Wednesday, July 31, 2013

While We Were Out...

 This is the cute pond that my uncle built in his backyard. I really like the sound of flowing water in ponds. Plus the big wind chimes that aunt Sherry loves and my uncle doesn't. :)
While we were sitting around at our aunt and uncle's yard, a butterfly landed on my sister and stayed the longest time.She said he was checking the time:):) I told her she must have tasted good for that butterfly to stay so long.
   Thanks to all of you who offered prayers for our uncle. We all need prayer, some times we need prayer groups. I pray about all day. Little prayers for people as they cross my mind. Prayers for my children and grandchildren always.
  This morning we had a small rain. It'll help. I hope we get a bit more , this coming Friday and Saturday, as the weatherman is forecasting. It's hump day and I feel wore out already. Take care and have some fun today. xo


  1. I love the butterfly photo. How pretty!

  2. I know what you mean about praying all day. So do I.

    and that is such a cute photo of the butterfly checking the time! :-) I love wind chimes and see that I need to add them to my pond area!

  3. That's a lovely pond and wind chimes. Blogging is a blessing - to be able to share prayer requests with one another.

  4. I love chimes, my daughter has bought me the most beautiful sounding chimes over the years. That pond looks delightful. And I will continue to pray, love, Mary

  5. Praying for your uncle. What a lovely setting by the pond with the sounds of water and tinkling wind chimes.
    How sweet the butterfly!

  6. You pray just like I do, Susie- in bits and pieces as people cross your mind. What a great little pond and how funny about the butterfly. xo Diana

  7. I'd love to hear those wind chimes! That is such a peaceful spot! xo Nellie

  8. Such a pretty pond and the chimes make it all that much better.

    I pray all day too. If I saved them all up for one time, I'd forget someone. Much better to pray as they come to mind.

    Your sister got a butterfly, I got a bee walking on me yesterday. I'd rather have the butterfly!

  9. What a beautiful pond! I love the sound of water running over rocks.
    You are such a prayer warrior, Susie! I thank God for you!

  10. The pond looks like a peaceful place to sit, and think, and pray too. Lovely shot of the butterfly. It looks quite comfortable there.