Friday, August 23, 2019

Please Stay Summertime....

 Try as I might I can not stop time. I want our summer to last longer this year, because it was forever before I could start to enjoy it.  This weekend is the "End Of Summer " days in my daughter town of Rossville.  They will have a parade, crafts, foods, and plenty of celebrating there. I used to love to go and see the grandkids on floats. LOL
 I will be putting out  some fall decoration here. The leafy wreath on the door...that I got for one dollar at a yard sale. This little metal sign.
 I do have marigolds that actually came up from where I had planted them last year.  Sweet !!!
 Having wonderful sunsets here. Today is blue skies and puffy white clouds and low humidity ...forecast for the entire weekend. Hooray.
    Ted and I went to Indy for his check up. That two weeks off went way too fast. He had great vitals. Good blood work. His blood work from 3 weeks ago , that was called "Who's who" , where they see how much of Ted bone marrow is the donor's and how much is Ted's old self.  In July it was 100 percent donor, today they had the results of that  blood test from 3 weeks was 95 percent donor and 5 percent Ted...they want to start watching closer. So Ted gets another check up in two weeks and a maintenance chemo....oh by the way the dr. said he wants it there in Indy, not in Noblesville (which is closer to us). So another week of that crazy traffic.
   Ted played a round of golf this past Tuesday. He said he did not keep score but enjoyed it so much. He was with two of his golf pals.  He was a bit sore the next morning, but by the following day, he was fine. But he did say he will wait for cooler days as the heat was exhausting. He had to wear long pants, sleeves, hat and as not to burn in the sun.
   Hope all of you are doing well. Thank you for your sweet prayers and kind wishes. XO love you.

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Thank You, Thank You !!!!!

 My daughter Kathy's rose does not  give a lot of blooms at once but surprises me with one every now and then, making me smile.  I need to give this rose more love.

 Catching some sunsets lately, trying to hold onto each day as long as I can.
 I have to show the flowering pots in our town. They make them every year with wave petunias and other annuals. They are watered as needed thru the week. Every business has one or two out front. They are all over town.
Oh yes, school started this week. I miss the bus picking the boy next door up...but he is into his 3rd year of college now.  Wow, those years went way too quickly.
   This has been a good week and I  know in my heart I have all of you to thank for it.   So thank you dear friends, from the bottom of our hearts. We are so very grateful for all of you.
    Friday was Ted's official 100th day. A great day in bone marrow transplants.Ted got his maintenance chemo every day this week. Granddaughter, Sierra, drove him there everyday but yesterday. Such a sweetheart to help us like she does. Ted drove himself yesterday, we went the back interstate speed drive for us.  Ted received his labs, chemo I.V. , then the Hickman port was removed. Ted's counts are good. The doctor ( Dr. Luke Akard), said Ted can eat what he wants, go where he wants and do as much as he possibly can. No golfing for a week and no swimming. No mowing, or being in any place that could be dirty , like basements and attics. Not to be outdoors if there's construction, for fear of dust and dirt.....which can hold molds and harmful things.  We go back in two weeks for a follow up and blood work. Ted may be able to get his next maintenance chemo in Noblesville a town that is so much closer and no interstate driving involved. That's a big plus for me, as I get to anxious in heavy traffic. :)
   Bless all of you.  I will always remember the prayers , well wishes, and kind words . Love you so much. XO