Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Family Time...

  Daughter Angie (middle) gave a casual Easter dinner for family. Here she is with her children Jake and Sierra. Her husband might have been in the garage at this time or taking a nap. Not all my daughter were well enough to come to dinner.
 Daughter Karen came with hubby Jeff and her daughter Savannah.
 Ted and I came and had a great  time. There was plenty of good food and laughs.
  The great grandsons  Max and Luke look cute in their Easter ties. They did not come to the dinner at Angie's.
  The weather was nice enough for them to play outdoors in their backyard.
 Thursday, Ted goes into Francican Hospital in Indianapolis. He will receive five days of chemo in preparation for the bone marrow transplant. After five days he will get the transplant and possibly three more days of chemo to keep his body from rejecting the bone marrow. He is in a good frame of mind, staying up beat.  Please keep us in your prayers dear friends.  So thankful for our wonderful neighbors who will be taking care of things here.
  Hope all of you had family time this past weekend. Make time for family when ever you can. XO

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Busy Times.....

  Ted has mowed twice. He wears a mask when doing the lawn.
 Once he gets his bone marrow transplant, I will have to hire someone to mow.  He isn't to be doing things like that while recovering.
 Luke's gym class had a fund raiser for Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.
  Luke stayed active the whole time.  All the children climbed, ran, and jumped....oh to have some of that energy.
 Big brother Max and cousin Layla, jumping an a trampoline. All smiles too.
 The next day, they all met some army airmen.  Max looks shy here. LOL
 Luke tries out the pilot seat.  I have a pic of Max doing that also.
  Then there was an Easter egg hunt. Layla with her pretty mommy Emily.
  The roofer came this week and got started. He will have to wait till the rainy days have moved on. It's raining today and predicted to rain all day tomorrow.
  It is greening up around here . The willow tree looks pretty against that blue sky.
 The neighbor's little apple trees are getting a hint of green. Soon they should bloom.
 We  had a very pretty sunset sky one evening.
 Granddaughter Savannah won second place with her art work. (  flower picture in colored pencil )So proud of her .  Hope that girl sticks with art all her life.
    We have a week before Ted goes in the hospital for his bone marrow transplant. Praying all goes smoothly.  Thank you to all ,who have prayed and will pray for us. Your prayers are precious gifts .  XO

Friday, April 12, 2019

So Far, It's A Go.....

  Wednesday we went to the Franciscan hospital in Indianapolis . Ted had a battery of tests, lots of questions and answers too.  This is a huge complex on the  southside of Indy. You know all the way around the bypass 465....which people drive like it means 46"500".
  This is the room of the nurse navigator. Her name is Tammy. She will be with Ted throughout his whole time and procedures here. Tammy did tell us of the 12 point matching system, Ted and his donor matched eleven points, with the twelfth point being a minor one.
 Dr. Anand Tandra will be his number one doctor. He did a bone biopsy on Ted Wednesday. Told us all the scary parts of the transplant. Plus the good .
 This is the waiting room , where granddaughter Sierra and I waited for Ted to have a pulmonary test and an EKG.
  He had x-rays also. Then we went over his case with a social worker. No offence, but what are their jobs really? All I have talked with are confusing. She was telling us we need to find rooms to be near the hospital....in Indianapolis during May...are you kidding me. With the Indianapolis 500 Race events. Pray for us.
   I have a few numbers to call and try to find some answers. Ted will be going into the hospital the last week of this month and go thru chemo to get his resistance to zero, to prepare for the transplant. I am terrified myself. But I pray.  I try to relax...I am not sure I even know what that means anymore.
  Prayers for all of you. XO

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Time Flies.....

  This is the very first picture I ever posted. That was 8 years ago.  I have been blogging 8 years. I see that I have not changed my blog much at all. LOL. But thanks to all of you for following.  This picture is of Emma in the lily garden at her house.  She was older than this picture when I started blogging.
  Now my little granddaughter is fifteen.  She has a birthday this very week.  I am still in shock about her being 15.
 I am showing some photos of her. Oh you know she would be saying "NO ,don't show those ".
  I had braided her when she spent the night.  She has thick hair like her mom.

 We would do crafts. This is some little playdoh things she made while here visiting, a few years back. Teens don't spend that much time with us any more.
  Emma was always' papaw 's girl. They are pals forever.
 Some of her drawings . I have always liked the long tailed cats she draws.
 There's an annual Hot Dog festival in the town near where she lives.
 Here she is with a childhood friend.
 She was into cheering for a couple years.

 Out to lunch with papaw and I.
 Emma loves animals. Here she hold Izzy, the cat.

 Shh, do not tell...I am posting some of my favorite photos of her. Oh that baby hair do.
 This is when got a hair cut.
 I love the sweet dress she is wearing here.
I think I will always love her pictures with Santa. Happy birthday Emma Pooh. You are our sweetheart.
   Pray for us tomorrow. It's the all day testing at the Bone Marrow Hospital.  Granddaughter Sierra will be taking us and staying with us the entire day.  Thank you everyone. XO

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Boys !!!!!

  See what little boys will do when mom goes for a potty break. Yikes !! Click on the pictures to enlarge. I hope you can see their faces.
 I enlarged the picture to see what Luke was eye balling.  My daughter Liz( Gigi to these boys) Said he was thinking, "I could jump up there, no problem. " LOL
  They aren't always climbing.
  But most times they are.  They are  at their gym here.
 Speaking of boys.... Here's Teddy suiting up to run the log splitter , at my daughter's last week. I think this may be where we got sick.
 Mic (Ted's brother) chunking the tree into manageable pieces. Matt and Mic cut the tree and piled branches. Ted ran the log splitter as each of them placed a chunk of wood on it. Mic took a load of ash to his workshop.  Liz and Matt have many ash trees and Indiana was hit by the Emerald Ash Bore , which has destroyed most, here in the state.
     This is the latest happening here.  Ted saw his Hematology nurse practitioner on Monday. She said he had bronchitis and wrote a script for an antibiotic....which the bone marrow nurse navigator said he could take. Then when he called the nurse navigator yesterday, she told him she had postponed his all testing that was scheduled for today till next week. Giving him some time to get better. Then he is scheduled to see his cancer doctor after that. Still getting labs every Monday-Wednesday- Friday.  To make sure he is in remission.
  Tuesday we were both very sick, his bronchitis and my head cold. We called the insurance adjuster to cancel them looking at the roof.  But Wednesday that young lady came out and looked at the roof and thankfully the insurance is paying half of the price of a new roof. That was good news for us. See on top of health issues , house issues still come about. I need a  vacation  :(
  Wishing all of you a sweet spring day. XO