Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Busy July, Goodbye.....

  My grandson Skylar's friend got a new puppy this month...so I am showing this only because this puppy is so darn cute.  Look at that adorable face. It's an Australian Blue Heeler.  Gosh I swore I'd never have another pet...but oh if I saw this pup in person, I don't know !!
 All over our little town you see lots of this....construction. torn up streets and sidewalks, orange signs and cones.  Hurry up fellows . :):)
  Our one container garden 's crops..Tomatoes and banana peppers.  LOL
 Daughter Karen ( the real gardener of the family) gave us potatoes and green beans . Oh this was so good too. I think she gave everyone in the family some green beans.
    On 4th of July was our family reunion. One brother (# 2) did not make it to the gathering....and lives right in town., go figure.  I always say, "those that care will make an effort and those that don't...won't."  In the back row, George (oldest brother # 1) me (oldest sister # 3), Barbie (youngest sister # 10), Steve (youngest brother # 11)  front row, Brenda # 6, Pam  #  9, Jeanie # 4, and Tom # 5.   We have 9 of us left out of a family of eleven children.  We are blessed.  There's been plenty of health issues in our family...but look we are all standing, ha ,that should count for something. :)
  I had lots of pretty flowers this July.
  Still have some of these growing.
  Got a close up of the crop dusters this month.
  Went to Horton's French Flea Market.  Saw lots of pretties,and actually did not buy a thing...so shocking for me.
Got me some summer loving....LOL...you can see Max looks bored and Luke is trying to escape.  I squeeze them any way.  Love these babies.  I had a busy , fun and very hot July. Now that it is leaving us today, it seems to have gone quickly. We will be into a new month tomorrow. I for one am hoping it's cooler.
  Enjoy your day. Wishing all of you the best. XO

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Our Gifts.....

 My daughter Karen, the real gardener of the family, found a Monarch  caterpillar , in her garden..
 A cocoon too...so she left them . Knowing we need to save the Monarch.
  I found a beautiful butterfly feeding in one of my flowerbeds.
  These are the blackeyed Susans  that I brought here from when we lived in town. They struggle  but survive. I need to transplant them .
 Here are the marigolds I planted from seeds.
  I also planted some of those seeds  near a container of yellow marigolds.
 Looking back at the house this morning at 6 :30 , after deciding to get pictures early .
  It was cool and calm outside, so I walked to the road  to look toward the east.  I have enjoyed the few days of cooler mornings here.  I think each day is a gift. Having freedom, a home and being able to get out and about.

  Oh I thought you would like a couple more pictures of  one of my most loved gifts. Great grandson Luke, eating a lunch of spaghetti.
 The next evening having it warmed up , must have been a total bore, for it was lights out at the dinner table. :):) Bless his sweet heart.
   Hope all of you are loving your weekend. Please be safe. XO

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Little Ones At The Beach......

  Hey look who's walking !! Well he is not real steady just yet. But you can tell he loves it. Lynzie and Mark took the boys and went on vacation to Florida. They always go with other family members along too.
  Max is getting to be a big boy (oh too soon) , but he is not so big as to run into the ocean. LOL
  He is off with Daddy exploring.
  Went to the light house. I do not know exactly where they went on vacation. Just know it was oceanside Florida.
  Max tried his luck fishing. Oh this made me laugh, I told Ted  that someone was getting ready to be included in his fishing trip to Reelfoot one of these days.
  Luke looks like he isn't sure of the feel of wet sand on his feet.  Can't wait to snuggle this sweet baby.
 The rose bush, that I keep here for my daughter, is blooming again. Must be the miracle  grow.
  I have always loved the color of this rose.  The reason I call it Kathy's rose....she got it for mother's day once when she lived up in the northern part of the state. When she moved, she wanted me to keep it for her, so she dug it up and we planted it here.  It has always given me some wonderful blooms. I take pictures of them and send them to Kathy, to let her know her mother's day rose is still going strong.
 The weather cooled just a bit here. This morning is sweet, cool  and quiet.  I will be meeting my daughter for lunch today. Angie goes back to school soon and we need a day together.  Ted will be home from golfing by then...he can surely get himself lunch. :):) Well I better go get it ready ,so all he has to do is eat. LOL
  Thinking of some of you today and holding you in my heart. My prayers. Enjoy this day. XO

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Summer's Going Strong......

  Emma and her daddy at a little waterfall in one of the state parks. I thought they went to Turkey Run...but I am not sure.   Liz got this picture of them but wasn't in any herself. :(
  This is in Liz and Matt's yard. The chicken run free in the daytime and get locked up at night.
 This is a pretty red hen.  They eat bugs out of the yard.
 If one chicken finds something, they all seem to come running to share whatever in on the meal.
 Max and Luke watching the chickens come to the front door. Luke gets excite to see them.
  These are some of the sunsets, before our rains came this weekend.  The sun was a fiery ball here.
  This sunset had lots of pastel colors.  The lightening bugs come out about this time too.  So peaceful. Hope all of you had a great weekend. We did indeed get lots of rain. It rain and misted almost the entire day Saturday.  We needed all that rain.
  All the talk of school starting soon...doesn't seem right. Kids are not getting a full summer out of school.  Wishing all of you a great new week ahead. XO

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Flowers & Fun......

  I had to show one of the flowerheads from our hydrangea. I told Nana Diana I would. :):)  I cut some of the faded ones off and brought them in to dry.  More are growing.
  This lily is in  my daughter Liz's yard. I am going to ask for a start from them.
  Also this beautiful yellow one. It was very tall.
 My potato vine is still growing. I wonder if there will be potatoes in the container come fall when this dies out.  Hope I remember to look for them. :)
  Layla and cousin Max playing in the sprinkler. In their undies(I think Max is in a diaper) Shh.
 First they were swinging, so my pictures are out of order. Ha.
 Look who is always nearby the children...sweet Madison . This dog is the best ever . Funny thing, when Luke and Max are eating Madison is always near their chairs...no wasted crumbs on the floors. Just makes me laugh.
  The fun continues., with a few walking laps around the Sunbrella base.
  Max is using the water to wash the seats and Layla got the watering can . Oh to be a kid again...well one fun day in summer would be great.  The children didn't get to stay out much longer as it was warm and mostly sunny.
  Ted and I got on the golf cart and rode down to the new neighbor's house. They were on their porch as we drove by returning home from the grocery. We wanted to introduce ourselves. I know as we drove up their drive they probably thought ,"oh great who are these old people?"  So I yelled, "I know you may not remember me, but I know you kids. "
    My daughter went to school with both of them.  This is Lizzy, David's wife. She used to come to our house in town and play with my daughters. Many years ago.  She is still thin, blonde and cute. :):)
 We told them if they ever need our help or some extra hands doing anything, we would gladly help.  We also told them  ,we all kind of watch out for each other out there in the country.
  We had some rain this week, well on Monday. Then three days of nicer weather...not so hot. That will be gone for a few days , starting tonight.  More rain, possibly bad storms even. But the rain is helping our lawn and the crops.  Stay cool everyone. XO

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Horton's French Flea Market .....

   This weekend was the Horton's French Flea Market.  I did not get to go yesterday.  My son in law's father passed away and the funeral was yesterday.  This is the third funeral we have been to in two months.  Doug was in so much pain in the end...he is no longer suffering. He will absolutely be missed.
     Today My daughter , Kathy, came and picked me up to go to town.
  It was almost way too hot to even be outside and we were early.  Did not get to see everything, but certainly tried my best.
 This was a cute tent , but I did not go in.
  This was inside the store...so funny and cute. A little planter truck made of tin.
 Just look at this ivy plant in the motor compartment.   LOL  The flags of France flying too.
  Jars and vases of fresh cut flowers. Not easy to carry these around....so it's like something you get on the way out.
 Lots of flags that looked aged. Tea towels and napkins .
  This area looked like laundry time.
  Small pots of lavender. Only $ 1. 99...… I meant to buy a couple...but did not make it back.
 I liked this old whiskey barrel . The sunflowers in it was so pretty with the potato vine and other small flowers. I thought it looked pretty for fall.  Believe me, it was hot...way too hot for some areas.
 We left Horton's and I bought nothing..Nothing!!
   Kathy and I got a cold drink at DQ and then came home. This heat is ruining my fun!!! LOL
 Stay cool , all of you. XO