Sunday, January 31, 2016

Antique Shop....

    Saw this odd snowman in the aisle of the mini mall , on my way to the antique shop.. I am amazed at the cleverness of people. I really liked this...Bet he's heavy.
   This was near by. An old window frame with a fake berry strand and old fashioned valentines .
     Here's an old picture frame with chicken wire stapled to it and cute valentines pinned on.  I love looking at the old valentine cards.
  Found this teacart with a glass top, in the antique shop , which by the way it's called, Memory Lane Antiques.  The owner is a very nice lady named Susan. We talked for a bit and she let me take photos. Told me my chair was purchased she wasn't sure it was Amish made or not. The gentleman's hat that I went to buy was no longer there, someone had bought it . You know if we snooze we lose. :):)
   This is an extended area of Susan's shop. I spotted this Hoosier cabinet. Do you ever see something you would love to own and have no place for it? Well that's how it is with this sweet cabinet.
  It's in great shape too. Here's the flour bin, looks as if it could hold a lot of flour. No rust.
  Here's the base of the same cabinet.  See that nice enameled top?  Great shape. I just imagine this as the cooking, baking center in an old kitchen , years ago.  Beautiful.
  As I was leaving the shop, my phone rang and it was my daughter wanting me to go to Goodwill with her. Well , yes, I went. She's in a play and needed a pant suit. You would laugh, she tried one on that I picked out...she comes out of the dressing room and says, "Mom, did someone make this suit just for me ?" It fit to perfection. We had a great laugh over that.  Angie's husband collects bobble-head sports I found a Don Zimmer one and bought it for him.
   This was yesterday (Sat.) evening's sunset. Just at that last sinking moment of the beautiful sun.
 Sunset photo from the road out front. You can see the strips of snow along the fence line. The sky was so pretty. I sure hope you had a great day. Wishing you a beautiful Sunday . XO

Saturday, January 30, 2016

This Old House.....

     Once a fine white farm house, now a falling down long neglected old place.  I can barely remember when this house was decent.  It just seemed an average farm house, some out buildings. There's a farmer who still uses the corn crib and pole barn.
 The roof is falling thru after so many years of  weather. I am surprised it is still standing with the winds we had the past two years. I like to think the reason it still stands is that it was built sturdy from the start.
  With the racking as it leans the windows have long ago broken. The  gable rosette is still visible .
 There might have been a back porch once.  There's a pile of old boards near this door.You can see the leaning toward the west.
 Even the trees are dying. Poison ivy grows on some of them. In the summer the yard will have queen Anne's lace and orange day lilies in abundance. This old house sits right on the corner of one our Tipton's secondary roads. When It does fall, I hope it  happens  in the would be sad to see it go before our eyes. It could also be a bit scary. I imagine there's plenty of critters in there.
   Hey, the sun is out once again here and it's to be warmer, around 50 I am going to get out of here and soak up some of this sunshine. Wishing all of you a great day. XO

Friday, January 29, 2016

It's The Weekend.....

 Wow, just look at this blue sky. This is a dispersing vapor trail....looked like a big white feather to me. Today is a beautiful day. Played bingo with two of my sisters at the senior center. That is always good for some laughs. Talked with the director about helping her find volunteers.  I suggested making flyers and hanging them in the church on their bulletin boards. She said they had just made some flyers to pass this was a good idea about hanging them in church.
   The little viola is still here. It looks a bit worn, but it's alive. Such spirit.
  You can see what a pretty day it is . Even the grass is looking green.  This will last thru the weekend, then get rain.
 This is where a hawk has killed and eaten a dove.  What can you do ?  Nature takes it's course. I think it's sad and would much rather a hawk eat a field mouse than a bird. Wonder why that is.
  Wishing all of you a great weekend.  Smile  or make someone smile.  XO

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Oak & Hickory....

     WE picked up the rocker at the antique shop on Monday.  The slats are made of oak and the bent wood arms, legs, and accent parts are hickory.
    I was amazed hickory could be bent into circles. I like the colors in this chair.  I'll be playing around with the stool and chair, to see where I like it best.
   This is how the ends are taper cut. The finish is like a spar varnish. Could be shellac. I should have asked Ted, he knows that kind of thing.
   Monday's sunny start. I love these kind of mornings.  Hope all of you are doing well. Those that had so much snow, wishing you a speedy dig out.  Less than two months till spring, if that can help any.  Stay strong. XO

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Willow Stool....

     I made it to the antique shop. I bought the willow stool , that I had my eye on before Christmas. It's made by a man here in Indiana. The shop owner could not give me a discount on it. She did deal with  me  on the rocking chair. :):)
  I really like that this stool it  is very sturdy.  One could sit on it, although I planned to use it as a side table to the chair. with a small tray on top. The brick red is an accent color I like.
  It's very lodge looking to me. I would one day like a sun room decorated in that style.  So for now I will have a corner. The chair is still at the shop Ted will have to haul it in the truck. So I'll have to show you that later.  I also wanted Ted to think about making little tables in this same style. Another good thing about this, if I get it all here together and later decide I do not like it....well there's always my daughter and SIL , who seems to have a woodsy look in their family room.
   Wishing all a great day. XO

Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Sun Is Out.....

   Took a shot of the sun thru the blinds. :) I am happy to see the sun today. Yesterday was almost too gray for me. But then I know I should just zip it....since so many of you are being hit hard with this huge storm. You are in my prayers.
   I have to enjoy this wonderful blue sky today. I may venture into town , to the antique chair is still there. Remember all I had to do was be good and I would have gotten that chair  for want to know what being good did for me...I got a new faucet for the kitchen sink. LOL  No kidding. I love it though.
  See that glorious sun peeping over the shop?  I am loving it. I am hoping the clear skies last into the night. As there will be a full moon, the Wolf Moon, tonight.
  Oh my little fellow looks frozen this morning.  I will check him out later to see if the sunshine can revive him.  Hope so.
  Be safe today everyone.  Yes, it's certainly okay to drive slowly when the roads are nasty.  Please. XO

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Shoveling Snow....

   We had snow come in the wee hours of Wednesday.  Ted swept to get the newspaper.
    Later I started shoveling to take the mail to the box. I do my shoveling in shifts. We had about 2 1/2 inches of snow. All light as air and fluffy.
  Shoveled to the shop. Then shoveled that driveway. Put the trash can back after the pick up.
 Once the sun came out after I shoveled...the driveways dired nicely.
 It was nice to have sunshine. That just makes me smile.
   This is how it looked this morning. So pretty and the trees were all frosty.
 Wow, I just love seeing these pink skies.
    Here's frost on the pines. This just makes me in awe of the beauty of nature.
           The little woods in back was all white.
   The birds have been stomping the snow down ...under the feeders. Got to keep them feed when there's snow on everything.  They can't find enough to eat.
   Ted had an eye doctor appointment and I had a dentist appointment.  What a morning.  I got prepped for a new crown , I am not talking the Queen's either.  Ted got his eye dilated. We were tired when we got home.  Both of us are glad those appointments are over .
  Wishing all of you a good day. If you may be in the storm path, be safe. XO

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Happy Birthday Twinnies.....

   I have to wish my twins a happy birthday. Can you believe I forgot to get their cards in the mail on time? I thought about it all last week...but as time got nearer,I forgot.   Karen is the blonde and Liz is the brunette. When they were born, it was a handful for me.  I had a five year old and a two and half year old . Angie was 5 and Kathy was 2 1/2. they were my little helpers.  Angie would sit next to me and hold one of the babies while we feed them bottles. and Kathy would go get the diapers. That might be why we are close.:):)
  The twins are good girls and hard working moms. They live near each other. They still are very close.
  I won't tell you how old they are , but they are catching up with me. LOL. Liz is two minutes older than Karen...but now  Liz is saying she's the younger one. LOL
  Are there any twins in your families?  Wishing all a great day. XO

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Pretty And Cold....

   Coming into Tipton from the south. Ted had to have his carotid artery Doppler this morning.
     So we were out of the house and at the clinic at 8:00. There was a two hour delay in the start of school this morning , due to the frigid temperatures. It was 6 degrees when we got back to town.
   You can see pretty blue skies, The sun was shining and it lifts your spirits. But the bite of this cold air makes you want to stay indoors. Children were sitting in their parents cars waiting at the bus stops.
  When we got back home....look, it's that little viola. Still alive after being snowed on and in a wind chill this morning of 20 below zero !!!
 What a strong little flower. :):) It makes me smile. I hope my spirit is as strong as this guys. It was nice to be out and long as I wasn't walking in it. LOL.
  Let's remember our friends and loved ones today...especially if they are in ill health and need a loving thought or prayer sent their way. XO

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Friday Fun....

 Ted's son Heath made this little cup for me. It's hardwoods and resin fused together. Ted gave Heath a small lathe he had and wasn't using. I am so thankful he did that. Now Heath can turn wood as well as Ted. Of course he has invested in a bigger lathe and a device that lets you mix colorful resins with hardwoods to create  a "blank". Then you turn the blank on the lathe to make a cup, bowl or anything you can think of...just about.  I love this gift, handmade so carefully too.
   My cell phone fits in this perfectly. So that will be my cellphone stand.  When light shines thru this , it's so beautiful. I received this in the mail yesterday. :):)
   Look , you can see that the rain has melted the snow around here. The porch is clear again. I use this old rug for wiping feet on.
  Yesterday all my sisters and I went to play bingo. It's held at the senior center in town.  There's our old neighborhood  friend Floyd. He's the one I wrote about a few posts back.  In line behind Floyd is my sisters Brenda, Pam, me in the middle, Barb and Jeanie. I think Floyd likes all the attention, bless his heart.  My big brother says Floyd needs to find some better friends to hang with than us sisters.. LOL
   Hope all of you are enjoying this weekend. XO

Friday, January 15, 2016

One Month & Ten Days.....

      Look who came to see me on my birthday.  Little Max, hmmm, he is looking bigger.
    His grandmother, my daughter , holding him while he makes funny faces.  He has grown and changed since Christmas day.  This is what I mean about children growing so very fast.
   He is so precious. I held him for about 20 minutes while he had a nap. I think his mommy and grandmother both wanted  a nap also.  Lynzie from getting up in the night with Max and grandma Liz from working the day before.
  Liz and Lynzie brought us lunch and ice cream and cookies to help me celebrate. . They caught me trying to shovel the drive, but it was still frozen.  LOL   Today it's all melted and I am joining all my sisters for bingo. The temperatures were 40-50 yesterday. We are having crazy weather. There's a cold front with arctic temperatures headed our way. Maybe snow again on Sunday. But today is spring like.  :):)
   I want to wish all of you a great weekend. Enjoy this day. XO