Saturday, March 7, 2020

Heading Into Spring ......

 We have had some blue skies and bearable temperatures. The snow has melted. We never get to go visit or have visitors. We go to the stores at times, Ted waits in the car.
 We go to doctor visits. Nothing like visiting friends and family. I miss those days. From what we see on television, it's going to be that way a long time.
 We saw doctor Birhiray , Yesterday. The labs were taken first. Ted's counts are low. His white cell and red cell counts. His platelets are low also. Strange to me as his hemaglobin is good.
  We see the doctor again in two weeks about more maintenance chemo. Dr. B. said he would lower the amount of days to 3.  Ted has been saying he feels much better. The dosage of chemo was lower the last time.
  Ted is 54 days away from his year marker of the bone marrow transplant. The doctor told Ted he could not go on the fishing trip he had planned for the second week of May. Ted and  his family go fishing in May to Reelfoot Lake in Tenn.
  I could see the disappointment on Ted's face. I actually cried later. But doctor Birhiray said , "Better to cancel this year and be able to go the next twenty years." Told Ted his counts were too low and he would be getting those lower chemo treatments. Which does make Ted weak.
  I don't mind saying, I am tired. I had planned to have my cataracts taken care of soon. Not sure they will do it as I have a retina detaching. My family eye doctor wants me to go to the eye specialist In Indianapolis (of course). He says they will have better ways to check my eyes and they will say if I am ready for surgery.
  Well that's what we have been doing , going to doctor office visits. I have learned the decor is a snooze and the chairs are so awful. LOL. Oh I can't help it.
   Praying for all of you in need. Praying for our country and our world. XO