Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Plant Stand....

   Here's my new plant stand. I bought it at Horton's about 3 weeks ago. I left it for the young girl to keep her displays on. I did not want to disturb her set up for her booth.
  So yesterday, I picked it up . It is now on the porch. The cream color works with The things I painted cream and I love it. I see some little dents in it. I'll try to work those out. Aren't  those wheels so sweet?
  A young fellow  has taken over an old building in town and turn it into a market of sorts, plus some second hand things and party favor stuff. I love the assortment of pumpkins and gourds.
 There all sizes of mums , some hay bales too. Corn stalks. You can get your fall outside décor there. You can buy paper plates, napkins and table cloths for parties here. Plastic utensils. I am not sure if the fellow is still having auctions in the back of the building . He was having them every Wednesday. Auctioning used items and antiques. I never go to auctions...afraid I would buy something I did not mean too.  :):)
  We had some rain yesterday. The ground soaked it up and the deck's new finish beaded up, the rain.
That was nice.
  Hope your Wednesday is good. Thinking of those having way too much rain along the coast.  Please keep them in your prayers. XO

Monday, September 28, 2015

Goodies From Saturday.....

  I saw Donna Reyne'  at Horton's on Saturday. This is what I bought from her booth. Four denim place matts with pockets that held a handy  napkin.
  The backside of the placemats were made of burlap. Donna is a fine seamstress.
  I bought lots of beautiful cards and envelopes. Some are Parisian prints.
   This is Savannah and I at my daughter Angie's.
 This is the treat that Savannah and her mommy Karen, brought to me from the Earth Festival.  Some pumpkin roll, that I shared with Teddy Bear. So nice to be thought about. :) I have not picked up the plant stand from Horton's that I bought. I'll have to show it another time.
  Hope all of you had a wonderful weekend.  Wishing all a beautiful week of pretty fall weather. XO

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Our Catholic Church.....

   There is something bad happening to our church. It is in danger of being torn down. This is a view of the windows near where the alter is inside.
  You can see the steeple where the stucco is falling off the brick.  A few years ago lightening struck it. It actually caught fire and burned. Then it was rebuilt. This year the stucco started popping off.
  All I know I have learned from the people who live next door to the church.
 They said the trusses were possibly damaged during that time or have been due to the heavy rains of these past too years. If it due to rain, then it's the foundation.  The church will have to be torn down and rebuilt. Yikes...that won't be cheap. Because I can almost guarantee it won't be a pole barn like church. It's in an old residential area.
 You can see the old school across from the church here...the red brick building. That is where services are being held now. For safety sake. The priest's home is right next to the church on the corner...not visible here. I asked if they would save as much as possible , and was informed that absolutely all that could be saved ,would be .  Breaks my heart, the thoughts of losing this church. I was raised 4 blocks from here. So it's always been a visual thing for me. Some of my grandkids went to school and church here.
  Hope all of you are having a great day. The sun is out here .  I am planning on watching the lunar eclipse of the blood moon tonight. I will post about my trip to Horton's tomorrow.  Prayers for all in need. XO

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Horton's Fall Market & Earth Festival......

    There are so many things going on here in our 1st weekend of Autumn.  Horton's in Tipton is having their autumn market and 5 miles down the road in the little town of Atlanta, Indiana , the earth day festival is taking place.
  These pictures are from Horton's. I will not be walking the festival. My feet just can't take it today.
  I am going to Horton's though. This will be after I go to the BMV to get my plates. I hate this process.Hopefully I will be the only one there. LOL
  Cindy Bee from Bee Lady of Hillside Farms will be coming to Horton's this afternoon.
 I am is hopes of seeing her. Also I will try to get my daughter to go to Horton's with me.  I know that some things at the store are for displays only...but I am going to ask about that windmill blade. I love that thing.
  Thank you everyone for your wonderful prayers. My brother Tom had his surgery yesterday morning. He had six by passes. Two were to go around his stented areas, as they were clogged.  Please take care of yourselves everyone. Blessings. XO

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Pumpkin Patch....

   Yesterday my sister and I went to goodwill. I bought some sweaters that were 1/2 off. Not too nice to cut up and make pumpkins.
 I made pumpkins from the body of the sweaters and the sleeves.  I painted the table top the same green as Ted painted the chaise for me. I also painted this little wheel barrow a cream color , it was barn red last year.
 This is a fake fern and a little scarecrow in a plant stand that's also been painted. I will be tweaking this a bit more I am sure. You know how we are when it comes to decorating, always switching things around. So I have been busy today and now it's time to sit out and enjoy the porch. Hope your day went well.  We are to have two more days of this sweet weather, then possibly some rain.
  Enjoy your afternoon. XO

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Things Change....

   Yesterday while waiting at the hospital for the doctor to show up...the nurse comes in and tells my brother his surgery has been cancelled till Friday.  Oh dear.... my brother has little patience...I was surprised his B.P. didn't go up.
  Tom went all day with out eating to be ready. The surgery is important. The doctor had been in Indy doing a surgery that went long. I think brain surgeries and heart surgeries should be one a day. LOL.   Who wants a tired surgeon , or worse one that's rushed.  Thanks to all of you for your prayers and well wishes...what would I do without you?  Bless you. XO

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Here Comes The Sun.....

         The sun is rising on the road out front of our house. I always love seeing this. Can't tell it is rising  on the road  until I go for the paper.
            You can see it hitting the tree tops.. No wind the flag is just hanging straight down.
        I trimmed this purple plum bush  and the weeping cherry tree in front of it.
         This orange mum is in full bloom and so pretty.
             The little ford truck is hauling some fake flowers on the porch.
         I stuck some fake flowers in the containers with the greenery that is real.
         I put out the wreath that I bought for a dollar at a rummage sale. It still looks great.
      More fake flower in the spike plant.
         Another trimmed tree. This one is the red bud, it has a strange shape, I just trim off the hanging down branches, so Ted can mow without ducking.
    Then more fake flowers in the potato vine  container.  I lost most of the spring flowers I bought due to the rabbits.  So I just brought out the fake ones rather than fight with the bunnies. It is really looking like fall around here. The farmers are harvesting some of their beans. The tomato trucks  go by the DQ corner again on their way to the Red Gold canning plants in a couple of towns east of here. We laugh because we see where if the trucks turn too fast there will be tomatoes in the street. Ted says the restaurants in the area pick them up. :):)  He is kidding, of course.
    I ask for prayers today for my brother Tom, he is having a heart procedure. I will be with my family today.   Wishing all of you a good day and thanking you for the prayers.  XO

Friday, September 18, 2015

Woo-Hoo, The Porch/ Deck Is Finished.....

   This is the way our porch/deck floor was looking this summer....faded and wore out.  You can see the rain soaking in.
  Here's the deck stripped of everything and power washed. 
  Staining this thing seemed to be turning into a career.  It was either super hot , or I had other things to do.  Ran out of stain before getting finished. Due to some of  Ted's spillage . LOL
  Back to this big store for more stain.  I let Ted go in without I would not be tempted to go thru the garden area. :):)
  The color before was honey oak.  Now it's canyon brown. Much darker, but it works with the brown trim on the house and shop. Can I tell you, I am thrilled to have this project done-done-done !!  I stained the last five 12 foot boards and all the spindles, trimmed two trees and pulled weeds from two beds , Wednesday.  I was wore to a frazzle. :):)  Takes me longer to get things done and longer to spring back...getting old you know.  Hey, I am still moving though. That's good.
  Went to play bingo with my sisters at the senior center...just lots of laughs and talking. Then sister Pam and I went to lunch together.  She and I worked together for 30 years. We know a lot of the same people.  We always enjoy our visits.
  Wishing all of you a wonderful weekend. XO

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Sweet Layla Rose and Emma....

    I got to spend some time at Lizzy's on Sunday. Brock and Emily brought our baby over for us to love on and tend to, while they went to the movies.
   Here's miss Emma Pooh.  She's  growing up, too fast for me. She made Middle School cheerleading. Which surprised me , as I never knew she was interested in cheering.
  Emma loves her little niece so much. I think she will make a good sitter for Layla one day. :):)
  This little sweetie has grown too. She has fun with Emma teasing her.
  Now it's feeding time. She seems to be saying, " grandma Liz is that  PEAS ?, I don't think I like them."
  "yep , it's peas and I know I don't like them .,ssppitt." "besides , what's going on with my hair?" :)
 Now it's calm time, she is clamping down on her gums. Layla has a tooth !! "No Nana, stop taking my picture, I refuse to look at you. "  Well as you can tell I loved my time with my family.  Just we girls.,  Layla, Emma, Liz and me.   I can tell all of you , when you aren't around little ones every day or even every week....they are growing rapidly. I loved watching the baby, using her pacifier to rub on her gums and then bite it and pull it our of her mouth to make a popping sounds , then she would smile.  I am hoping my next visit with the baby isn't so long in between.
  Hope you are having a great day. The temperatures here have dropped and it's been pleasant. Have fun today. XO

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Food Fight.....

  I took this picture of two female hummingbirds fighting. They fight for the feeders.  They start at the feeder then go up in the air and back to the feeder again.
  All the while they are chirping. You could hear there buzzing sounds as they we swooping around the feeder.
 So I just stood by the feeder and caught a shot of this female landing on the perch. Then I notice the nectar  is down to the flower I fill it again.  They squabbled all afternoon. Today will be  more fighting , I  am sure. Although I have another feeder not far from this one . My neighbor lady has a feeder also.  I think if I had twenty feeders they would still fight for food. I will be bringing in our feeder after this month. In our area we feed the hummingbirds from April to October. They start migrating soon.
  Hope everyone will have a beautiful Sunday. XO

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Rainy Day At The Festival.....

   I met my daughter at her house. We waited a good long time thinking the rain would let up. It finally did ...but only a bit. Lizzy came over to join us.
  We are in the food tent waiting , again. The rains kept the crowds away.  There were very few people in town when we arrived.  The ones in charge of the fest must be getting their tents from another company. I remember when  the tents were plenty wide enough for to sets of table and an aisle way. Plus they had sides to pull down when it rained. The rain was blowing in yesterday.
  Will you look at my Angie squinting to see her phone...why don't people use their glasses? I have given my sister Jeanie about 10 pairs of reading glasses and when she's  out and about...she never has a pair with her.
  This was what Angie and I chose to eat , b-b-q sandwiches.  Nothing more.  You had to eat it with a fork.

 Yes, I used my big NYC umbrella , yesterday. It was fitting as a remembrance to 9-11 . Thank you to all who commented yesterday.  I watched some of the things that were shown on television  in the evening. I could not help but cry for those that were killed and those left behind to mourn. 
  Celebrating Korey and Ashley's wedding anniversary today. It's been one year.  Happy Anniversary kids.  They are going to NYC and then on to Italy to celebrate. What a wonderful young couple . I am extremely proud of them . I always pray they will hold on to their sweet love.
   Wishing all of you a great day. XO