Monday, July 22, 2013

What I Want.....

What I want is to be feeling good again. I have Savannah here for a few days, and I can barely function. I am wore out from this sinus infection..if that is what it is. My dr. gave me a meds, that has just not helped much. My throat is still very sore. I would love to just sleep for about 1/2 day.
  My daughter Angie says she will take Savannah swimming and entertain her for a day...but it's raining again today. So I may just have Savannah read to me and then I'll read to her. We can draw and color, that way I don't have to get craft stuff out and make a big mess for me to clean up. We can do some easy to make bookmarks too. You know we have to help our children out when we are able...I am doing my best at this time. Savannah's daycare lady is on vacation, and her other grandma is always busy, so it's up to me. Besides I just wanted to have some time with her. Just her.
I love this picture of our courthouse and that beautiful crisp sky. Hope all of you are doing well and starting your week off right. xoxo


  1. I sure hope that you feel better soon. How awful in this heat. Could you have streph. Hope the meds help you asap so you can enjoy your time with your little one.

  2. I hate it that you are feeling badly especially since it's so hot. Time with children is just so precious and it's good of you to help out even if you aren't feeling great.

  3. Being sick is no fun - especially when you have OTHER plans!!! Sometimes it's good to let children entertain themselves. Not sure that really works anymore. Perhaps a cup of hot tea - you could turn it into a tea party! Hope you feel better very soon. Sleep would help!

  4. Oh, Susie! I am so sorry you are still not feeling well! Perhaps you need to return to the doctor for a further diagnosis or change in medicine. Enjoy Savannah! xo Nellie

  5. oh gosh honey, so sorry. i swear by saline spray for sinus problems. only a buck at the drugstore and works wonders. hope you feel better soon. and i love your courthouse!

    smiles, bee

  6. What a stately courthouse! I'm so sorry you're sick. It sounds exactly what one of our sons has. He finally went to dr. today and was told it was a virus going around but he has a sore throat and so achy all over. Feels terrible.

    You take care.

  7. oh Susie, I'm so sorry you are still sick, thats awful. Have you heard of orgeano Oil, yiu take a couple of drops under your tongue and its a really good antibiotic type herb, a few years ago had a bad throat infection, it would not go away, the meds they gave me did nothing, it was termed anti biotic resistance, so a friend told us to try this, and low and behold I got better, it tastes horrid but it works and you can also rub it on your feet, ( they say your feet absorb it), please take care, I wish I lived closer I would come help, I know what its like to be sick and have so much to do,

  8. I've only had 2 sinus infections in my life and what I remember most about them is the "fatigue". I'm so sorry you're not feeling well enough to really get to enjoy Savannah. Sure hope the meds kick in quickly!!

  9. Oh Susie, I feel for you...sinuses are terrible. Mine have been dealing me fits for the last week too. I normally snort with a water,Mesa sat & baking soda recipe and that helps!
    I was so hoping you'd have fun time Savannah!
    Love the photo!


  10. I think you might consider calling your doctor to tell him you aren't getting relief from the meds he prescribed. Maybe he can make some changes. I feel for you...I would want to sleep, too. But you are a trooper taking care of Savannah. So giving. Feel better soon.


  11. I hope you feel better soon. It's tough when you don't feel well, just want to sleep, and you have things that you just must do. I hope you still have fun with Savannah. I agree with the comments above. Call your doctor and tell him/her what is going on. Perhaps another drug would work better for you.