Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Little Girl, Big City...

  Here's our sweet Savannah, ready to get to school and catch the bus going to NYC.
  They were late for the Tuesday morning Today Show audience. But they toured the NBC studios. You can see the famous Rockefeller Center behind her .
 I think this is at the top of the Empire State building. I hope this sight took her breath.
 Central Park is the green patch . I hope they got to go there also. Savannah's school choir was on this trip. They will be seeing two Broadway shows. I can't remember what she was to I will tell you later.
  They must have had those kids hit the ground running. NBC studios, Empire State building, Radio City Music hall. This is the guest signing Radio City.  Savannah was to send me plenty of pictures to download...but I think she's not thinking about that so much. LOL. I just told her to enjoy it all , the buildings, streets, people, wonder of it all. She'll be home on Saturday morning.
 Found a wooly worm yesterday , on the step. He has big fur coat....hope that doesn't mean lots of snow. LOL.  Do you know?
   Hope your day was nice. It was pretty and pleasant here today. XO

Monday, October 16, 2017

Taking A Walk....

 Saturday evening I wanted to walk around the yard . you can see the flag is about straight out from the wind.
  This is the east side of the shop/garage , everything looks so green from some rains we had before this Sunday's rain.
  Here it is the middle of October and the hydrangea  has bloomed.  Just two flower heads. I did not think it was going to bloom this year.
  The mums are not blooming so boldly ....this yellow one is popping though..I just bought it this past month.
  As I was headed out to take a walk ,  something was following me.
 Something furry and curious. The stray cat "Stormy"  Good news about her...the neighbor lady today said she wants to keep her for a barn it will be in a warm place this winter . She said she would feed her to keep her around.  Good !!! Makes me happy.
  It was gloomy and rainy most of Sunday, but near sunset , it cleared a little and gave us a pretty sunset sky. The sunshine today lifted my spirits.  I sat on the porch and wrote my sister a letter.  Let the sun shine on my face to enjoy the warmth of it...not the heat cause it was only 60 today.
   Wishing everyone a good evening. Hope your Tuesday will be great. XO

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Saturday Fun......

  This is Friday 's sunset....seems to be getting darker so much earlier now.. I am already missing those long days that lasted till ten o'clock pm. . LOL   I like to call my daughter Angie  at 9:30 or later, on the 1st day of summer and say, "hey the sun is still shining." She loves that.
  Today my sisters and one brother went to a friend's house to meet up with other friends. This is sister Pam, sister Brenda,  Millie (friend), and me. We are at Judy's house. Judy is the sister to our late sister -in-law.  Millie and her husband Jerry were dear friends to our brother and his wife. Our brother, Miles and his wife Brenda , have been gone 18 years now. They were killed in an accident.  A young man ran a stop sign, clipped a semi, and the semi ran over our brother's car. God knew to take them together. We miss them still.
  This is sister Pam sitting on a little broom , while niece Kelly ( Miles n Brenda's daughter) shows her how to fly like a witchy poo. We laughed so hard at these two. We had a picnic outside today. Judy had some b-b-q pork sandwiches, potato salad, cherry dump cake, cookies and drinks for everyone.  What a fun time.  Millie and Jerry were a bit older than Miles and Brenda but they clicked and always had the best of times. Millie and Jerry have been together for 50 or more years. Some people just seem to belong together to me.
   Like this photo I took off of pinterest. When I see an older couple, I always think to myself....they go together like toast and honey. They were met to be. I saw this quote with it: A little walk on a long journey, that went by quickly .
   When I came home , I framed this art work. A robin that Emma had drawn for me a couple years ago. The two footprint robins from Max and Luke. Their mom painted their feet and pressed them on paper. The paper of the painting was a bit wrinkled but I framed it anyway.  I hung them together on the back mudroom wall.  More precious than a masterpiece. :)
   Wishing all of you a fun Saturday evening. Enjoy your Sunday morning too. XO

Friday, October 13, 2017

Pretty Morning....

                                                                                                                                                                             My Computer is making me nuts again. As I am trying to do this post , the words are moving backwards.   I never know what I will be allowed to do  . So this is the beginning of a pretty day.

 That's three times at trying to get this post out. Had to restart the computer. Finally it's letting me type almost normally. Enjoy this pretty shot of the sunrise.
                   This is my daughter Liz. She took her husband Matt to the colts game this past
              Matt's having a birthday beer and is happy to be at the game.
                     He was more please to see Payton Manning . Sorry no close ups. LOL        
                   This is the new statue of Manning  in front of the stadium.
             I am not a big fan of football....but I love Payton Manning for his goodness.
            Liz said she and Matt stayed  here , at the Ironworks Hotel over the weekend.

                  I liked the flag . Liz said there were lots of metal pulleys ,grates, even this flag is metal.
                            I will have to work with this computer. Wishing all of you a great weekend.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Fall Decorating......

 Yes, I finally got the goodwill shirts on my scarecrows.  This one is up front and there's one by the flag pole at the garage/shop.
  I have the Happy Fall flag near some mums.
  Inside on the mantle, I have some cloth pumpkins, fake boo pumpkins and flowers.
  Bought this cute sign at Horton's. The twinkle lights are from Big Lots.
 I really like the lights and plan to use them at Christmas also.  They are warm white.
 Some good news for Luke. He had his check up at the children's hospital , for his Cystic Fibrous. He is still gaining weight , which helps give him a leg up on this disease. So he received a good report from  the doctors and will not be needing any meds.  So thankful.  I love this sweet great grandson.
  Hopefully I'll have some crafts to show you soon.  Enjoy this day.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The New Week.....

 A heathy hardy new great's a wonderful way to start  the week. Our granddaughter Margo finally had her baby. He was late to arrive. I think he was trying to be born on his daddy's birthday later this week. This is Leo, he weights 9 pounds.  I am looking forward to holding him.
 My day started out foggy (like so many of my days ,LOL)  This is out front.
 A mile down the road, there were many birds eating something.. Love the background tree in the fog..
 At a 4-way stop in town, the same time as a semi truck, you can see the clock tower in the fog. I was meeting my classmates for a breakfast. There were 8 of us this time, many still on vacation in Florida. ??
  After the breakfast, I went to join my daughter Kathy. We picked up a delicious coffee at a gas station...haha. It was clean there,and so many different flavors and creamers, who knew?  They even gave me a card ,so after ten coffees I get one free. Unreal.  Kathy and I drove the country side for a bit and took photos. She wanted me to see this house falling down. Sad, someone is mowing there and there was a new camper in the back yard....we wondered if it was the owners coming home for the summer, fall months and possibly going south in winter.
 The crops were in here, so I got this shot. Thankful the barn owner takes care of his barn.
 This is an old one that needs some care. I wonder if they know it's cheaper to tend the old than build new.
  Here's one back from the road  I like the vine on the front fence in this picture.
 What do farmers do with these big bales of whatever?  They seem to just sit forever,making nice housing for field mice, I suppose. LOL
  This was a fun shot. Kathy pulls up and say get a picture mom...the horse was facing the barn...well you know what kind of shot that would have been. A horse's I rolled the window down and whistled , yell , "here boy" and he spun around and  this was good.  I think every time Kathy and I want to get pictures it's cloudy  or raining. Hopefully soon we will get a nice day.
  Have a happy day where you are. XO

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Fun & Hugs.....

  Ted and I had a fun afternoon at my daughter Liz's.  She had invited her children and grandbabies to a late lunch. Here's Layla, me and Max , sitting on the hearth. I was giving them fruit gummies.  Had to separate them. LOL.
  Little Luke shows up and I kissed his bare toes. I told Lynzie, his mommy, that his toes were salty. She reminded me that is because of his cystic fibrosis.  Even with salty toes, he is adorably sweet.
  Max was pretending he did not know me.  Probably doesn't see me enough. :):) Here's his mommy, Lynzie, holding him for a bit. As he grows into a toddler, he's  still is a baby boy and needs held .
 Uncle Brock, Lynzie's brother, gets to hold Luke . Brock is a great father to his sweet daughter Layla.   I am proud of the wonderful parents my grandchild have become.
  Had to slip in this photo of Luke with bed head hair. LOL.
 Teddy Bear had Ozzy the cat keeping him company in the yard.  Of course Sam, the dog, was also around....but I could not get a good photo of him.  The pets like lots of attention , just like the little ones. It's so funny. Sam and Ozzy will actually paw at your hands to be petted.
  I enjoyed every moment of being with the children. Emma was there also. Thirteen is a fussy age. She didn't feel well and  did not want her picture taken. But I honestly think it's more her age than her allergies. :):) Miss her being my little crafting pal.
  Wishing the nation peace and love. XO