2013

Pictures From This Saturday...

 This little chalkboard tag, was the make and take at Horton's.  Free !! Th lady said Micheals has these tags that are like a chalkboard. We used embossing for the tower, the word Paris, and the swirl. Then rubbed white ink along the edges to appear to be chalk on the board. Added a pink ribbon and it was done and yours. My sister really liked the embossing so much, she wants to get some materials to do it at home.
 Here are the two mimes. These girls are really good at this . They were at the flea market last year also.
 A very pretty display of cream and aqua. Makes me like this color more and more.  Love the clock.
One corner at Horton's is an old stove, sink  and plenty of kitchen things. I like the paper at the back of these shelves. It helps to makes the colorful things pop.I wish I could do my kitchen china cabinet over to look like this.Not sure if I want to start a project like that till Ted goes on one of his golf trips.LOL
 Hope all of you have a beautiful day. xoxo

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Things I Bought...

 I didn't get much from the shopping I did. Two  plant  markers, Some bias ribbons, an Eiffel Tower cookie cutter. An English grammer book in French.
 I saved the pretty pink tissue paper it was wrapped in. A small bag of drift wood. I want to glue it to a chalkboard. Then add some sea shells. I may do that while granddaughter Savannah, is here for a few days.
 I liked this French street scene picture, although it's just a paper picture. It is so cute. I'll hang it in the bathroom. Which reminds me , I should do a post about my bathroom. It's so small....LOL
I have a few more things to show, saved them for tomorrow. It's to be another hot day almost all over the U.S. , so please everyone be careful out there. xoxo

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Peddler's Market....

 Would you look at the those coleuses. This is the work of Jean from the florist shop, by the same name. Her floral shop is in the mini mall here in Tipton. She and her husband have ran the shop for many  years. They have outside garden plants to sell along with their house plants and floral arrangements in the shop.
I loved the crazy green color of this bike. The pink accents of flowers and ribbons just adds to it's cuteness. This is all outside of the antique shop window. The peddler's market went on the same time as the french flea at Horton's. Plus the farmer's market , which had it's first weekend of sweet corn harvest. So our little town was all a buzz.
  Hope all of you are staying cool. Please be careful, the heat can be dangerous. Make your children drink lots of water, wear sunscreen. If  you take your babies out in the sun put a cap on them. Especially ones that have little hair. Thanks for letting me be "mommy" for a minute.:) xoxo

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sweet Flower Lady...

 Here is the lady that was making flower bouquets for anyone who wanted to buy one, at Horton's on Saturday. We talked about roses not having the fragrance they used too have. These were your everyday flowers from the garden, so pretty put together . This sweet lady is the mother of Karen Horton.
 I decided to post a few more pictures of the French flea. I'll post a few more tomorrow. Maybe show what all I bought there also. Look  at this wreath, so cute and simple. With pink banner and ribbon.
 I like this oval mirror, with the urn turned on it's side with a piece of lace and some greenery. I thought this could look nice on a porch table or mantle.
 I loved the clock face, may have to go back to see if it's still there.:):)  We have to get our little cases out to display vignettes. Some times you can pick up some nice decorating ideas by just walking through flea markets and stores. You can glean some cute ideas to take home and try . We need to use what we have . Dig it our of storage, closets and cabinets. Use it !!  My mom used to put all her good stuff back for later...what later? I told her daddy's"new wife "will use it, if mom should pass away. Mom started using her better dishes after that. :):)

Monday, July 15, 2013

Rolling Ice Cream ......

 Yesterday I posted about two young ladies and the boutique on wheels. Today I'll show a couple of young men with clever ideas of their own. Oh how I wish I had stepped back to get this whole contraption in a photo for you. I had never seen anything like it before. It was a battery powered freezer compartment, hooked to a little red scooter. I remember an old style with the freezer in front of a bike.
These two young fellows were so pleasant and nice. They posed this shot with one on the scooter and one serving from the freezer. Look at those great smiles, they removed their glasses too. The young man on the scooter told me he make his own pop cycles. I didn't get to see the list of flavors, even though they had them written on a chalkboard next to their stand. I did hear someone say lemonade flavor. Saw a little girl hurry to unwrap hers. :):) I hope I see these men again , at the farmer's market. I wish them great success with their sells.  Hope all of you are having a great day. xo

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Boutique On Wheels.....

 This old renovated bus is a cute boutique. There was an article in the Indianapolis Star about this boutique. It gets driven around neighborhoods in Indy and people can just shop right there. They call it retro 101, mobile pop-up shop. So very clever. I love seeing new ideas and ways to sell to the people.
Here are the two pretty girls who run this shop. They wear what they sell also. The jewelry, the long dresses, scarves, and light weight jackets. It was really busy around this bus and hard to really see everything. I did see sandals and many more accessaries outside the bus. Plus they even had some retro candies. Too cute. So if you look on facebook or on line, you can find this unique boutique. Look for shopretro101. xo

Friday, July 12, 2013

French Flea Market.....

 This is one of the display windows at Horton's. I loved everyone of those picnic basket painted pink with Paris stamped on them.  Then there were veggie baskets also painted pink and stamp. Now that really gave me ideas. What container could you not paint pink, or any other favorite color and stamp Paris on it??
 Little pink burlap banners with the name Paris on them. Beautiful pink  floral plants everywhere.
 The entrance had a pink archway, made of coffee filters.WOW. I met my sister Barbie there. We shopped around, bought things, took them to the car and then went right back.:):) I am going back again tomorrow.
 On our return trip, I heard someone say "Susie wait." It was Donna Reyne...who used to do this production for many years. She honestly is one beautiful lady inside and out. Sweet hearted. It was very good to see her.
  My sister and I looked around some more. Bought some of Horton's fudge for our dessert, since it was my sister's birthday. We had lunch at the Subway shop, then went to another place to get a nice cup of coffee to have our fudge. It was the most glorious day.  God answered my prayers this week also. I can honestly say today I feel at peace. xo

Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Color Orange....

 The lilies are blooming and  look very nice. The flowers of this second lily hang their heads down. So you miss some of their beauty. The little spots have a purple look to them.They are tall plants too.

 Here is the daisy my daughter gave me for mother's day. They do well outside, but I have never had one grow back after being planted in the ground. Any clues? Are they just annuals?
A tinge of orange in the setting sun, completes the day. You can see the bluebird house here. I still have not been able to sneak a picture of the bluebirds.
 Today I am going to the funeral home. A beautiful lady, that used to hire me to watch her sons ,has died. I always thought a lot of her. Three of her sons passed away before her., one at 50, one at 40, and the youngest at 25. Two from heart attacks, one from an accident. The loss of her sons had a toll on her. I think she was strong to the end. May God bless her soul.xo