Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Wishing All A Wonder Christmas.

Here it is a week into Dec.  Time just seems to be going faster each month.  I have two tiny trees for decoration this year. Can not make myself do much else. I will display any cards I receive. I never go shopping at the stores for anything but household supplies and food.  Gee, at times my life is a total snooze. LOL
 Here are Santa and his wife in the old car in a town north of here. This is an old picture. I will miss my daughter Kathy taking me to see lights, as she moved to Seattle.  Saying that takes me back in time. Our mother used to pile us in the car and drive around looking at lights .  We never had very much, but mom let us enjoy the sights around town. 
   A couple times Salvation Army brought us some toys. Now I look into a playroom at my daughter's. There's more toys in that room than all eleven of  us saw in our lives growing up. I know none of my grandkids or great grandkids will ever be in want of something to play .  One thing I love about my daughters and their families, they pass things along to the next in line.
  I try to stay busy. I do go to brunch and lunch every now and then. My best times are with family. I pray all of you are well and  have time with your families this holiday. Hold each other tight . XO