Saturday, March 17, 2018

Horton's Spring Open House......

   This is what I bought at Horton's yesterday when Ted and I went to town.
 Lavender/lemongrass , a room and linen spray.  This cute notebook , that has lined paper. I can jot down important things ,like making a grocery list, so I can leave it on the table and remember once I am at the grocery. Ha.
  A new garden flag that I really needed.  I like being able to see the direction of the wind when I am looking out our windows.  It's a canning jar filled with flowers. It says Live, Laugh, Love across the top and Be Kind on the print of the jar.  Trimmed in aqua checks.
  I absolutely love paper napkins in so many pretty designs and colors. I just like having them around. I will use one with my cup of coffee , or ice tea. These have red geraniums on them.
  This is a fridge magnet .  I have one or two on my fridge. LOL.
  Bigger napkins. They the bees , with a bee and hive on them.
  Bought this little cloth bag for my granddaughter who is turning 16 soon.  I liked the saying. That's piece of twine(Price tag) on it. These  are all the things  I bought for both days. Going back later this month for flats of flowers.
 Today, my daughter , Angie went to Horton's with me. We really were did ice in the wee hours , but was melting when we left for Horton's. Angie liked this crock with fake tulips and a rolling pin , plus a tea towel .
 I like these hands to hold jewelry. Little bouquets of tulips everywhere in the store.
 This was a cute idea ...a clear jar with a doily and lace tied to it at the rim , with a piece of wire as a hanger. Then just put some little flowers in it.
 This was a bunch of wooden plaques with magnets on the back.  About 3x 3 in size.  Sweet sayings.  We had a great time at the store , looking at everything and visiting with many people we knew. That's how it is in a small town.  :):) Sampled some fudge...can't be good all the time. LOL.
  Angie and I shared a chicken wrap sandwich at the Subway, for a quick lunch.  My daughter knows somebody everywhere she goes. She was wishing a young man happy birthday while we were there.  I  think that is from teaching for years.  
  Hope all of you had a great Saturday. Tomorrow is promising to be a much nicer, warmer day. Enjoy. XO.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Sneak Peek At Horton's....

  Mr. Horton made a new checkout counter in a new spot of the store. I love this old rugged corrugated tin and wood look. There's been some changes in the store. I did see that the greenhouse was full of pansies and violas.
  Like this rural vamped chandy.   Looks good with the farm industrial d├ęcor.
  There are three of them over the new checkout.
  I like this sweet gardening corner. Lots of running rabbits on a dowel rod and base.
 Tubs of faux tulips.  Wreaths , watering cans, and stars.  Walking thru the store makes you wants new things for spring.  You know what I am saying ladies. Some times we  something new and fresh to brighten up the porch or gardens.
 This is perfect for a window sill garden.
  I know this old buffet has been used many, many times in the store.
  This shelf is packed full of goodies. It's in the ladies wear section. I always love seeing the old brick wall as a backdrop for displays.
 Plenty of mugs, platters, and canisters. I saw lots of creamer cows.  I want to go back tomorrow to Horton's Spring Open House.  I asked my daughters to go , waiting to hear from them.  I will post more photos and what I bought , maybe tomorrow.
  Sunshine today and very cold. We may get some ice tonight or Saturday. Hope not...too risky for losing power.  Enjoy your weekend. XO

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Thank You Carol.....

 I won a give away, that Carol of  "Buttercup Counts her Blessings" had upon her return home. This is a wonderful  gift. Carol had gone to Australia from NYC where she lives.
  This cute tea towel of 100 % cotton. Embroidered with a koala bear.  Too cute to use.(smile)
 Carol also included this post card of the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge.
 Plus a magnet with a copy of indigenous art  by Julieanne Turner.
 So I wanted to share this sweet gift with all of you. Thank you Carol. Oh by the way, go visit Carol's blog . She will take you on walking trips throughout NYC.  I always love to see the stores, shops, museums, and parks of NYC.  This sweet lady never sits still long. :)
 Have to show this sunset from Sunday evening on our way home from town.  It's the Midwest, always power/telephone  poles in the pictures. LOL.
  We had flurries yesterday mixed with sunshine at times. :) Today is sunny and cold. I know, I know, I should never complain after what everyone in the east is going thru.  Forgive me. I wish you all some sunny days and relief from this bitter March. XO

Friday, March 9, 2018

Lunch With Family....

  Granddaughter Lynzie brought Luke and Max, to her mom's to have lunch with us.
  I get to cuddle them over the back of the sofa. They are becoming quite the handful.
 Lynzie takes their shirts off, so they eat in their t-shirts with bibs.. LOL.  Luke looks happy to be in his chair.
 Liz enjoying Luke before nap time.
  Max entertained us with his rendition of Jerry Lee Lewis after lunch.
 Then Luke and Max played a duet.  Which drove the men outdoors.  LOL
 Emma came home from school later. She wanted me to hold her snake for a picture. It's a ball python, only a baby.  I told her it would make a lovely belt. She laughed and said, "Oh nana stop."  It has the most amazing glass cage. Very sturdy. Hope it only gets big enough to be a belt.
  Liz made the nicest lasagna for lunch and Ted's favorite dessert, banana pudding.  Brock got to come join us for lunch, but not his Emily and Layla, for Layla was sick.
  Liz put things away and I washed everything down. Then we played with the boys and got them to nap while Lynzie got to go to the salon. I know I do not need to tell all of you that I slept like a baby last night. Wow, handling children that young for this old girl was exhausting. :):)
  Wishing all a safe happy weekend. Enjoy your life. XO

Sunday, March 4, 2018

I Got The Sun....

 In the morning. This big orange ball was just coming thru the trees on Saturday morning. Love it.
The moon at night !!   Granddaughter Savannah text me to go outside on Friday night and look at the moon. That made me smile. I want my children and grandchildren to love the sun , moon and earth, as I do.  We are into our third day of sunshine. It's warmer today also.

  This is Dr. Donald Norman. He is contracted to Aetna insurance.  Our new retiree insurance coverage  He came to our home to do a full health evaluation on me. What? Crazy ! I asked why of course, when the lady called to schedule this meeting. Just random. They said.  I told the Dr. I was taking his picture for my protection.
 He said that's very good. Ted was here also.  The Dr. checked my blood pressure three times after I did some moderate exercises. Checked my memory skills. Checked my reflexes. Checked my heart beat and pulse.  Asked about a hundred questions. Then weighted me. I told him not to look. He said he had too, but would not yell out what I weighed. :):) Then he tells me the things I need to talk with my doctor about. Tests I should have done. All this for my health insurance.  He said I was in very good health. Glad that's over though.
  I will tell you a few things he advised. Even though, I do these things on my own.  Always hold the rails when going up and down stairs if carrying anything.  Never use throw rugs that would slip. Use a  light when getting out of bed in the dark.  He said trips and falls can happen to anyone , especially older people. Said we are all just one fall from being hurt. So I am passing this on to you. Be safe always. XO

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Sweet Layla....

  Great granddaughter Layla just turned three last week. Her mom made her this ice cream cake for her birthday party. She is blowing out the candles.
  Look how happy she is once the candles were blown out.  Love that sweet face.  She has on her new Rapunzel dress that her grandma Lizzy bought her.  She is at that age where she wants to be a princess everyday.
  Here she is in new PJ's with her new dolls. Tangled Rapunzel and Ariel little mermaid. Beautiful Layla came into our lives right before my brother Mark passed away from a stroke.  Three years now. I miss Mark and wish he could have known Layla.
  Yesterday afternoon, Ted picked up all the twigs and sticks from our whole yard. I was so happy he did this.  He has one of those grabber devises and used it to load up the wheelbarrow.
  Now come a calm day we can burn all these twigs. It made a big pile.
 Monday evening's sunset. So pretty. I love all the colors.
 I want to tell all of you about my dentist visit. I went yesterday to the endodonist . He took another x-ray. Probed around some. Said he did not see anything that needed attention. Then he tells me in depth about sensitivity.  This may help some of you. I had that sinus infection and he thinks it was lingering somewhat. Dr. Aslin said , "if you have a reaction to heat or cold and it doesn't last longer than a minute, it's most often just plain sensitivity. But if the pain last longer or happens for absolutely no reason, it means something is wrong."
  I was happy to not have any work done and I only had to pay two dollars and fifty cents , may share with my insurance.  I prayed in the waiting room, in the chair and if my legs had not been jelly when I left that office, I could have done a happy dance.
  Hoping all of you are having a good week. XO

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Gray Day Drive Around.....

   Saturday Ted and I went for a drive around town. It's been so gloomy, I just needed to get out of the house.
  Once in town, I could see the spring banners on the light poles.
 Going thru the park, the creek is flowing over it's banks into the park grounds.
  Here's the old restrooms. Thankful the city has decided to clean and restore them , rather than tear them down.  They are closed during winter months.
  The park gazebo. There was some standing water throughout the park.
 I asked Ted to drive by this purple house. I have always loved the lines and style of this house, but I actually hate this color.  I heard the professional painters beg the lady to think hard about her color choice. She still went with this color, then hated it herself. Her husband refused to pay for another paint job over it, so she is having to endure till he will have it repainted. I always say a person should have to take a federal color chart test to pick an outside color. LOL
 Some lilies are popping thru the ground here. Unheard of in February, but very promising. We had rain and super high winds last night.
  Today is 30 mile an hour winds and NO rain. A few days of dry weather is needed here. I know many areas are in danger , you are in my prayers. Floods , the worse in 50 or so years.  Please be safe.  XO