Saturday, July 14, 2018

Horton's French Flea Market .....

   This weekend was the Horton's French Flea Market.  I did not get to go yesterday.  My son in law's father passed away and the funeral was yesterday.  This is the third funeral we have been to in two months.  Doug was in so much pain in the end...he is no longer suffering. He will absolutely be missed.
     Today My daughter , Kathy, came and picked me up to go to town.
  It was almost way too hot to even be outside and we were early.  Did not get to see everything, but certainly tried my best.
 This was a cute tent , but I did not go in.
  This was inside the funny and cute. A little planter truck made of tin.
 Just look at this ivy plant in the motor compartment.   LOL  The flags of France flying too.
  Jars and vases of fresh cut flowers. Not easy to carry these it's like something you get on the way out.
 Lots of flags that looked aged. Tea towels and napkins .
  This area looked like laundry time.
  Small pots of lavender. Only $ 1. 99...… I meant to buy a couple...but did not make it back.
 I liked this old whiskey barrel . The sunflowers in it was so pretty with the potato vine and other small flowers. I thought it looked pretty for fall.  Believe me, it was hot...way too hot for some areas.
 We left Horton's and I bought nothing..Nothing!!
   Kathy and I got a cold drink at DQ and then came home. This heat is ruining my fun!!! LOL
 Stay cool , all of you. XO

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Crop Dusters.....

 Yesterday was classmate brunch .  There were eleven of us there.  A fun time. On the way home I spotted a crop duster. So I pulled over to a quiet spot to get photos. Stayed in the car , don't want sprayed. LOL
  I love watching these guys. They are amazing.  Doing their quick turns so as not to waste time and fuel.
 Look at that pretty sky. I see a lot of these planes are yellow.
  Hard to say if this one is coming or going.
 He was flying back and forth over the road then he turns and head right toward me.
  You can see how close they get to power lines. Scary.
 I would love to ride along, just once.  I love flying. Planes and helicopters thrill me.
 Tiger lilies are blooming now.  I have trimmed back some of the others that are dying out.
 These are in a grouping, I only remember planting three.
 Not sure what this lily is called. It a nice color and short. This is by the water feature. Ted had just added the algae eater.  It is suppose to be safe for the birds.  Hope so, cause they bath and drink in here. LOL.
   We had a few days of sweet temperatures and low humidity. Now it's hot and humid once a again. We just make the most of it. Wishing you a great week. XO

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Some Bits Of Our 4th.....

  When we eat at Angie's is a line up of food stations all along the counters. We line up and fill our plates with what ever we like and take our seats.
 My daughters, Liz, Angie, Kathy, and Karen.    (Liz and Karen are my twins)
  Lynzie, Mark and Max seated under one of the awnings.
  Max and baby Luke ready to play on the floor with a big bag of toys their mommy brought.
  Luke is walking now , not so much on his own ..but if you hold his hand he will walk beside you. Lynzie will have her hands full when he decides to take off.

  Emma and her daddy Matt  are getting ready to play a game of cornhole. This is one game everyone plays.
 Daughter Kathy with her son Korey and his wife Ashley. With the pioneer corn field behind them.  Korey and Ashley caught their flight right after lunch , headed back to Seattle, Wa.
  I have not seen them since Christmas of I had to get hugs and pictures.
  The newest baby in the family is great nephew Reed, being held by great niece Erin.
  I did not get lots of photos...hard to round people up for photos. So we usually swap with one another.  The lady in light green with white hair is my sister in law , Sally. She and my brother George made it home for our gathering, from Alabama. We had most all the family gathered this year.  Lots of  fun...even though it was so very hot.  It was a great day of talking, laughing , eating and playing...either games or with the little ones.
  This wee figure on the boardwalk is our little Layla. She,  her daddy Brock and mommy Emily, went to Florida for a vacation.  I missed being with them. I am happy they can have  a vacation, since they do work hard and need a break.  Hope all of you had a great family time for the holiday.
  We are getting a cool down tomorrow.  Believe me, I am thrilled. Wishing all of you a wonderful weekend. XO

Monday, July 2, 2018

Hot, But Fun.....

  This is so rare...going down a four lane highway  with sparse traffic.  Oh boy did I ever love this. I felt like we were in the middle of nowhere.  The temperatures in the hi 90's with heat index warnings . We took a cooler with waters, tea and ice with us.
  Headed to a campground that I had never heard about in my life time.  Ted's brother had invited us to visit. Ted tells me...we are going to a barbeque at his brother camper.  Then when we get there.....
 We end up on a boat on the Wabash river . Ted, his brother Mic and Mic's wife Micki (yes, they are Mic and Micki..I know cute. ) fished while I watched as I have no fishing license.  For two hours in that heat !!! . I try to never be a wet blanket, honestly, but I had a headache by the time I said I'm done please.  .
 Mic caught a big carp...they release all fish caught.
 Mic said , we will go in and have something to eat. I apologized for not being able to last longer in that heat.
  It was very pretty on the river in this cool shady spot.  There's been flooding there and many logs just floating down the river.  I can't recall ever fishing in a boat on a river.  I like fishing lakes, or the gulf.  Next time, I will have a license and know what is really going I feel Ted may have actually tricked me,...because fishing on a river in this heat was never mentioned.  I would not have gone along, had I known.
  It was fun none the less. This is from the porch of Mic's camper. We ended up not having a cookout, but going out to eat.
 Ate a late lunch in a bar...oh help me.  I do not like to be around smoke, and  thankfully this bar/cafĂ© was smoke free. Hooray !!!  Ted ordered this big tenderloin and an extra bun with sweet potato fries.  It was eatable but nothing to write home about. LOL. We had to ask for water and it never came. Very poor service.  I drank all my water and ate the ice that I had.  It was a long hot day. Thankful for the fun of being with family and seeing things I had never seen before. Learned an easier way to the campground too.  Slept like a log on Saturday evening. :)
  Hope all of you enjoyed your weekend. XO

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Hazy Days....

   I know you have heard of those lazy, hazy days of summer. They are here now.  This is at 6:45 this morning. The haze is hang over the fields.
 The sun is already up shining between the house and the shop.
  I love looking out the dining room window at the catalpa tree , when the sun shines on it
 The backyard is looking green this morning.
 The dampness and heat are making the flowers spread out.
 That potato vine is still growing, coming thru the rails to the steps. May have to trim it.  Do not want it tripping anyone.
 This potato vine is doing some growing also. Gee, we need to power wash the deck and the lattice .
 I forgot to show the work we did yesterday. Well it was not  really hard work, but it was team work. We put up a new mailbox. Our old one was trimmed in wood and it was starting to rot. I had painted it three times.( You all  know how I paint) This is one of those plastic things. I won't be painting it. Well maybe the flag if it dulls.
  Please everyone, use caution in this heat that is coming on. Drink water, stay inside during the hottest part of the day, noon till five.  Use sunscreen when outside.  We are in for about 10 days of over 90 temperatures, here in Indiana. The heat index will be make it worse.. Be safe. XO

Monday, June 25, 2018

Kiddies At The Zoo....

  This is my son-in-law with my great grades at the zoo. Layla , Max and Luke , along with their parents went to the zoo on Saturday.
  "Hurry Max ", Layla seems to be saying , as she pulls Max toward one of the fenced in animals. Lynzie has Luke om her back now.  Everyone that went to the zoo, in my family, helped one another with the children.
 Layla and cousin Max feeding a green parrot. Lynzie said that Max was skittish around all the animals, but Layla was right there to see them all.
  What to do on the long ride home...well nap of course.  Luke's reflection as he is asleep. Looks like he was good and got a new toy.
 Big brother Max thought a nap sounded good apparently...he's sleeping too. I asked where is the shot of Papaw Matt sleeping. LOL
  My birthday daughter Kathy, got to catch up with her son who was in the northern part of the state this week. She spent the weekend with him and their friends, they have known since Korey was in the 2nd grade. What a topper to Kathy's week long celebration.
 Saturday was not this pretty....this is Sunday morning. Wonderful day, not too hot and sunshine. Just like I like it.  :):)
  The new house down on the corner. The young man that built here , has owned the property for many years.  He built a pole barn first and mowed the land for years...this year he is starting a new life . Wishing him the best.
  Tomorrow is another funeral for us to attend. The sweet lady down the road passed away from cancer.  So sad.
  Please hug your loved ones today, if you can not ,then call, text, or email. XO